The Hidden Heart

The Hidden Heart #2020

The Hidden Heart When her eccentric naturalist father dies on the upper reaches of the young Lady Tess Collier sets out to follow his last wishes return to England and marry well But Tess who had accompanied her fa
  • Title: The Hidden Heart
  • Author: Laura Kinsale
  • ISBN: 9780062091987
  • Page: 425
  • Format: ebook
  • When her eccentric naturalist father dies on the upper reaches of the , young Lady Tess Collier sets out to follow his last wishes return to England and marry well But Tess, who had accompanied her father on his expeditions since childhood, is as unconventional as she is beautiful.
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    I found myself having a love hate relationship with this book I really wanted to like the story and the characters, but there were many things I disliked about both I will admit that Laura Kinsale is a talented author who writes with intelligence, but I think perhaps her writing style is a bit too intense for my taste I love tortured heroes, but in my opinion, Gryf s torment was overdone to the point of being depressing I prefer to watch troubled souls change and grow throughout the course of th [...]

    Estoy entre 4 y 4,5.Me ha encantado los personajes, todos ellos.Es una historia de amor a primera vista, flechazo, pero a n as Se desarrolla con pausa y tranquilidad, dando tiempo a todo, a conocerse mejor, a querer m s si cabe, ha hacer tonter as y luego arrepentirse.Tess, es incre ble, como asume todo con una madurez y una fingida seguridad Sin embargo, tiene esa inocencia con respecto a cosas simple de la vida, que te daban unas ganas de achucharla.Grif, me ha tenido en una cuerda floja todo [...]

    Review The Hidden Heart is book one in the Victorian Hearts Series by Laura Kinsale This historical romance is about Lady Collier and Lord Ashland.Lady Tess Collier was raised by her father, after her mother s passing Her father was an eccentric and wealthy man, who raised his daughter on scientific expeditions through forests and jungles When her father became ill, he realized his mistake in keeping her from society He made her promise that in his passing, she would return to England and marry [...]

    I m pretty much a Laura Kinsale super stan at this point, which means I m probably not the most objective reader of her novels I m thinking I ll take a break from her stuff for a while and wait until after the book club read ofShadow and the Star in March before I get to of her writing Don t hold me to this My willpower has been known to crack before I spend so much time whilst reading a Kinsale novel thinking things like take a bow, Kinsale, you ve fucked with my emotions again or contorting m [...]

    Romance This is NOT a romance Romance novels don t have sex scenes with 6 year olds They don t leave 6 year olds alone with sexually physically abusive people and then think nothing of it once they themselves are free Maybe I missed something Did she somehow free that kid Because I didn t see anywhere where she saved that little guy So, yeah, real fucking romantic A little kid is being abused by her ex husband and she goes off looking for the man she loves umm ok NOT I mean, even if the child ab [...]

    Wow so wow The events of this book are so up and down, back and forth, and all over the place with improbabilities It shifted around so much that after a while I stopped trying to surmise what strange new misery was going to befall these characters next And BOY O Boy, there were miseries aplenty Not that I mind angst Actually, I LOVE angsty romances But this angst felt contrived and the characters did not handle it in ways that I felt were appropriate, even when one considers all extenuating cir [...]

    Actual Rating 3.5I feel like I start every review of a Kinsale novel with the same sentence I am a HUGE fan of her books and I cannot express enough how almost impossible it is to find one you really dislike, or even find middling In the case of The Hidden Heart, I really enjoyed it overall but it did have some issues A positive thing I d like to highlight that I m really coming to appreciate in Kinsale s work are the villains I was sufficiently super creeped out by the atmosphere and creepiness [...]

    I ve given this an A for narration well, duh and a B for content at AudioGals So let s call it 4.5 stars.Nobody who has listened to Laura Kinsale s wonderful prose brought vividly to life by the massively talented Nicholas Boulton can be in any doubt that the dozen audiobooks they have produced so far fingers crossed have shown again and again exactly what an audiobook can and should be Every aspect writing, performance, direction and overall production have combined to put these titles at the t [...]

    The Shadow and the Star, which I read a few months ago, is the sequel to this When her father dies, Lady Tess Collier must leave the wilds she s spent her life exploring with him and return to England, with the mysterious Captain Gryphon Meridon as her protectorbut his secret past affects both their lives I didn t like this quite as much as The Shadow and the Star, but I liked it a lot the brave and adventurous Tess and the appealingly vulnerable Gryf are a memorable pair And the plot made a lit [...]

    Every time I finish one of Laura Kinsale s books, I love her a little The way she writes just works for me One of the things every reader loves about romance is the guaranteed happy ending No matter how bad things get for the hero and heroine, we know it s going to work out in the end So when I find a writer like Kinsale, who keeps the hero and heroine from achieving any kind of hint at happiness for the majority of the book and does it with such intensity and macabre humor, I grab hold and won [...]

    Perfect way of popping my Kinsale cherry This could have been a 5 star read if the hero wasn t so incredibly infuriating Loved all the angst, though and the story was beautifully written I cared and suffered for both characters deeply Can t wait to read the second book in the series

    Reread of a classic bodice ripper ish, though not really romance.While I admit that this is not one of my favorite Laura Kinsale books, I was surprised to read a couple of reviews trashing the book for pedophilia rape scenes, and other issues pertaining to this I have to say I was astonished Especially after just finishing up this latest reread While there is no question that there is a child involved and the implication is there, there is NO actual child rape scene I guess it goes to show that [...]

    Actual rating 3.5 stars.I was expecting to enjoy this book much than I actually did but in the end I couldn t wait to finish it I don t know if it was that I found the story a bit predictable, I kept waiting for something to happen to the characters but no big transformation or something particularly juicy happened It was good, but not oh my god this is amazing level of good that I ve gotten used to when it comes to Laura Kinsale.The villain Eliot though has got to be one of the vilest, most di [...]

    Actual rating 3.5 stars Of the Kinsale books I ve read, this ranks a far second after Flowers from the Storm I liked the story and the fact that the heroine had a very different upbringing I felt for the hero and what he went through but at the same time I wanted to shake him for some of the things he did Overall an enjoyable read but I know I will forget the story and the characters by next week.

    An Exotic Locale, a Brooding Ship s Captain, an Adventurous Heroine and a Complex Plot Wonderful Set in 1863 in South America, the Pacific and England Tess Collier has traveled the world with her natural scientist father, the Earl of Morrow As he is dying in a jungle, she promises him she will sail home to England and marry Her father s trustee arranges passage for her on the clipper ship owned by Gryphon Meridon aka Captain Frost and hires the man to protect her from inappropriate suitors once [...]

    I would ve given this book an extra star because Laura Kinsale, for all her faults in this book, writes well, well enough for me to forget I m reading, has created characters that I liked, even if they did do things that seemed out of character, considering we re supposed to respect and like them Plus the hero wasn t a rake and was vulnerable, wasn t afraid of it or an ass because of it However, it all went south once Kinsale chose to casually use child sexual abuse as a cheap plot device Some o [...]

    I am sorry Ms Kinsale I have worked my way through other highly emotional books of yours and felt the effort quite worth it This one almost did me in, though As much as I love a good tortured hero type, I could not warm up to this one, Gryphon, until the very end and then I was expected to forget the other 360 pages and lose my heart to him.Even the intrpid heroine, Tess, rubbed me the wrong way with her occasional scheming and TSTL attitude that Gryf s problems with her were only about the fact [...]

    I loved the premise and the main characters of this book, and the writing is truly beautiful, but between the first fifty pages and the last it was just so freaking painful to read The heroine starts out as the interesting and intrepid daughter of a naturalist, then does an about face and turns into a weepy weak boring female once she gets back to England, for no good reason really other than to add drama The captain starts out as an interesting character too, a dashing rogue with a mysterious p [...]

    After loving Laura Kinsale s Flowers from the Storm I thought I d try one of her earlier novels Published in 1986, The Hidden Heart nearly falls into the bodice ripper category with tortured children, angst riddled scenarios and terrible misunderstandings between the hero, Gryphon Meridon, Marquess of Ashland AKA as Captain G Frost and Lady Teresa Tess Collier Fortunately, with no forced intimate scenes it didn t quite stray into that territory Nevertheless, with the characters going from one di [...]

    DNF Stopped halfway through.The idea of the book is really captivating I love travel romances set in empire era England And this had all the trappings of a book I d enjoy an adventurous girl Tess finds herself alone in Brazil and must make her back to England via Gryf s ship to find her husband And here s the first huge disappointment Gryf and Tess are aboard a ship together to cross the Atlantic and we re only TOLD about it afterward We don t see them spend time together, they just magically ar [...]

    Narration 5 stars Actually, if I didn t enjoy Boulton s narration so much I don t know that I would have finished this He is outstanding Story Weakest of Kinsale s books that I ve read Basically, all kinds of miscommunication or lack of communication Tess irritated me, Griffin frustrated me, and I wasn t that concerned about their HEA because of it It ended beautifully, but I won t rush to listen again.

    Hooray Another Laura Kinsale The lead isn t a total seeming asshole, nor does he look like an especially dashing demon or have black hair Can we be sure it s Kinsale Just kidding Adventure all over the place Unconventional female lead Misunderstood feelings thanks to British societal expectations of behavior and repression Whee Is good fun.

    As wonderful reading as I did as a girl a great Victorian story of two star crossed lovers with the added bonus of an independent heroine and world traveler and scientist

    It was a long, long journey to HEA and too much suffering along the way Nicholas Boulton s narration was flawless as usual.

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