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Mockingbird Caitlin has Asperger s The world according to her is black and white anything in between is confusing Before when things got confusing Caitlin went to her older brother Devon for help But Devon ha
  • Title: Mockingbird
  • Author: Kathryn Erskine
  • ISBN: 9780606153560
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Caitlin has Asperger s The world according to her is black and white anything in between is confusing Before, when things got confusing, Caitlin went to her older brother, Devon, for help But Devon has died, and Caitlin s dad is so distraught that he is just not helpful Caitlin wants everything to go back to the way things were, but she doesnt know how to do that TheCaitlin has Asperger s The world according to her is black and white anything in between is confusing Before, when things got confusing, Caitlin went to her older brother, Devon, for help But Devon has died, and Caitlin s dad is so distraught that he is just not helpful Caitlin wants everything to go back to the way things were, but she doesnt know how to do that Then she comes across the word closure and she realizes this is what she needs And in her search for it, Caitlin discovers that the world may not be black and white after all.
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    Reason for Reading I have Asperger s and when I saw a book that featured a female protagonist with Asperger s I was elated and HAD to read the book.I came away from this book very satisfied As a female with Asperger s I felt that Caitlin was portrayed realistically There can be wide differences in how males and females present and I think the author managed to bring those out in Caitlin, though the intense plot does put Caitlin in a situation above and beyond normal everyday life.A small town ha [...]

    Como n o abrir o maior sorriso durante e leitura desse livro Passarinha foi uma das hist rias mais singelas, emocionantes e inocentes que eu j li ela traz uma sinceridade impressionante A protagonista, que sofre da S ndrome de Asperger, retratada de forma incr vel, e o seu ponto de vista maravilhosamente bem escrito Sem contar que d vontade de abra ar ela pra sempre e nunca mais soltar Eu AMEI ela do come o ao fim A forma como ela lida com o mundo, as express es que ela usa, suas dificuldades, t [...]

    Children s librarians read quite a few books for kids and the result is that we tend to want to discuss them with one another Unlucky librarians are surrounded solely by people who agree with their opinions You re much luckier if you happen to have a group of close folks around you who can offer alternate takes on the books you read and critique Now, it doesn t happen every year but once in a while children s books novels in particular become divisive Folks draw battle lines in the sand and decl [...]

    Ugh, I did not have a good time with this book at all I read it because it s about a girl with Aspergers who go undiagnosed a lot due to stigmas promoting that boys are likely to have it They aren t Girls are likely to go undiagnosed due to being able to blend in and imitate their peers better ASD is a broad spectrum, but this didn t feel like a very accurate portrayal The protagonist possibly had other learning disabilities Because her thought process wasn t typically ASD at all And most of t [...]

    4.5 stars.A moving story about an eleven year old girl with Asperger s syndrome whose older brother dies in a school shooting and the steps she takes to get closure Kathryn Erskine pulls this poignant tale off wonderfully it is sad, but sad in a way that gives the reader hope.Throughout the novel I had to remind myself that Caitlin was eleven as opposed to five or six this isn t a bad thing, and in fact it shows Erskine s talent for character development To see her grow by learning about empathy [...]

    This book doesn t lose its beauty or heart for me, no matter how many times I read it It still gets me, every time How did you get to be so smart I shrug I m really working hard on finesse Then he takes my hands in his and I don t even pull them away because he is looking at my cuts closely and I would want to do that too if I saw cuts on somebody s hands so I let him look Do you still really want to do this I don t know if he means to keep cutting the oak tree or work on the chest but I say, Ye [...]

    One of my sisters loved this, the other didn t like it I m somewhere in between I thought the writing was well done smooth and polished But otherwise, I thought this was heavy handed the author s note is a sad muddle which kind of explains this and very one note.Perhaps this is a small thing, but Devon s Eagle Scout project is a big part of the book, and it irritated me that what is described as his project would not earn him an Eagle it just isn t big enough and doesn t include the required ele [...]

    Aquele livro feito para nos emocionar Gostei bastante desta historia N o conhecia muito bem os contornos da narrativa mas envolvi me muito com as personagens Adorei a Caitlin A sua forma de ver o mundo tao peculiar e fascinante ao mesmo tempo Adorei que a historia tivesse sido contada atrav s dos seus olhos N o estava a contar que o livro aborda se o tema dos tiroteios nas escolas e apesar da autora o ter feito de forma subtil, acho que foi muito bem conseguido A escrita da autora simples mas mu [...]

    As someone who has Asperger s, 10 year old Caitlin has trouble understanding why people act a certain way and how to react to them in turn She would always turn to her older brother Devon to explain things and situations for her, but Devon dies in a tragedy that rocks their entire community So not only is Caitlin left without her most trusted friend and big brother, she must learn how to deal with the way her father is now acting, the way others treat her in school, learning empathy, and most im [...]

    Eu consigo ler qualquer livro, porque o meu n vel de leitura t o alto que eles nem o conseguem classificar s vezes leio o mesmo livro uma e outra e outra vez O que bom nos livros que o que vem l dentro n o muda nunca Os livros n o s o como as pessoas Os livros s o seguros Opini o aqui clarocomoaaguaspo o

    Caitlin nva despre empatie, despre culori i despre prieteni n timp ce i caut mp carea Toat povestea mi s a p rut a fi ncercarea unui copil fragil de a n elege un labirint f r sens, numit via.

    Spoiler Alert I don t get it That is most likely how you will feel as you read this book But once you get to the end, you will Get It, just like the main character, Caitlin In this realistic fiction book, the author does a good job of putting me in the place of a person with Asperger s while telling a story with lots of emotion It is not my favorite book, but it certainly teaches some good lessons This story takes place after a school shooting, and Caitlin s family and fellow students have to de [...]

    Simply the best children s ficton I ve read since I was a kid Tears sprung into my eyes by the end of the first short chapter, and I was hooked It s complex but not overly complicated, and the Big Things That Happen as Caitlin might put it are slowly revealed I love how the intersection of other characters such as first grader Michael and class bully Josh are deftly tied together the ending is a stunner to pull off and had not one note of triteness or seemed forced in any way The issues presente [...]

    Mockingbird is a moving novel by Kathy Erskine in which she tries to send a very important message in hopes that we may all understand each other better This book was written after the Virginia Tech school shootings, which is of course a very emotive subject Erskine handled the portrayal of the aftermath of this well.I was drawn it from the very first page of Mockingbird by the unique writing style and distinct voice of our eleven year old narrator, Caitlin, who has Aspergers We are thrown into [...]

    An excellent addition to the growing list of fiction books with an autistic narrator Ostracized by other 5th grade students already because of her autism , Caitlin s role as the sister of a middle school boy killed in a school shooting only serves to make others uncomfortable around her Caitlin works hard to deal with the tragic, sudden death of her beloved brother and her father s resulting devastation With the help of a wise school counselor she also makes progress towards learning how to int [...]

    This was such a heartwarming and moving novel that works for readers of any age From the very first page, I found myself totally enraptured by eleven year old Caitlin, who suffers from Asperger s and has just lost her brother to a school shooting Caitlin is a very logical and literal person, her emotions don t work the way they need to and she finds that to be her biggest challenge She hates upsetting people, but ends up doing just that on many occasions due to her extreme honesty and her failed [...]

    A mente da Caitlin funciona a preto e branco A S ndrome de Asperger n o lhe permite compreender a complexidade das emo es que caracterizam as pessoas Na verdade, eu n o tenho Asperger e muitas vezes tamb m me custa a compreend las Todos os dias desta menina t o especial, s o uma aventura constante na procura dessa descodifica o das emo es, onde existem sorrisos que n o expressam paz e l grimas que, afinal, podem ser de alegria Um livro pequenino, simples e muito bonito, que nos permite conhecer [...]

    This was inspired by the Virginia Tech campus murders and uses To Kill a Mockingbird as a kind of lens to view the situation The main character and narrator is Caitlin, who has Asperger s Syndrome and is a little like autistic Boo Radley, a misunderstood mockingbird Caitlin just lost her brother in a school killing What s at issue in both books is the need for empathy, for understanding There s not much complexity in this tale I though it needed of that in a tale that is essentially about a mas [...]

    Reviewed at teachmentortexts 2011 This was one of those books that I never wanted to end I got to where I was reading so fast, that I realized that I wasn t reading the chapter titles any that is how much I was gobbling up her Caitlin s words I could have read about Caitlin for days and days because her voice is so beautiful Beautiful and real This book puts asperger s into a format where others may find empathy for those around them who are a bit different I love in the author s note that Kath [...]

    From the moment we are born, we begin learning We watch the adults around us and mimic their actions and, slowly but surely, start to get the hang of the basics sitting up, crawling, walking, talking There is a whole other set of skills that most of us pick up naturally, not really having to consciously learn or practice them the skill of recognizing when someone is angry, the skill of seeing that a friend is sad and offering them comfort But did you ever think of what it would be like if you di [...]

    A minha opini o em v deo youtube watch v rsjNjAdorei este livro Mais uma hist ria narrada por uma crian a especial e especial.Vale a pena ler

    This was recommended by someone in my Adolescent Lit Class She didn t say much about it other than that it was a pretty easy read and that the main character has Aspberger s Syndrome I read The Speed of Dark earlier this year and was surprised by how helpful it was in understanding the way people with Aspberger s see and hear the world and how things like color, loud noise, indirect speech, and facial expressions can be overwhelming and indecipherable I m hoping this will be a kid friendly versi [...]

    The only problem I face while reading this book is well the protagonist reminds me of Caitlin Jenner just the name peoplejust the name nothing else vWell I like it I would like it if I have not read similar books earlier I guess Still, it s a nice read The whole story was nicely put together and who does not love a character who sees everything as either black or white At least I do Because I envy people who sees things like that as I can t I am a grey person so yeah Caitlin I like you

    Caitlin marks time from The Day Our Life Fell Apart The day Devon died.Her brother was shot at school, by a fellow classmate He left behind a half finished Eagle Scout wooden chest, one little sister who is not allowed in his room and a father who now cries all the time Caitlin can t understand how Devon died the doctors said he had a hole in his heart that couldn t be fixed or filled But every time she walks past his closed bedroom door she half expects him to swing it open and invite her into [...]

    If you want to teach your child or student what the word empathy means, then read Mockingbird together The author, Kathryn Erskine, takes you inside the heart, mind and body of 10 year old Caitlin, who has Asperger s syndrome Caitlin s brother Devon was just shot and killed in a random shooting at his middle school Caitlin and her father are left with a huge weight of grief as well as Devon s incompleted Eagle Scout project, a wooden chest draped in a gray sheet, that sits in the middle of their [...]

    MockingbirdBy Kathryn ErskinePublished April 15, 2010 232 pages Imagine losing your brother or any family member in your life In The Mockingbird a girl named Caitlyn loses a close sibling, her brother Devon Caitlyn goes through the five stages of grief and learns to accept the death of her brother I would recommend it to to middle schoolers because middle schoolers or teenagers around Caitlyn s age have something to connect to if they are going through a tough time Like when parents get divorced [...]

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