Don't Leave Me This Way: Or When I Get Back on My Feet You'll Be Sorry

Don't Leave Me This Way: Or When I Get Back on My Feet You'll Be Sorry #2020

Don t Leave Me This Way Or When I Get Back on My Feet You ll Be Sorry Just an ordinary day You get up fix breakfast for your three year old son drive yourself to work a day like any other You re running late for a meeting and as you hurry down the hall the light is
  • Title: Don't Leave Me This Way: Or When I Get Back on My Feet You'll Be Sorry
  • Author: Julia Fox Garrison
  • ISBN: 9780061120619
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Just an ordinary day .You get up, fix breakfast for your three year old son, drive yourself to work a day like any other You re running late for a meeting, and as you hurry down the hall, the light is getting brighter and brighter, and suddenly your vision explodes and you re gone.When you wake up, you re in a hospital bed You can t talk, move your left sideJust an ordinary day .You get up, fix breakfast for your three year old son, drive yourself to work a day like any other You re running late for a meeting, and as you hurry down the hall, the light is getting brighter and brighter, and suddenly your vision explodes and you re gone.When you wake up, you re in a hospital bed You can t talk, move your left side, or get out of bed You can t comb your own hair, much less walk to the bathroom You ve had a massive brain hemorrhage Your doctors tell you you re lucky to be alive Even though they don t know the cause of your hemorrhage, they tell you whatever it is, it s incurable and you ll most likely die But then they tell you the good news If you do live and manage to get into a wheelchair, at least you can always find parking.Julia Fox Garrison refused to listen to the professionals she called Dr Jerk, Dr Panic, and Nurse Doom She clung to the advice of the kind and gifted Dr Neuro, who told her I have to treat your mind as well as your body After many months in the hospital and then rehab, after coping with the shock of learning what had caused her stroke, and with the help of family and friends and her own indomitable spirit, Julia not only got into a wheelchair, she got back out and learned to walk again.Funny, touching, and profoundly moving, Don t Leave Me This Way is the true story of a woman s fight for her life and for her dignity as she struggles to overcome the debilitating effects of her stroke She battles an entrenched medical community with wit and grit, challenging her doctors to always remember that she s a human being and to think beyond the pages of their textbooks and show her the encouragement and optimism that she knows is going to make the difference between life and death.
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      407 Julia Fox Garrison
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    What an remarkable book by a truly amazing woman Julia is inspiring She brings you through her whole experience with her massive brain hemorrhage in a very in depth but extremely interesting way Just as she had experienced it so that I found myself wondering if she was going to make it even though I had seen her speak at a NH Brain Injury Conference so I knew her outcome You really felt the emotions she went through and the mystery around her injury and that kept me engaged from word one to the [...]

    What a FANTASTIC book I had a brain injury too, and Julia has come by to my center for folks with brain injuries and spoken to us a couple times such a sharp, funny lady and you really feel she understands where you re coming from She is an inspiration both for folks with Brain Injuries and I think it should be required reading for doctors both old and new , and therapists PT, OT, and Speech Therapists.

    After reading this book, you will never take for granted basic things such as being able to go to the bathroom by yourself or driving This story revolves around the the author s struggle after suffering a brain hemorrhage, both with the health care system and with herself as she evolves into the realization of herself in a different light The power of positive thinking and humor are attributes she brings both to the book and to her wellness philosophy A great read.

    After hearing her speak at the local literary festival decided to read the gook An amazing story of her recovery from a stroke as a very young woman Great sense of humor Learned a lot about her fierce fight for what she needed from the medical community Should be required reading for octors and medical personnel.

    I would actually give this a 4.5 Great fast paced read She puts life into perspective with funny antics Makes you stop think how mic bed take for granted in our every day lives it came at a great time for me to read as I am in the hospital recovering from major surgery.

    I liked this book It s about a women that has a stroke and what she goes through to recover This is a true store It s very inspirational.

    This author came to my book group She is an amazing person who has overcome so many obstacles Great read for medical and non medical readers

    This is an incredible story of a woman who endured a very difficult thing and came out of it a stronger and better person She embraced a terrifying experience and purposed to not live passively but took control of her life, making a decision to grow from it The tragedy gave her insight into life, love, spirituality and her mission while she remains on earth 1CI don 19t know whether I 19m going to wake tomorrow morning Nobody does But I know I don 19t know that, and a lot of people imagine that t [...]

    By coincidence, this is the second book that I ve read in the time span of about a month that deals with left neglect Left Neglected by Lisa Genova was the other one This one was somehow interesting for me both dealt with the same issues and problems that the protagonist had to handle, but this book resonated with me better I think part of it may have been the 2nd person you point of view that was used Whether I like it or not, that POV draws me in better than 1st or 3rd person.If you have any [...]

    As a student in graduate school for speech language pathology I found this book to be a refreshing take on the rehabilitation process Julia gives the reader an honest look at her struggles and I was struck by her stellar optimism This book changed the way I interact with my patients because I now have a greater appreciation for their struggles I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in the rehabilitation process after a stroke or has experienced a stroke or another health related illn [...]

    I read Left Neglected first then I read Don t Leave Me This Way, I think I preferred LN although both stories are about the same type of Brian damage, but LN its not as gritty perhaps because Don t Leave Me is a memoir and LN is a work of fiction thus a lot fluff I wonder if I read it in the other order if I would find LN too fluffy and preferred Don t Leave Me This Way, with this being said I don t think I d want to piss off Julia as she would take you down so fast and laugh the whole time doi [...]

    I really loved this book, and would recommend it to anyone and everyone Although I ve never suffered any of the physical impairments that the author has, her story is very easy to relate to Not to mention that it serves as a reminder to all of us to never give up, and to never take anything for granted Ms Garrison s persistance is to be admired, as is her sense of humor through ordeals that have broken the spirits of many Kudos to you, Julia, and may you never lose your courage, love of life, an [...]

    This is a funny, searingly honest and refreshingly politically incorrect memoir about a woman s fight to get her independence back after suffering a mysterious brain disorder that leaves her partly paralysed and suffering from hemineglect Her fight is not just with the disease, but with the medical system and how it fails patients like Julia She triumphs on many fronts, and this book is one of those triumphs.

    As a fellow stroke survivor, this book put into words what I couldn t describe to my loved ones, Garrison found eloquent vocabulary to describe a traumatic experience, her honesty about the challenges and self esteem issues a stroke survivor has to overcome was reassuring, this book is both hopeful and life affirming, a must read for anyone experiencing a life changing health event

    Read this for my next book discussion selection How anyone who has had a stroke at the age of 37 and describes falling in the shower can make me laugh out loud, I can t say What a talented, wonderful writer.

    InterestingThere are several statements she made that didn t ring true She said that her brain is full of dead tissue Maybe full of scar tissue If her brain tissue is dead and left there, that is a recipe for gangrene.

    Excellent bookRecovering from a stroke is hard work, and the author does it with a positive frame of mind There are many points made that can be applied to you own life I wish I had bought a hard copy to read over and over again instead of reading it on my Kindle.

    This is the true story of a woman that at the age of 38 has a massive brain hemorrhage Through her ordeal she never losses her faith, sense of humor and hope that things will be better It is a remarkable inspirational story and one I feel both drs, nurses and caregivers should read.

    Dixie, Lillian and I heard this author speak The book is a tale of her recovery from a massive stroke that left her left side paralyzed She was only 36 and had a three year old son This story is so insprirational She is very humorous, so it s not a downer to read.

    Profoundly moving Fully charged book.Julia took me to a deep soul workout It s enjoyably a great eye opener to what s important in life You won t read this book keep looking at your life the same Julia very sharp,wit,wise woman that respectfully earned the title of a unique mentor.

    This has helped my perspective and I think the care I give as a nurse So glad I got to read it Plus, I may have snorted and laughed out loud at it a few in quiet public moments sure sign of a good book.

    This memoir of a 37 year old woman who survives a right hemisphere hemorrhage blew me away Educational and inspirational, it still inhabits me Readers who enjoyed My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor will love this one Lisa Genova

    Interesting read about dealing with what life throws at you in a positive way Julia gives us a humorous look at the medical community and how she chooses to heal after a tragic stroke at the age of 37.

    Heartbreakingbut uplifting at the same time I d hope to be as brave and feisty as this amazing woman was if the same thing happened to me But I doubt I would be I need to google her and see where she is in her healing today Gutsyd riveting story.

    SurvivorLove the way this book is written Incredibly inspiring story of beating the odds and maintaining a positive outlook and attitude.

    Written in 2nd person, I couldn t get through it Plus, too silly Being partially paralyzed isn t funny I should know Not for me.

    Remarkable story Julia does a fantastic job injecting humor in so many challenging and frustrating situations This is a good book for stroke survivors and health care providers to read.

    Story about a young woman recovering from a stroke honest, funny, and touching at times but honestly I found her a bit annoying and preachy sometimes

    The long struggle back from a stroke told with grace and humour I can only hope that I would handle it half as well.

    I can t believe the average rating for this book is only three stars This is my favorite read this summer I was so inspired by Julia Fox Garrison s resiliency and her husband s devotion to her

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