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  • Title: Ultraviolet
  • Author: Lesley Howarth
  • ISBN: 9780141310787
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
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      498 Lesley Howarth
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Ultraviolet | by ↠ Lesley Howarth
      Posted by:Lesley Howarth
      Published :2019-05-13T18:16:59+00:00

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    A clumsy read, and very unclear too The setting was great but I couldn t connect with the characters or really distinguish between them at all I feel like the ending was really good but I didn t get it because by the time I got there i was tired of reading the book and just wanted to give up and switch to a different book.

    The vanishing ozone layer is too dangerous for 9 months of the year so people live indoors Computer games are the main entertainment for the teenage population Yawn This was a terrible book The idea was good, having people stuck indoors and in tunnels, hoping for a better way of life, but the story was so poorly executed The kids we meet are the most boring, uninspiring people you can imagine Their conversation is pointless, the plot is non existent, no character development and nothing happens [...]

    An interesting idea with the depletion of the ozone layer, the sun s radiation has become dangerous and people live in underground tunnels, spending most of their time in computer simulation games Unfortunately the story is confused intentionally, I think and most of the characters seem interchangeable.

    OK, so reading the blurb made this book sound quite exciting How was anyone to know that one day the sun would just burn up their lives ect ect Basically, there s too much radiation to go outside but violet Niles is a slightly adventurous teen who breaks all the rules and goes outside The setting of this book is very imaginative Don t get me wrong, there s nothing wrong with a bit of imagination but it was so confusing and unrealistic as were most of the aspects of this book that I ended up read [...]

    This was a quick read but it wasn t a good one.This is a book set in the future where we can t go outside for most of the year, due to harmful UV Rays as we no longer have an ozone layer So kids spend most of their time indoors playing computer games.The main character is Violet who can see into the future although this is only touched upon and never really explained She has decided she should be able to go outside, despite all the harmful stuff So she does, she betrays her dad who works at the [...]

    Set in the future, where the depleted layer of ozone has caused a much higher level of radiation to hit the earth, forcing people back inside their homes A material called Blu, manufactured by one company and so viciously expensive, is the only thing which will protect people for longer periods of time under this radiation outside The teenagers of this world are antisocial and introverted, spending their time playing out alternate existences in a variety of virtual game worlds, including the mos [...]

    This book had a rough start I think and I wasn t sure after the first few chapters or so whether or not I would or could finish it It then got significantly better and I actually began to enjoy the book As I was heading towards the end I told myself to slow down and not to expect too much that I doubted I would even finish anway, but yet again I rushed through and nothing I didn t get it and was really confused about the ins and outs of what actually happened in this story and it was described a [...]

    I found this book a bit confusing at some parts and didn t know what was going on or who some of the people were I think it was too quickly ended towards the ending of the book and the ending I didn t really like However it was a good read throughout and I got into it quite fast, good for a young adult class book.

    BluScreen is needed to block the harmful rays of the sun Kids don t go out much any, they stay home playing cybergames.

    Ultraviolet 2001 also set in the Near Future describes a world so poisoned by environmental degradation that teenagers have some cause to spend most of their time in Virtual Reality environments.

    Young adult book about a world in the near future where it is only safe to venture outside for a short time each year due to the depletion of the ozone layer.

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