The Franchise

The Franchise #2020

The Franchise Franchise The by Gent Peter
  • Title: The Franchise
  • Author: Peter Gent
  • ISBN: 9780345282996
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Franchise, The by Gent, Peter
    • UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ✓ The Franchise - by Peter Gent
      Peter Gent

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    Not as well known as Gent s North Dallas Forty but a superior book all the same and one that I read every few years Taylor Rusk, the protagonist, is the franchise, Achilles in cleats.This story follows his path to greatness from high school through college and into the pros Along the way we confront torture, death by Heisman trophy, Ox, Russian steroids, roller skating car hops, onion eating, tracheostomy by Bic pen, mobsters, owners, mobster owners, dog training and creative uses for a tube of [...]

    Peter Gent is best known as the author of North Dallas Forty, but in 1983 he wrote another football novel, the completely demented The Franchise According to Texas Literary Outlaws, this book was written during a period in Gent s life when he was exhibiting some scarily paranoid behavior This comes through loud and clear in The Franchise, which is a conspiracy filled history of a new expansion team, located in the never named city of Austin The franchise brings in the coach and quarterback from [...]

    Another true to life novel about the sports world by the best sports novelist This traces a top flight quarterback from his college beginnings and the hypocrisies of the sport and college life and his efforts to stay above it all as he continues into the pros, searching for the ring , one thing a player will give a finger or two to get before they retire or are forced to retire.Not as good as the classic North Dallas Forty but it s close and has a different flavor and tenor It makes for enjoyabl [...]

    Having read several of Peter Gent s previous works judging by the cover, I assumed that this would be a story about football Well , you can t judge a book by its cover Did somebody say that once Although, this book revolves around the front office and star quarterback of an expansion football team, there really is very little football going on Instead, we are presented with some of the seedy side of a professional sports team with everything from point shaving to murder Not an uninteresting read [...]

    Pete Gent played football for the Dallas Cowboys back in the sixties When his playing days were over he wrote North Dallas Forty, a good, funny, but essentially very dark novel The ending is particularly bleak The Franchise also about football in Texas is much longer and just loaded with very well drawn, memorable characters It is dark there are some sick evil folks in this book but not bleak And it is so, so funny Even if you don t like football or Texas, ya gotta read it.

    A long and expansive novel that is near brilliant in its depiction of professional football To me, not as enjoyable as North Dallas Forty The pseudo mystery aspect of the story was a bit much and bored me in stretches, but the characterization of a corporate league that chews up and spits out its players was spot on.

    This book has something for everybody It is written in the setting of professional football, by Peter Gent former Dallas Cowboys player and author of North Dallas Forty Humor, romance, football, philosophy, organized crime, murder I just can t believe how Gent managed to weave all this together into a coherent tale.

    Very dark and entertaining Every negative stereotype about professional football, on and off the field, happens to the Texas Pistols franchise Full review can be read here sportsbookguy 201

    everything you suspected about major league football is true, says PG, and BM wonders how does such brilliance and amazing athletic achievement come out of such a swamp

    I find it funny that the female protagonist in this book has the same last name as my name Coincidence Irony

    Moderately entertaining, if a bit fantastical I found myself shaking my head in disbelief at some of the action in this novel

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