Cage of Eden, Vol. 1

Cage of Eden, Vol. 1 #2020

Cage of Eden Vol Danger and action abound after Akira Sengoku and his classmates crash land on a deserted island while flying home from a class trip The island doesn t exist on any maps but that s not even the strange
  • Title: Cage of Eden, Vol. 1
  • Author: Yoshinobu Yamada 山田恵庸
  • ISBN: 9781935429258
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Danger and action abound after Akira Sengoku and his classmates crash land on a deserted island while flying home from a class trip The island doesn t exist on any maps but that s not even the strangest part the animals they find on the island are prehistoric beasts that are supposed to have been extinct for thousands of years Now Akira and his friends are in danger asDanger and action abound after Akira Sengoku and his classmates crash land on a deserted island while flying home from a class trip The island doesn t exist on any maps but that s not even the strangest part the animals they find on the island are prehistoric beasts that are supposed to have been extinct for thousands of years Now Akira and his friends are in danger as the island s residents start eyeing the humans for their next meal Will they ever solve the mystery of the island and find their way home
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      498 Yoshinobu Yamada 山田恵庸
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    I recently read this on the shelves of my local bookstore I have to say that while it isn t my type of read, I can see why it s developing quite the fandom.This book is pretty much like Land of the Lost, but with violence, sexual innuendo, and Japanese schoolkids Oh, and blood Lots blood There s a lot of fanservice here, but to be honest it doesn t really get in the way with this manga This is the way fanservice should be unless the whole point of the manga is for that sort of thing and it s d [...]

    Woah Intense Kind of reminds me of a Battle Royale or Gantz type setting mixed with the TV show Lost And now I m kicking myself for not at least grabbing the second volume because it ends on a doozy of a cliffhanger.Lots of panty shots and boobs, but it s an ecchi manga so that s to be expected and it doesn t bother me The story already has me intrigued and there are so many questions I want answered Hopefully this mangaka can pull this story off to where it makes sense because there are so many [...]

    3.5 Stars Ever heard watched the tv series Lost You know, plane crashes on a mysterious island Well, that tv series is one of my faves all time I absolutely loved it So when I read the synopsis of this manga somewhere, I couldn t help but check it out because its premise was so Lost like I m just on its 1st volume so I don t know why this seems to have mixed reactions from readers I guess I ll have to find out But so far, I m liking this and I m really getting intrigued Not a fan of the art, tho [...]

    Singolare storia a met strada tra Battle Royale e Lost,la storia ruota intorno a un misterioso incidente aereo che catapulta una scolaresca di ritorno da una gita su un isola apparentemente al di fuori del tempo e dello spazio,non registrata su nessuna mappa e dove vivono insieme animali e piante estinte provenienti da diversi periodi storici.I personaggi presentati nel primo volume sono fin troppo stereotipati,ma il mistero dell isola presentato in modo affascinate.

    The art was good for most of it, there were points where it looked like he was cutting corners The story isill out for review I m going to need to read a few books to better understand what s going on and if it s not just an excuse at a TnA series.

    Cage of Eden Eden no Ori Manga with a good length of chapters, long enough to keep you reading and guessing THere were some ecchi parts in it, and if you don t like ecchi like me it can be easily ignored as the plot does not turn into a reverse harem so nothing too intimate happens The plot I would give it a 97 100 pretty high right Yeah, the whole idea of an island that shouldn t exist, extinct animals, and a mystery that needs to be solved kept me on the edge I was really into this whole idea [...]

    This series in all is intense and fast paced From prehistoric creatures to man made buildings, there is plenty of mystery and a little romance sprinkled here and there I liked this series because I don t always like to be caught up in the drama of small situations and enjoy a plot like where characters have to change and give up so much to survive This series is definitely one of my favorites for all these reasons but, we could do without all the echi.

    An interesting, though unoriginal idea The drama and maturity of the middle school age kids did little to interest me and I was turned off by some minor nudity and language Guess that s what I get for picking up a random manga.

    My edition has 170 pages IN GENERAL I found it wierd, dramatic and funny It ends in a cliff hanger C

    Akira e i suoi compagni sono di ritorno da una gita scolastica quando improvvisamente si verifica un avaria a bordo dell aereo su cui viaggiano che li fa precipitare nel bel mezzo della giungla in una non meglio identificata isola La strana oasi ancora popolata da specie che dovrebbero essere estinte da milioni di anni Una stima di Mariya, il super secchione della scuola, sembra escludere l isola da qualunque cartina geografica Inoltre la situazione si complica fino allo stremo quando alcuni stu [...]

    This series has to be one of the best manga I ve ever read I have personally dubbed it the lovechild of Lost and Jurassic Parkobviously because they re stranded on an island and are being eaten by extinct animals It took me a few times to get used to the ecchi boobs panty shots EVERYWHEREere s also a bunch of nice shots of a shirtless teenage delinquent blushes but it fits somehow It doesn t go overboard and take away from the story, but then I may be being easy on it because I just recently rea [...]

    I wanted something easy to read, fresh, yet something that was going to still engage me while I was ill So I set my partner of with the task to go to our local library and find me something I would enjoy reading My partner spends most of his time on the computer reading it, so I trusted him to both find me something entertaining, and to my tastes He followed through.Cage of Eden is creepy, gory, somewhat subtly sexual at times, and a provoking exploration of what I believe is a parallel universe [...]

    The end of the volume is quite compelling, ending with a cliff hanger and a hockey mask While I feel like I should like this series it has survival and many relationships just up my alley I also feel an equal amount of disappointment I decidedly don t like when characters cover the same ground over and over and don t make any progress and I felt that kind of lack of progress here I read a whole chapter where Akiro complains his life hadn t changed much and he has no purpose while even after thes [...]

    More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World YA Book ReviewsThis manga is a mix of high school life meet a Jurassic Park kinda swing It s really interesting and crazy to read.Coming back from Guam, a plane with over 300 passengers crash lands on a mysterious island stationed in the Pacific Ocean The only thing is that the island isn t on any map One other thing There are extinct animals running wild and they re hungry Cage of Eden is such a strange, interesting read especially since all the charact [...]

    No aspect of this manga is new or innovative, but alltogether I think this manga is quite unique When I started reading it I wasn t pleased about all those big boobs and panties everywhere I do like a bit of sexiness, but this wasn t classy, it was just ecchi , but thankfully there was lots of fights, mauling, blood and death Therefore I stayed on And I didn t regret it Sadly, the big boobies I like handy ones, small ones and the panties did not go away, but the story developed nicely It dragged [...]

    This is a pretty entertaining series about the passengers of a downed aircraft trying to survive until help arrives Chaos ensues as the group fractures and the story will keep you guessing as you root for the characters survival It does a good job fleshing out a wide cast of characters You can tell the artist put a lot of effort into the details, as his depictions of flora and fauna are painstakingly accurate The frequency of female characters being put in sexually compromising situations detrac [...]

    On the way back to Japan, Akira and his friends air plane crashed on a jungle like island When they woke up, they found themselves on a extraordinarily island with many prehistorical animal, which can kill them at any time From now one they have to survive and help each other with a truly friendship,so that they can reach the way out the this place This art is great and quiet scary at most of the exciting climax.The story line is great I would reccomend this to every manga reader, especially the [...]

    After returning from a school trip to Guam Akira s class s plane crashes on an island He is stranded with the smartest kid in the grade, Mariya and a flight attendent They re all wondering where the rest of the class is, and Akira is wondering where his friends are but there is immediate problems they have to face, the island is populated by extinct creatures How will Akira save and find his friends when he is being attack on all fronts Read Cage of Eden for an interesting book on human when co [...]

    Cage of Eden is exciting, slightly educational in terms of learning about the extinct species our various groups of characters encounter, and has several moments that make you want to drop the book While I do like this series, I felt that the first volume did not really flesh out the characters well, and I felt Yamada could have done better with the cast he picked to go with the main character Either way, this is an interesting read that I recommend to anyone who loves survival, mystery, or viol [...]

    The story is actually not original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once wrote something similar to this, in his The Lost World There was a Hollywood movie A Land Before Time I wasn t sure the right title and won t bother myself browsing because the internet connection is really slow right now , which was made in 1950s with a similar plot people traveling in helicopter stranded in an island inhabited by prehistoric animals i.e dinosaurs that supposedly not exist.This is definitely going to be another surv [...]

    Panty shots don t belong in a horror adventure manga It would have been a lot better without all of the fanservice, simply because it looks like the author was going for a serious, horror y type of feel It s very disorienting to have someone being eaten by a prehistoric beast on one page, and then on the next a large breasted woman in a wet shirt I don t mind fanservice, but there s a time and place for it, and it s not every time the female love interest shows up Read King of Thorn instead All [...]

    porsi petualangan aksinya dengan sentuhan misteri distoryline cage of eden hampir proporsional.kamu bakalan dimanjain dengan beragam odd creatures didalamnya,readerstersesatan perjalanan akira membawanya pada ancamanbahaya dari pulau misterius ini.jiwa heroiktertantangnya membuatnya mengerahkan segala upaya untuknya bertahan hidup.dari segi plot cerita sudah ok ,namun unsur nudity yang disisipkan didalam cage of eden menurutku hanya untuk pleasure semata,mungkin agar tidak bosan kali ya P

    The opening of the story was very similar to the american TV series Lost and It was a bit dismaying considering it was a moderately long manga However, it turned out completely different in a engaging way I stopped watching Lost after the plot got complex to a disengaging level for me.It was a good mixture of Sci fi, mystery, action, thriller with a sweet flavoring of humor and ecchi it was really hard to put down.MiM

    Ok, so it may be a little pervy at points but it is a great story line I think that you should read it and see what you think The story is basically how the plane filled group of people survive after it crashes in the middle of nowhere It is kinda of like Lost I suppose It may sound boring or done before but it is exciting and a great read As the story develops throughout the series it will be hard to put the book down

    Oh dear Now what have I gotten myself into A plane full of junior high students have crashed onto an island inhabited by animals that should be extinct It is total anarchy now I don t even know what to think.I kind of like the concept, so that is redeeming factor I m not crazy about how it is being executed right now, but I will give it a chance Maybe it will grow on me.

    Amazing Simply amazing A real psychological mystery thriller manga with unusual theme Every page were some enjoyment to me Too bad it s a little bit difficult to put all of the volume in I read all 95 chapters in just one day because I simply enjoy reading this Besides, this manga will build your curiosity in the every page.

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