The White Road

The White Road #2020

The White Road John Connolly thrilled readers with his bestselling novels Every Dead Thing Dark Hollow and The Killing Kind Now he delivers spellbinding suspense as Charlie Parker races to unravel a brutal crime
  • Title: The White Road
  • Author: John Connolly
  • ISBN: 9780743456388
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover
  • John Connolly thrilled readers with his bestselling novels, Every Dead Thing, Dark Hollow, and The Killing Kind Now he delivers spellbinding suspense as Charlie Parker races to unravel a brutal crime committed in the Deep South After years of suffering unfathomable pain and guilt over the murders of his wife and daughter, private detective Charlie Parker has finallyJohn Connolly thrilled readers with his bestselling novels, Every Dead Thing, Dark Hollow, and The Killing Kind Now he delivers spellbinding suspense as Charlie Parker races to unravel a brutal crime committed in the Deep South After years of suffering unfathomable pain and guilt over the murders of his wife and daughter, private detective Charlie Parker has finally found some measure of peace As he and his lover, Rachel, are awaiting the birth of their first child and settling into an old farmhouse in rural Maine, Parker has found the kind of solace often lost to those who have been touched by true evil.But darkness soon descends when Parker gets a call from Elliot Norton, an old friend from his days as a detective with the NYPD Now practicing law in Charleston, South Carolina, Elliot is defending a young black man accused of raping and killing his white girlfriend, the daughter of a powerful Southern millionaire Reluctantly, Parker agrees to help Elliot and by doing so ventures into a living nightmare, a bloody dreamscape haunted by the specter of a hooded woman and a black car waiting for a passenger who never arrives Beginning as an investigation into a young woman s death, it is a fast moving descent into an abyss where forces conspire to destroy all that Parker holds dear.Hailed as a master storyteller The London Express by critics stateside and abroad, Connolly has once again delivered a riveting and suspenseful story that draws readers toward the horrifying crossroads of the past and present, of the living and the dead We are trapped not only by our own history but by the histories of all those with whom we choose to share our lives, hewrites As chillingly as it is beautifully rendered, The White Road is sure to tread a frightening path for even the most world weary crime fiction fan.
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    To invite me into their lives was to admit failure and allow death its provenance, for I was the one who arrived when all hope was gone, offering nothing but the possibility of a resolution that would bring with it grief and pain and a knowledge that perhaps would make ignorance appear like a blessing The only consolation in all that would occur was that some small measure of justice might begin to accrue from my involvement, that lives might continue with some small degree of certainty restore [...]

    You lead a charmed life, Parker, you know that This is the fourth Charlie Parker book At this stage the series isn t showing any sign of running out of momentum or atmosphere.Yes, the Charlie Parker novels are violent and macabre, but they re also singularly lyrical Connolly has a remarkable writing style In his eyes I could see the night shapes reflected so clearly that it was as if they were a part of him, the elements of a darker world that had somehow entered and colonized his soul.These are [...]

    I have to start this off with a word of caution To truly enjoy this absolutely amazing series, you have to start at the beginning Starting anywhere other than Book 1 All The Dead Things and reading each book in order should be punishable by public flogging Would you recommend watching the Star Wars Trilogy in reverse order Didn t think so This series is thought out in the big picture and each book builds on and relates back to the ones that precede it It would be a crime to read them out of orde [...]

    The White Road is actually a sequel to the previous book in the Charlie Parker series, The Killing Kind These two are books 3 and 4 in the series, and they should be read in sequence, but the earlier books are also referenced in the story quite frequently as well Given these circumstances, gentle reader, before reading The White Road , I must insist the the previous books be read, in order, before this one, beginning with Every Dead Thing Ignoring my advice may cause a severe lack of enjoyment i [...]

    I gotta say, I love these books They are formulaic, follow the same basic plotline every time, and somehow elevate the main characters to almost omniscient status I mean, how many times can Charlie be about to bite it and Louis comes out of the shadows blows someone s head off But they re still so great, either in spite of or because of it The creepiest, worst characters get awesome comeuppances I particularly love that in this one, view spoiler spooky Kittim, who somehow killed the Golem in the [...]

    This series has become so reliably excellent, I don t know if I should even bother praising the writing or the suspense or the character development, all of which were in fact excellent I would say that out of all Charlie Parker books so far this one is the least easily read as a stand alone, since it follows the same antagonist as Killing Kind One of my favorite things about this book was the fact that we finally get a background on Angel and Louis, my favorite homicidal couple More supernatura [...]

    John Connolly does bad guys so good.In the fourth book we get a better glimpse into Charlie s roll as he deals with the paranormal aspect of his visions and ghosts This book picks up right where book 3 left off so I d not wait too long in between or you ll most likely forget certain details I don t know what Charlie would do without his companions as Louis seems to always be at the right place at the right time Although his partner was missing, dealing with issues of his own, Louis can definitel [...]

    This one took me a while to read, though I did enjoy it When Connolly wants to write creepy detective thriller mystery he s about the best I know In this one former police officer, now PI, Charlie Parker, living in Maine with his pregnant girlfriend, gets a call from a friend in Charleston, S Carolina Said friend is a lawyer, determined to protect a young black man who s been accused of killing his white, wealthy girlfriend With some reluctance Charlie goes southNow, I d just finished The Invent [...]

    THE WHITE ROAD is book 4 in John Connolly s Charlie Parker series Personally, I feel that you get the most out of these books by reading them in order, as each builds off of the one s before it in terms of character growth development, and understanding about the nature of Charlie s unique gifts That being said, THE WHITE ROAD is the first one that I think should be read AFTER its predecessor, THE KILLING KIND this is simply because some of the characters situations introduced continue right whe [...]

    Fantastic I am absolutely mesmerised by John Connolly s writing style Despite the subjects he writes about his writing is beautiful He is definitely my current favourite thriller author and I would say I ll be hard pushed to find another series as spellbinding The White Road is a follow on from The Killing Kind I personally need to read book series in order anyway, but if you don t I would recommend these two be read in order Looking forward starting the next one tonight Charlie Parker is everyt [...]

    In the forth installment, Connelley has to do a lot of backtracking to get the reader up to date on the story Past histories, villains and how they relate bogged down the first part of the book For the first time I was mixing up characters and story line Still, Connelley s lyrical writing shines through.

    One of the things I m discovering about John Connolly s Charlie Parker private detective series is that his cases aren t confined to one book The White Road is a follow up to The Killing Kind and it deals with the aftermath of Reverend Faulkner s bloodbath We re also reminded that The Traveling Man, the man who killed Parker s wife and daughter, is somehow connected to Faulkner It definitely feels like something is slowly building up.Although I didn t enjoy the mystery in this book as much as I [...]

    The finest Charlie Parker experience yet Granted, it took a little bit for the story to develop and pick up but when it did, Connolly did NOT let up Fantastic storytelling from start to finish.

    A 4 Ye ole 9 on a better 10 point system I m held back from a five rating due to the mystic and spooky character of part of the story, though it seems that it is grounded somewhat in reality As is typical of Connolly s work, it is well written, well researched, and a good story that has the ending not expected.

    While I found it to be an intensely interesting tale, I would not recommend that others who are unfamiliar with Connolly s writing begin with this one.First, this is the fourth installement of his Charlie Parker series, and The White Road is littered with several references to past occurrences that would have better served this reader had I read the previous works May I say, Connolly does an excellent job of flushing out the back story to keep the reader from being confused but the storyline he [...]

    When an old friend of detective Charlie Parker calls him to ask for help in protecting a defendant in a high profile murder case he does so with great trepidation His partner is pregnant and his nemesis, the evil Reverend Faulker, is soon to be released on bail Reluctantly traveling to South Carolina, Parker discovers that the accused murderer is the latest in a long line of black men who have run afoul of an old school wealthy white family When things go pear shaped and bodies start to pile up, [...]

    During the course of the novel Parker has a number of visions of a sinister black Cadillac that appears to be waiting for a passenger Is it waiting for him or another In this fourth novel the supernatural elements of his journey seem to be coming to the fore with ravens that may or may not be dark angels and a ghostly woman Charlie s ability to commune with the dead features is still quite understated though he seems to have accepted his role and the nature of the world between life and death r [...]

    The author has hit his stride I love how he continues to develop the characters, allowing them to grow and change as if they were real people and there were no distracting mobster plotlines this time It s interesting how Connolly tied some of their backstories into the present day event that Charlie was investigating But that s the point of the books everything is connected Happily, we re getting a little insight into Charlie s gift and the honeycomb world Also, I find Connolly to be one of tho [...]

    This time NO spooky style story in Maine but Parker feels obliged to fly down south in order to help out a friend who is defending a coloured murder suspect of a white girl whose family is rather influencial All cliches get their moment in the light and yet mr Connelly manages to wordsmith a rather decent tale of woe and mystery to a satisfying conclusion This tale is a somewhat sequel to the killing kind , and while it is nice to have read that one first it is not really a problem if you did no [...]

    Llevo cuatro libros de Charlie Parker, y Connolly nunca defrauda Escribe condenadamente bien y la mezcla entre ultra realismo, bajos fondos, emociones y romanticismo, acci n, malos depravados, protagonista atormentado y esos toques de fantas a y sucesos paranormales me resulta irresistible.No tardar en leer el quinto.

    Not as good as the first 3 but perhaps may be due to being a direct sequel to The Killing Kind which I read a while ago.Nevertheless, I will certainly try another book in the series

    Dublin based John Connolly gives his private detective Charlie Parker a little peace after his last adventure in the woods of northern Maine USA in THE KILLING KIND Parker has sold his grandfather s house in Scarborough, Maine and now shares a new home with his girlfriend Rachel, a criminal profiler from Boston who is pregnant with their first child He also has adopted a golden retriever named Walter.Don t fret, Connolly readers Your favorite P I is soon drawn to darkness when, with Rachel s ble [...]

    Me hice con este libro al poco de leer los elogios que le dedicaba al autor y, en particular a esta obra, el cr tico de cine Carlos Boyero A partir de ahora este buen se or ha perdido para m toda credibilidad, si es que ten a alguna No es que el libro sea malo No, qu va Se lee bien, se devora en realidad Pero es truculento, tramposo, facil n O eso o es un c mic sin dibujos.Empieza con garra narra el linchamiento de un negro en el sur de EE UU en 1964 En paralelo cuenta c mo un par de tipos se to [...]

    Ufff This book finally let me go This was so, so gripping I almost could not put it down until I finished it This series has improved so much since Every Dead Thing I mean, I already liked the characters there, as I already made clear But the mistery, the thick and dark atmosphere, the evil all that improved immensely All the previous book had a supernatural background, but here well, the supernatural things in the background are coming out from behind the curtain now And all that, the mistery a [...]

    This is the fourth book in the Charlie Parker series and I suspect slightly easier to follow if you ve read the one before.Part of the plot of this book concerns the Revd Faulkner, an adversary from the previous book, and his potential release on bail He s critical in terms of both his perceived threat to Charlie and to his girlfriend Rachel, and also the effects of the previous issues in Angel in particular Whilst the headline story is about the request from an old friend to assist a young blac [...]

    I ended up breezing through this book because I could not put it down This series is starting to become one of my favorites with the combination of thriller along with supernatural elements Not so much supernatural that it would turn off the hardcore thriller enthusiasts.This book continues the story of Charlie Bird Parker from the ending of The Killing Kind Tying into the story of the Preacher , an investigation into a South Carolina murder in which Parker investigates the murder of a white fem [...]

    I was surprised to see so much of this fourth Charlie Parker novel dealing with pieces of the third Parker novel, The Killing Kind He s referenced past events in other books, but this one has at least a portion of the plot that brings in those old elements in a significant way But the majority of the novel is about an old friend of Parker asking for his help in a case of a young black man accused of killing a young white woman Parker s friend is convinced the kid is innocent Parker comes down so [...]

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