Welcome to Camp Nightmare

Welcome to Camp Nightmare #2020

Welcome to Camp Nightmare Those scary stories about camp are all coming trueThe food isn t great The counselors are a little strange And the camp director Uncle Al seems sort of demented Okay so Billy can handle all that Bu
  • Title: Welcome to Camp Nightmare
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780590466196
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • Those scary stories about camp are all coming trueThe food isn t great The counselors are a little strange And the camp director, Uncle Al, seems sort of demented Okay, so Billy can handle all that But then his fellow campers start to disappear What s going on Why won t his parents answer his letters What s lurking out there after dark Camp Nightmoon is turningThose scary stories about camp are all coming trueThe food isn t great The counselors are a little strange And the camp director, Uncle Al, seems sort of demented Okay, so Billy can handle all that But then his fellow campers start to disappear What s going on Why won t his parents answer his letters What s lurking out there after dark Camp Nightmoon is turning into Camp Nightmare For real And Billy might be next
    • [AZW] ✓ Welcome to Camp Nightmare | by ✓ R.L. Stine
      163 R.L. Stine
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    concise January 2010 Billy has just been sent off to Camp Nightmoon by his mom and dad While on the bus to camp, Billy encounters many characters, such as Mike, the fat kid who s scared of everything Colin, who wears sunglasses and a red bandana around his long brown hair Jay, the jockish kid with wild curly red hair and Dawn and Dori, two girls from the Girl Camp faction of Camp Nightmoon The busdriver stops the vehicle in the middle of a desert on the way to the camp and orders everyone out o [...]

    I think this was my favorite goosebumps read of this year though I only read 3 It kept me on my toes and I couldn t put it down I just had to know what happened It was the creepiest of the 3 that I read too I will say the ending was quite a big let down, but I m also used to adult thrillers, which don t always have happy endings like kids books do.

    I will be copy pasting this for every Goosebumps novel I ll be reading.On a whim, I decided to read all of the Goosebumps books Some of them I ve read before but, for the most part, I haven t I won t be giving any stars this doesn t mean anything about my actual opinion for the books, it only means that I don t think I can realistically, objectively rank 62 books which are not even meant for my age I did enjoy the ones I read as a child and I am enjoying the ones I m reading now, so that s what [...]

    I avoid the horror genre like the plague so when I am required to read horror for a challenge I turn to children s horror I can manage that just R.L Stine wrote his Goosbumps series in the 1990s and my daughters devoured them They are about as scary as I can cope with Billy is off to his first Summer Camp and a bit nervous about his first time away from his parents It soon turns out that he has every reason to be nervous First the camp bus deserts them on the side of the road where they are resc [...]

    Billy is 12 and going to his first overnight camp.First, the bus driver drops them off in the middle of nowhere after putting on a monster mask and scaring the crap out of the kids Then, while waiting for someone to pick them up, the kids are attacked by these weird creatures A man called Uncle Al shows up and frightens them away by shooting at them with a rifle.Once they actually get to Camp, things are even stranger There s no nurse or medical aid Kids are getting injured and disappearing Ther [...]

    Attenti a Sabre Ambientazione inquietante, un inarrestabile belva feroce a mietere vittime e un capanno misterioso il cui accesso vietato questi gli ingredienti per una delle storie pi riuscite della collana.E il finale merita applausi scroscianti, oltretutto.

    Listened to this on audiobook with my son The story is pretty great It s a typical scary camp story.I remember I owned this one as a kid, but couldn t remember how it ended Of course, there s a crazy twist ending I just love these books

    Now I know where Ashton Kutcher got it from This book was very interesting I ve been camping many times, with a group and as a counsler, so I can relate to the story of weird sounds or no sounds at all and people disappearing yes they did return I hated the ending I guess being a children s book they had to end it on a PG note, but my goodness it was such a good book could have been much better towards the end.No science fiction in this book, well almost none and I guess that s why I enjoyed it [...]

    In the book Billy and some people got to a camp called Camp Nightmoon but some people call it camp nightmare.A lot of strange things start to happen ,they heard screams for the forbbiden cabin and some people started to diasappear.I would recommend this book to someone who likes scarey books and action books.I really liked the book because when something big happened it gave a lot of detaile

    This book was about these kids who went to a camp with their school When they got to camp the bus driver stopped kicked everyone out and took their stuff out of the bus and left them in the middle of nowhere.I would recommend this book to people who like spooky stories.

    Goosebumps was so popular when I was a kid, we would get in fights in the library over who got to check the new one out next No joke.

    This book stands off from the complete Goosebumps series It is chilling indeed and I was enthusiastic to read Welcome to Camp Nightmare cause I ve been to a handful if camps while I was younger and its a lot of fun Err Not for young Billy, it seems The Camp Nightmoon Aka Nightmare is truly horrifying for young kids and especially the counselors and Uncle Al The forbidden Room, the Sabre attack, Rogers death, Larry s personality, The girls Camp Especially Dawn and Dori, The events at the camp she [...]

    Have to admit, at first I didn t quite understand where this story was going, but then I started getting an idea I was wrong because there were two twists at the end that I never saw comingd one of em I don t even KNOW where it came from, but it pretty much told me that the entire story didn t even take place where I thought it did Billy and his friends Dawn and Dori are going to separate camps Billy to a boys camp and the two girls to a girls camp Eventually, the characters start calling their [...]

    Ahhh, the Goosebump days I would borrow so many of these from the library they seriously considered extending my limit of books checked out at one time R.L Stine you were a reprieve from a harsh and dreary childhood in which my mind wandered far away from the troubles of the day I stole books into my bed and read far into the night by the faintest of lights I might have better eyesight were it not for you however, I regret not one page or line.

    This is a good one Starts out totally creepy and doesn t let up until the end Billy narrates his own story of summer camp and weird things happen right from the bus trip out there, things get dangerous, spooky, kids disappear, etc until the final twist ending Which is pretty good even though I did figure it out but what you don t see coming is the extra, extra twist on the last page, last paragraph that cues that awesome Twilight Zone music for a super horror story ending Fun

    I thought this book was good because R.L Stine described the book very well like telling us that the clouds were blocking the sky.I recommend this book to any who loves scary stories creepy.To me this book was really good and I feel like R.L Stine put a lot of thought in this book.

    My book was kinda of boring and kind of funny.My opinion on this book is that it is a good book to read and it is enjoyable.I recommend this book to my friend Jose because he likes goosebumps books.

    I read this book in participation of the Goosebumps a long hosted by Richard Denny Literally would ve never thought the ending would end the way it did This book is so good at the ending of every chapter it has you wanting to continue to read so I read this book in one sitting as you can see RL Stine is simply a genius he literally has you not knowing how his stories are going to end and he has you on the edge of your seat throughout his books he has you wondering and doing deductive reasoning w [...]

    Those scary stories about camp are all coming true Instalment nine is about a kid who gets dumped at a summer camp by his parents and quickly realises that things aren t as copacetic as he initially hoped I was surprised by this It definitely has the creep factor down and it was also pretty atmospheric I enjoyed this a lot than I thought I would Although, I will admit that I m definitely not planning on camping anytime soon like ever, haha In addition, the traditional plot twist at the finale d [...]

    The 9th installment in the Goosebumps series This takes place at a camp Camp Nightmoon , what sounds like fun turns out to beYet another intriguing story from Stine.

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