Bad Sisters

Bad Sisters #2020

Bad Sisters Deeley is the fake wife of a Hollywood TV hunk who is secretly gay But Deeley s five year contract is up and his cut throat publicist wants Deeley out So dejected and penniless Deeley wends her wa
  • Title: Bad Sisters
  • Author: Rebecca Chance
  • ISBN: 9780857204837
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deeley is the fake wife of a Hollywood TV hunk, who is secretly gay But Deeley s five year contract is up, and his cut throat publicist wants Deeley out So, dejected and penniless, Deeley wends her way home to London, hoping to re establish links with her two estranged elder sisters.
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      Rebecca Chance

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    I recently had the opportunity to hear Rebecca Chance speak at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans, and walked directly to the bookshop right after the panel ended She was in a word hysterical Like many, I read Sidney Sheldon s If Tomorrow Comes and fell in love with the idea of a woman taking back the reins of her life after someone had destroyed it and having delicious sex to boot Rebecca Chance was described as Jackie Collins meets Sidney Sheldon in a gay bar in St Tropez [...]

    There s been much excitement as bloggers have been tweeting about reading Bad Sisters Much enjoyment shared too.At the start of our journey through the three sisters lives, the scene is set in the prologue when we re in 1993 Deely is 9, Devon is 13 and Maxie the eldest at 17 Straight away we are introduced to their childhood and the secret that determines how the sisters react to the world around them We read about each sister in separate chapters, which flow seamlessly from one sister to the ne [...]

    I don t generally give a book I assume to be a chick lit 5 stars unless it includes cupcake recipes as I have a weak spot for cupcakes as I see them as mindless reading fun rather than something that makes me think beyond the inevitable romantic conclusion However, I don t think Bad Sisters is an ordinary chick lit, if it falls into that category at all While it certainly contains romantic relationships and very sexy scenes it s also filled with suspense, intrigue, drama and a generous dose of m [...]

    This book follows the fortunes of three sisters, Maxi, Deeley and Devon They all share a dark secret one which had to be buried to ensure the success they have built for themselves.Each chapter follows one of the characters, the ruthless Maxi, TV cookery hit Devon and the Hollywood princess Deeley.A terrible chain of events is set into motion when Deeley is sent packing from her comfortable Hollywood lifestyle and appeals to her sisters for help Both are reluctant, their younger, needy sister wi [...]

    Another great read by Rebecca Chance Probably my favourite out of the other 3 I have read, had a great story and characters were very relatable Loved it Can t wait to read her other 2 and really hope she continues writing

    I really enjoyed reading about the 3 sisters rise from bad childhood to glamorous famous women and their present lives They are then forced to acknowledge what happened in their past which has a good twist to it.

    Il libro Donne con il tacco 12 mi stato suggerito da un amica la quale costantemente sottolinea la mia propensione per i libri troppo seri a suo dire e forse faccio bene La vicenda vede protagoniste tre sorelle estremamente differenti Deeley colei che non si mai sforzata di far nulla nella vita se non truccarsi e mettersi un bel vestito per apparire al meglio visto che la fidanzata di un noto attore holliwoodiano Devon la sorella in crisi con se stessa, nonostante suo marito, noto giocatore di r [...]

    Bellissima copertina, che mi ha fatto scegliere questo libro Bel titolo cosa c entra con la storia Niente Molto meglio il titolo originale Oltre comunque al fatto che mi aspettavo un altro tipo di libro, questo non particolarmente carino In realt era partito molto benembrava un bel giallo e i personaggi descritti erano interessanti A ogni capitolo la voce narrante cambiava e si conoscevano cos le tre sorelle Molto diverse tra loro ma tutte con un carattere molto forte e interessante.Poi il tutto [...]

    This author seriously never disappoints, always edgy and sexy and so hard to put down her books, always love reading what she has in store

    chicklitaholicBad Sisters, is a novel that as soon as I first heard about it I knew I wanted to read Just from the cover I could tell that it would be another of Rebecca Chance s fun, glamorous novels After reading and loving her two previous novels, Divas and Bad Sisters, I now see Rebecca Chance as a younger fresher version of Jackie Collins, looking into the celebrity world in England Three sisters have a deadly secret that they must keep hidden at all costs First there is Deeley who is the f [...]

    Fun and easy reading about three very different sisters sharing a dark secret Great Characters, good plot and a satisfying ending

    A parlor game, drinking game and book Having read thousands of books in my life, I have never encountered anything like Bad Sisters It was part English parlor game, Yankee drinking game and a mind numbing story.First the parlor game Almost every paragraph and many sentences began as follows , while she was walking down the street quotation marks mine What, pray tell, preceded the comma I made a game of guessing Was she humming, thinking of a way to snag her sister s husband I merrily filled in t [...]

    Maxie and Devon have the perfect lives Maxie runs a fictional version of Burberry, while her husband is a member of Parliament and they are on the verge of adopting a baby girl Devon is Britain s sexier version of Martha Stewart and married to one of the top footballers in country.Everything in their lives is picture perfect until her youngest sister Deeley arrives home from Hollywood, where she was just dumped by her in the closet boyfriend Trying to make a new a little money for her new life, [...]

    I ve read the earlier books by the author and i have that her writing have improved and the plot is vey much engaging The story is about three sisters, who during their early days, have committed a murder And 18 years later when everything seems to be fine for the three sisters, things that threaten their present status begun to emerge Among the three sisters, Maxie is depicted as the stronger character, Devon as the follower while Deeley, being the youngest sister, the weakest among the sisters [...]

    Not the usual light and fluffy chic lit I had expected First time reading a Rebecca Chance and I was pleasantly surprised.Three sisters are living lives which many would envy, at least from the outside Devon and Deeley are barely surviving emotionally day to day, whilst the eldest, Maxine, appears to have everything the way she wants it Devon is a binge eater, Deeley is an air head As the reader gets to know Maxine, her sisters behaviour becomes and understandable There is a depth to the chara [...]

    The McKenna sisters The amount of times the author spoke about the beauty of these girls just made me fall in love with them Never have I ever read about a character that is oh so gorgeous Perfect skin, hair, face But their beauty was necessary wasn t it For the kind of fame and attention they received, it was necessary to remind the readers of their beauty I enjoyed this book though by the very end everything was crystal clear but the state of mess these girls were in and were going through was [...]

    People think 50 Shades of Grey was scandalous Well Chance didn t go so far into SMDM, but this book can be seen as a appetiser for James books I wasn t particularly impressed with the writing, it read like a Jerry Springer show towards the end and honestly the drama is so entertaining I couldn t help but it give it a three Reading 50 Shades Give this book a chance for some hot and spicy English writing that wouldn t ask you to think too hard.

    SENZA CUORESi pu essere cos crudeli e senza scrupoli Beh, secondo Donne con il tacco 12 s.Un chick lit pi che riuscito che ha per protagoniste tre sorelle con un segreto inconfessabile e disposte a tutto per ottenere ci che vogliono, anche a danneggiare il sangue del loro sangue Sono rimasta stupita dalla complessit della trama, ricca di colpi di scena, e dall approfondita analisi psicologica, inusuali per un libro che si presentava come il solito romanzetto rosa.

    I love love love this author all of her books are amazing Bad sisters is about 3 siblings who have a rough childhood and one night they committed a crime The book goes on to tell you about the lives now and how it all comes out of the woodworks when one sister returns from living overseas for 5 years Having all the sisters back together secrets start coming out and even shocking is the betrayal between them.I give this book 5 stars

    I choosed the book mainly becuase of the cover I find most of Rebecca s cover book are amazingly designed Right from the beginning I didn t liked Maxie s character, she seems to be sophisticated and full on attitude Devon is funny where else the lost Deeley is trying to find herself adapting with current situation after being dumped.

    Like bad brides I couldn t put this book down I now know not to attempt to read one of Rebecca s books unless I can afford to take time out to just finish the book While the ending felt a bit rushed, kind of a sprint to just wrap the book up, every single piece of this story is so vividly east to picture, there is something about Chance s writing that just takes me there instantly

    Bit of a poor sister to the first two Rebecca Chance books, and I was a bit iffy about the part where one of the sisters builds character by going to Europe and taking it up the bum from an Italian count Decent fun though overall.

    I found it quite hard to warm to the characters in this book Deeley was the only one that I had any feelings for I found Maxie to be a horrible person which I think Rebecca Chance wanted the reader to feel I liked the ending and was happy it went the way that it did.

    I am still reading Bad Sisters I have read Bad Girls which I enjoyed Bad Sisters first few chapters are very explanatory Rebecca likes to name each chapter and base it on the point of view of one of the characters I will let you know how I feel about this book once I have finished it.

    I loved this book, I had to stay up to finish reading it as I could not put it down, I have purchased killer heels and am reading that at the moment but would love to also read her other books Highly recommended.

    This book should be made into a film It is sexual and devious, like a regular woman, it gives such a twist at the end The characters are portrayed in such detail I think all women should read this book I couldn t put it down and I cannot wait to read another one of her books

    La trama era interessante, i personaggi anche, avrei voluto leggere qualcosa di pi del finale per.Ho adorato Deelay e Devon, e odiato a morte Maxie.Matt il mio marito ideale, stupida Devon niente a che vedere con l italiano Cesare pieno di stereotipi dell italiota.

    This is the first book by Rebecca Chance I ve actually honestly enjoyed I couldn t put it down, pure escapism, a bit of mystery as well, good twist at the end After reading I may just give her other books another chance

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