A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal #2020

A Modest Proposal A new edition of Jonthan Swift s important work
  • Title: A Modest Proposal
  • Author: Jonathan Swift
  • ISBN: 9781453691694
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • A new edition of Jonthan Swift s important work.
    SparkNotes A Modest Proposal From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes A Modest Proposal Study Guide has everything you A Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift The Project Gutenberg EBook of A Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever You may copy it, give it away or re use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at gutenberg Title A Modest Proposal For SparkNotes A Modest Proposal Summary The full title of Swift s pamphlet is A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People from Being a Burthen to their Parents, or the Country, and for Jonathan Swift A Modest Proposal Art Bin Note Jonathan Swift , author and satirist, famous for Gulliver s Travels and A Modest Proposal This proposal, where he suggests that the Irish eat their own children, is one of his most drastic pieces He devoted much of his writing to the struggle for Ireland against the English hegemony. A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift online literature Jonathan Swift A Modest Proposal Art Bin
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    Last night my daughter asked me to watch what passes for comedy to pre teens on Nickelodeon a show low on laughs but high on laugh track It s Halloween week and of course the thematic drum of cheap scares and slutty costumes those of you dads that have 11 year old girls know what it is like to take a knee at the end of the show to have a side bar chat about this topic alone plays large when midway through the episode a six year old girl dressed like a failing barrister circa 1735 comes firing on [...]

    This made me laugh so much It s just so brilliantly funny Swift adopts a very serious tone, and an authoritative voice, that almost sounds real He delivers his proposal in such a hilariously cold way that embodies a dejected government official I could imagine him writing this whilst struggling to keep a straight face as he mocks the English law makers The rich looked down upon the poor and saw them as a deplorable sub species of human, which is rather ironic because without poverty there wouldn [...]

    One book leads to another.After listening to the audiobook Food A Love Story , by Jim Gaffigana hilarious walking companionI quoted a Bizzarre Line from Jim Maybe All Americans should just eat starving people from other nations mind went elsewhere with that line the complete opposite with Jim but laughed anyway.So a little serious During the comments Orinoco Womble tidy bag and all , asked me if I had read listened to Jonathan Swift s A Modest Proposal I hadn t Doing a little research about the [...]

    Book ReviewA Modest Proposal is a satirical work of fiction by Jonathan Swift, written nearly 300 years ago It is an Irish piece, originally published anonymously, but served as a way to shove stupidity in the face of the English government and wealthy Essentially, in order to solve the problem of poverty, people should eat their children But it was written in a very serious manner, as though it were meant to be real suggestions Ahead of its time, it propelled Swift to the forefront of both Engl [...]

    Goodreaders, my Friends, who peruse this Review , Be not offended, whilst on it you chew Denude yourselves of all depraved affection, For it contains no badness, nor infection Tis true that it brings forth to you no birth Of any value, but in point of mirth Thinking therefore how sorrow might your mind Consume, I could no apt subject find One plume of joy surmounts of grief a duration Because to laugh is proper to the rational person Rabelais

    Macabre but good example of how you can use standard arguments to convince people no matter how appalling your opinion may be Scary

    there is no better way to kick off a semester of literature than a modest proposal one smart ass student always tries to derail the conversation with an early declaration of the proposal s satire, but no one listens, and within moments i have a class of fifty sixty students angry, frustrated, and sometimes rabid as i take swift s ironic side and ask the students, with all the seriousness i can muster which is quite a bit , if we shouldn t give it a try i follow that up with why not after why not [...]

    This is obviously an incredible satire, which hopes to give some satisfaction to the rich I recently reread it after reading The Sorrows of Young Mike In John Zelazny s parody, the main character parodies Jonathan Swift s modest proposal It is a parody within a parody and the modern twist is displayed well.

    This review includes sensitive material that may be upsetting to some friends view spoiler I shall now therefore humbly propose my own thoughts, which I hope will not be liable to the least objection I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled, and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee, or ragout.A [...]

    I came across this essay via Scribble s review and read it in no time I thought it would be light reading and it turned out to be something completely different Satire at its best from Mr Swift.I read this in the dentist s waiting room this morning and it certainly waylaid my normal fear of going there The author has come up with a modest nothing modest here proposal to aid the Irish economy, stop the begging, give mothers the breeders the opportunity to get an income by selling their little chi [...]

    I continue to think that this supremely logical and inevitably practical work will become a part of American legislation any day now You know, right after the FEMA camps have a permanent place in the common zeitgeist Anyone want a potato Update 11 19 15 It occurs to me that someone ought to write a cookbook to expound upon this most excellent suggestion Any takers Julia Childs Hannibal Lector Rush Limbaugh So many excellent suggestions, I know, I know.

    Thus we are zealous in Matters of small Moment, while we neglect those those of highest Importance Jonathan Swift, An Examination of Certain Abuses, Corruptions, and Enormities Vol 8 of my Penguin Little Black Classics Box Set It contains a couple small tracts, as well as a poem and a couple larger satirical essays 1 Meditation on a Broomstick 1711 Satire2 A Description of a City Shower 1710 Poem3 A Short View of the State of Ireland 1727 Pamphlet 4 A Modest Proposal 1729 Satire5 An Examination [...]

    This essay is what s known in English writing as straight faced satire Well, it s just a little too straight faced for me Swift s extended ironic rambling suggest s using Irish children as a food source to solve the problem of the down trodden masses It eliminates 100 thousand children from extended suffering, provides an income source for their poor parents, and provides table fare for the upper society Swift was extremely aggravated with the Irish political system, the English class system, an [...]

    True Satire Update February 2016The best satirical work I think I have ever read It is basically about how to end hunger by eating children during the eighteenth century Ireland His main point is that there are too many people in Ireland, particularly children whose parents cannot take care of them, and therefore do not contribute anything towards the community, hence a young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, ba [...]

    Here s a quick and easy recipe for roasted young long pig that is guaranteed to save a few bucks come the next last minute dinner with friends or family What You Will NeedButcher knifeOlive oil or butterSeasonings I have a soft spot for a pinch of Ambergris, a touch of Wattleseed, and a dash of Spanish Fly Roasting panStep 1Trim away the end of the neck, and the end of each leg from the knee joint downwards This is usually only necessary with wild caught long pig because, if farmed, than it is s [...]

    This proposal made by J Swift for combating poverty and overpopulation is as simple as it is ingenious But that s the problem with simple and ingenious ideas There must be someone to find them Swift was a far sighted visionary Although expressed at the end of the 18th century the solutions depicted in his text are still relevant to modern society I am sure some grave problems of today would be fairly easy to solve With only some slight modifications to Swift s proposal hunger and poverty would d [...]

    Can you believe this guy I realize that this was, like, a long time ago and things were different back then Like, less civilized and they didn t value life like we do today and stuff But omg, seriously For all intensive purposes, this guy Swift was crazy After I read this I literally cut my own head off.So apparently in the eighteenth century and by the way, isn t it so stupid that it s called the eighteenth century when it was the 1700s that makes like no sense at all , there was a lot of pover [...]

    It s been a long time since I first read this satirical masterpiece by Swift, which reads like its title and is anything but, A Modest Proposal In it, the author is proposing a solution to the serious problems of overpopulation, unemployment, and food shortages, not to mention providing the social and moral benefits of kinder husbands and better parents Mr Swift has all the economic angles figured out and presents a very convincing argument, so straightforward and valid my daughter s high school [...]

    A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland From Being a Burden on Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick otherwise known as simply A Modest Proposal is anything but modest I shall now therefore humbly propose my own thoughts, which I hope will not be liable to the least objection.I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nour [...]

    This is obviously an incredible satire, which hopes to give some satisfaction to the rich I recently reread it after reading The Sorrows of Young Mike In John Zelazny s parody, the main character parodies Jonathan Swift s modest proposal It is a parody within a parody and the modern twist is displayed well.

    Just a Monday morning thought If ever in a situation where you should have to resort to cannibalism, eat the babies and toddlers first.Not only are they easily overpowered and probably fairly fatty and nourishing , but are, first and foremost, useless to the group and a burden at that.

    Haha, I didn t know what the proposal would be How very biting I m glad I wasn t spoiled before reading this I think I d have liked Jonathan Swift.

    It gives a whole new meaning to People are our greatest resource , doesn t it This little satire made me miss Jon Stewart all over again.

    The number of souls in this kingdom being usually reckoned one million and a half, of these I calculate there may be about two hundred thousand couple whose wives are breeders from which number I subtract thirty thousand couple, who are able to maintain their own children, although I apprehend there cannot be so many, under the present distresses of the kingdom but this being granted, there will remain an hundred and seventy thousand breeders I again subtract fifty thousand, for those women who [...]

    He sounded so serious in his proposal that I almost believed he was a nutjob for a split second Brilliant satire though, I caught myself feigning a posh british accent in my head with this like I do with many of Austen s novels, I think it s the vocab that does it does it for me even though I realize he was writing for the citizens of Ireland How can you not say something like Therefore I repeat, let no man talk to me of these and the like expedients, till he hath atleast some glimpse of hope in [...]

    It was a sad read for me , the words depicting mothers followed by 4, 5 or 6 children all in rags importuning every passenger for alms , reading this satirical article, one could imagine that famines, extreme poverty and conflicts that lead Jonathan Swift to write his proposal were mere past and a blissfully no such atrociousness is still present in our days, while the contrary is true.Such scenes are still very common, at least in my home country The world is still suffering, especially childre [...]

    It is clear to me now what the modern European politicians are doing wrong They are, obviously, not reading their classics Europe is in the midst of a dire financial crisis with all sorts of complicated schemes being proposed to resolve the situation And here we have a practical and sensible solution that nobody appears to have considered, despite the fact that it has been around since 1729 If you don t have enough money to feed your kids, EAT THEM What could be simpler Now, the author mentions [...]

    The hospital s obstetrician department seemed to look like the inside of a stock exchange building There was constant tumult of men bidding for all the babies that were to bee born that day If a buyer was lucky, a lot of triplets were born on the day of his bid The hospitals were provided with high security These sites had become hot spots for suicide bombings The terrorists had been manipulating people, using the name of Islam to besmirching the innocuous act of cannibalism These men were local [...]

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