The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny #2020

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny marks years since Warne published The Tale of Peter Rabbit In celebration we are publishing limited editions of twelve classic tales with colorful covers special endpapers and notes explai
  • Title: The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
  • Author: Beatrix Potter
  • ISBN: 9780723267737
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 2012 marks 110 years since Warne published The Tale of Peter Rabbit In celebration, we are publishing limited editions of twelve classic tales with colorful covers, special endpapers, and notes explaining the history behind each book The Tale of Benjamin Bunny is the tale of Peter Rabbit s cousin, Benjamin Bunny.
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    The tale of Benjamin Bunny as retold by Quentin Tarantino Bring out the bunny But the bunny s asleep Well you d best go wake him up then.

    The Tale of Benjamin Bunny is the fourth book made in Beatrix Potter s Peter Rabbit books and it is about how Peter s cousin Benjamin convinces Peter to come to Mr McGregor s garden to get Peter s clothes back The Tale of Benjamin Bunny is a truly memorable follow up to the classic tale Peter Rabbit The book starts off with Benjamin Bunny watching Mr and Mrs McGregor going out for the day and he decided to get his cousin Peter to come along with him to Mr McGregor s garden to get Peter s clothes [...]

    Of all the Beatrix Potter books, this one is closest to modern life Benjamin Bunny goes to visit his cousins who live with their single, widowed motherwho runs a shop selling rabbit wool mittens she s knitted herself along with herbs and, ahem, rabbit tobacco.Benjamin is streetwise unlike his cousin Peter and knows the ins and outs of stealing He is moving fast into a life of crime, but he doesn t reckon with his old man, known as Old Benjamin Bunny Papa bunny is the Clint Eastwood of his hood a [...]

    Ah, this book made me glad I was reading them all in order of publication This is book 4, and for the first time, characters from a previous books turn up We learn a bit about Peter Rabbit s widowed mother, for instance she makes a living selling, among other things, rabbit tobacco known as lavender to us oblivious humans Benjamin Bunny is Peter Rabbit s cousin, and even mischievous than him Peter is still unwell and without clothes wearing a hankerchief to hide his nakedness from his escapade [...]

    Cute continuation of the Tale of Peter Rabbit My daughter was disappointed that Mr McGregor didn t make much of a showing in this one, but his cat did Peter s naughty little cousin, Benjamin, decides that they need to rescue Peter s clothes from Mr McGregor s garden.There really wasn t as much suspense in this one as Peter, but it was still as nice little story with beautiful pictures.

    This is not my favorite Potter, although that hat on the cover is awesome The little books are so adorable, though.

    Beatrix Potter is a charming story teller to little ones with sweet illustrations I didn t know about Benjamin Bunny, and while it had a good enough resolution, it was sad to see little Peter Rabbit get strung along in mischief once by his cousin Ben was at ease the whole time confident in his mischief, but poor Peter was nervous and ready to leave and go straight home as he should after his last time in the garden In the end Benjamin gets switched by his father for his naughtiness and Peter Ra [...]

    If I remember right, this book taught me what consequence meant After reading it years later, only now do I realize the humour in rabbit tobacco being lavender What could be cuter than that That s proof that you re never too old for some Beatrix Potter classics I think all children should be introduced to this series It s simple and exciting and you ll always learn new words.

    I still love the art work and something about this one wasn t as fun for me Peter did get his clothes back from the farmer At the end of the 1st book he had lost them to the farmer s scarecrow The artwork is still as marvelous and the story was good It simply wasn t my favorite so far of Beatrix s books.

    This book shows children s behavior when left alone at home There would be a cousin or friend that would put them in a certain situation they won t experience themselves And they could get hurt if nobody around comes to their rescue.

    Reading to an engaged audience is wonderful But when that audience keeps interrupting to talk about other books in the series, you do start to sympathise with Steven Moffat.

    What a weird little story I don t know if I ve ever really read this story and understood what it was about I read it again today, like really read it and I m confused about the message and also why this was such a popular children s story.

    I decided to do some rereads of Beatrix Potter I loved them as a child, and still enjoy them as an adult.

    Spoiler alert.Benjamin Bunny comes to the rescue of his forlorn cousin Peter Rabbit, having discovered him sans jacket and shoes, but covering his modesty with a rather fetching pocket handkerchief human rather than rabbit sized With the clothes stealing Mr McGregor absent no doubt at the bank where he is hoping to extend his loan to cover his food losses , they sneak paramilitary style into his garden, where Peter s clothes have been requisitioned as part of a scarecrow to combat the theft prob [...]

    Some whimsical quotes dotted about in this beautifully illustrated work Old Mrs Rabbit earned her living by knitting muffatees I once bought a pair at a bazaar They left a great many odd little footmarks all over the bed, especially little Benjamin, who was wearing clogs Mrs Rabbit strung up the onions and hung them from the kitchen ceiling, with the bunches of herbs and the rabbit tobacco.

    Beautifully written and illustrated tale telling of Benjamin Bunny and his cousin s, Peter Rabbit, exploits in Mr McGregor s garden Potter brings the story and characters to life with her writing and illustrations appealling to adults and children alike.

    A classic story from Beatrix Potter I don t remember these from my childhood and I ve found that they are much too wordy and mature for the youngest audiences and much too childish for the older ones I m not sure who the perfect audience is, but I like the stories myself.

    A brief glimpse at the illustrations takes me back to pre school days Beatrix Potter s amazing Is it weird that I remember the texture and smell of the pages in the tiny hardbacks I m doing my best to get the kids hooked on these stories We ll see.

    Peter Rabbit s cousin comes to visit and gets them into a dangerous situation Beautifully illustrated and written.

    Cute bunnies Oh Benjamin Bunny was naughty too, he dragged Peter this time to do some naughty things Haha i love the drawings

    Benjamin gives this five stars making it unanimous among my children Oldest daughter loved the story and her younger sister adored the illustrations.

    This story could just as well have been titled Peter Rabbit II Return to Mr McGregor s Garden, because that is exactly what takes place Benjamin in joyful naivete and optimism, and Peter in skittishness that appears to be clear evidence of rabbit PTSD Peter s fear of a repeat of his previous adventure is obvious to the adult reader, but may go over the heads of children it did for me.They have a close but boring encounter with a cat, but all end up okay since Benjamin s father, as the book state [...]

    Awww Peter Rabbit is particularly cute in this story, especially in the illustrations with that hat on in the cover here Poor little rabbits get themselves in trouble again and get whipped by their older rabbit relative don t remember if it was an uncle or grandfather or something And we meet a cat sort of in the story And the cat is okay too, but it isn t friends with the rabbits At any rate, I must read all of the Peter Rabbit tales by Beatrix Potter I don t know how many there are, but appare [...]

    This has to be one of my favourite tales by Ms Potter.Benjamin, Peter s cousin invited Peter to visit Mr McGregor s farm once again when he and his wife went out for a gig Peter got back his coat and shoes from the scarecrow and they took some onions and got caught in a basket with a cat on top for five hours Benjamin s father came to free them but both of them had beating as punishment Oh, did I not mention the cat was locked in the greenhouse McGregor was perplexed to have found this out.

    This one should be read after The Tale of Peter Rabbit since it is the story of Peter and his cousin Benjamin on a mission to rescue Peter s lost clothes In the process, they get themselves into a tight spot and must be rescued by Benjamin s father, Mr Benjamin Bunny.

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