Stranded! #2020

Stranded Oceans Delano and Marshall Cohen could not be any different She is a shy Jamaican born woman returning to the states after her father s death Marshall Cohen is a privileged young business man travelin
  • Title: Stranded!
  • Author: Pepper Pace
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Oceans Delano and Marshall Cohen could not be any different She is a shy Jamaican born woman returning to the states after her father s death Marshall Cohen is a privileged young business man traveling out of the country to engage in sketchy business dealings for his boss When their small plane crashes, the two lone survivors are forced to depend on each other and inOceans Delano and Marshall Cohen could not be any different She is a shy Jamaican born woman returning to the states after her father s death Marshall Cohen is a privileged young business man traveling out of the country to engage in sketchy business dealings for his boss When their small plane crashes, the two lone survivors are forced to depend on each other and in the process they learn to face their fears and to accept their differences Oceans and Marshall embark on a journey of courage, love, passion and sometimes hate This multicultural romance is intended for mature audiences due to graphic descriptions and frank language.
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      Pepper Pace

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    I started reading this early this morning when I couldn t sleep, and I finished the whole book in that short time This is really one of those unputdownable reads I was compelled by and drawn into the dramatic situation that Oceans and Marshall faced I always enjoy a good survival on the elements book, and Pace excelled with this novel about two people who end up being stranded on a Caribbean deserted island and have to make a life there for the time being until they are rescued This book is incr [...]

    Well I tell you I love finding jem writers and that is exactly what Pepper Pace is She took me by surprise with this story I was expecting another erotic tale about two people being stranded and getting the hots for each other and doing the do all through the book, you know, same o same o story right I was so wrong on so many levels this was waayy off the rector scale of what I had assumed Let me see there is so much that can be said about this story I dont know where to begin, so um, so let me [...]

    Dnf at 60%Last weekend I decided to kick back and relax with a David Attenborough documentary yes, that s how I spent my Friday nights, don t judge me and I really wanted to read a wilderness survival romance book Man vs The wild Lack of modern conveniences Adapting to a primitive lifestyle How interesting would that be So I looked around for a bit until I found this book The story is straightforward enough, a rich accountant and a Jamaican woman are in a private jet when it suddenly crashes and [...]

    Something a little different Oceans Delano and Marshall Cohen are stranded on a deserted island when their plane crashes Two people forced into a situation and finding love when they would never have gotten together otherwise I like the story for the most part but I can t help not liking certain elements It moved nicely though and kept my interest Very thought provoking at times Also very informative on how to survive on a tropical island.

    The premise of woman and man of opposite natures being ship plane wrecked on a deserted island is a great premise that seems to always work with such exciting possibilities I cannot help recall Lina Wertmuller s film about the Communist waiter who worked on the rich bitch s yacht and they end up shipwrecked together Then of course was the Harrison Ford film, Six Days, Seven Nights.So Stranded, about a black Jamaican woman and a white collar white dude filling those roles, was bound to be a winne [...]

    I recently finished reading On the Island and when I learned about Pepper Pace and saw that she d written a book about a couple stranded on an island I wanted to read her take on a similar situation.This book has received a lot of great reviews I was expecting a great read, but I didn t get that We don t get a lot of details here The entire time on the island we never got to experience a rainstorm When Oceans and Marshall declare their love for each other I didn t buy it It just seemed to come o [...]

    Description When Oceans Delano, a shy Jamaican woman and Marshall Cohen, a privileged but somewhat shady white businessman are stranded on an island together, they must fight to survive and to navigate their growing love for one another.The Good This is one of the best books I ve read in a long time, and therefore my loved list is rather long LOVED all the details about survival it felt really real, the cultural touches from the heroine s Jamaican background, the slow burn toward sex and that it [...]

    Another unique Love storystory told by Pepper pace I loved it This is a love story of Marshall and Oceans As the title indicates these two I ship wrecked on an island in the Caribbean Together they try to survive the hardships of being on the island by themselves However there was one small part of the story that was left on finished I won t say what it was because it will spoil the story but you ll know it when you get to it in any event I still love the story and highly recommend the story 4.5 [...]

    4.5 stranded stars God, I absolutely love books like this Totally devoured this one, could have read another 100 pages with detail, I just love the whole surviving thing The way they fell in love was beautiful, the erotic side of the story was awesome Loved the dual POV s Wish though that it had been written in 1st person pov, as it lost something in its intensity by being written in 3rd.

    I am fast becoming a fan of Pepper Pace This is a great survival love story with everyday people who do extordiary things and love each other This is a really sweet romance at it heart The hero is respectful, admires, and likes the heroine with whom he finds himself stranded The heroine also accepts the hero as how he is and is practical and clever I love how they get to know each other and don t roll round in the sand first thing There is a bit of culture clash in places because of their differ [...]

    So I needed a Pepper Pace fix and this is what I chose to pacify meWell as usual Ms.Pace hit them with it This is a story of anyone s worst nightmare Giving birth on an island are you kidding meThe ship scene was an intense moment I think especially with the meaning behind itI was like Wow, after how many years somebody just stumbled upon this ship The two main characters had alot of time together they should know each other very well I thought So that little tantrum Marshall was throughing and [...]

    Solid 4.5 StarsWow I m a little speechless with this one It was another winner of course, but there were things here I wish could have gone a different way Mainly concerning the course of their, Oceans Marshall s, journey But I do understand the Why of the destination here and I can t see it ending any other way.Descriptive, heart breaking, beautiful, passionate I would definitely recommend this read.

    This was a pretty good read I like stranded survival stories I did feel like the hero and heroine had it pretty easy on the island they were stranded on That island had about everything they needed pretty easily come by Still, the relationship stuff was pretty good and believable The writing could use some polishing.

    Really enjoyed this book I felt like I was able to connect to the characters and feel what they were going through.

    I m a voracious reader, not particularly a reviewer but I have to say something about this one Normally, I am a Pepper Pace fan I loved Beast, Crash, etc But, what happened here First of all the editing was an embarrassment or should be to whoever edited it than for then to for too Ocean s for ocean , etc etc etc And, I do mean ALL through this book to the point that I was seriously annoyed.There was also something about the chemistry of these two people that just did nothing for me I think it w [...]

    I am a fan of Pepper Pace, don t get me wrong, but I m not feeling this one The sudden declaration of love at the halfway point came out of left field I am contributing to our day to day survival, making a pot or whatever, and bam I suddenly love you Not believing it Randomly, it jumps to a year and 5 months and all of a sudden a millionaire couple wants to view this island that is not for sale, really The ending, where do I begin They were hesitant to leave, they did not want to leave their hut [...]

    I m sorry to say I really hated this book It has a lot of good reviews so probably it s just me but i found so many problems with it I had to force myself to finish it.First, the author focus A LOT on the fact that Oceans is black and Marshall s white I get some people like specific fantasies but come on Oceans is really surprised at the diferences between the black white male sexual organs and Marshall wonders if all black women have nipples darker than their skin umm, I believe ALL women have [...]

    I am finding that I enjoy books by Pepper Pace, this book was no different I enjoyed the read, the characters, the helplessness and hopelessness that they both felt, and the love that started to develop between them Love not due to them being stuck on an island together and the any port in a storm would do mentally, but because they got to know one another and depend on one another and realized that despite where they were and their differences, there was a happiness and contentment that they we [...]

    Great story, read it twice.After a while I wanted to hurt Marshall myself, but I see that 72 day walk did his butt some good A good long walk will do the mind some good, and Marshall came back in a better head space I think my favorite part came in the end, when they were rescued, but continued on un fazed as if they needed to clean up before they leftile I enjoyed that the relation was based on friendship first and not the dog in heat method that so many relationships seem to be based on.The ch [...]

    I read On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves earlier this year so the idea of a similar story by Pepper Pace intrigued me I have to say I enjoyed the first part of the book than the last portion Despite this, overall the style of writing is wonderful as I feel is always the case with Ms Pace While I wasn t as excited about this book as I have been about some of the others, I definitely found this book to be worthwhile and entertaining.

    3.5 starsI really like stranded stories, so this was definitely a must read for me The plot was interesting, it was a quick read, and though I was hooked with it, some parts seemed somehow implausible, like how their relationship developed trying not to spoil it for anyone Also, at the ending I said a little huh.

    The best I can give was 3.5 stars, sorry, To Ms Pace, but I was not feeling this book at all The Characters were lovely, but I guess it was the Stranded situation Again I do apologize to Ms Pace, I truly love her books, but this one wasn t felt right for me.

    This was a captivating story that demonstrates the range of talent and passion that Pepper Pace has as a dynamic author.This Chica s works of literary art are Auto Buy worthy.Giving this one 4 solid stars.

    This is my second novel by Pepper Pace, and I enjoyed I m definitely looking forward to reading .

    This was another great read by Pepper Pace I loved it and it just focused on the lead man and woman which I personally love With your time and money.Great read

    Stopped at 45% The first pepper pace book that I couldn t stand I was so surprised I mean It s pepper pace I love her books All except for thisodd one Ugh.

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