In den Armen des Wikingers

In den Armen des Wikingers #2020

In den Armen des Wikingers Ruby Jordans Ehe ist ein einziger Scherbenhaufen als sie beschlie t sich mit einer Meditations Kassette abzulenken und zu beruhigen Und wirklich die Stimme des Bandes lullt sie ein Ruby schl ft tie
  • Title: In den Armen des Wikingers
  • Author: Sandra Hill
  • ISBN: 9783404186310
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ruby Jordans Ehe ist ein einziger Scherbenhaufen, als sie beschlie t, sich mit einer Meditations Kassette abzulenken und zu beruhigen Und wirklich, die Stimme des Bandes lullt sie ein Ruby schl ft tief und tr umt, ins 10 Jahrhundert versetzt zu sein, wo sie einen umwerfenden Wikinger kennen lernt, der ihrem Mann verbl ffend hnlich sieht Doch ist es wirklich nur ein TrRuby Jordans Ehe ist ein einziger Scherbenhaufen, als sie beschlie t, sich mit einer Meditations Kassette abzulenken und zu beruhigen Und wirklich, die Stimme des Bandes lullt sie ein Ruby schl ft tief und tr umt, ins 10 Jahrhundert versetzt zu sein, wo sie einen umwerfenden Wikinger kennen lernt, der ihrem Mann verbl ffend hnlich sieht Doch ist es wirklich nur ein Traum
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      465 Sandra Hill
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    I didn t have high hopes for this book and I am still disappointed I just wanted a bit of brain candy This book seemed perfect time travel, Vikings, lusty romance What could a girl want Somehow, Hill failed to deliver on almost all counts The lusty romance mostly delivered, but the Vikings were just jerks with weapons and the time travel was beyond stupid Like I said, though, I didn t expect much I would ve given it two or maybe two and a half stars for those qualities if it weren t for the exp [...]

    Since I can t give it half a star, I went with the lowest star possibleUnfortunately, I didn t finish this book I borrowed it from a friend who raved about it saying So funny, I laughed practically the whole time or I wouldn t mind going back to the Viking era and be ravished by them or Hunka hunka After pushing myself to read at least the first 12 chapters well sometimes the beginning of books are slow then the pace picks up mid way all I could say was that that s time that I won t get back aga [...]

    People that read this book need to keep in mind that Vikings and the time of the Viking was not all women s lib, and puppy dogs and rainbows There were wars all the time, the men COULD NOT show weakness or else they and all they loved and cherished were dead and burned to the ground The point to this book was to remember what is really and truly important before it s gone You might not get a second chance That being said I thought this was a Great book Funny, quick witted, and sexy I like Thork [...]

    This modern day woman s husband leaves her and she wakes up in Viking central in the 790 s where there is a Viking who looks just like her husband and he has two illegitimate children that look just like hers So what does she do She tells him she is his wife and those are their kids, even when they threaten her death Ok it does t stop there, she goes on to tall all the village the evil king and stubbornly breaks rules insisting she can because she is his wife WTH She knows this isn t him that sh [...]

    This was bad And it wasn t even funny haha bad It was just bad bad Jack Jordan, Ruby Jordan s husband of 20 years has just walked out on her Feeling overwhelmed, she sits down to listen to one of the motivational tapes her husband often listens to for work and she falls asleep When she wakes up she discovers that she s been transported back in time from 1994 to a Viking encampment in the year 925 She s obviously surprised but pleased to discover that her backwards journey through time has shaved [...]

    5 killer viking stars Why oh why have I been putting reading these books off for oh so long One of the best books I ve read This included time travelling and I was definitely on for one heck of a ride And this will not end like you expect no, sirree Time travel Romance is one of my favorite genres and, so, this is not your typical time travel novels.I felt with it I kept predicting things to come and be surprised at almost every turn My Jack ThorkYeah, baby, I know you re my Thork AnywhooooIt [...]

    This book made me laugh out loud so many times I lost track The characters are likeable and Ruby the lead female is just a crazy mess, which makes her so endearing You find yourself relating to her and her desperation to try anything to keep her life together.Ruby is your typical 21st century business woman who started up her own lingerie company and is trying to juggle marriage, children and work However she finds that her marriage is falling apart and does not realize how bad it is until her h [...]

    Mungkin aku salah urutan baca buku ini setelah buku 2 nya yang lebih menohok Problem utamaku dengan buku ini adalah tidak bisa menjalin koneksi dengan karakter hero utamanya yang bak paku payung dan heroine utama tipe angkot yang selalu pepet2 gigih Satu satunya poin yang kusuka dalam buku ini adalah kreatifitas Ruby dalam menciptakan segala benda benda ajaib di abad 10 yang bikin ngakak OMG kondom handmade bersulam Lingerie abad 10 Ngikik gelundungan konfliknya maksa banget ending anti klimaks [...]

    Keunggulan novel ini terletak pada kecerdasan author yg menciptakan gegar budaya dari abad 21 ke zaman Viking di abad 10 Banyak hal hal kocak yg terjadi, seperti membuat kondom, lingerie, mencukur bulu kaki hingga pembicaraan orgasme dan pencegahan kehamilan yg sudah biasa di abad masa kini, tetapi menimbulkan kehebohan super bahaya laten yg mengancam tradisi yg sudah berlangsung berabad abad Tetapi sangat sangat disayangkan saya tidak menyukai karakter para tokoh utamanya, Ruby dan Thork Jack T [...]

    I found this book in my book collection I don t remember where or when I got it but I bet I ve had it for 10 years My copy was published in 2007 but has the earlier year of 1994 listed I m sure I ve never read it I typically get my reading material from the library and I ve had as many as about 30 40 books out at one time Now that I have less than 10 I ve decided to focus on my collection and catch up on reading the books I have and never read I didn t realize how many of them there are.I would [...]

    Deep Sigh Wow What a story I m still bewildered Everything fit, everything was as it should be I grumbled a bit about male chauvinistic pigs during the story, but sadly it s normal for that time, although reading this book opened my eyes I always thought woman didn t have any rights during the Dark Ages This book proved me wrong I didn t know Viking women could be self independent And the male Vikings were not always the barbarians I thought them to be They got their own rules and were a lot em [...]

    I almost always read romance novels exclusively for the hilarity I find in lines such as Thork s lips brushed her eyes shut and swept like a whisper across her cheek, to the edge of her lips, then teasingly away toward her ear The wet tip of his tongue traced its narrow whorls then delved inside In and out it plunged until Ruby arched against him, unable to stand the intense pleasure he had set throbbing in her center This is one of Sandra Hill s bizarre fascinations ear sex I m on the Sandra Hi [...]

    PHENOMENAL start to a GREAT, WICKED AWESOME, SO GOOD I M IN LOVEEEEE, series This book made me fall in love with cave men hahahahhh I love Sandra Hill s Viking series to death Actually, any book by her is satisfactory and gorge worthy This was a superb read, I loved Ruby and Thork and wish wish wished there was of them If there was a sequel with just the two of them again I would happily, greedily, giddily swallow it up with relish KYAHHHHHHHHHHHXD I ve read this book numerous times now and it [...]

    I am rather peeved at whomever recommended this to me Notably awful Even for a viking time travel romance novel The love interest is a viking version of her estranged dorkface husband whose tender wittle ego was damaged when they had to use her salary to pay the bills The heroine is irritating, the hero is a jackass, and the book is as bad and as dated as the cover art Bonus Unpleasantly violent Not recommended.

    The idea of time travel was really intriguing but the main heroine ruined it She whines and acts immature the entire story I have no choice but to put the book down half way through.

    uhmm la verdad es que la historia deja mucho que desear, no te aburre, pero tampoco te dan ganas de volver a leerlo, porque simplemente los protagonistas no te atrapan con su historia de amor, algunas partes me parecen rid culas sobre todo las partes de ella, que dice una y otra vez que va pasar de l, pero termina siempre volviendo a l y rog ndole y l no llena el papel de protagonista, me pareci alguien no deseable

    In the year 2011, Ruby is a wife to Jack and a mother to her two sons Her failing marriage puts her into a deep sleep, and she enters a world of Ancient Vikings Then there was he, a Viking warrior with a striking resemblance to her husband Jack, named Thork There in the ancient times, Ruby is determined to not lose Thork she believed to be her husband Jack for the second time She intended to make her relationship with Thork work So soon, a tragic event came about, driving Ruby back into the year [...]

    I sometimes enjoy time travel romance By all means, you cannot expect them to be what they don t pretend to be BesidesOutlander, that is exceptional Further, there are better and worse plots andThe Reluctant Viking is not particularly good I enjoyed betterSandra Hill sViking II series, when Vikings come to the future and meet Navy Seals Creative, entertaining and fun for a light reading.

    I never thought a book would affect me so much, but this one has It hits so close to home unfortunately, it s too late for me, unlike Ruby I actual cried at the beginning and end.While the modern scenes tore me apart, the past scenes were enjoyable like most of the novels I read I can t believe the other reviews that tear this book apart for feminist reasons I feel they misinterpreted The character is strong and remains strong even when giving some of her career because she realizes she had to b [...]

    I gave this book a 2 star rating simply because I could force myself to finish it I liked many of the secondary characters, but I didn t like Thork, and I liked Ruby even less I am not a big fan of adultery, and that s simply what this was on Ruby s part, no matter how else someone wants to paint the siuation even if it was a dream.Additionally, she gave little thought to her kids that were left to her knowledge in the future.The secondary characters were mostly likeable, so that got a star.I re [...]

    This is not typically a book I would have picked for myself to read One of my coworkers enjoyed it and lent it to me to read I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by this book, I did find it a little wordy There are times when you are reading this story and you mind wonders off because of what they are talking about is boring or doesn t not directly effect the main character Other then that I did enjoy the read it makes you wonder if soulmates exist

    At first, I wasn t sure how to feel about this book I felt like smashing it against the wall a few times when Thork was being a Dork with Ruby But the I read, the I loved the story The end was a big surprise since you don t expect the good guys to die, but we still got our happy ending Sandra Hill is a fantastic writer, I love her humor while she brings us facts as close to the truth as you can get

    I m so glad I ve read some of her other books, because this one, quite frankly, sucked The whole anti strong accomplished woman because women need to bow down and kiss the asses of their manly overlords was such crap The other books by her, that I ve read are fun and pretty good This one, not so much

    Enjoyable, sexy, bittersweet, and funny Didn t care for all the 80 s references, but then again, it IS an 80 s story Still, would I recommend it Yes Especially if you love Vikings I do I do , time travel, and not so perfect romance.3.5 stars.

    Kinda drug on a wee bit and honestly i wanted to slap both of them at one point or another Overall enjoyable read with an unexpected ending.

    I have looked and read many viking romance books, but Sandra hill has hit the spot when writing them I love her viking romance books, they are one of the bests reads i have had.

    Letture Revival pt.2 Della serie quello che ho letto anni fa e che voglio riprendere da capo Perch mi piace rispolverare i romanzi o quelle serie che mi hanno lasciato un bel ricordo No, non ho tempo libero e s , ho tantissimi romanzi nuovi da leggere ma a voi non capita mai di sentire il bisogno di percorrere strade conosciute e sicure A me spesso viene voglia di rileggere una storia, soprattutto quando cerco un elemento che non c tra le novit del periodo.In un momento di follia vichinga mi pre [...]

    What woman in her late thirties wouldn t love to be transformed into her eighteen year old self Apparently, not Ruby, at least not at first.When we meet Ruby, her husband is leaving her because he can t live with her workaholism She promises him time in two months but he wants her attention now Imagine that Anyway, he leaves and she goes into his office, listens to a motivational tape and is transported back in time to the Viking town of Jorvik, known today as York She meets Thork who looks exa [...]

    Interesting Very good romantic time travel adventure Great writing loaded with humor which had me chuckling at the heroines antics often than not This one was a heart wrencher from beginning to end Worth your time, happy reading.

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