Poison Plate

Poison Plate #2020

Poison Plate When Mark first becomes the foster child of restaurant owners he thinks they just want free help but when he is wrongfully accused of trying to sabotage the business he is determined to find the tr
  • Title: Poison Plate
  • Author: Michele Sobel Spirn
  • ISBN: 9781598890693
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Mark first becomes the foster child of restaurant owners, he thinks they just want free help, but when he is wrongfully accused of trying to sabotage the business, he is determined to find the true culprit.
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    Do you know someone who lives with another family because something happend with his or her family.That is what hapened with Mark.I like this book because it s realistic fiction because this could hapen to anyone.This is a good book because it has lots of action.This book takes plase in Mark s new house with his new family.When Mark s parents die he has to live with a man named Red his wife and son the day that Mark gets there he notice resturant.Red welcomes him to the house Mark meats Red s so [...]

    I believe that this was a very good and interesting book because it was so mysterious and it would encourage me to keep reading it What I liked the most about it was that it was a little bit about suspense, it involved some one trying to kill someone by poisoning their food plate The reason I say it was mysterious is because this little boy who was in foster care was trying to figure out who was the one who had poisoned the mans plate, their was, many people who he thought was suspicious but at [...]

    This is a awesome book Mark got a new family that owns a restaurant called Red s Mark s new Mom and Dad names are Red Della They have there own son named Tim One morning someone breaks into there restaurant Red Della have no idea who did it, at the end of the book you will find out who did this all A week later a famous food critic comes to the restaurant and eats at Red s and he gets poisoned Nobody knows who poisoned the food critic

    I enjoyed this book very little I didn t like it as much because for one I think I can read at a higher level The story line was very good but other than that I had very little interest I give it a 2 5 This book is Mystery.

    Jada HastingsThe book I m going to tell you about is called Poison Plate, by M Sobel Spim The genre of this book is Drama Action because windows are broken, people are getting pushed in the basement, plus someone is poisoned The Setting of this book is in a restaurant and marks house, also outside The main character in this book is a boy named Mark.The problem in this book is that the restaurant has been poisoned And Mark wants to know because, everybody think he did it Conflict made the book ex [...]

    This book is about a boy called Mark who moved to a family that owned a restaurant because his parents died Things were going badly for the family since Mark joined Somebody broke into the restaurant and the family blamed Mark Mark thought the family get him for a child because they want free help for their restaurant One day a person went to the restaurant for dinner and he is poisoned after the dinner.And the restaurant closed because of it The family and the staff blamed Mark that everything [...]

    This is not the kind of book i read anyway My friend reccomeded it to me and she said this book made her gasp and she now loves horror books.After she told me thisi thought i would give it a try I am the typre of girl who read Shiver when i was 11 while my friend was reading Love Aubrey so i know we both have VERY opposite styles.Okay first problem is that the kid is 12 NOT 8 Me and my friend is 12 and we don t act like him The older one is 13 and also acts like 9 There are pictures in this book [...]

    This book is really good because it s a story about two people trying to poison the food.The main character is mark.Mark is a boy who lost his parent and he had to live with a family who own a restaurant.He didn t wanted to go to that family because he thought that they just wanted him for slave.To work in the restaurant.The family only had one son and the the family wanted to have another kid so their only son can have a brother.Then one day this guy came and eat in red s restaurant.When the gu [...]

    this book was about a boy name mark his mom and dad died so he moved in with another family who lived in a house and own a restarount that was next door Things was going okay with the family and all of a sudden somebody broke in the store now they blame mark.I connect this to the world because people always life about things and in the book they lied about mark stealing from the store.I rated this book a 5 star because it was a mystery book and i like those kind of books.

    Even though the cover of this book portrays murder and a suspenseful story, it s geared toward 8 11 year olds When a boy goes to live with a Foster family, strange things start happening at the restaurant they own When the famous food critic is poisoned, the boy sets out to find the guilty party I think it is suspenseful enough for that age group but there s no violence, death, etc Also would make for a good read aloud.

    I thought that this was a very good and mysterious book It kept it interesting throughout the whole thing, I really enjoy that in a book I also liked how it was short and simple not something that took me a long time, I think it only took me a day, because it was so good that I couldn t stop reading it You will always be wondering who did it until the end of the book Overall this was a good book.

    This book is about a orphan going into a new family and going into the family resturant He found out that some body is trying to get the food place out of competion so the other resturant could get money.Can t connect to this book.I gave this book a 5 because it had a lot of conflicts and alot of action.

    This book was very interesting, i finished this book in at least 2 weeks or less It was good book it kept me thinking about what was going to happen next i suggest for others to read this book it will only take about a week because its so interesting.

    The Poison Plate by M Sobel Spirn is a good book for struggling readers There is an element of suspense as Mark tries to figure out who put poison in the food of the famous food critic at his foster dad s restaurant.

    i think the book was felled with a lot of supsence it was like no other book i read with a mystery so crazy like that one i think that book was the best book i had ever read iliked it because it was mixed with 2 to 3 different genres.

    i think this book was kind of a good book because it s interesting how the author discribe the setting in the story i also like it because its mysterias

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