Anne Boleyn: The Tragic Story of Henry VIII's most notorious wife

Anne Boleyn: The Tragic Story of Henry VIII's most notorious wife #2020

Anne Boleyn The Tragic Story of Henry VIII s most notorious wife Ever since she first appeared in the Tudor court Anne Boleyn Henry VIII s second queen has been a mystery and a source of controversy Even her birth is shrouded in obscurity both year and place are
  • Title: Anne Boleyn: The Tragic Story of Henry VIII's most notorious wife
  • Author: Norah Lofts
  • ISBN: 9781445606194
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ever since she first appeared in the Tudor court, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII s second queen, has been a mystery and a source of controversy Even her birth is shrouded in obscurity both year and place are the subject of debate Was she beautiful, as those who fell under her spell believed, or was she a rather plain girl blessed with striking eyes and a wealth of black hair Ever since she first appeared in the Tudor court, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII s second queen, has been a mystery and a source of controversy Even her birth is shrouded in obscurity both year and place are the subject of debate Was she beautiful, as those who fell under her spell believed, or was she a rather plain girl blessed with striking eyes and a wealth of black hair More mysterious still is the nature of her role in one of the most turbulent times in British history Henry, who wrote her impassioned love letters and composed songs in her praise, honoured her as no woman was ever honoured before, and finally defied the Pope in order to marry her Her enemies at the time believed she owed her success to witchcraft, and indeed she bore two devil s marks But was she, in fact, only a hapless pawn, subject to the passions of a notoriously mercurial autocrat Why was her fall from favour so sudden and complete Henry s love changed to a hatred so vicious that he conspired with his chief minister to have her accused of adultery with five men one her own brother Four of them went to the block protesting her innocence and their own.Includes 80 Illustrations 40 in colour
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    Where do I even start with this book If you look at my status updates, you see my state of mind deteriorate further and further to ravings of a madman Why Because I love Anne Boleyn She was an ambitious woman who knew her mind and how to manipulate people, yet she was caring and soft and she did love Henry She was a brilliant woman born far before her time If she lived now rather than then, she would be a CEO and in charge of the whole world by using her mind.I ll at least start with the things [...]

    This book was very well written Sadly questions are left unanswered because of poor record keeping in that time period Thank God I was not living then Life must have been so very difficult and we think we have it bad now with our rules and regulations It is amazing that civilization has come as far as it has, however, that same greed that drove generations before us, still causes problems in this generation, not to mention

    I don t know why I m so fascinated with British monarch history This was the most honest account I ve read This is history, not historical fiction, but still very interesting I thought it was written well And is a quick read, with pictures oooohh.

    I found this book very frustrating Ms Lofts seems to believe that it is a foregone conclusion that Anne tricked Henry with her charms and never loved him the whole evil woman thing I can t say that that is not indeed the case, but I don t believe that it has been proven one way or the other Is there evidence that her father was complicit in setting her up If so, where is it Lofts actually spends quite a bit of space giving credence to the theory that Anne was a witch who used her powers to lure [...]

    Great informational book did not realize her age at the time of marriage I am so happy to be alive during this century Marriage customs and gender roles are drastically different

    What you would expect.Norah Lofts does her research with totally believable results Keeps getting interesting page after page I would have been happy with .

    Norah Lofts writes a brief biography, which is easy to read, about the unfortunate life of Anne Boleyn A young woman wanting popularity and status, catches the eye of Henry VIII, a charming and handsome young king He was also a man that was unforgiving and if his needs weren t met heads would roll pun intended The Tudor King had a very clever counsel that sought to meet the king s needs or their own selfish agenda vengeance, power, etc not evaluated in the novel Henry VIII s main concern was to [...]

    This is an excellent biography and is well written but I m going to give it 4 stars instead of 5 because it didn t exactly grab me and I had to really force myself to keep reading in some parts.First off, I want to address the problem that it seems most of the low reviews mentioned, which is that Lofts discusses the rumors of Anne Boleyn being a witch as if they were true After reading this common complaint, I was honestly expecting most of the book to be focused on these rumors and instead it w [...]

    Norah Lofts gives us a concise and tightly written biography, focusing mostly on the complicated relationship between Henry and Anne and the series of events that set in motion the break with the Catholic Church The writing flows smoothly and the illustrations are beautiful I love how Lofts ended this biography with a humorous anecdote She reminded us that Anne was a woman who loved to laugh and loved a good joke, two details that are usually overlooked when we think of the tragedy in her life.

    Comprehensive, and up to date for its time, biography on Anne Boleyn Norah Lofts is very sympathetic in her account on the famous queen of Tudor times I enjoyed reading her fiction on Anne, Katherine and other English queens so when I saw she had a biography on one of them, I immediately picked it up It s not boring and it doesn t boggle you down with too many details you won t remember but sticks to the facts that were relevant to Anne and her complicated relationship with Henry and what led he [...]

    While I quite enjoyed this book and the detail and attention that Norah Lofts payed to Anne Boleyn s life, there seemed to be an underlying current running through the book which really made me scratch my head at times While reading it appeared to me that Lofts actually believed that Anne Boleyn was a witch or at least had some knowledge of and involvement with witchcraft This idea really shocked me as I thought that we as learners and researchers of Anne Boleyn s life had moved past this ridicu [...]

    This was my first Kindle book and my first non fiction by Norah Lofts Having recently completed Hillary Mantel s two novels about Thomas Cromwell and his role in Anne s life, I found this version provided me an intriguing comparison of perspectives on these two historical figures and their intertwining lives.

    What I liked best about this book about Anne Boleyn is that it was condensed, yet hit all the highlights and low times of her life Also included were photographs I d never seen before and pictures of some of Anne and Henry s belongings that were new to me as well I also enjoyed a fresh opinion on why Henry lost interest in Anne once they married A really quick, yet totally absorbing, read

    A fascinating coffee table sort of book with lots of interesting pictures, photographs of documents and letters from the time It is very informative, telling the events of Anne s life in a most readable way It gives the reader much to think about and creates a rounded picture of Anne as a human being, but not only Anne, Henry too It doesn t allow us to glibly condemn either of them.

    Well written book about Anne Boleyn and her life at the court of King Henry VIII It s always hard to know with peoples accounts whether it is actual truth or someone s opinion and many characters in this book had their opinions of Anne A good story that shows how much influence a King s Counsel and the church effects their decisions.

    This is supposedly a factual history book that actually cites, and repeatedly does so to the point of tedium, that witchcraft and influence of Satan were possibly if not probably the reasons Anne Boleyn became Queen of England.Witchcraft.Several times I checked the publication date of the book to see if it d been written when such a thing was a probable charge or if this was some kind of parody that I d accidentally picked up in the history section of the book store It wasn t Norah Lofts is so a [...]

    This book would be worth it for the illustrations alone Holbiens in full color, anyone But it s a good book on the story of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry the Eight Accomplished, attractive, intelligent, and determined, Anne set her sights on being Henry s queen rather than his mistress, and paid the price with her head She was truly a woman who changed history, and this well researched book does her justice.England was the first country in western Europe to break the stranglehold of the [...]

    I ve had a fascination with Anne Boleyn since I was in 8th grade and while I enjoyed this book enough to finish it, the underlying implication that Anne Boleyn was somehow involved in witchcraft was rather frustrating This is supposed to be a non fiction biography of a historical figure and you wouldn t expect that an author writing in the 20th century would seriously consider witchcraft to be a plausible explanation for anything Norah Lofts reinforces this notion by stating that Anne Boleyn had [...]

    Lofts skill as a novelist comes to the fore and makes it an engaging read However, it s lack of references makes some of her statements seem unsubstantiated if you are not familiar with the source material from other reading For the most part, although this book offers nothing new to readers, it offers a remarkably balanced view of Anne and the other major players It is only when Lofts tries to introduce serious consideration of Anne being a witch that the narrative stumbles and jars She would h [...]

    I had a vague knowledge about Henry VIII and the relatively high number of wives he had I remembered he really wanted a son, and that he went through multiple marriages in hopes of begetting one I also remembered he beheaded at least one of them Honestly, my knowledge of history outside of the U.S isn t great This book was fascinating, though I was not a huge fan on the writing itself There were some instances where the information is repeated within a few pages.My main complaint was that it was [...]

    This is a jewel of a book about Anne Boleyn that is filled with gorgeous and fascinating color plates As I read it, I fell in love with the writing style of Norah Lofts and was amazed by the interesting detail about Anne Boleyn s life with Henry VIII Although it was written in 1979, I would highly recommend it to British royal history fans This was well researched and the book plates perfectly matched the content on the opposing pages making for an easy read.

    THe book is a fun read and nothing Her facts don t agree with the rest of the world history about her at all At one point the author claimed that Mary went to spend time with the Duchess of Savory and not anne Which is completely false, Mary was in France and Ann was with the duchess Her facts can be aggravating, to the point I stopped quoting the book, because I found it unreadable and very bias It was refreshing to another person view of Anne, no matter how much i disagreed.

    A good story, easy to follow I d read it again, it was very interesting and a book that s not tedious or repetitive Some of the language and framing caused me to look up the copyright, which surprisingly was 1979 It seemed much dated than that, utilizing gender stereotypes not in an academic this is what they thought and how it affected things kind of way, but in a cultural aren t women so flighty and cute they love saving love letters kind of way.

    A very informative and not boring to read biography of Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII I ve always been interested in that time period this book was a very interesting read for me I didn t realize how much information about her life is not known Fiction stories take great liberties but I still like them

    I know Norah Lofts was Team Katharine, but wow, I didn t know she was that much Team Katharine I mean, seriously, witchcraft as an actual possibility Really The writing style had a good flow, and I enjoyed the color plates, but the information and gender attitude is dated and the bias is painfully visible I m bummed I really love her fiction, but this nonfiction felt less scholarly.

    I am a history buff, but I am not a historian What I liked best about this book is that it is written for the everyday reader and not for scholars Ms Lofts told us what happened but made it interesting and accessible One of the best things I ve read on Anne Boleyn, including the many popular novels written about her.

    The original now corrected, thank you so much quoted opening paragraph is NOT from from Norah Lofts biography of Anne Boleyn Indeed the paragaraph appears nowhere in that work It is from Wendy J Dunn s fiction work Perhaps the poor reviews belong to Dunn s work too Certainly Loft s excellent, if now inevitably outdated, work does not deserve them.

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