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Fury What fires the blood freezes the heart twists the mind and drives a person to kill G M Ford author of the critically acclaimed Leo Waterman mystery novels returns with a stunning tale of serial li
  • Title: Fury
  • Author: G.M. Ford
  • ISBN: 9780380977246
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What fires the blood, freezes the heart, twists the mind and drives a person to kill G M Ford, author of the critically acclaimed Leo Waterman mystery novels, returns with a stunning tale of serial lies, corruption, and murder and throws an unforgettable new pair of investigators into the mad cosmopolitan mix of present day Seattle.Frank Corso is a difficult man A deWhat fires the blood, freezes the heart, twists the mind and drives a person to kill G M Ford, author of the critically acclaimed Leo Waterman mystery novels, returns with a stunning tale of serial lies, corruption, and murder and throws an unforgettable new pair of investigators into the mad cosmopolitan mix of present day Seattle.Frank Corso is a difficult man A defrocked journalist vilified for allegedly making up facts on a major crime story while working for the sacrosanct New York Times, he now lives in virtual seclusion on a boat moored on the opposite end of the country surviving on the substantial royalties from a bestselling book and on his pay for the occasional column in a local tabloid, the Seattle Sun Yet it s Corso whom the slow and sheltered Leanne Samples asks for when she walks into the Sun offices and announces that her courtroom testimony, which put Walter Leroy Himes on Death Row, was a lie.Several years earlier, eight Seattle women were slain over the course of eighty days, their bodies carefully displayed in Dumpsters throughout the city by a maniac whom the press dubbed the Trashman Leanne Samples would have been victim number nine, she claimed at the time, had she not barely escaped from the clutches of Walter Himes, a large, unwashed, prime sociopathic example of wasted humanity Now Himes is only six days away from execution and everyone wants him dead the victims families, the police, the general populace even the mayor himself And Himes will die, unless Frank Corso can quickly change a public opinion that the public does not want changed.But this death train may be impossible for Corso to derail, even with the able assistance of photographer Meg Dougherty Despite Leanne s shocking confession, the authorities seem unusually keen on having Himes disposed of permanently And highly situated members of the Seattle PD refuse to consider requesting a stay of execution even in the face of the most startling evidence of all a brutal new murder that bears the Trashman s unmistakable signature.With the clock relentlessly ticking down to Lethal Injection Day, Corso and Dougherty have suddenly made powerful, perhaps deadly, new enemies by getting themselves deeply into something that goes far beyond right, wrong, truth, and justice And the key to a case that again threatens to devastate a city now ties in a hastily scrawled tag on an alley wall the first three spray painted letters of one angry word Fury.
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      G.M. Ford

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    Fury is a perfectly competent crime thriller, well written and structured, and it passes a pleasant few hours The plot is tight, the characters well drawn, and the dialogue and relationships realistic But there is little to make it stand out from the pack The story did carry a certain amount of tension, but is fairly predictable and the characters familiar And, for the most part, the investigative and police procedures seem credible, though there were a few points at which I had to suspend belie [...]

    FURY ExFord, G.M 1st in new seriesFrank Corso was a rising New York Times journalist until a libel suit ended his career These days he s covering stories for the third rate Seattle Sun He owes the owner, Natalie Van Der Hove, and now she s calling in her marker.A killer on death row might be innocent If that s the truth, Natalie wants the story before the guy fries in six days Corso won t stop until he s got all the facts And when he goes to press, Seattle s going to rumble with fury.2001 TOP 10 [...]

    1 in the Frank Corso series.Frank Corso disgraced ex reporter is now a best selling author and columnist for the Seattle Sun Three years earlier he had written a column criticizing the case against a convicted serial killer the backlash put the paper in financial trouble Six days before the execution, the sole witness recants her story and Frank s publisher wants him to follow up on the story.

    I put myself on the waiting list for the next book about half way through this one Great characters, interesting plot, quick read My only quibble was that some things were too neat tidy So excited to have a new author s works to devour this summer Highly recommended for those who like Alex Delaware, Harry Bosch, Jack Reacher, Myron Bolitar and their multifaceted crime solving brethren.

    Ford can certainly turn a phrase You could find a conspiracy at a yard sale This is the first of the Frank Corso series, set in Seattle Leo Waterman makes an appearance at the beginning, as if to hand off the baton This is a bit darker than the Leo Waterman stories The action is good, the language is great, and the ending is sublime.

    I really enjoyed this, and will look for the next in the Corso series I already have the Waterman series on my to read list Like the Corso character a great deal, but loved the Dougherty character I usually don t share info about the books I m reading with my husband, but when I read what makes Dougherty so unique, I had to tell my husband about it So imaginative

    Good mystery with many twists I will have to get used to a Hero that is not the police, in fact Fords police characters are probably closer to truth than fiction.I will be looking for 2 in the series.

    Great book I know I ve read it before but just had t read it again When a serial killer is going to be put to death there are questions as to his guilt Newspaper man Frank Corso gets to the truth.

    Another author I don t think I have read before Really enjoyed the book and read in a day whilst enjoying the Cypriot sun Frank discovers a man on death row is innocence can he do enough to save him

    this is the first book by G.M Ford that i read and i liked it The plot is interesting and i liked the final twist which is the best thing in the book.

    how a book that misspells lynyrd skynyrd as lynnard skynnard gets to print is beyond me i m hoping that it s just in the german translation but chances for that are pretty much non existent frank corso is funny, i liked him the story was kinda good, a bit too many characters to keep track ofe romance was forced and weird and predictable as fuck also very unnecessaryso, why the fuck fury he wasn t vital to the plot his minor contribution could ve been written differently and i didn t really get w [...]

    Greatt another series for me to follow as if there aren t already enough but at least for once I ve come in at book one Frank Corso is the sort of maverick character I love, only this time he s an ex reporter rather than police I also loved Meg Dougherty the Picture Ladyouch Will be adding this series to my TBR look forward to meeting Frank Meg again o

    Leroy Himes is a most repugnant man, and is on death row waiting for the chair Most of his victims are dead, but one survived his attack and identified him The jury did not hesitate to find him guilty, despite his claim that he is innocent don t they all say that Six days before the execution is due, the one eye witness admits that she lied at the trial She thought she was pregnant at the time, and faking the attack was the only way she could see that her ultra strict parents would not cast her [...]

    Great change of pace for G.M FordDon t get me wrong, I m a fan of Ford and his Leo Waterman books but Fury was a great change of pace.Ford s new hero is Frank Corso he s hard to get a read on, he s a loner with friends , he s difficult but is smooth when he interviews , he s trustworthy and, most importantly, he loves to put his nose into other people s business, especially when he smells a good story.Ford introduces a variety of characters to fill out Corso s world and I think it works very wel [...]

    A good story about a man on death row, about to be given a lethal injection, when a disgraced journalist, Cruso, learns that there is evidence suggesting he wasn t the murderer.Cruso and Meg Dougherty, a photographer, chase the story down and find out there is to the Trashcan murders than has been disclosed.Cruso is an interesting character He was vilified by his fellow journalists when he was found to have lied in print No longer employable in his chosen profession, he now writes award winning [...]

    Another great book by GM Ford, author of the Leo Waterman PI series This new main character is friends with Leo who makes a brief cameo appearance at the beginning of the book.The anti hero of this series is Frank Corso, a newspaper reporter unfairly disgraced by a powerful man he was investigating while at the heighth of his career in NY Now rejected by all, moved to Seattle and working part time for a low level rag, he s called in on a bizarre case where the key witness to a serial murder reca [...]

    I was really getting into this book Great characters and the storyline itself was really hot and moved at a very fast pace Here is where I see the stumbling block The author ends the book and than re starts the book just to throw in a twist Really that is what happened I mean the book was effectively over and than he gets it going again for some odd twist at the end That just set me off a bit Overall the book itself is fantastic and I definitely see some comparison to Michael Connelly I hope the [...]

    Jerry Ford and I shop in the same bookshop and I knew him back when he was teaching school and complaining at the shop that I can write a better book than these guys and then he did His first 6 books featured Detective Leo Waterman Honestly, I was getting a little tired of Leo But this book has a new hero defrocked journalist, Frank Corso Both his new hero and his new book are top drawer Full of meaty story and fabulous characters This is the book that he was talking about originally and he was [...]

    This was on my shelves due to it s inclusion in the 80 Sleuths around the world book list Reading this brings my total read off this list up to 9 HahaI have ordered another off the list from Garnethill , by Denise Mina Last year I read all of her Alex Morrow books, so am keen to read this other series Fury was ok, but for me I didn t like the way the story was kindof all over with 100 pages to go, and the newspaper reporter protagonist couldn t keep on digging away at the story It was the first [...]

    Well written in a hard boiled thriller style Corso tried to remember who it was said that living in Seattle was like being married to a beautiful woman who was sick all the time Leo, maybe Ford 47 Features Frank Corso, a journalist Mrs V Natalie Van Der Hoven, Owner Publisher of Seattle Sun Fury, a tagger Leann Samples, a victim Walter LeRoy Himes, a creepy dude and Meg Dougherty, a tattoed photographer.

    Good writer, good characters, the story flows well But on the other hand how many mysteries involving serial killers do we need I m sorry but this story line has been throughly worn out.This is the first book I ve read by G.M Ford and I will read at least one because repeating myself he is a good writer and he creates some interesting characters I only hope he takes some chances next time.

    My first G.M Ford book and it was quite enjoyable Some of the plot twists stretched credulity Corso is an interesting character and his relationship with Dougherty has possibilities Didn t really elicit a good sense of Seattle like Ridley Pearson s Boldt books do.

    A good first entry for the Frank Corso series Frank, with the help of his photographer assistant investigates a group of serial killings There are quite a few plot twists to keep things interesting Recommended to mystery fans.

    A book that isn t necessarily good can still be entertaining This wasn t one of those, for me It reads like a made for tv movie that you would only have on because you re at home sick and there s nothing ever on at 3pm, anyway It s not terrible, but it was predictable.

    Classic who dunnit with cliche prose and bland characters The book doesn t seem to tie all everything together in the end And the title is odd as Fury is rather a minor character Save your time on this one.

    Predictable and uninteresting, due to the author shameless self promotion as the thinly veiled exagerrated main character.

    I really enjoyed this It seems like a much smoother start to a series than the first Leo Waterman book did I m looking forward to continuing the series.

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