Whale for the Killing

Whale for the Killing #2020

Whale for the Killing In the s Farley Mowat was living in the tiny fishing community of Burgeo on the southwest coast of Newfoundland When an ton fin whale became trapped in a nearby saltwater lagoon Mowat rejoice
  • Title: Whale for the Killing
  • Author: Farley Mowat
  • ISBN: 9780553247763
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the 1960s, Farley Mowat was living in the tiny fishing community of Burgeo on the southwest coast of Newfoundland When an 80 ton fin whale became trapped in a nearby saltwater lagoon, Mowat rejoiced here was the first chance to study at close range one of the most magnificent animals in creation Some local villagers thought otherwise, blasting the whale with rifle fiIn the 1960s, Farley Mowat was living in the tiny fishing community of Burgeo on the southwest coast of Newfoundland When an 80 ton fin whale became trapped in a nearby saltwater lagoon, Mowat rejoiced here was the first chance to study at close range one of the most magnificent animals in creation Some local villagers thought otherwise, blasting the whale with rifle fire and hacking open her back with a motorboat propeller Mowat appealed desperately to the authorities, but it was too late ravaged by an infection resulting from her massive wounds, the whale died A plea for the end of commercial hunting of the whale, this moving account blends all the tension of the life and death struggle for one animal s survival with the drama of man s wanton destruction of life bearing creatures and the environment itself.Author Biography Farley Mowat is one of the world s foremost nature writers and conservationists He is the author of 39 books, including Never Cry Wolf, Sea of Slaughter, and The Snow Walker He and his wife, Claire Mowat, divide their time between Ontario and Nova Scotia.
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    I have been, as long as I can remember, passionate about the ocean and about whales in particular.This book this book left me furious, astonished, apopleptic, nearly teary eyed, frothing with rage, and most of all ready to march up to Canada and punch the lights out of the arsewipes who killed that whale.So there s Mowat s writing power for you And between those moments of emotion were the peaceful bits, when beauty and hope crept back into my heart and nope, someone in the town got a six pack a [...]

    Although I found the subject of Mowat s novel to be both interesting and horrifying I didn t get to the novel that I expected to read until the last portion of the book.The first two thirds of the book is all a, somewhat angry, rant about the evils of mankind, specifically of those who seek modernization For a while Mowat was basically preaching that Frontiersmen Good and Businessmen Bad women didn t figure into the equation at all The good people of Burgeo a very small and remote region of Newf [...]

    Emotionally, this was one of the most gut wrenching books I ve ever read Farley Mowat is one of the best writers ever.

    A Whale for the Killing chronicles the unlikely and you might also say, unseemly doings in a small Newfoundland outport in the 1960s In what soon proved to be a run of bad luck, one of the largest of the sea mammals, a Fin whale, found itself trapped in a huge body of water near the town of Burgeo It had managed to just slide over a rocky underwater escarpment and get into the bay, but try as it might it could not get out again.Farley Mowat s part in the story is rather extraordinary and I won t [...]

    In the wake of the Tilikum Sea World tragedy, I decided to pick up this classic book of humanity s relationship to the whales This important book serves as a reminder that there were once not so long ago no dolphin safe labels, no Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, no everyone and her brother wanting to be a marine biologist, no worldwide communications needed to mobilize people on behalf of animals There was, for generations, very little controversy regarding how whales should be treated they w [...]

    A Whale for the Killing by Farley Mowat is a true account of a stranded whale in a cove near a Newfoundland town The narrative includes little known facts about whales as well as the sad retelling of this whale s death at the hands of senseless idiots pumping bullets into her and frightening her with their power boats A disheartening insight into the uglier aspects of human nature.

    For the first time since the trapped whale vanished, I became fully aware of a rending sense of loss It was dark and there was none to know that I was weeping weeping not for just the whale that died, but because the fragile link between her race and mine was severed.

    I loved this book even though it s heartbreaking to see how humans treated a trapped whale Shows how barbaric mankind really is Mowat is a great storyteller and o highly recommend this book.

    Oh, Farley Best conservation writer I know This one was particularly poignant and there were certainly tears, but there were glimmers of trademark of Farley Mowat hilarity.

    When Canadian conservationist Farley Mowat was living in Newfoundland during the 1960s, a fin whale became entrapped in a coastal cove Motivated by malice and boredom, some of the locals used the whale for target practice and ripped open its back with a boat s propeller Later, when the local and provincial governments sought to exploit the whale for publicity, bureaucratic inertia prevented help from arriving, and the whale died from starvation and the infections caused by its injuries before th [...]

    The events chronicled in A Whale For The Killing read like a horror novel Ostensibly a book about a whale trapped in the harbor of a small Newfoundland town, the book is really about the many faces of mankind, from the horrible ignorance and cruelty to the righteous indignation and magnanimity of one town s residents, a microcosm for the people of the world.At the time this book was written, significantly less was known about whales than is known now The unregulated, wholesale slaughter of whale [...]

    During a high spring tide on the south coast of Newfoundland, a 70 ft Fin whale follows a school of herring into a large lagoon and becomes trapped there once the tide ebbs The locals find her and, through ignorance and cruelty, decide to use her as target practice with shotguns A few days later, local biologist naturalist and writer, Farley Mowat, hears about the trapped whale and goes to see her for himself Instantly appalled by the whale s condition, he takes it upon himself to inform Canadia [...]

    I m not sure that I can fault Farley Mowat s A Whale for the Killing for being too preachy since that is very much the intent of the book, but Mowat switches styles and tones a few times particularly in the first 120 pages which makes the read feel a bit uneven He can t seem to decide whether he wants to tell the story of what happened with the whale in Burgeo, educate readers on the biology and families of whales, or simply write an essay on the evils of the whaling industry He could have done [...]

    This was a TOUGH read Not because of the style, or lack of a story, but because of the subject matter I had to put this book aside twice while reading it because I was just too upset to continue That being said, I think this is a very important book that needs to be read by absolutely everyone Farley Mowat tells a story of a time when he called Burgeo, Newfoundland his sanctuary When he enjoyed the culture and the people, until a whale is trapped in a local pond and a line is drawn in the sand S [...]

    Sad book What stops it from being a five star book is Mowatt s attempts to try to link the community s cruelty towards the whale to modernization I think this is problematic and sets up a noble savage kind of thinking about rural people which is naive at best and insulting at worst Native Americans slaughtered dozens of buffalo in stampedes than they could use The Bible is full of cruelty towards animals both by the ancient Jews and their persecutors Animals are helpless before human beings and [...]

    This was a tough read Mowat does a great job of describing the plight of the whales back in the 1960s when he was living in Burgeo, Newfoundland, as well as telling the story of an unfortunate fin whale that gets trapped in a small ocean connected pond near Burgeo Reading about the brutality of the whaling practices of the day as well as the mob motivated violence done to the trapped whale was very, very difficult But it was a story that needed to be told and one Mowat tells well My favourite pa [...]

    I really enjoyed this book It opened my eyes to the mysteries of the Whale and the savage hunting that pursues them In this book Farley Mowat does an extremely good job of portraying the scenery of the town he lives in He is able to capture the ideas and ideals behind the population of the town With this town in divide between the venture capitalists trying to industrialize the coast and the town natives trying to keep their old lifestyle of being fisherman and living off the coast In additon Mo [...]

    The first 100 pages of this book are pretty much a history of Newfoundland and a history of whaling The stage thus set, we then move into Mowat s account of what happened when a 70 foot Fin Whale became trapped in a small cove near his tiny Newfoundland town All together it makes for an amazing, although in no way uplifting, tale, which is really a plea for help for the whale nation Written in the early 70 s this book is now nearly 40 years out of date, and the information the author provides ma [...]

    If you like whales or books about someone who causes a big ruckus attempting to save a whale then this book is for you Farley Mowat becomes enemy 1 in Burgeo, NFLD.d I can t say I blame them Sure, he was trying to save a whale but in the end he was forced out of the town of Burgeo due to everybody disliking him for bringing in the media to paint a picture of Burgeo as a place where locals shoot at whales with gunsI actually read this due to my neighbour originally being from the town of Burgeo a [...]

    I thought this book was pretty good Its about a whale who, during high tide, wanders into a saltwater lagoon but ends up getting stuck in there when the tide goes down He get stuck here at a very bad time because it is the peak of whale hunting season The people of the town raise their children to hate these whales and kill them ruthlessly There is only one man in the town who thinks that they should help the poor whale get back into the ocean i don t want to spoil the book but it was really int [...]

    For many weeks I rated this a three because it was so very hard to read Thinking recently about rating books that contain inconvenient truths or report unadorned horrors but do so with good style and care I saw that emotional impact should, at least in non fiction, count for than fun I won t read this again, but it deserves better than a three Farley Mowat is sometimes seen as too defensive about Newfoundlanders here he confronts what s bad in all of us, not just some people in one outport.

    a whale for the killing was a well written book i personally like Farley Mowats s books but i absolutely hated this book i don t usually hate books but this book is one i truly hate it was just sickening it only took about a week to finish the book this book is by far the worst book i have read i don t want to keep you from reading this book or reading his other books this was a true story and i think that is what sicked me the most.i give this book zero stars

    Very gut wrenching tale about a trapped fin whale and the varying opinions of what should be allowed to happen to it The story surpassed the one whale and elaborated on man s ability or lack thereof to feel empathy towards different species True, the book is a bit outdated in its information on whale behavior and laws regarding the killing of whales, however, the message remains as relevant as ever.

    I haved loved FM ever since I read The dog who wouldn t be as a child I was not aware, until reading this book, that he had such a passionate involvement with environmentalism and animal and human i.e The Desperate People rights This true story is the heartbreaking events that played out after a whale is caught in shallow waters and harrassed by locals His writings are controversial, but the message is true.

    The first two thirds of the book discusses the history of whaling and the resulting massive decline in whale populations The last third however discusses the personal experiences of Mowat trying to rescue a trapped whale in Newfoundland The first part of the book is definitely the interesting, and helps to put into perspective the massive push to save the whales that began in the 1960s and 1970s.

    My aunt gave me this book as part of my Canadian heritage My grandparents gave it to her for her sixteenth birthday I ve found few books as upsetting or insightful as Mowat s I couldn t help but think of the similarities Newfies have to some populations in the states At what point does citing tradition, religion, safeguarding certain ways the old ways of life reach its limit in the face of tragedy that calls for protecting humanity, the planet and all its inhabitants

    Haunting, sad, magnificent Farley Mowat is a true hero of conservation His eloquence is sometimes overwhelming he is better at putting words to the frustrations of those of us who are conservation minded than almost anybody The title says it all, and yet you route for the animal and for Farley Mowat This book might devastate you or infuriate you or hurt you deeply Either way, it will hit you hard.

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