L.A. Candy

L.A. Candy #2020

L A Candy In Los Angeles draait het leven om zien en gezien worden De stad heeft alles een bruisend nachtleven hippe designerwinkels mooie mannen Jane Roberts en haar beste vriendin Scarlett nog geen twee we
  • Title: L.A. Candy
  • Author: Lauren Conrad
  • ISBN: 9789020679151
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Los Angeles draait het leven om zien en gezien worden De stad heeft alles een bruisend nachtleven, hippe designerwinkels, mooie mannen Jane Roberts en haar beste vriendin Scarlett, nog geen twee weken geleden verhuisd naar L.A kunnen hun geluk niet op wanneer een tv producer hen vraagt voor zijn nieuwe realityshow, L.A Candy.Ja, natuurlijk doen ze mee Een nieuw cIn Los Angeles draait het leven om zien en gezien worden De stad heeft alles een bruisend nachtleven, hippe designerwinkels, mooie mannen Jane Roberts en haar beste vriendin Scarlett, nog geen twee weken geleden verhuisd naar L.A kunnen hun geluk niet op wanneer een tv producer hen vraagt voor zijn nieuwe realityshow, L.A Candy.Ja, natuurlijk doen ze mee Een nieuw chic appartement, gratis designerkleding, toegang tot exclusieve clubs en restaurants die ertoe doen Wie wil dat niet Zodra de show van start gaat, gaat alles razendsnel Ze worden beroemd en ineens is iedereen in hen ge nteresseerd oude vrienden, vage kennissen en knappe onbekenden Het duurt echter niet lang voordat Jane zich realiseert dat in L.A niets is wat het lijkt.
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      168 Lauren Conrad
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    I almost forgot I read this book call it self preservation , but I remembered after a marathon of Laguna Beach Also known as Aileen Avoids Outlining, Part Deux.It was summer, I believe I had recently moved to Seattle and was flying back to Pittsburgh for a friend s bachelorette party The book I was currently reading Anna Karenina The book I wanted to read L.A Candy Insert shameface here This is me pandering to MTV marketingIf you d like to know what happens in the book, here is a guest reviewer [...]

    LA Candy was recommended to me by a good friend, but she enjoyed the book a lot than I did One reason could be that she is a fan of Lauren Conrad s MTV shows and I don t watch them I did think I would gain insight to the world of reality tv, but I was disappointed in the small amount of insider info in the book, which could have been summed up in a short magazine article The story focuses on Jane Roberts and her journey from average recent high school graduate to overnight Hollywood sensation J [...]

    My affection for LC knows no bounds There is no other explanation for why I finished this There were multiple times I almost gave up, but then I d see her gorgeous photo on the back and think about how much I like her and keep keeping on The writing was not terrible I don t want my one star to give the wrong impression The problem wasn t the writing here this book has one main flaw it s fucking BORING As all get out BORING I was BORED TO TEARS There are other things about it that turned me off a [...]

    While the story line and plot had potential, the language of the book annoyed me Text phrases like OMG , WTF , and what not made the book look childish I also hated how in front of almost every sentence was the word like Even the straight male characters used like often I truly believe that Conrad wrote this book herself because while she is suppose to be really smart, the idea and text of the book match her personality This is honestly one of the worst books that I have ever read I also had a p [...]

    This book is not as horrible as I expected, but not as good as I wished for it to be It was only mildly entertaining I haven t read very many other chick lit type young adult novels, so I m not sure how this compares There are a couple things that annoyed me, which I realize may all be due to the fact that I m an old codger.The language contains a fair amount of texting speak e.g BFF, OMG, WTF, etc I realize that there are young adults out there that communicate like this, but is it necessary fo [...]

    Well at least they got rid of Laruen s mustache for the photo on the back cover.Ok after having actually finished the book yes I read the damn thing I have decided that this is just like The Hills shallow, vapid, plotless, and yet I find myself coming back for .After the shitty week I have had I needed some brain numbing escapism, and this fit the bill perfectly.

    I can t believe I didn t hate this book I definitely didn t buy itI read it and am going to review it for the publisher not like they re going to publish what I write about it so that I can add the book to my school library What I liked most about the book, insignificant as it is, is the chapter titles, which were sentences or phrases taken from the chapter.I felt like this book was rather autobiographical, which does not imply that I know anything about the life of Lauren Conrad Good writers wr [...]

    L.A Candy L.A Candy 1 by Lauren Conrad Los Angeles is all about the sweet life hot clubs, cute guys, designereverything Nineteen year old Jane Roberts can t wait to start living it up She may be in L.A for an internship, but Jane plans to play as hard as she works, and has enlisted her BFF Scarlett to join in the fun.When Jane and Scarlett are approached by a producer who wants them to be on his new series, a reality version of Sex and the City, they can hardly believe their luck Their own show [...]

    As Jane and Scarlett move to L.A something happens Jane and Scarlett move to L.A to get out of their comfort zones All their lives they ve felt comfortable and safe at home and wanted to change that In L.A they get jobs and go to school just like they would have at home, or anywhere else But something happens that wouldn t have happened in little Santa Barbra L.A Candy, a novel by Lauren Conrad is very admirable because the author makes me feel there right next to the main characters, and becaus [...]

    They say to write what you know That being said, it should come as no shock that Lauren Conrad blonde girl next door, self proclaimed fashionista, and star of the first six seasons of MTV s reality series The Hills opens her literary career with a novel about you ll never guess a blonde girl next door who is selected to be on a reality show.L.A Candy opens one week after sweet, good natured Jane a thinly veiled version of Conrad moves to L.A with her best friend from kindergarten, the drop dead [...]

    OMG I know most people don t like Lauren Conrad Remember MTV series The Hills Yes, that s where she came from Along with other starlets, Heidi ugh, too many to mention But take note, I never watched the series Ever Actually, I bought her book thinking that I might gain insight to the world of reality tv, since that is what her book is all about So, ok The story line and plot had potential true The behind the scenes were as realistic as I imagined it to be, the staged fights and cameras rolling a [...]

    I don t think anyone has any aspirations to be the next Great American Novel, but I can think of at least a dozen entertaining alternatives for a purely frivolous light read There s not enough drama, scandal, or even romance to really tantalize, and the plot point the most likely to spark an interest when the heroine and her best friend get involved in the reality show doesn t even really get going into much further into the book than you would think If Lauren Conrad has the inside scoop on the [...]

    Lovewho needed love As long as she had her books and her friends and an occasional hookup, she was perfectly content.Overall Thoughts The definition of a light, easy read This series was fun for me cause I m a big fan of The Hills so I found it interesting to see read this series, even tho fiction, it kind of gave me a feel for how things really went down behind the scenes of The Hills It was silly but fun and I really enjoyed it Until Next Time,Emerald BookWorm

    I know, I know, I am a grown woman who should not be reading young adult novels, let alone ones written by Lauren Conrad But it was a fun read If you watch The Hills , this book is worth reading to try and figure out which one of LC s co stars the characters are based on And it s incredibly short, so you can read it in 2 hours and then go back to reading Proust or whatever age appropriate book you prefer to try and get some of your dignity back.

    Okay so this wasn t the best piece of literature in the world however I really think the drama of the story kept me going I was interested in how the characters were going to handle their new fame and fortune and it definitely proved to be a great insight to what reality tv is like behind the scenes.

    Sometimes you need good zero substance reads for pastimes such as, say, exercising on a stationary bicycle for extended periods of time when there s nothing good on TV And for those times, LA Candy is highly, highly recommended.It s an excellent zero substance read because there really is zero substance LA Candy is like whipped egg whites it looks oh so pretty until you bite down and realize that it has a good enough texture, but really tastes like nothing.There really isn t a lot going on here [...]

    Shamefully, I admit I read this book I also have to admit that The Hills is my guilty pleasure I always found Lauren to be a rather smart, sensible girl at least in comparison the the scenery around her But BOY was I disappointed with this I guess I didn t really have an expectation coming into it but even having no expectation, I still managed to find myself cringe at each cliche, and boy were there a lot Thank goodness I just read this from the library and did not actually purchase it The girl [...]

    When nineteen year old Jane Roberts is cast in a new reality show, she discovers that the fame and fortune of her new life come at a high price to herself and her friendships.I m a huge Lauren Conrad fan, so this book is just right for me, I LOVE anything with LC s name on it I felt as if Lauren wrote her own biography, but if you watched The Hills, you will be surprised to see that Jane is like Heidi then Lauren, Baby face, wants to organize parties and events, and her BFF is so much hotter th [...]

    I don t like chicklits at all, but since i ve been in such a reading slump, I thought maybe a light, fluffy, no need to think book was the way to get out of it I was wrong How these girls talked to each other made me think of a stereotype all American mean girl Especially the amount of times they use the word like in a sentence I can see this is a book that teenage girls will enjoy if they are into YA and chicklitsBut if you re like me, and don t enjoy that genre, don t think this time will be d [...]

    I first started this series because I m a fan of Lauren Conrad The Hills Even though they re simple and aren t that deep, they re a good read because they re interesting if you re into reality tv I personally love the series because it s just light and fun, a really good beach read.

    Oh, Lauren Conrad You know, I shamelessly love the girl, but is she a jaw dropping writer Hells no I would advise Ms Conrad to stick with television and fashion.Jane and Scarlett our two leads move to L.A their first time on their own, and are discovered by a reality TV producer at Les Deux of The Hills fame And away we go Of course, fame isn t all it s cracked up to be for the girls Really You don t say , and Scarlett has second thoughts about the filming.The characters are completely flat and [...]

    Reviewed by Angela S for TeensReadTooThis novel by reality TV starlet Lauren Conrad chronicles the lives of Jane Roberts and her best friend, Scarlett Harp, as they move to LA and become the stars of a reality TV show The book, which is based loosely on Conrad s own life, is a little slow in the beginning, but picks up a bit once Jane and Scarlett are discovered at a club by a TV producer.From that point on the two, though a little hesitant at first, decide to audition for the show and their liv [...]

    No offense to Lauren Conrad, but I expected this book to be super lame I was, thankfully, pleasantly surprised.This book tells the story of Jane and Scarlett, best friends since childhood, who move to LA to become an event planner, and a student, respectively Almost immediately after arriving, these unusually pretty girls are cast in a new reality show, and drama and excitement ensues from there.Clearly, this book has a lot of basis in Conrad s own employment history with Laguna Beach and the Hi [...]

    THIS WAS SO FUN.I brought this book on vacation with me to serve as an easy, breezy, beach read I fully expected it to be garbage but I was very pleasantly surprised It s still garbage in the same way eating a cupcake does absolutely nothing for your body nutrition wise, but oh boy is it sweet and delicious.L.A Candy follows the lives of Jane girl next door and Scarlett sassy rule breaker two best friends who have moved to Los Angeles to pursue an internship and university, respectively They end [...]

    LA Candy is a story about to girls that move to LA to get a start on their life They experience hate, love, and tons of drama The main characters in LA Candy are Jane and Scarlett Jane is your typical good girl She is kind and sweet Jane works at an event planning office with her crazy boss Scarlett is the opposite of Jane She just doesn t care about what people think of her She wears t shirts and jeans Scarlett will currently be attending a college in California In LA Candy Jane and Scarlett mo [...]

    While I didn t think this was the worst book I ve ever read, I didn t think it was the best either I did enjoy it alot than I thought I would, but there were just parts that left me scratching my head I wasn t a fan of Madison but then again, who would be and I wasn t too crazy about Scarlett, but at the same time I liked her because she was trying to be a good friend and watching out for Jane, but Jane couldn t realize that I thought that it was a little too loosely based on her own life Anyon [...]

    Groundbreaking A tour de force Just kidding, I mean it s Lauren Conrad s teen novel It starts off kinda slow and ho hum for a while, but once the characters in the book begin the filming of the reality show that they re on, it gets very interesting for any fan of The Hills Although the accounts are fictional, it definitely gives great insight and potential knowledge about how the producers impacted the storyline and the characters, how the characters interacted with each other, and what it was l [...]

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