She Got Up Off the Couch: And Other Heroic Acts from Mooreland, Indiana

She Got Up Off the Couch: And Other Heroic Acts from Mooreland, Indiana #2020

She Got Up Off the Couch And Other Heroic Acts from Mooreland Indiana Picking up where A Girl Named Zippy left off Haven Kimmel crafts a tender portrait of her mother a modestly heroic woman who took the odds that life gave her and somehow managed to win When we last
  • Title: She Got Up Off the Couch: And Other Heroic Acts from Mooreland, Indiana
  • Author: Haven Kimmel
  • ISBN: 9781598870114
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Picking up where A Girl Named Zippy left off, Haven Kimmel crafts a tender portrait of her mother, a modestly heroic woman who took the odds that life gave her and somehow managed to win.When we last saw Zippy, she was oblivious to the storm that was brewing in her home Her mother, Delonda, had literally just gotten up off the couch and ridden her rickety bicycle down thePicking up where A Girl Named Zippy left off, Haven Kimmel crafts a tender portrait of her mother, a modestly heroic woman who took the odds that life gave her and somehow managed to win.When we last saw Zippy, she was oblivious to the storm that was brewing in her home Her mother, Delonda, had literally just gotten up off the couch and ridden her rickety bicycle down the road Her dad was off somewhere, gambling or working And Zippy was lost in her own fabulous world of exploring the fringes of Moorland, Indiana.Increasingly frustrated with the limitations of her small town, married with children life, Delonda decides first to learn how to drive a car, even though she won t have access to one Next, she applies to the local college, eventually graduating with honors at age 40 We happily follow Zippy from one story to another, but we know this is really her mother s book the poignant tale of a strong woman who found a way to save herself and set a proud example for her daughter.
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    This is a far darker book than Kimmel s first memoir, A Girl Named Zippy, and I loved it for that darkness, because while I d sensed it simmering under the surface of that first book, it never quite broke through Kimmel hewed closely to portraying her world as she felt it was when she was a young girl And she was too young and too bright eyed to quite put things together So even though there were occasional questionable events, they never added up to an in depth portrait Kept Zippy frothy and fu [...]

    This summer I seem to be stuck on reading memoirs of growing up in the Midwest in the 1970 s This is another good one She Got Up Off the Couch is actually a follow up to the author s earlier memoir, A Girl Named Zippy I think I liked this one even better Kimmel covers a lot of territory related to growing up in small town Mooreland, Indiana, and she does so hilariously.The title refers to her mother, who at age 40 got up off the couch and escaped twenty four years of poverty and terror and ennui [...]

    Zippy is just as charming as she was in the first book, although she loses some of her innocence as she experiences major changes in her family I loved reading about her mother who got up off the couch and followed her dreams I also loved learning about people from the town, who obviously loved Zippy, and would wash and feed her It definitely took a village to raise this child It s fun to see Zippy s dysfunctional family and small town life, through her unique and amusing perspective One scene, [...]

    A surprising feminist masterpiece, funny and honest It s like The Awakening, if The Awakening had sensitivity and heart.

    his girl knows how to write I read A Girl Named Zippy last year for book club and really liked it This was the sequel This is not a story that goes from one period of time and flows to the next It s several chapters about different people and different things that happened in Zippy It is not really an extraordinary life, but the way she tells it is It s funny and very witty I find myself thinking about what life was like for me when I was her age She had a lot of friends and seemed happy even th [...]

    Yet another book I just couldn t put down I d read A Girl Named Zippy a few years ago, but didn t think to look for any kind of follow up until I saw A Girl Named Zippy on sale for eBooks and posted it to my Facebook wall It was then that my other reader friends let me know about this book, and I immediately put it on hold at my library.This book is much, much darker than its predecessor We get some inklings that things aren t too fantastically wonderful for the Jarvis family in A Girl Named Zip [...]

    There are a few moments of weakness in this book, a few chapters where Zippy s verbal tics bothered me the way a friend s might if we were roommates too long, but the story of her mother s academic transformation is incredibly moving I think that what makes Kimmel s stories about Mooreland so popular is her intense desire to view each person and event in the most sympathetic and affectionate way possible, to take a town and a set of people we might drive right past, thinking, Who could live here [...]

    This one is just as fabulously funny as the first one minus one part in chapter 18 that was just plain disgusting, and I wish had been left out If you liked the witty, tell it like a child with no filter humor in the first book, you will love this one just as much This one does have Zippy getting older, and she does lose some of her childhood innocence as changes happen in her family Still thoroughly enjoyable.I listened to this one on audio again which I definitely recommend.

    This was a very interesting memoir that continued the story from A Girl Named Zippy It s the story of a girl growing up in a small town in Indiana It s also the story of how her mother changed her life I really like how real it felt The author did an amazing job and capturing the voice of a young girl It is also interesting to read, because so often these days, that kind of life is now extinct.I will also add that the memory about her father dealing with the mice rats actually made me laugh so h [...]

    I m kind of bereft because there s no Zippy to be had.At first I was not so sure about She Got Up Off the Couch It seemed like outtakes from the first book, and the aw shucks introduction justifying a sequel worried me I didn t expect much from that little book I was an remain surprised that some people bought and liked it C mon She Got Up does take a couple chapters to get going, as if you can feel Kimmel getting back on the bike and finding the pedals But once she doeske Faulkner returning ag [...]

    If Junie B Jones was real, but grew up in tee tiny Moorland, Indiana in a decrepit house, with dysfunctional parents who dearly loved her, but just couldn t be relied upon to actually parent her e.g clean clothes, food, baths , she could be Haven Kimmel I had the same reaction to reading Haven s descriptions of events as I did reading about Junie s escapades I guess I just have a weakness for strong willed, wacky characterss that drive those around them to ask, hey, is your head screwed on tight [...]

    A follow up memoir to one of my top 10 favorite books ever We start up where we left off with Zip, a little older but still fairly enveloped in the warm nostalgic embrace of childhood But in this book, its less romantic remembrances of family and the strange and terrifying truths that start to emerge when one is forced as we all are, to grow up The momentous occansion that inspired the booke impulse that drove Zip s mother after years of hiding, to literally GET UP OFF THE COUCH the equivalent [...]

    I read A Girl Named Zippy a few years ago and remember enjoying it, so when I saw this at the bookstore, I couldn t pass it up I really liked this book, I think even than the first one The author knows how to turn a phrase in an amusing and clever way that makes me laugh out loud I am enthralled with her childhood and equally curious how she manages to remember some of the minute details that I know I certainly couldn t, but I guess that s just good storytelling She describes people and environ [...]

    I enjoy reading memoirs It makes me wish I could write my own While I m not much like Zippy, there were a few things I could relate to in her life She starts out saying this story is about her mother, but it is still about her But that s fair she knows herself better I wouldn t mind reading the book on her younger years now I don t think reading out of sequence is a problem I m pretty sure this one didn t give away any surprises.

    Wonderful, funny, and heart breaking Read a Girl Named Zippy first to truly enjoy this book.

    This sequel to A Girl Named Zippy is the July pick for my in person book club Ostensibly this book is about the author s mother who, after two decades of a paralyzing lethargy from an oppressive marriage and grinding poverty, got her college degree in 2 years and went on to a master s degree and a successful career In actuality, this was a collection of cute stories of growing up in small town America, of broken bones and school plays, of meeting her first African American family and baby sitti [...]

    This is the second time I read this gem This year s challenge for book I ve read before that never fails to make me smile Love Zippy and love this sequel as well Kimmel is such a talented writer She makes me want to start writing down all my family stories, which is what everyone should do Moments of heartbreak, triumph, nostalgia, and hilarity What every good book should have

    I read Kimmel s first memoir, A Girl Named Zippy Growing Up Small in Mooreland, Indiana during one of my annual girls trips to Mexico a couple years back While taking in the sun, tasty margaritas and enjoying the simple things, I was enad with this quirky small town girl and her cleverly down home way with words She made childhood in a town of just 300 THAT S small a bit romantic Living where everyone knows your name forget that they all know your business, too and where life seems less complica [...]

    I would actually give this book 4.5 stars because it wasn t quite as good as A Girl Named Zippy, but it was ,nonetheless, delightful and amazing Once again, the book was laugh out loud, spit your food or drink right out of your mouth and across the room Her chapter about her first black friends ever was probably one of the funniest things I ve readever The stories of her mom going to school of the advertising VW bug and the bike wreck on the way to see the President of Ball State are priceless P [...]

    One of my favorite books a few years ago was A Girl Named Zippy, the prequel to this book, Haven Zippy Kimmel s follow up memoir I am delighted to say that this book is equally as funny and touching, but also a little deeper in its examination of the some of the fallout of a mother struggling to find herself in the women s movement of the early 70 s When last we left Delonda Kimmel she was riding a bicycle, her first step off the couch where she had spent the last twenty years of her life, readi [...]

    What a beautiful tribute to Haven Kimmel s family and friends This book is a love letter to them.But funny not cheesy And sad sometimes And it made me nostalgic for a time that I wasn t even a part of I loved Delonda, her mother What a wonderful role model Nothing was stopping her from getting an education and a job and her very own life Didn t matter that her husband didn t support her, didn t matter that she didn t have a car at first, but then oh boy, she finds a car I loved her Especially wh [...]

    Haven Kimmel has done it again I loved A Girl Named Zippy and this book, I think, is even better Written in the same voice as the previous book, Zippy continues her adventures growing up in tiny Moreland, Indiana where everyone knows your name and, unfortunately, your business Much of this book, however, is a tribute to her mother who, in the last book, was spending the majority of her time sitting on the end of the couch reading, watching television, and talking on the telephone to members of h [...]

    I appreciate the author s sense of humor Her ability to flip a phrase and make the reader laugh is impressive However, I think the title of the book is a bit misleading Her mother s triumphant return to life, while admirable, is only a small part of the book The rest is an amazing collection of the author s childhood memories strung together loosely under the aegis of the title I think this book is far darker than it first appears The ratse unheated home, except for one room the frequently disen [...]

    For the first third of the book, I wasn t sure what I was reading Really, this is a memoir The title character was barely present, but those early chapters that appeared to be tenuously related essays were hilarious Was I reading Erma Bombeck or what Then things started to come together Delonda Jarvis mother of the author and nearly invisible in the first part of the book , did indeed get up off the couch, go to college where she performed stunningly well, lose 120 pounds, buy a decrepit Volkswa [...]

    Haven Kimmel, I have YOU to thank for keeping ME on the couch this entire morning finishing She Got Up Off the Couch and Other Heroic Acts from Mooreland, Indiana But maybe it wasn t such a bad day to finish a book, and especially this one a sub zero Minnesota morning didn t exactly make many other activities ok, work would have been good that attractive.Having previously indulged in A Girl Named Zippy by the same author, I was tempted to read the follow up Kimmel s account of life than a littl [...]

    I would give this book closer to 3.5 stars, but ultimately rounded down Kimmel s novel was filled with quirky characters and funny tales, but the pervading sadness of the memoir stuck in my head Being alone in a family of searching souls, the dirty home, mothers of her friends being the only ones that realized she hadn t eaten all day, a mother focused on finding herself late in life but forgetting that there was still a daughter who needed something , a father who finally gives into all his ugl [...]

    So, I own the hardcover, and have borrowed the audio book from the library, and I have to say that EVERYONE should have this audiobook I mean it it s UNREAL how funny she is the author reads it , and Trish has been telling me I ve been talking like her for some time now It s an awesome memoir, story of her mother s coming into her own without too much poor me, I grew up poor with the strange and unhappy marriage of my parents shaping who I am malarkySome of the stories had me chewing my fingerna [...]

    I just love Zippy and love her stories This book is tinged with sadness I cried several times because I am a weepy one these days I often complain about memoirs that are too insular, too self absorbed Why don t I level that accusation at Haven Kimmel s two memoirs Of A Girl Named Zippy I wrote there was no self reflexive narration here, no self conscious reflection on the act of memoir writing, no nods or winks or notes to the reader about the author s awareness of crafting a written account of [...]

    It was just ok It sounded promising The novel was supposed to focus on the writer s mother, who at an older age finally got up off the couch and went to college, however this was only a minor part of the novel I felt as though the writer really likes talking about herself a little too much When reading her voice as a young girl, I kind of got the impression that she was a kind of self absorbed, know it all kind of child and it seems that she is that way as an adult too There were some parts of t [...]

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