Miten mieltä hallitaan

Miten mieltä hallitaan #2020

Miten mielt hallitaan Jokainen on varmaankin joskus miettinyt miten taikurit onnistuvat puijaamaan yleis Nyt maailmankuulu taikuri Derren Brown paljastaa miten temppu tehd n Ja mik parasta h n kertoo miten taikurien ja
  • Title: Miten mieltä hallitaan
  • Author: Derren Brown Kalevi Osuma
  • ISBN: 9789517966634
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jokainen on varmaankin joskus miettinyt, miten taikurit onnistuvat puijaamaan yleis Nyt maailmankuulu taikuri Derren Brown paljastaa, miten temppu tehd n Ja mik parasta, h n kertoo, miten taikurien ja varsinkin mentalistien oppeja siit , miten mielt hallitaan, voi soveltaa joka p iv iseen el m n.Brownin teos on huikea opas ihmisen p kopan sis lle miten lukea muidJokainen on varmaankin joskus miettinyt, miten taikurit onnistuvat puijaamaan yleis Nyt maailmankuulu taikuri Derren Brown paljastaa, miten temppu tehd n Ja mik parasta, h n kertoo, miten taikurien ja varsinkin mentalistien oppeja siit , miten mielt hallitaan, voi soveltaa joka p iv iseen el m n.Brownin teos on huikea opas ihmisen p kopan sis lle miten lukea muiden ajatuksia kuin avointa kirjaa, mist valehtelijan tunnistaa, miten suostutella tehokkaasti ja miten muistaa vaikkapa koko viikon ostoslistan oikeassa j rjestyksess Eik siin viel kaikki kirja opettaa my s hypnotisoimaan Miten mielt hallitaan on r yh kk kirja kaikille, jotka haluavat k ytt p t n tehokkaammin Kirja on ollut myyntimenestys Britanniassa, ja se on ollut kuukausia in myydyimpien kirjojen joukossa.
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    Well I had high hopes for this book, but I was left feeling somewhat disappointed Those of you who know Derren Brown will know what to expect from this book some information about a few tricks, some stuff about the power of the humand mind and some funny anecdotes, all presented in an interesting if at times somewhat bizarre writing style That s what you would expect, right Right That s what I expected, anyway And I got all of that, in about half of the book some stuff about coin and card tricks [...]

    I was just about ready to buy anything this man would ever produce, and when it was announced that he had a book on the way, I was beside myself with excitement Its everything I wanted it to be Derren Brown is the definative man of mystery, who I hold above Houdini himself, owning to the fact Derren does not claim to be anything than a psychologist who has studied magic for years To add, he is a complete atheist Watching his programmes, there is a sense of awe when it comes to his trickery You [...]

    Delightful induction into a palace of memory tricks, performance tips, language hints, and the danger of invisible rhinos.

    I was really impressed with the memory section, thinking that this is exactly the sort of thing children should be taught early in order to make the best of their education Conveniently wrapped up with a healthy dose of scepticism, challenges of religious beliefs, reminders to pay attention to how others perceive you, showmanship and magic I think this is an important book for any person to read as early as they can handle it.

    So far, it is scary how much this man knows about the human brain I have certain beliefs which until now I would have argued blind to defend Now I am not so sure, afterall, as Derren put it himself What is a belief, where do they come from and aren t we just subjective to what we really want to believe I challenge you to read it

    I bought this with the intention of learning some helpful memory tricks, and maybe getting an insight into how Derren Brown does some of the things he does How silly of me.Apparently I missed the part of the blurb where Derren Brown lists his credentials as a historian and scholar of Christianity, and states his intention of disproving God The first chapter just sees Mr Brown going off on a diatribe about Christianity and seemingly religion in general I respect the fact that he is an atheist, bu [...]

    Before I review it, I d better fess up about my ambivalent feelings towards Mr Brown.I am not fond of hypnosis used for the purposes of entertainment This is an understatement so vast you could use it as an air craft carrier It takes an effort of persuasion or morbid curiosity regarding a particular stunt for me to watch any such performance on the television The only Derren Brown show I have ever enjoyed was the one in which he went around debunking charlatans who were profiting from the gullib [...]

    At first I found this book funny, but nonetheless weird and in lack of editing But read on now Derren Brown didn t seem to have a specific goal with the book, but instead he pours his head and heart out on a lot of subjects from memory and card tricks, self help psychology and rampages about religion, fake psychics and practitioners of alternative medicine.The book is easily read And humorous too But why mix his insights in hypnosis and psychology with religion and fake psychics What s the conne [...]

    I have recently discovered Derren Brown on Youtube and found his conjuring act amazing Seeing his performances in England he doesn t have much exposure in the states I wanted to pick up his book He describes the basics of the main elements of his act He does sections on conjuring tricks, feats of memory, Hypnosis, Reading people, and distinguishing science from pseudo science i.e not being fooled or fooling ourselves He describes his journey from being a Pentacostal Christian to becoming an athe [...]

    I thought the book was ok overall and actually very funny in places if you can understand his sarcasm The book is about mind tricks and hypnotism among other mind related stage activities Derren takes you through There are some funny stories to keep you amused through the book although at the end it gets into the psychosis side of things which I found personally a bit boring There were a few really good memory tricks which I have started applying already Other chapters covered coin tricks, sugge [...]

    Derren Brown has a real talent for engaging his audience, be it with his stage performance or, as I have just discovered reading this book, in his writing The author gives very some very interesting explanation on the general principle of how it is all done That made me go back to watching his shows with increased pleasure He does keep the details of his performance secret though, which is probably for the best.Highly recommended.

    Derren Brown s first UK television series, Mind Control, aired before the turn of the millennium and was head bendingly good telly which led Charlie Brooker to comment that the man was either a balls out con artist or the scariest man in Britain A quote which adorns the front cover of my copy of this book, and why not The author seems to be very likeable and charming but, alas, the book itself is over written to within an inch of its breadth Almost to the extent that you are reminded of how he t [...]

    Derren Brown s Tricks of the Mind was released in 2007 Obligatory disclaimer This book will not fully explain the tricks and illusions you see on television Instead, this book covers basic cognitive principles that allow these illusions to happen.Derren Brown s Tricks of the Mind is a good book it covers a good bit of information on memory, suggestibility, and body language It s good, but it s hard to recommend to others The book begins with the idea that you know who Derren Brown is and that yo [...]

    I had the wrong idea about Derren Brown I d never seen him on tv, just thought he was some silly magician who brought in to all that medium hypnotist rubbish My sister informed me this was not correct and gave me a copy of the book.This is the kind of book that appeals to me, I don t believe in any of that rubbish and Brown does a wonderful job of informing us how the experts make people believe It s all in the mind, something which I often tell people who swear blindly they ve seen ghosts I use [...]

    I save five stars for books I re read or refer to later or pass on to friends This is an old one, but so full of such necessary human information that I find myself passing it along quite frequently To me, this book is best not for entertainment value, but for a simplified way of understanding how we think, and many of the ways that our brains can work against us in everyday life Knowledge is power, and this book is an entertaining way to make your life illusion proof.The things that stand out [...]

    I have come to realise that I don t like being taught At school I would find it hard to concentrate on work that did not interest me, whilst things that excited me I would have an almost photographic memory of For this reason I am a fiction lover and not non fiction I would much rather learn from a story and hope that the author has done their research, rather than be preached to by a textbook I was hoping that Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown would buck this trend as he is a very personable T [...]

    Amusing and humble, the famous illusionist opens here some doors to his universe, revealing in part what makes a good mental trick Such glimpse at human psychology, body language, NLP and other interesting fields forms a quick but interesting read True to himself, Derren Brown also sizes here an occasion to debunk some bullshit, from the paranormal industry to, being himself a former Christian, the fallacies lurking behind any irrational thinking Sadly, the whole is poorly structured we go from [...]

    Really interesting book I got stuck in to the section on memory, and decided to memorize the periodic table as a small exercise It was surprisingly easy admittedly I had to fine tune some of the techniques once I had learned them, but the results were incredible really It would be diffcult to learn the periodic table just by repetition I did the majority of the work in under two hours , and far too time consuming However, if you learn a few simple techniques, you could surprise yourself like I d [...]

    Absolutely brilliant So enthralling I had to finish it even though my eyes were already closing due to late hour Not to mention his great tricks and exercises that the reader can benefit from, his witty manner of writing numerous funny stories make it such an enthralling but critical piece of writing Just brilliant

    Wonderful, clever, exciting and rather scientific too I enjoyed his gentle charm and perspicacious views This put me back into that enjoyment of magic I had lost years ago.

    One of the best books I have ever read It is fun to read and Derren gives you a wide range of information of how he does his tricks.I can only say I hope he keeps making these kind of books.

    I love the way this guy writes or maybe it s his writing partner Hilarious I was just disappointed that so much of the book was about stuff I d already read about a number of times memory tricks, pseudo science, and spiritualism.My favorite part was the preface here s part of that Some time last spring I thought I would visit Her Majesty s Fish in the aquarium, which sits beneath the gently disappointing London Eye not far from our production offices At the time I had just had a fish tank instal [...]

    In this book, Derren Brown, famous British illusionist, mentalist, trickster, hypnotist, painter, writer, and sceptic , sets out to reveal the secrets of his work and actually tell people I have no real powers, and I hope this settles it We get to see all of the above sides of his amazing breakdowns of his work and shows and spectacular analyses of what parts of human psychology and neurology he manipulates and why Most of all, however, we see his sceptical side Derren Brown dedicates the majori [...]

    Picked this book up because of Happy Reads like a mish mash of different books, including Harry Lorrayne s Memory Book, Ben Goldarce s Bad Science, and Tversky and Kahneman s Thinking Fast and Slow Still a decent and amusing introduction to some Tricks of the mind __Uninformed strong opinions and I particularly include religious ones, which for some reason get special treatment are of course mere clusters of prejudices and no appropriate than mine, yours, or anyone else s are on topics we don t [...]

    The title is a bit of a cop out, as essentially this is a mixture of techniques that will help you understand the mind, and random thoughts that are at best peripheral to the topic at hand However, I find Derren interesting and engaging, and I m in agreement with much of what he says Unfortunately, his pompous attitude is unavoidable and detracts from what could have been a less irritating final product.The guide part of this was interesting, and I will definitely try his peg system for numbers [...]

    When you pick up this book and first start reading, you might suspect this is a book on magic The book starts off with 2 magic tricks, these are the only things having to do with that subject So forget about magic after these 2 extremely simple tricks The book then digresses into a mixture of autobiography and rant about how the author doesn t like people who pretend to be something else focused on performers in his relative industry The second chapter dives into memory techniques including one [...]

    I found my old copy of this while looking in a cupboard the other day, and I was reminded that I need to read it again because I loved reading it so much the first time I m a huge fan of Derren Brown the performer magician, and I guess your enjoyment of his persona and stagecraft will have a big effect on whether or not you will enjoy his book But if you are a fan and you haven t read it, you are in for a real treat He writes superbly, and seamlessly blends memoir esque annecdotes and stories su [...]

    This really is a fascinating book, and one of the things that makes it so accurate are the reviews it s received here The reviewers tend to fall into one of two groups 1 people who know what the book is about there is a VERY big clue in its title and are genuinely interested in the subject who tend to rate it very highly, and 2 People that are somehow surprised the well known outspoken sceptic Derren Brown is just as sceptical about the ridiculous nonsense they believe as the stuff they don t wh [...]

    I found this book enjoyable however it felt a little rushed It also wasn t particularly cohesive the book starts by teaching you about the techniques that Derren uses and then goes into a rant about the industry around psychics and new age therapies Whilst I appreciate the critique, it came across a little, dare I say it, preachy which is ironic considering the theme of said rant Overall, three stars as it s a good book but not flawless.

    A great insight into the mind of Derren Brown I expected this book to be of an autobiography, but I was presently surprised that it was actually a mixture of real life anecdotes, philosophical influences and critique The writing style was very intelligent and witty and I have learnt a few skills that I have already demonstrated to friends My only criticism is I would have loved a few anecdotes, because his life seems to have been incredibly interesting.

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