The Darke Toad

The Darke Toad #2020

The Darke Toad The evil Dom Daniel is up to something with the Port Witch Coven and he needs Simon Heap s help Is Simon ready to do his master s bidding And in the state that Dom Daniel is in how will he fare agai
  • Title: The Darke Toad
  • Author: Angie Sage
  • ISBN: 9780062236258
  • Page: 132
  • Format: ebook
  • The evil Dom Daniel is up to something with the Port Witch Coven, and he needs Simon Heap s help Is Simon ready to do his master s bidding And in the state that Dom Daniel is in, how will he fare against the nasty and ever entertaining Port Witch Coven A novella that takes places between the stories told in MAGYK and FLYTE.
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    This little novella got snuck out on me I had no clue the author was going to release one This is one of my favorite series out there It s very fun and inventive The author does a great job of playing on spelling of words And it s a smart series I appreciate this little snack to tide me over until the next book s release The only thing I didn t like about it was that it went back in time to between the first and second books I would have loved one where the series stands right now.

    This was a delightful short story in the Septimus Heap series I think it gave a little bit insight into Simon Heap and how he isn t as bad as he appeared to be in some of the other books.I am much older than the age group this series is intended for and I would recommend these books to anyone who likes reading fantasy with quite a bit of humor in it as well.

    All Hallows Eve in the port, with DomDaniel s temporarily fleshed out bones on the prowl along with the town s witchly Coven, and Marcia and Septimus too No one recognizes them because everyone s in costume, and no one suspects that the witches are up to mischief As in the full novels all sorts of comical scrambling about and MAGYK working, with comes round right in the end Terrific

    I had a hard time with this book It was entirely because I read it after I had read the whole series, so I knew what was going to happen to all the characters It was fun to get a little deeper look inside the Darke side of events, but it was hard to really enjoy the story when I wasn t anticipating how the events would unfold in the next books.

    Super cute, awesome writing, and I absolutely loved the plot and getting to learn about some of the characters from the book series Though I do sorta wish that I had at least read Flyte first, as I was sorta confused as to what was going on at first and how why certain things had turned out the way they had Other than that though, no complaints whatsoever 3

    This novella spoke about the Darke side and some of the development between Marcia and Septimus as master and apprentice It was nothing special Good enough for a novella The personality of the witches were well made enough for me to hate them as characters I wouldn t have read this if it wasn t included inside the first book Magyk.

    This is a really good 1.5 book Even though it isn t a big part of the series, I recommend it to anyone who likes the Magyk books but has read all the long ones.

    CuteI m so glad she wrote these little extras, it was fun to see Septimus as a little kid again in this one.

    A short little story taking place right before book two involving simon and his darke master and sep and Marcia A fun little adventure down at the port during this worlds Halloween Enjoy

    Pure MajykAnother brilliant septimus heap book, here s hoping Angie has to write, long live septimus heap The port witch coven are hillarious

    This novella is interesting as it seems stuffed between the preceding and following book A complete story is told And yet nothing has really changed from the beginning of the book to the end The overall circumstances for primary characters remain the same That said, it was still entertaining.

    Great for a quick Halloween read.Short but sweet Not as much character development as other Angie Sage books, but still enjoyable It would be a great Halloween read

    I really liked this little story Set between Magyk and Flyte, this takes place during a festival in the Port that compares to our Halloween Dom Daniel is seeking the help of the Port Coven Witches to clothe his bones and they have an agenda of their own This is a short fun read that goes nicely with the rest of the series Marcia and Septimus are the main characters in this little adventure and they handle this little adventure just fine The Darke Toad that was introduced is a nice addition and i [...]

    A nice short story starring all of your favorite people from the Septimus Heap series, which I know I am going to have to go and read again and this time I ll actually finish the series so that I can start on Pathfinder A great story that follows Septimus around on Halloween even though neither he nor Marcia know it They go to the port where there is a huge party going on At the same time Simon is serving DomDaniel and also has to go to the port coven witches As always there is a great big dose [...]

    I really enjoyed this story It was a nice break from tackling the novels I read it between Queste and Syren, rather than Magyk and Flyte, but I think that made me appreciate it A character that was in this story showed up in the novels and I was able to place him and I felt like I had a bit understanding for him than I would have otherwise Also, this story made me love Simon even I realize he s not supposed to be likeable, as he s the bad guy or whatever, but he is simply fantastic And the Ma [...]

    This was fun and interesting though not as good as part 1 But I had the feeling this is a supplementary book made for the fans who read the whole series first and this afterwards I m not sure, but I ve got the feeling they just spoiled that DomDaniel is coming back not dead trying to come back I know, I should ve known DomDaniel wouldn t be defeated that easily, but I ve got the feeling that they were about to find this out in a much interesting way in Flyte So I m not really sure, but I think [...]

    This is a short fun read and would be perfect for reading around Halloween Due to the shortness of the book it is not immediately clear what all has happened in the six months since the end of the first book for the characters to end up where they are now This may be best read after reading the second book in the series for that reason though chronologically it takes place between the two That said it was still a fun and interesting read.

    This is a short story that takes place shortly after Simon began apprenticing under DomDaniel and is learning that he is quite a horrifying creature DomDaniel asks Simon to fetch him a toad that he turns into a Darke Toad, hopefully to trade it for a favor by the Coven of witches.Meanwhile, Marcia develops a TREASURE HUNT for Septimus, which is awesome and almost seems OOC, but Marcia is wonky at times and has a good heart It s the evening of Hallowseeth, and mayhem breaks loose.

    I enjoyed this short little story about Simon s beginning as Dom Daniel s apprentice and the encounter with the Port Coven Witches I ve read all but the last book in the series and enjoyed this insight to Simon when he first ran from his family and started down the wrong path The interactions between Dom Daniel and the witches were funny, I don t think he expected the reactions he got from them considering he referred to them as his fan club

    Fun stand alone adventure I was surprised to see what Simon and Septimus were up to, but only slightly I greatly appreciated that Sage wasted no time explaining how they got there, and focused neatly on this particular story she had to tell It felt like a legitimate novella that was worthy of existing and I m glad to have read it Short and sweet.

    This short story takes place between Magick and Flyte Featuring Simon and Septimus Heap along with the Port Witch Coven, Dom Daniel and Marcia, this is a quick read that offers all the enchantment and great storytelling Sage offers I read this after the conclusion of the series so I really enjoyed going back to this world I am so sad the series has ended

    Interesting back storyThese comments are made by my 11 year old son We have finished reading all of the Septimus Heap chapter books In this story we learn how Simon got his horseThunder DomDaniel tries to get his bones reclothed by the Port Coven witches The Port celebrates Hallowseeth.

    The evil Dom Daniel is up to something with the Port Witch Coven, and he needs Simon Heap s help Is Simon ready to do his master s bidding And in the state that Dom Daniel is in, how will he fare against the nasty and ever entertaining Port Witch Coven A novella that takes places between the stories told in MAGYK and FLYTE.

    Another great story from the Septimus Heap series This is a great way to see how Spetimus, Simon, and Marcia are trying to cope with their new lives Add in a semi reincarnated DomDaniels and the Port Witches, and you have a story that is funny, lively, and keeps you wanting .

    Nice little short story to fill in the gap between Magyk and Flyte It shows the reader Septimus and Marcia at the port on Hallowseeth and a certain necromancer who they re trying to be rid of A great read

    Fabulous short story filling n some of the gaps as to how Simon Heap got to be soooo bad Loved it, just wish I d found it n time to read it in order and now wanting to re read from the start, just don t have the time

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