Knights of Sidonia, Volume 2

Knights of Sidonia, Volume 2 #2020

Knights of Sidonia Volume In volume two the Sidonia has engaged a new type of Guana This ard type is strangely aggressive and most of the young pilots who have confronted the monster are not prepared for this change in strag
  • Title: Knights of Sidonia, Volume 2
  • Author: Tsutomu Nihei
  • ISBN: 9781935654810
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • In volume two, the Sidonia has engaged a new type of Guana This ard type is strangely aggressive, and most of the young pilots who have confronted the monster are not prepared for this change in stragedy Rookie pilot Nagate Tanikaze has even fewer completed flight hours, but that does not prevent him from devising his own plan of attack when his squadron is in dangerIn volume two, the Sidonia has engaged a new type of Guana This ard type is strangely aggressive, and most of the young pilots who have confronted the monster are not prepared for this change in stragedy Rookie pilot Nagate Tanikaze has even fewer completed flight hours, but that does not prevent him from devising his own plan of attack when his squadron is in danger Feeling the stirrings of a bond that is precarious at best given that humanity itself is in peril, he ignores orders to save a colleague left behind.And then upon returning to the Sidonia, the history of the Guana is revealed to Tanikaze, not long before battle and a rival s jealousy leaves him alone in space again.
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      Tsutomu Nihei

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    Knights of Sidonia, Volumes 1 2 Review by Gally Lines 1.5 5 stars each LestISmiteThee.wordpressThere s so much disappointing about Tsutomu Nihei s latest manga series, Knights of Sidonia, I m face palming just trying to decide where to begin to write this review.The first thing I noticed was the art was less detailed than his previous manga series, Blame and Biomega Some may say it s cleaner, but considering his style is known to be heavy, gritty, and cyberpunk inspired similar to the excellent [...]

    Continuando algumas das ideias colocadas no volume anterior, este possui um pouco mais de a o e uma quebra no ritmo da hist ria na metade para aprofundar algumas das rela es Eu gostei de como o autor deu um respiro para que possamos assimilar tudo o que ele nos passou at o momento Temos tamb m uma boa constru o de mundo ao sabermos mais sobre os Gaunas e seu contato com o homem e o que aconteceu com a Terra Tudo parece mais perigoso e imediato a partir daqui Somos colocados diante da amea a real [...]

    Segundo volumen de la ltima serie de Tsutomu Nihei Blame que nos mete a bordo del buque espacial Sidonia, donde al joven Nagate Tanikaze criado en las entra as de la nave ha sido ascendido a cadete de Guardi n Junto con sus compa eros Nagate se introducir en sus robots gigantes cargados de part culas Heige y las poderosas Kabizashi para destruir a los Gauna, una especie alien gena que ha terminado pr cticamente con la humanidad Usando su prematura instrucci n como arma, Nagate desobedece las ord [...]

    Virei f desse universo por causa do anime da Netflix E o mang muito gostosinho de ler S o 15 volumes Quero saber como termina essa hist ria.

    The bulk of this volume was so utterly generic and middle of the road, that I considered just giving it three stars, and being done with it Yet, the I think about it, there s just enough wrong here to drop the rating down a notch.Of course the protagonist is a loose cannon, who doesn t follow orders, and yet usually manages to pull through in the end Of course half the female cast has fallen in love with him, and are competing for his affections And in the midst of it all are characters so life [...]

    If you can ignore the egregious fan service as well as the treatment of female characters there are some interesting sci fi concepts

    Luego de ver el anime y disfrutarlo sobre todo por lo agil del ritmo quice retomar el manga, que como a muchos no me atrajo al principio por el cambio en el arte de Nihei.Como en varios reviews han notado una de los principales falencias de esta obra es que los personajes visualmente se confunden lo que dificulta aun mas seguir una historia que a ratos es inverosimil o se confunde con los saltos temporales y cosas que no quedan muy bien explicadas como son todos Japoneses en la nave podria expli [...]

    One thing I m finding difficult with this series is the pacing I am beginning to believe that Sidonia would be a lot less confusing and vague if Nihei set up the narrative a bit better As it is, the action sequences are a mess and poorly plotted out The narrative between characters is often disjointed I find the personalities of the characters a bit bland, as well And when not much is happening in this volume, it makes things a bit difficult to stay interested The betrayal and sudden death prese [...]

    having already seen the first season of the anime, i decided to read the manga because i wanted to continue the story i couldn t wait long, you see also, expecting some answers to questions that arised in the series but were not explained, and so far, it did clarify certain things one of the important things that i noticed is that the structure of the scenes are different from that of the anime some sequences come before or later, which may or may not make the story understandable i like the m [...]

    The lone space ship Sidonia is slowly crawling trough the space to the unknown destination There were many seed ships, but Sidonia s crew lost contact with them and it is expected that to be filled with last humans Due to series of unfortunate events Sidonia lost majority of the crew and now cloning and various gene modifications are keep population on the acceptable level and healthy.Then the monsters, huge, rabid and almost indestructible space creatures which were said to destroy the Earth an [...]

    I got the first three volumes to test whether they would be good for the kids Aside from some panty shots and a few naked bodies, it is fine Just the Japanese preoccupation and we ve already had discussions around that The thing is that sex is used for levity and only a wink and grin so it works fine There is a lot of space battles and sometimes I get lost The anime may be easier to follow with colour and a continuous placement of ships This may be our next anime after wakfu.

    The Sidonia continues on and faces Gauna Tanikaze continues to learn about life on Sidonia and advances in the ranks.Mysteries continue, some answers are given, but key aspects of Tanikaze s character and past keep me interested There are some anime manga tropes that bug me a bit here, but they also make me curious what are their links to Japanese culture, and what tropes in American fiction might stand out to foreigners

    Well, the story in this volume is a big improvement, but the fact that I still can t tell the characters apart negates any emotional impact it hasA I ultimately decided this series is one that would work better in a binge read, that way I won t forget all the plot lines between volumes On my second read through, I m finding it s much easier to tell the characters apart, probably because I didn t have three months to forget what they look like after reading volume 1.

    I m starting to get used to the artwork in this second volume, and the story didn t seem as rushed as last time It s totally unfair the way they treat Nagate when it was a team effort, and not his fault alone I know I am liking this series better as it goes on because the loss herein actually made me feel a twinge of grief.

    Great story and artDefinitively good story It is original than I had originally thought even when taken into consideration that there really is nothing new under the sun The art is sleek and the storyline has enough twists and turns to keep you coming back for Highly recommend if you enjoy good science fiction manga.

    Think I m done with this series A clearer story emerges, but it s not enough to compel More characters come in to make it confusing, as they aren t visually distinct When I honestly have to idea who is in the panel, it makes reading this pointless Sad, as other than that the art is good.

    via NYPL There are some interesting ideas here, but lack of storytelling clarity is really hampering the reading experience and preventing the coolness from coming across effectively The characters are indistinguishable from each other and the action is impossible to follow.

    Sim Finalmente tivemos algumas respostas sobre o background de Sidonia Ainda assim, a trama tem momentos bem confusos, e entrega mais perguntas do que respostas No ritmo que ele caminha, ainda tenho um pouco de medo de n o resolverem tudo em 15 volumes Vamos aguardar

    I enjoyed it, but man they are coming slowly with the answers It s confusing that there s such little information on what s going on We get a tidbit here, small piece there It s intriguing, but I want .

    sip definitivamente vale la pena seguir leyendo esto Ciencia ficcion futurista y de esas tramas que me gustan en donde hay cosas nuevas y no sabes lo que va a pasar Cuando me gusta algo que leo me como una empanada asi que esta va con empanada.

    I got through this volume faster than the first, and enjoyed where things went The hero gets a heroic moment, the bully acts nice, then is mean, and someone dies.

    A little confusing and reads a bit too quickly to establish what is really happening in the book, but you certainly can t fault the art.

    Even in a closed off seed, humanity still bickers and schemes Tanikaze only wants to defeat the Gauna but gets caught in a secret power struggle.

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