Sarah's Surrender

Sarah's Surrender #2020

Sarah s Surrender John Garrett is a cynical multi millionaire who is rarely denied anything he wants until the day he meets Sarah McAlister Sarah s been hurt in the past and everything about the brooding rancher sends
  • Title: Sarah's Surrender
  • Author: Lynda Chance
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • John Garrett is a cynical multi millionaire who is rarely denied anything he wants, until the day he meets Sarah McAlister Sarah s been hurt in the past and everything about the brooding rancher sends her defenses on high alert She tries her best to stay out of his path, but his relentless pursuit makes him all but impossible to resist.
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      108 Lynda Chance
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    4.5 stars image error John is a true Alpha Male Way OTT Too controlling He wants something and he will get it come hell or high water I have read some of Lynda s other books and yes, her Male Hero is usually tall, dark, grouchy, in charge personally I love to read a book like this every now and again Would I like such a person in real life doubt it but that s what books are there for, for us to escape our reality and delve into our imaginations.He fully admitted to himself that he was unsocial H [...]

    Sarah s Surrender was an alright read Though the main reason I found it alright was because of John I found him quite interesting, hot and a little bitazy It kinda worked for him, I think Though if anyone had put that shit up with me, my hand would be meeting his face quite fast Sarah was justere There was nothing special about her, nothing that made me love her as a woman, but John needed a female character so it might as well be her I m not crazy You re wet for me already, hon If you think for [...]

    Sarah s Surrender first caught my eye as I was looking over the bestselling books on New York Times Many indie and self published authors are making this list, which means they re selling thousands of copies in a week As for the actual number sold in order to make the New York times, specifically the best selling ebook list, that s a bit of a mystery I ve heard the minimum is 8,000 in order to be in the top 20, but then I ve heard 15,000 must be sold in one week Regardless of the amount, when a [...]

    Months ago I tried reading this To put it down for 2 reasons 1 Sarah was engaged And I was afraid the cheating would make me mad 2 John was an ass Like totally At first there wasn t much to him except jerk, mean, bossy, arrogant, and so on Usually I love a lot of the bossy and take charge alpha tendency But there has to be that underlying care, tenderness, sweetness So I stopped I picked it back up after reading the other book because I wanted to know how Lynda would make John being a widower, [...]

    This was a short and steamy read Our hero John was quite the ass wipe but he won me over If your in the mood for a quick read this one is a goodie.

    4 Dawn of the Caveman StarsLook.Even I like an Alpha male that talks in 2 syllables from time to time.But Damn Girl The hero John is seriously in a league of his own.The hero s crazy obsessiveness almost earned this book a 3 stars from me but his redeeming qualities toward the end of the book convinced me I was being a bit to harsh with the ratings So a 4 it is.Warning DO NOT PICK THIS BOOK IFOverly Possesive stalker kind of boyfriends offend or freak you out Keep in mind this book is just a fan [...]

    I didn t like the hero at all, he was borderline abusive and I could see him taking it a step further if he was in the heat of the moment He was just so physical to her and ran rough shod over her, he seemed to care mostly about his wants and needs and barely about hers Their relationship such as it was seemed to only be about sex and the characters weren t fleshed out very well.

    4 stars as it reminded me of the Over the top heroes in those angsty un PC HP books that I love.In the real world the hero would be stalker control freak material, but in romancelandia, he fits right in.My favorite by this author so far.

    Contain spoilers this was an ok read I didn t like that the H was pushing h to have sex I love my alpha men but he was a little too much The h s past bothered me too I m assuming no condom with her ex because she got pregnant and I didn t like other than that I somewhat enjoyed it.Safe with exception H kisses OW h told him she was engaged so he thought she was off limits h is engaged to a man when meeting H she has never had sex with him e does kiss H before breaking it off both were ma [...]

    Well that hero was definitely uber alpha Having been warned going in I was able just to enjoy the total over the topness of him Of course dealing with a guy like this in real life might be scary but he was fun to read about I like the whole primal jealousy thing Thanks Melissa for the loan.

    This book was an okay read Nothing like Marcos s Redemption which I loved and will reread I do enjoy Lynda Chances alpha males Therefore, I will be reading of her books Plus, I do like the author s writing style This book was just missing something I can t put my finger on it.

    Alpha male anyone Ooo, yes right here John is a loaded, skeptical, all alpha male kind of guy who is well known in not only his town, also in towns crossing over He always gets what he wants when he wants it, has no qualms using his status as intimidation and is a possessive overprotective sexy Texan.Enters Sarah She stops into town every summer to live at her family owned ranch while on break from her teaching job, and happens to run into John who at first is a total douche to her well because [...]

    3.5I kind of feel guilty that I liked this one because the hero was juuuust a little close to needing anger management at a domestic violence clinic However, in his defense, he was mostly hot air and empty threats with no real physical violence other than some wrist squeezing He is meant to be a ubber alpha male and is at least that for sure I could get all clinical and say that the heroine has a pattern for entering abusive relationships, but that would take the fun out it D She was strongish, [...]

    I personally didn t like the overbearing aggressive nature of John He was than alpha male Having said that, I enjoyed the read 3 1 3 to 4 stars.

    04 16 2013 Overall Stars 2.5 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb 3 3 3 StarsWriter s Voice 2.5 StarsCharacter Development 3 StarsStory Appreciation 3 StarsWorth the Chili 3 Stars 2.99 on Okay I get it You read one Lynda Chance, you ve pretty much read them all But, this isn t always a bad thing She doesn t sell herself as something she s not She tells you she writes the tough to like alpha Exactly Simple reads Not a whole lotta whoopla Just easy to read, put down, and move on.I m reading her backlist as [...]

    I ll say 3.25 stars I might just let loose with a load of cliches A train wreck I couldn t look away The writing was very campy So OTT and exaggerated The first few pages were so full of inner thoughts and descriptions, I almost dnf d right there It took 3 or 4 pages to talk about pumping gas Another part almost 2 full pages about the door bell ringing Oh boy, where s the dialogue The plot It started to get better after about 25% They started to talk He started to tell her what to do She would a [...]

    John was just too overbearing for me he is portrayed as a mega uber super duper alpha male Not sure I ve even made my point yet If his character was toned down just a bit I may have enjoyed the book .

    I m not sure Lynda Chance s books are supposed to be funny but that s what I get out of them, I just love how she writes her alpha males, so outrageously over the top that all you can really do is just laugh Sarah meets the H at a gas station and he s instantly lusting after herHe had only three thoughts banging around in his brain Who the hell was she, where did she live, and how fast could he possibly get her naked and horizontal on a flat surface He wanted to fuck her Nothing , nothing lessI [...]

    Hmmis is a difficult one for me because I liked John and I liked his inner dialogue but I didn t like the way he talked to or treated Sarah for pretty much the entire book I also didn t like that all these people just expected John to give them his money that pissed me off I thought considering he was extremely generous maybe than he should have been lol Loved Sarah and wished than once that she would kick John in his junk because he definitely deserved it lol John did redeem himself for me in [...]

    The beginning of the story was frightening She should have slapped him with a restraining order When they first meet, at a gas station, he is gruff and bad tempered until he sees her well and realizes he wants her He badgers her for her name, last name, is she married ter on he gets upset at the way she dresses, if she goes out with her friend to a bar, forces her to take off her engagement ring and break off her engagement, to another man He was excessively jealous and possessive But of course [...]

    Ummm.a anyone What a fun fantasy Yes Yes I know in real life that John might be considered over the top and be slapped with a restraining order, but I always let go of reality and just enjoy my Lynda Chance books and her jealous, irritable and totally sexy heroes and likable heroines This was a great escape read and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Ott alpha male , I think john was way over the top but for some reason I found it hot Sarah was very standoffish with him but she had her reasons When these to finally got together it was explosive, I loved the ending Hope to get storys like this.

    Loved the story, but found it too short and the events were rushed Loved how possessive John was Yum yum yum.

    Fun and steamy read If you love super controlling, nerve racking and super HAWT alpha males this is the book for you

    Waste of time.No character development, story is shitty, hero is bully, heroine is wet just as she sees the idiotic arrogant hero And I just wanted to shoot them both To make a story even predictable and shitty author just needed to add some personal drama, she added it and in overly sweet ending she manages to create fairy tale and just to be sure you are truly dead by the end of it all, to negate personal dramaHero was acting as selfish childlish bully, nothing attractive about that.Someone h [...]

    3.75 out of 5 This is one of those short novels that you either like or you don t The hero is pushy, dominant in the extreme in his mannerisms and in his level of inner angst that drives his obsession with Sarah, a woman he first met in a gas station He protected his soft inner feelings with this distant I m in charge and I m going to have you my way kind of attitude, one that is well calculated to get messy and angry and in Sarah s case, not a real positive response That she is turned on by his [...]

    Ok in erotica, there s lots of badass alpha heroes But in Sarah s Surrender there s John Garrett, who s so over the top aggressive that he must be suffering from a borderline personality disorder.Sarah McAlister, a sweet and pretty schoolmarmoops, I mean high school math teacher, meets John when she s driving through town on her way home As he helps her pump gas, John s immediately attracted to her, and decides to pursue her When it turns out that Sarah needs John s help with a fundraising proje [...]

    Really vacillated on the rating of this book I wanted to give it 4 stars, as it was quality writing, and the story was entertaining, but I ve held back This weekend I worked hard on catching up on my backlog of reviews, so now s the time and I m still undecided.In the end, though, the hero John Garrett, was too alpha for me, too overbearing I can suspend my disbelief when reading these books, but there was something about him, maybe one too many incidents of ass hattery on his part I ve read man [...]

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