The Mind Games

The Mind Games #2020

The Mind Games For years Cameron has hidden behind a fa ade of normalcy warned there were those who would do her harm should they uncover the truth that she is a mind reader She never imagined her biggest threat wo
  • Title: The Mind Games
  • Author: Lori Brighton
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  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For years Cameron has hidden behind a fa ade of normalcy, warned there were those who would do her harm should they uncover the truth that she is a mind reader She never imagined her biggest threat would come from the parents she thought dead Cameron s life changes dramatically when she s abducted by her mother, a woman she hasn t seen in thirteen years Even shockiFor years Cameron has hidden behind a fa ade of normalcy, warned there were those who would do her harm should they uncover the truth that she is a mind reader She never imagined her biggest threat would come from the parents she thought dead Cameron s life changes dramatically when she s abducted by her mother, a woman she hasn t seen in thirteen years Even shocking is the truth Cameron s mother leads a group of rogue mind readers and their number one enemy is Cameron s very own father Everyone has their own agenda and Cameron is caught in the middle, unsure who to trust But one thing is clear, war looms on the horizon and in order to save those she loves, Cameron must not only pick sides, but learn to believe in herself and her powers.
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    I m sorry, I just couldn t bring myself to like this installment of the trilogy much Things I liked 1 Maddox he once again popped in for a brief cameo and assisted our heroine, making her question whose side he was really on Although he played a small part in this book, I did still like him a lot 2 Nora she was a much better example of a strong female character than Cameron was I felt like she stood her ground and tried to explain why she acted the way she did, but when Cameron needed help, she [...]

    Okay This book This series Best I ve ever read This is one of my favorite books ever I m so sad that it ended but it was possibly the best way one can end a series This book evoked so many emotions in me It made me smile,well towards the end the way it ended It made me cry, what one, two, three seven, eight well a lot of times And I m not one to cry easily This book pulled me in and kept me locked in towards the end I COULD NOT put it down I m so emotionally frustrated now that it has ended I do [...]

    This review doesn t contain spoilers for any books in the Mind Readers series, it s mostly just my spoiler free thoughts on the series as a whole.BeforeI can t post a coherent review for this book now I need some time to let it all sink in but even after that I don t know if I ll be able to do it.I thought that this series wouldn t be anything than a fun, entertaining read when I finish it This last book in the series broke my heart, though I just sat there, reading the last few pages, tears st [...]

    This series was a downward spiral Cameron was irrational beyond the measures of forgiveness She constantly acted like a hormonal teenager that was overcome with lust even if he life was IN DANGER She kept saying she was never going to trust anyone again but continued to just play along with all the games in the book There is NO CONCEIVABLE way that someone could just get over the lies and issues that Cameron had to go through The fact that everyone was out to get her and then BAM she has had all [...]

    This one didn t have the same pull as the first two, I wasn t as drawn into the story so it took me longer to read It just seemed to drag on and on, and I m glad I can move on now.

    This was a fast paced book that I had trouble putting down, but at the same time, the fact that it is a YA novel is very apparent The paranormal aspect aside, it s almost like a soap opera questions of paternity, dead people coming back to life, amnesia, dramatic prison escapes, etc There was a point when I was like, You have GOT to be kidding me How much emotional turmoil can one person shove into a 200 page book After a while, it becomes unrealistic, even if we accept the fact that we re talki [...]

    I am so sad this series is over though I understand a short story about Nora will be coming soon, answering my existing questions All of the books had cliffhangers and twists and turns but this one had the most I was literally breathless at times as I devoured this book like a madman unable to contain my excitement for the ending Some less appealing parts about this book is that I just wanted details we know the children got away but how What happened to Maddox What were Nora s emotions about C [...]

    I really liked this series I gave the first and second books five star ratings But this last book was missing something for me The grammar and spelling errors didn t bother me, because I was so engrossed in what I was reading.I liked the dynamic and dysfunctional relationships between the main character and her parents I liked the love story between the main character and her main love interest I just felt like towards the end something was missing for me.I think it happened in the second half o [...]

    I have read about everything Lori has written so far, with the Mindreaders series as last I hesitated because it was YA genre and I do love some good lovescenes in my reading But Lori never disapoints and I amediately fell in love with these characters This is a story with suspense, humor, life lessons, insight in the human mind in ways then one, young love, pain and sorrow But it is the journey of the heroine Cameron, of this story that makes it so heartfelt and honest I could say this is a mu [...]

    There are some spoilers in this review I really liked this series and this book There were a few things that bugged me in this book though First I wish Aaron s actions from book 1 would have been addressed I know at one point they said the kids would have been sent to a psych hospital But I wish Cameron s mom would have said something about his evilness Second I didn t like how Owen was introduced in like the last second I wish he would have been mentioned sooner so it didn t seem like he was a [...]

    There are no words for how incredibly annoying Cameron was by the end of the series Actually she pretty much pissed me off from the beginning of book one but I kept trying to give her a chance Didn t work She didn t grow as a character in any way She made selfish irrational decisions and was pretty f ing stupid in my opinion All in all, I was incredibly disappointed in this series In fact the only two characters I was interested in were Nora and Maddox, so my only question is, what the hell happ [...]

    Only a few things bothered me about this book First If than one person can have the source , why on earth is SHE so important Apparently there are MULTIPLE people with the source I didn t get that ALSO, I would really have liked to know what happened to Maddox Jail Dead Free What And Aaron is there ever a relationship there Or does he just disappear Other than that, this was a good finish to te series Interesting concept Well written.

    I really really wanted to enjoy this series but I just could not The main character was so selfish annoying Thin plot not very creative or interesting I am sorry to give it such a bad review but I do not recommend this trilogy to anyone.

    It s been awhile since I ve felt saddened to part with the characters of a book I wish we could have time to witness happily ever after.

    This is the last book in the seriesor so I thought I bought it as soon as it came out, had to know the ending Wish that there was a little to the ending, but overall very enjoyable read.

    Just, no.I was so excited to read this series literally for the sole reason that mind reading seems so cool and the first line of the first book, The man across from me was thinking about killing his wife , or something to that effect intrigued me from the get go Now, after having read books 1 3 and the ending novella, I have never been annoyed or frustrated not only in a story line but also in a writer s incompetence for her own story I can t say how many times Cameron said This will be the la [...]

    Dear God This last book was like a fricken soap opera I mean honestly, who didn t see that twist coming I guessed her parentage in book 2 But besides that, there were just so many unforgivable mistakes.First, let s talk about a huge plot hole John didn t know his wife was alive, yet somehow at the end of the book her guards betrayed her And all of a sudden John knew she was alive Yeah, let s just brush over everything else that happened and the surprise at seeing his wife alive after breaking in [...]

    Holy typosWonderful story as per the other books in the series, but my God the typos, the grammar and punctuation errors I can t seem to get through any of the books in this series without facepalming Absolutely awful quality of typing teperature is one example and basic English language rules seriously, the author regularly confuses others and other s Outside of that, the story itself really is great, I love how the heroine evolves and I love the twists and turns of the plot.

    FINALLY we lost all the horrible repetition and most of the obsession about how cute the men around her are in this book we finally get a pretty well written plot that this story so deserved I m glad I stuck through the first two books of awful repetitive asinine writing so I got to read this book I would have liked to see about Cameron s training and her struggle controlling her powers and less about her making out with Lewis but all in all it was a good book.

    I really enjoyed this eBook and I found the main characters romance with her boyfriend really cute but the only annoying this was she liked to overreact to pretty much any situation that she was put into

    Just like the rest of the books in the series, Ms Brighton s witty writing made me laugh and feel for the characters There were so many new revelations in this book that I began to doubt which side was good just as much as Cameron was By the end it seemed clear which side was the good one, but I m sure the final book will have even surprises in store As for this one, it was definitely as good as the rest of the books in the series so far It had less action than the second one did but overall it [...]

    Alrighty thenMy reviews for this series are getting shorter Not because I liked it any less but because I don t want to spoil anyone.Here s the thing, I loved the ending of the last book I was glad Cameron got to know war party Aaron, war party Daddy and then meets her mother who is apparently leading the rebel party against them all.At least that s what I thought In the end, things are quite different than they seem at first Major twist at the end I saw it coming, you ll probably see it coming, [...]

    The ending was not what I thought it would be, nor was it as exciting as I hoped it would be But none the less, it was full of hoped and dreams come true Still a good read

    3.5 StarsCameron is kidnapped once again Like before, she learns from her captors about herself, her past, and her family There is a clash of powers Cameron chooses a side, and everyone fights for survival I have definite mixed feelings here This book seemed darker and sadder Was there less action than the previous books in this series Somehow it felt much slower The first 25% I just wished they d get on with it already Less talk action Then it got interesting Then, slowed down again, the mome [...]

    The standard is definitely kept high throughout the trilogy It is way too often that you find a trilogy series that starts off on such a promising note and yet you lose interest mid way and stop reading stop being as invested in it I am extremely glad that did not happen here.So Cam goes on an absolutely unadvised mission to save Lewis Personally, it was illogical and not a smart move on her behalf, but I could all too well imagine myself going to the same lengths if someone I loved were entrapp [...]

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