Conan, Vol. 13: Queen of the Black Coast

Conan, Vol. 13: Queen of the Black Coast #2020

Conan Vol Queen of the Black Coast Kicking off Dark Horse s sweeping adaptation of Robert E Howard s Queen of the Black Coast Conan turns his back on the civilized world and takes to the Western Ocean Finding first danger and then pas
  • Title: Conan, Vol. 13: Queen of the Black Coast
  • Author: Brian Wood Becky Cloonan James Harren Dave Stewart Massimo Carnevale
  • ISBN: 9781616550424
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kicking off Dark Horse s sweeping adaptation of Robert E Howard s Queen of the Black Coast, Conan turns his back on the civilized world and takes to the Western Ocean Finding first danger and then passion in the arms of the pirate queen B lit, the Cimmerian begins a new life of pleasure and pillage along the Black Coast, in this epic of romance and terror Collect issuKicking off Dark Horse s sweeping adaptation of Robert E Howard s Queen of the Black Coast, Conan turns his back on the civilized world and takes to the Western Ocean Finding first danger and then passion in the arms of the pirate queen B lit, the Cimmerian begins a new life of pleasure and pillage along the Black Coast, in this epic of romance and terror Collect issues 1 6 of the Conan the Barbarian series A bold new take on the Cimmerian from Brian Wood Great jumping on point
    • BEST AZW "É Conan, Vol. 13: Queen of the Black Coast" || READ (E-Book) ✓
      458 Brian Wood Becky Cloonan James Harren Dave Stewart Massimo Carnevale
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    Conan falls in love with the Pirate Queen Belit and the two begin a passionate love affair as they sail up and down the Black Coast burning and pillaging.As a big fan of Brian Wood s Northlanders series, I expected him to bring the same level of ingenuity and intensity he brought to writing that to his first Conan book as they seem similar in spirit, both series being about barbarians fighting disappointingly, he didn t Maybe it s the predictability of writing with a main character who can t die [...]

    A strong adaptation of a strong Conan story, Queen of the Black Coast.The plot itself is about Conan becoming a pirate on the high seas, alongside his first true love, B lit It s a strong story that really highlights Conan s character as he becomes a man It s quite unlike Conan s landside adventures to date and also epic.The adaptation is quite well done Wood masterfully chooses his and Howard s words in a way that s seamless and does a great job of making the story fit within the comic medium. [...]

    Queen of the Black Coast is an odd story in the Conan oeuvre It s the one with the woman in it who isn t a naked objectified slave girl It s a tantalising suggestion that in another age maybe Conan could actually have feminist tones to it Feminist tones that Conan adapters, to my knowledge have mostly failed to capture or elaborate upon.Brian Wood is currently trying to feminise a bunch of comic franchises, from making Leia the central hero in his Star Wars comic to using an all female cast in X [...]

    Some of the writing was a little florid and overly introspective, and these Conan rags to riches plots are getting a little tired, but full credit to the art team for bringing a new dynamism to the panels.B lit seems to have a little going for her than the typical Hyborian eye candy Conan hooks up with, so count me interested to see what happens next

    Someone I know described Brian Wood s Northlanders, Vol 1 Sven the Returned series as emo Vikings That s how his take on Conan could be called as well Wood takes the classic Queen of the Black Coast story by Robert E Howard and adapts it for a modern audience It was done before in the 1970s by Roy Thomas John Buscema that adaption had to get past the comics code authority This new one is free to present graphic violence and sexual situations with censorship.Belit looks like a white skinned, almo [...]

    Conan the Cimmerian was death himself, a hurricane of flashing steel and blood spray Hell Yes I have read many tales of Conan and the ferocity unto which he cleaves his enemies asunder From the verdant fields of Shem to the Hyrkanian mountain tops, this warrior from the Northron lands never fails to impress In the hands of Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan, James Herran and Dave Stewart I feel like the Dark Horse series gets back on track after the somewhat disappointing King of Aquilonia run which was [...]

    Terribly violent Terribly romantic.This is one of my favorite comics of the year.I was getting the Conan issues in singles for the first 4 or 5 issues, but I had to double dip and get this because I really really love this book.I think teaming Brian Wood and Conan up with Becky Cloonan and James Harren is perfect at least for THIS story arc It gives Wood a chance to tap into all aspects of his writing, the verbose, the violent, the period piece, the romance And it works.Lots of people talk about [...]

    Everything You Could Want In A Conan Story And Much, Much MoreI ve found that trade paperback or hardback collections can be far stimulating that individual issues Some of that has to do with pacing problems when readers are forced to wait thirty days between installments of a larger story, the eloquence and magnitude of the broader piece is sometimes lost in the shuffle Excellent writing is still excellent writing, but the greatness ends up getting mildly diluted by the protracted publishing s [...]

    I ve only read the Busiek Nord run previously and only the Truman Nord issues Yes I love Cary Nord s art and I only wanted to read the issues he drew, there I said it.There seemed to be a lot of showing and not telling, it almost felt like an action movie hamstrung with actually having to portray emotion So instead of that what we get are basically exposition heavy narrative boxes telling the reader about what the character is feeling, so that story can get to the good stuff like the action and [...]

    This story is beautifully illustrated, well written, and not for me Conan is a difficult character for me to relate to, but this book about him as a young man was recommended as an entry point Since it is a love story, he does feel emotions other than rage However, since those emotions still don t seem to include friendship or loyalty, I still had a difficult time with the character Conan is a power fantasy about freedom I get it I really do view spoiler But a narrative about a guy who makes a b [...]

    I am amazed by how much of a difference the artist made It was the same writer, so I was not expecting that.The first three issues, with art by Becky Cloonan, are my favorite Conan wry, confident, and funny Then suddenly he is prone to desolation and melancholy, and Belit becomes less fierce too Everything is still really bloody, but the personalities are not the same and not nearly as compelling.

    Possibly one of the best Conan adaptations into comics in the 40 years and hundreds and hundreds of stories published by Marvel and Dark Horse This is what a good writer and artist working together can do with solid source material, and is unfortunately all too rare with the fantasy comic genre.Brian Wood is given the difficult task of taking one of the most loved Howard stories and fleshing the details of their time together into something that fits within the original As other reviewers have m [...]

    Generally a disappointing volume.I really did not like either of the artists renditions of Conan Cloonan has a very cartoon like style, overly clean and without depth Her depictions of Conan often have him come across as sly and the rendition of Belit frankly looked like some kind of deranged succubus than anything that would be remotely alluring.The second artist, Harren, was somewhat better, though Conan is now rendered like a big dope and Belit now appears to have abnormally large eyes and [...]

    I had originally read this book, along with my favorite Red Sonja stories, on January 22nd, in honor of Robert E Howard s birthday Last year I re read 6 Conan novels in the weeks before Wonder what I ll do next year Brian Wood s adaptation of Queen of the Black Coast is not only original, but well written and planned I have always loved reading Conan s younger mis adventures, as opposwd to the older stories Since I first read the original short story when I was a child, I was intrigued and curio [...]

    A different take on the classic look of Conan and Belit.This is not a Roy Thomas John Buscema book even though I did like that classic take.The story is very simple, in fact, after having read Brian Wood s great series Northlanders, I was a bit dissapointed that not as, what I thought at first, researched Still, it is Conan and one thing about Conan is they re not really very deep stories So, yeah, this was a pretty good story when viewed in that context what s missing I dunno, I guess I was acc [...]

    The thirteenth volume of the Dark Horse s adaptations of Conan s story finally bring us to one of the cornerstones of the Conan saga Belit Very happily, she is going to be in than one volume, giving her time than she ever had in Howard s stories a single story and doing deserved justice to this wonderful character.Brian Wood s writing is atmospheric and the story flows along wonderfully However, I was a bit dismayed by Wood s choice to make Conan fear for his life and lack his usual self assur [...]

    I grew up with Conan but actually never read any book or comics I remember the movies with Arnold S and the cartoons, that i actually loved It s a big part of my childhood I gave this comic book a chance because of that, and because i only heard good reviews about it The drawings are very pleasant here, they suit the scenario or Brian Wood The fact that he kept the literature genre on his words, are a really great choice I wouldn t have liked it otherwise.I love that we have the chance to see th [...]

    Brian Wood Conan Queen of the Black Coast 2013 I really liked Brian Woods story adaptation in the 13th volume of Dark Horse Books Conan series The barbarian commits plenty of ruthless thievery and violence He also finds a beautiful and powerful woman, who shares his lust for love, theft and violence In addition, the illustrations by Becky Cloonan and James Harren are stunningly and convey the beauty and savagery of the barbarian s world However, I am slightly bothered by the graphic depiction of [...]

    Conan Volume 13 was the first graphic novel I have read by Brian Wood The tale is faithful to the original, and the artwork is absolutely breathtaking, though if squeamish, it may be too gory for some A fun romp of a pulp tale brought to life by the artist Hats off to Brian and Diamond Mind Distributors.I read the PDF pre release for Net Galley and it is a tale full of adventure but it retains the pulp feel of the original short story The gore is emphasized in the graphic treatment and some youn [...]

    brian wood and becky cloonan killed it with their work on the two volumes of the indie comic demo, but i don t think that prepared anyone for their announcement as the new team behind this fantasy icon unfortunately cloonan only got three issues in before a guest artist james harren was needed, but he brings a complementary style that should satisfy fans of the muscle bound versions of the character it s wood s lean prose style that makes all the difference though conan sounds, thinks, and acts [...]

    For me, this volume is a few steps up in comparison with the previous volumes Wood delivers a slightly softer, human Conan Although it s a typical Conan story, near the last pages this story had me sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering how it would end I m not a big fan of Cloonan s rendition of our hero, he looks too congenial in my eyes This wouldn t have looked good enough without the help of colorist supreme Dave Stewart I prefer the dynamic artwork of James Harren that bless the secon [...]

    Barbarians and pirates Well one barbarian, the greatest one, Conan How can you not love the time Conan was a thief and pirate He s sailing the high seas with B lit, a woman that could taim the barbarian Wood tells a great bloody story Conan is out of his element being on the sea and smitten with B lit, but can he keep her Cloonan and Harren s art is beautiful and moves the story and characters.

    Another discontinued public library book I bought for 1 and after reading donated to a woman shelter with other comics, Manga, and prose novels.I ve enjoyed past collaborations with Wood and Cloonan and this book is no different However, I m not at all familiar with the name James Harren and his work, and boy is his art impressive It reminds me of a cross between Tradd Moore meets the Ba brothers.

    The new Conan comic series does good justice to the Robert E Howard stories While the art does come and go in quality at time, overall it is a good The adaptations of the original stories is well done The fill in stories are also well done and follow the flow of the Character s life as written by Howard Recommended to comic fans and Very recommended to Howard and Conan fans.

    A very different presentation of Conan Brian Wood s scripts are very engaging, but the art is a severe departure than what has come before This is not to say it is bad by any means, just nothing like Nord or Giorello s The only thing I don t like about the book, and Wood s run as a whole, is that the artist changes every few issues with each story arc.

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh Not my favorite Gets a little bit too bloody for my taste.Conan though seems like kind of a cool character, which is why I think I ll be going back for a different volumejustgotta see if there s one with less blood and face ripping and death.

    Becky Cloonan forever Becky Cloonan for a million years Becky Cloonan forever and ever Becky Cloonan for three issues.If someone could adapt old pulp fiction stories and have Becky Cloonan do the art, that d be solid gold every time.

    First time reading any type of Conan story, and I was hooked Wood is a solid writer, in the vein of Howard And Cloonan s art is beautiful, with the kinetic flourishes of Paul Pope combined with the cinematic elements of Hal Foster Definitely worth a read.

    Actual rating 4.5 starsThe only reason I do not give it 5 stars is because they switched artists towards the end of the series The art of the second artist left a lot to be desired Storyline is kick ass and beautiful What a love story 3

    I am a huge fan of the original R.E Howard stories and I think Wood and Dark Horse have really done a wonderful job with this chapter of the Conan saga The art and Wood s dialogue work together to tell a compelling story.

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