Daylight #2020

Daylight Cheyenne s deepest fear has come to pass Her light of hope has been extinguished cruelly ripped away as Marcus yearns to unlock the darkness in her heart Cheyenne is tempted by the sweet taste of rev
  • Title: Daylight
  • Author: Lisa L. Wiedmeier
  • ISBN: 9780983905257
  • Page: 212
  • Format: ebook
  • Cheyenne s deepest fear has come to pass Her light of hope has been extinguished, cruelly ripped away as Marcus yearns to unlock the darkness in her heart Cheyenne is tempted by the sweet taste of revenge, but knows she would lose herself to anger and grief, and worst of all, Marcus would gain control Isolated and alone in an unfamiliar land with unfamiliar faces, she tCheyenne s deepest fear has come to pass Her light of hope has been extinguished, cruelly ripped away as Marcus yearns to unlock the darkness in her heart Cheyenne is tempted by the sweet taste of revenge, but knows she would lose herself to anger and grief, and worst of all, Marcus would gain control Isolated and alone in an unfamiliar land with unfamiliar faces, she tries to become the leader everyone expects her to be But not all the clans are joyful to have their lost heir returned, and she must strive to earn their trust and respect However, Cheyenne is determined to make a path towards her own happiness With her newfound friends, she continues to develop her powers, but Marcus remains as ruthless as ever, sending his most powerful forces to capture her Eventually, Cheyenne must face a terrible choice one that could reunite the clans, or destroy them forever.
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      212 Lisa L. Wiedmeier
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    First, I ll say I wish I had read it sooner And the title TOTALLY appropriate, I thought, according to the story taking place here This one has been a bit difficult to get thru at the beginning I had the book for over a week, almost 2 before I built up enough courage to start reading it after how the last one ended I definitely hesitated but not in the bad way So, Cheyenne s definitely had a tough time dealing with the loss of a loved one a terrible darkness dwelling deep within her, and she str [...]

    First of all let me say I m very proud of Lisa for how well she writes Her ability to write conversations between characters, and thoughts they have is very imaginative and not something easy to come by In Daylight I found the conversations of the group had grown and matured because they had been thru so much and grown and matured together and Lisa kept to that I was very glad that Lisa felt Colt should live, because in all honesty there are times when you read a book that some characters deaths [...]

    By Lisa Wiedmeier My Wesley will come for me The Princess BrideThis is the feel you get from this story I was very eager to read this book and Lisa didn t let me down She may have left me hanging but not let down.The first chapters felt a touch dreary Cheyenne is grieving the loss of our beloved Colt She is struggling to deal with that grief through any and all means possible Though, there are some who begrudge her for it Everyone has had to face their own share of loss.After such a long journey [...]

    Where, oh where to begin in this review Well lets start with the fact that this series is breathtaking and beautiful, it s dark and haunting, and will have your emotions in a turmoil like a hurricane ripping through your heart I adore this series and book 3 Daylight is so far the favorite for me My beloved characters return in a dark and wretched place, they struggle and fight back the evil but what of the evil within Poor poor Cheyenne that woman has struggled from book 1 She has never gotten a [...]

    Chey is too whinny She s got the same problem with America from Elite too whinny and too confused considering the choice should be obvious making both characters appear weak and unlikable Reading their narration will want you to get into the book and slap them in the face to wake from indecision and tell them to step up I read the first 6 chapters and started to skip from chapter to chapter hoping to see some change of phase or at least strength from the main character, nothing there The paCe is [...]

    This book surprised me a bit I found myself wanting to slap several of the main characters This book seemed a lot darker than the previous books I liked how Cheyenne finally steps up to the plate toward the end of the book and stops acting like a spoiled brat I m hopeful that the 4th book will have a happy ending but right now the story doesn t look like it is headed there Loved the character of Andre

    I didn t think the two previous timeless books could be topped but Daylight did it Cheyenne s story was gripping and moved in unexpected directions About wait till 2014

    Wow Another crazy twist I have to admit the second book was my favorite but I could barely put this book down either There was another huge twist at the end, so I have to read the next book in the series

    Love this series I immediately was drawn into the characters and their mysterious lives I found the storyline unique and intriguing the entire series grabbed my heart and made me want .

    OKAY So let me just crawl out of my FEELSHole and I ll get back to you takes an unusually long time in wallowing Okay I m ready now not that anyone will seem to care and let me start my review off by telling Chey, you suck Try to think a good plan next time,yeah DUDE GET YOUR FACE OUT OF YOUR ASS AND STOP WALLOWING IN SELF PITY THE WORLD DID NOT FREAKING END WHEN COLT DIED SO JUST STOP, OKAY JUST FREAKIN STOP We re all hurting and the world does NOT fucking revolve around you And, yeah, I read t [...]

    Oh man I m sensing a theme with my rating of this series Every book gets a worse rating and it really makes me sad I remember saying after the first book that the story really needs to build up but it didn t happen Chey continues to be a horribly weak character She only whines She constantly needs others to get her out of her funk and it s becoming ridiculous So I ve been wondering how it would go on with Cold and Callon, wondered how CHey would decide or if she, as usual, would leave the decisi [...]

    Once again I find myself suffering from CATTS chronic addiction to The Timeless Series.I discovered this series with book one, Cheyenne, and have loved it ever since, despite the author killing off one of my favourite characters in book two In my opinion Lisa is back to her best here.We rejoin the story when Cheyenne is grieving for Colt, yet fighting a darkness within that is threatening to destroy everything She genuinely wants to do what is right, and fulfil her destiny, but her impetuous nat [...]

    I was again alone There was no sunshine, there was no Colt, no Mom and Dad It was just me in this prison of misery with no escape Cheyenne Wilson, Daylight Daylight is such a departure from the tone of the previous novels in this series This is somewhat understandable given the way Promises ended Wiedmeier does a great job of introducing the stages of grief through Cheyenne s narrative, even while the story produces an unexpected tangent However, Wiedmeier builds on this tone so much that the no [...]

    sigh I hesitated leaving a review because I didn t want to be vicious There s just a feeew things I have a problem with I picked up this continuation after reading The Darkest Minds series and I realized I was rolling my eyes at Cheyenne once again I have an issue with the overwhelming use of emotions for Cheyenne I m assuming if you ve made it to book 3, you re already aware but the apologies, the realizations that she s messed up something again and then people forgive her, THEN SHE DOES IT AG [...]

    Alright I don t know what it was about this series that enticed me to continue reading, but I think I might stop now The story line is decent and some characters are fun My one main issue is Cheyenne She is obviously a female who really likes to know that she has masculine supporters Don t get me wrong, it would be horrid if individuals only based their reading lists on kick ass female characters, but come on Cheyenne, to me, appears to be completely incapable of doing anything without either ru [...]

    Once again I did not see the ending coming and while a series like this hasn t followed the normal formula that most series follow I m glad it hasn t I am already itching to read the final book of this series and I m itching to read the other books by this author as well Cheyenne as a character has matured and developed beautifully in ways than I could have imagined I have been loving these books because just when I think I ve predicted the ending or what will happen next I m taken by surprise [...]

    To be honest, I didn t enjoy Daylight as much as the first two novels Don t get me wrong, I love when things take a turn for the worst and get dark, but to have that tone throughout the entire novel especially when the first two relied heavily on humor and romance Daylight isn t the least bit bright, at least not until the final sequence There were interesting spots here and there throughout the novel, but up until the final few chapters, I can honestly say the story didn t grip me like the othe [...]

    Daylight was hard on Cheyenned I mean hard on her mind, heart, and even her body Heartbroken and fighting the darkens that wants to take over when we lose hope, she has a new set of people in her life and not all of them are fans As with the first two in this series, there are twists and turns that pop up and grab you when you are knee deep in something else It amazes me how hard she can fight for when she believes in now after all the pain she has gone though What doesn t kill you makes you str [...]

    Oh my goodness such a great story I cannot wait until Awakening It is a story full of despair and happiness, mystery and drama So many things that are quite unexpected.I am not happy at how some things turned out and really my feelings are mixed and confused when it comes down to Colt and Callon I love Cheyenne but really most of this book I want to ring her neck Stop being so finicky get your big girl panties on and make a decision guess she finally did in the last 10% of the book.

    This book, like the previous two in the series, is full of such fun, loveable characters It was so much fun to meet of the Timeless characters in this book There is so much adventure and excitement in this book so many twists and turns I will be honest, and say that I hate the way the book ended But, I have faith that in future books, that will be righted I can t wait for the next book, so I can find out what Cheyenne s future holds

    This series has me torn the moments of love are fleeting and the sadness spreads throughout it If i didn t need the ending so badly i would spare myself All of the whining I hope it isn t so bad in the next one

    This book took a long time to get into Even though it is one of my favorite series seemed to drag on until over half way through than i was really drawn back in So in short the last half was back to what i loved about these books and now cant wait for the final cheyenne book

    Not sure how I feel about the direction the story is heading I was glad to see growth in Cheyenne but I m unsettled about the decision that she made I m looking forward to seeing what others have to say about it.

    this is one of my fav series and although it started off Abit slow it soon picks up an absolute page turner.

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