120 Days of Sodom

120 Days of Sodom #2020

Days of Sodom These were the eight principal characters in whose company we are going to enable you to live good reader It is now time to divulge the object of singular pleasures that were proposed It is commonly
  • Title: 120 Days of Sodom
  • Author: Marquis de Sade
  • ISBN: 9780099629603
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • These were the eight principal characters in whose company we are going to enable you to live, good reader It is now time to divulge the object of singular pleasures that were proposed It is commonly accepted amongst authentic libertines that the sensations communicated by the organs of hearing are the most flattering and those impressions are the liveliest as a consequThese were the eight principal characters in whose company we are going to enable you to live, good reader It is now time to divulge the object of singular pleasures that were proposed It is commonly accepted amongst authentic libertines that the sensations communicated by the organs of hearing are the most flattering and those impressions are the liveliest as a consequence, our four villains, who were of a mind to have voluptuousness implant itself in the very core of their beings as deeply and as overwhelmingly as ever it could penetrate, had, to this end, devised something quite clever indeed It was this after having immured themselves within everything that was best able to satisfy the senses through lust, after having established this situation, the plan was to have described to them, in the greatest detail and in due order, every one of debauchery s extravagances, all its divagations, all its ramifications, all its contingencies, all of what is termed in libertine language its passions There is simply no conceiving the degree to which man varies them when his imagination grows inflamed excessive may be the differences between men that is created by all their other manias, by all their other tastes, but in this case it is even so, and he who should succeed in isolating and categorizing and detailing these follies would perhaps perform one of the most splendid labors which might be undertaken in the study of manners, and perhaps one of the most interesting.Introduced by Simone de Beauvoir s landmark essay, Must We Burn Sade Unique in its enduring capacity to shock and provoke, The 120 Days of Sodom must stand as one of the most controversial books ever written Edition includes Oxtiern, or The Misfortunes of Libertinage and Ernestine Compiled and translated by Austryn Wainhouse and Richard Seaver With introductions by Simone de Beauvoir and Pierre Klossowski.
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    Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum says:

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    Zelmire is an exceptionally beautiful name It s a shame I d never be able to bestow it on my daughter for fear of her asking someday where I got the idea

    You can buy this 2009 dramedy used from THE for as low as 1.65 You may be saying What a deal But what is it all about Well, I ll tell you LOL This is the story of a boy who works for a successful greeting card company One day, his boss hires a new assistant named Sodom who, in typical MPDG fashion, has decided that she doesn t believe in love any, and that Frank Zappa s classic song Any Way the Wind Blows is her life philosophy, because she likes subversive Psychedelic Rock and sure, okay, whate [...]

    3 FUCKED UP x s INFINITY STARS Marquis De Sade described his novel as the most impure tale that has ever been told since our world began I know I ve said this numerous times but I ve never meant it than I do right now THIS STORY IST FOR EVERYONE It s obnoxiously repetitive, gruesome beyond belief, and just plain disgusting With that said, the authors imagination is disturbingly fascinating and surprisingly comical don t judge me De Sage managed to make me gag, chuckle and cringe, all within a s [...]

    I have to say that when I say this book was an amazing read, I am attempting to indicate that I was amazed in the real sense of the word I was astounded by the gravity of the text I was engulfed in darkly enthralled by the sheer disgust I felt I have never in my life been horrified and strangely captivated by a book and although it was not a pleasure read I feel it was an important book to explore, although not one I would rush to read again.

    I am not a prude I am not the type of person who will hesitate from delving into works others might find dark One of my favorite novels is the Exorcist, commonly regarded as one of the most terrifying books ever written I have pictures on the push pin board in front of me while I write this containing images from Silent Hill, Audition, and other really gruesome stuffof course, next to that I have pictures from It s a Wonderful Life and Aladdin, but that s not the point Point is, I have no issue [...]

    Well, what s to like The part where a grown man view spoiler shoots his load over a little girl s face Or the bits where people urinate on each other And those are the nicer parts hide spoiler

    One of the things that I like most about good literature is its ability to break the confines of conventionalism Literature, in that sense, is tantamount to being a libertine This novel takes the reader to the darkest of the darkest corners of possible, degrading, violent, scatological behaviour And yet, the fact that it creates a certain fascination that will not allow the reader to halt his or her reading the text, is an achievement in itself The 120 Days of Sodom is a voyage of cruelty, the s [...]

    Sodom un 120 G n bir ok kez okudu um kitaplardan bir tanesi Yay nevinin tam metni, 200.y l erefine yay mlayaca n rendi imde bir kere daha okuma karar n vermi , uygun bir zaman g zetmi tim Sadizmin babas olarak an lan M Sade n eserlerini b yle k sa bir yorumda anlatmak ne yaz k ki pek m mk n de il Zira kitaplar n i eri i ne kadar sert ve ayk r olursa olsun, Sade her daim alttan altta felsefi sorgulamalar i indedir Ben ahs m ad na bunlar d nd r c ve ayd nlat c buluyorum Sanatla olan ki isel yolcul [...]

    I must confess, even as a very avid consumer of literature, I have never before been compelled to actually write a book review this one did.This book explores the absolute depths of human corruption, and is the most depraved piece of text I have ever read Unlike many of the reviewers here, I endured the whole, and reached the end day 120 This sordid 450 page tome is divided across four stages or passions equating to the level of depravity the libertines are allowed to explore one, simple passion [...]

    Okay Good lord Where the hell do I start.I hesitated before reading this book because I despise the concept of Libertinism and saw myself throwing my iphone across the room I do like Sade s views on homosexuality and women s sexual freedom But the rest of his work is just a clusterfuck of coprophagia, pedophilia, homocide, incest, sodomy, torture, sacriligion, disembowling, rape, orgies, spilled seed and horribleness.With that being said, I read both 120 Days of Sodom and La Philosophie dans le [...]

    I honestly don t know if I can finish this book I was recommended this book after reading American Psycho I was looking for something that would feed my craving for a gore fest thriller I don t know what this is The first couple of pages left me questioning my sanity as to if I should finish it a question that I thought would be a clear NO for someone who was mentally healthy But I continued I bought this book about a year ago and am still grappling with how gross and utterly dehumanizing this b [...]

    A word to those who put this on their to read list I m fairly certain this version of the book is the watered down version If you want to read the original, there s an e book version floating around online That s what I read.Of course I didn t like it This was the most disgusting book I ve ever read, and I doubt there is any as vile out there in the world For grammar and wording it would receive 5 stars de Sade is certainly intelligente to fear him.The book is about four disgusting men who deci [...]

    de Sade ad n ok duydu um, okuduklar mda bir ekilde kar la t m bir yazard Haydarpa a Kitap G nleri nde de ivi Yaz lar Yay nevi stand ndan arkada m n tavsiyesiyle alm t m bu kitab.Ahlakla ilgili say s z kitap, d nce ve tez mevcut Neyin ahlak neyin ahlak d oldu unun kesin izgileri mevcut olmamakla birlikte zamana, topluma ve ki iye g re de i ebilen bir kavram nsano lunun, toplumsal d zen, hayatta kalma ya da ba ka bir ok sebeple ke fetti i veya olu turdu u ahlak, dinle birlikte binlerce y ld r g nd [...]

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    This book taught me that I am still capable of being offended.120 days of Sodom is the ultimate boot camp for the psyche experience Rating this monstrosity was extremely difficult for me because, although it was the most atrocious thing I ve ever read in my life, it affected me significantly It did not affect me in a satisfactory way, rather it affected me in the sense that I need to scrape my brain to rid myself of some of the imagery and ideas painted in this sacrilege Ultimately, I decided on [...]

    Spoilers ahead I know, how could this book have spoilers Well I m listing most of what the books covers in case anyone is dying of curiosity to read it, and upon getting the gist will maybe decide it s not worth the time.The book covers incest, pedophilia, shit than anything else, shit , vomit, piss, sodomy, rape, gang rape, whipping, bondage, forced orgasms, humiliation, prostitution, kidnapping, burning, dressing up like animals, bone breaking, bestiality, drugging poisoning, sexual blasphemy [...]

    Repugnant Disgusting Shocking Extreme No one can mix eroticism and horror like Sade, and here he is at his best Definitely not for the faint of heart So appalling you can t put it down.

    WARNING This review talks about some very gruesome things but if you re considering reading this book, you d best be ready for gore First can we talk about the fact that in the edition I read Wilder Publications 2008 , there s an amazing offense warning on it Why is it amazing, you ask Thanks for playing Because it reads as follows This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today Parents might wish to discuss with their children how vie [...]

    What should I say Oh yes I bought this book, I haven t yet read to the end But it s a thought provoking book, and Marquis de Sade s great sense of humor and satire is quite charming.Well, if you don t want to chew through the full 1000 pages of this thick book, at least try Salo or The 120 Days of Sodom A fearsome work of art it is

    this book is fucked up it is profluent the way true crime is profluent I would liken it to Butters South Park character Butters T Stoch The Adventures of Scrotie McBoogerballs Only it was written 240 years ago The only way to really accept this narrative is to think of the main characters, the 4 Lords of Sodom, as cartoon characters Their primary attributes and motivations and countenances are very cartoonish The most interesting parts in here were Dulcet s anecdotes When people read this book a [...]

    I decided on pure whim to make a go at this and Justine last year They re both on that silly 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list I m sort of picking off of Honestly, I didn t make it past the opening with this I got to the guy who had view spoiler several inches of filth caked about his nether regions due to hatred of bathing hide spoiler , gagged, and quit Didn t even make it to the torture.While researching some banned book issues recently, I came across this from Beginning in 1763, S [...]

    Okay so I labored through the first 100 pages of this book and other than eww and yawn I don t understand how this is considered literature It s not even that well written It takes a while to get used to the jargon maybe it was just the translation and then you have to filter through all the inconsequential annoying details Seriously, people have been describing their food since waaaay before instagram came around.This probably makes me a horrible person but honestly all I could feel while readi [...]

    Actually one of the most boring books I ve ever read Well, mostly read I skimmed some of it It was that bad I can t fathom how a book so full of depictions of grotesque and degrading sexual abuse managed to be so dull After the pushing through the initial revulsion of the premise it IS repulsive , I found the rest repetitive and unimaginative The assault scene in Blindness by Saramago, in a few pages and with a fraction of the violence, made me want to vomit But this If you want to be properly h [...]

    I was pleasantly surprised.For one, I wasn t nearly as disturbed and disgusted as I was expecting to be although, to be fair, I had heard many things about how horrid it was How anyone can be shocked when there s such a to do about something, I don t know For two, it is by far the most interesting book I have ever read Everything about it was interesting the narrator, the kinks and fetishes, the discussions that the characters had, the word choice, the fact that it s a rough draft and even has h [...]

    I have no idea was star rating to give this so for now I m leaving it starlessThis was the most disgusting, disturbing book I have ever read This is not erotica, it s a horrorshow Seriously, this book is nasty and not the good kind of nasty I am totally fascinated by the author and his life so god help me I might even read some of his work.

    Eigentlich ist es ein Fehler, einzelne Werke DeSades zu bewerten, es ist das Gesamtwerk, das sein Schaffen wichtig macht Vier Sterne sind deshalb so etwas wie ein Kompromi Will man DIE 120 TAGE VON SODOM als Buch Roman beurteilen, k me man wahrscheinlich auf maximal 2 Sterne, da es schlichtweg langweilig ist Kaum Handlung, null Spannung, eine Aneinanderreihung von Perversit ten und Ekligkeiten ohne dramturgischen Aufbau usw Doch das w re ein fataler Fehler, da DeSades Werk ein philosophisches is [...]

    It s very hard to know where to start Obviously this is not a book for the feint hearted, and I would find it hard to recommend to anyone However, there are important aspects to it, even if they do get somewhat lost in the increasingly repetitive violence and general unpleasantness.There has been some really vitriolic criticism of this book, and I can understand why But the novel is deeply allegorical, and it is important to see this book not just as a fictional story but as a social critique Th [...]

    Sade s life work is a systematic destruction of church imposed values, symbol against symbol His work holds no pretense birthright to a sacred value despite being historically and culturally invaluable , determined to act itself out objectively, purely, mathematically, like a law of nature, i.e an instinctive, yet intelligent, utterly human revolt against opressive control From one angle that we would probably call terroristic by modern standards , it is the sort of self negating material propos [...]

    On my first attempt to join our GR monthly group discussion, I read this book Truth be told, I did not finish reading this I went through half of it, or so, then gave up That s okay, go ahead, and call me a prude but I cannot force myself to go on This book is perverted to a ridiculous point I felt like I am being polluted from the inside a moral vacuum of some sort There are things that may stay with me for a long while, though.It begins with 4 high classed libertine males who are seeking the u [...]

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