Die Juwelen der Sängerin

Die Juwelen der Sängerin #2020

Die Juwelen der S ngerin The classic graphic novel When Tintin and Captain Haddock happen across a community of gypsies they invite them home just as Bianca Castafiore the famous opera singer decides to visit Tintin It s ch
  • Title: Die Juwelen der Sängerin
  • Author: Hergé
  • ISBN: 9780828850438
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • The classic graphic novel When Tintin and Captain Haddock happen across a community of gypsies they invite them home just as Bianca Castafiore, the famous opera singer, decides to visit Tintin It s chaos at Marlinspike Hall, and then a precious emerald goes missing
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    While I have read this here instalment of the Tintin series multiple times in both German and French in the French original, its title is Les Bijoux de la Castafiore and in German it is called Die Juwelen der S ngerin , I am indeed very much thrilled to finally have been able to find a rare copy of this book in Alsatian, which is why the book title might seem a bit different and strange to Tintin fans De Castafiore ihre Schmuck And please do note that in German and in the low Allemannic dialect [...]

    Jess, my 8 year old little girl, gives it 5 stars.Comments while reading 1 Captain Haddock is bad with kids Why did he say KILIKILIKILI to that little girl and scared her off 2 What are Gypsies Why do people in Europe don t like them 3 I think it s very bad to make the Gypsies stay in the rubbish dump Captain Haddock is very good to let them camp on his land.4 How come that every time anyone call Cutts the butcher, they get Marlinspike instead I m glad that our phone isn t like that.5 Mr Jolyon [...]

    Captain Haddock invites a group of Gypsies living on nearby rubbish dump to come and stay on a meadow by the stream on his estate Meanwhile the Captain s nemesis, the Florentine opera star, Bianca Castafioreinvites herself to say at his residences of Marlinspike.Castafiore and her entourage cause the Captain no end of irritation , but the real adventure comes when her prize jewelry goes missing and it is up to Tintin to unravel the mystery.With the interplay of the Captain and people like Castaf [...]

    The most absurd of Herge s albums24 February 2012 This is a unique comic in all of Herge s repertoir in that it is probably the most absurd of his stories Granted, Tintin and Alpha Art which is unfinished and I am unlikely to purchase it on those grounds appears to move into a post modern setting it is suggested that Alpha Art was an adventure into the world of art, but Herge died before its completion but in this story, basically nothing happens In fact, the entire story seems to be one great [...]

    The Castafiore Emerald is what I would call a home adventure for Tintin It is a little different than the other tintin books as the adventure take place at one place, the Marlinspike Hall The billions blue blistering barnacles turn into trillion blue blistering barnacles for Captain Haddock, when Bianca Castafiore pays a visit to Marlinspike With his foot fractured, Captain Haddock nerves are through the roof This comic is way funnier than any of the other tintin adventures The story is pretty s [...]

    One of my favourite Tin Tin books It s probably the least exciting of all the books but its definitely the funniest I think Herge relaxed a bit this one focusing on the interactions between the characters to drive the story instead of an actual mystery or adventure The ending is a bit anticlimactic but it didn t spoil my enjoyment of it.

    Very funny but very revealing as well, this Herg book with finally a strong feminine character and with such a misogynous perspective Why do Tintin books always have masculine characters only I know some authors have already written about it For the moment, I am only reading to enjoy myself, and there is no doubt that these books are full of humour, despite their misogynous perspective LOL Maria Carmo, Lisbon, 19 January 2015.

    The first Tintin I ve read to my daughter, I think she enjoyed it, getting so many pictures to look at was a big bonus for her.This is probably the funniest of the Tintin books, lots of misunderstandings, a deaf scientist, an opera singer who can t get Captain Haddock s name right and a funny parrot Probably a good place to start for a young kid as things are really simple and the plot not too challenging to follow Good fun and looking forward to read another story.

    After reading Herge s best Tintin album, Tintin in Tibet, The Castafiore Emerald feels like a letdown It still has Herge s signature clear line, and it does have complicated plot, setting it in Marlinspike for the entire story feels pedestrian.I prefer my Tintin globetrotting But this would have worked better have a read it as part of the 3 album volumes I was buying before reading my first oversized album.

    My review, published in Tintin BooksMy review This is it Tintin s least formulaic adventure, and Herge s greatest stylistic experiment That s not to say it s necessarily the best in the series, but The Castafiore Emerald completes a five album cycle in which Herge perfected his craft Explorers on the Moon gave him his greatest artistic challenge The Calculus Affair was the height of his skills as an artist The Red Sea Sharks was a perfect story and he capped all this off with the emotional study [...]

    4 out of 5 stars.My brother, who is an avid Tintin fan and has been for quite a long time, recommended this novel to me after I answered a variety of questions as to what type of Tintin book I was looking for I told him I wanted a Tintin book with humour and mystery, and so this was the one he recommended to me.I was not disappointed This novel, although short with a plot that seems to go nowhere at times, was filled with thoughtful humour, hilarious circumstances, and many red herrings that mad [...]

    Hell is other peopleSo said Sartre Bored of sending Tintin halfway across the globe for every outing, Herge instead adopted the idea of Tintin staying at home The result Probably the greatest adventure in the series, packed with wit, humour and biting satire In Captain Haddock, we have one of comics greatest creations on the verge of a mental breakdown, housebound by a twisted ankle, and tormented by a psychopathic parrot and an opera singer who is the living embodiment of Sartre s famous observ [...]

    The Castafiore Emerald is a unique instalment in the Tintin series since it focuses on a female character and takes place entirely in one location Marlinspike The hilarious interaction between the characters makes up for the loss of adventure and makes you laugh out loud several times The story is rich in detail and the mystery keeps you captivated until the very end.

    The book is called the adventures of Tintin The Castafiore Emerald The author is Herge The book is realistic fiction I chose to read this book because it is a very good book.The book is about a boy named Tintin Had friend come to his friends house The story took place in Berlin,Germany The conflict is that Jewels get stolen.The story made me feel happy The plot was believable The characters seemed real I would recommend this book to a friend because it is a good book and really interesting I wou [...]

    Pretty disappointing Gotta be my least favorite Tintin excluding obviously The Land of the Soviets and The Congo Even those were at least novel as cultural artifacts This one s basically a farce of increasing frustration with no catharsis.Two redeeming aspects Tintin s resolute faith in the Gypsy family despite the racism expressed by the Inspectors I appreciate that Herge made a point of skewering prejudice in these later works, especially considering the cringeworthy content of those first epi [...]

    One of Herg s better attempts at humour, even if still largely slapstick A worthy, if necessarily superficial, swipe at racial cultural stereotyping and prejudice Digs also at the tabloid media and paparazzi This one has a lot going on for a children s book, but the moralising is lightly done and this is still very much a funny, adventuresome comedy of errors.

    Je dois avouer que j ai aim toutes et chacunes des aventures de Tintin, mais celle ci a toujours t ma favorite C est une des rares o l action se passe au ch teau

    Bianca Castafiore aka the Milanese Nightingale the famous opera singer, makes an unexpected visit to stay with Captain Haddock at his Marlinspike estate When a group of displaced gypsies settle on land nearby around the same time her precious jewels go missing, Tintin and friends get involved to solve the mystery While we re used to his roving worldly adventures, this Tintin story takes place primarily in and around the estate We get to see our characters in their home environments, with some fa [...]

    Sadly deficient in comic book satisfactions I did not like this book nearly as well as I liked The Anatomy of Melancholy, The Rise of the Dutch Republic, or Farewell, My Lovely On the other hand, it was much, much better than Angels Demons or American Poetry The Nineteenth Century, Volume One Spoiler alert Rossini.

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