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Legiunea blestematilor Sven Hassel s books have sold million copies worldwide The critically acclaimed Legion of the Damned has already been translated into languages and will soon reach the attention of even readers
  • Title: Legiunea blestematilor
  • Author: Sven Hassel
  • ISBN: 9786065393349
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sven Hassel s books have sold 52 million copies worldwide The critically acclaimed Legion of the Damned has already been translated into 15 languages, and will soon reach the attention of even readers when it becomes a movie Hassel, a Danish volunteer who served in the German army throughout WWII, based this story on his own horrific experiences fighting on the RussSven Hassel s books have sold 52 million copies worldwide The critically acclaimed Legion of the Damned has already been translated into 15 languages, and will soon reach the attention of even readers when it becomes a movie Hassel, a Danish volunteer who served in the German army throughout WWII, based this story on his own horrific experiences fighting on the Russian front Never before has violence been described in such graphic and realistic detail.
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      437 Sven Hassel
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    First read this about 25 years ago when I went through a period of reading a bunch of Sven Hassel books Now they ve reissued them I thought I d read it again.There seems to be a bit of confusion over how much of his books are autobiographical and how much based on events or just plain made up From what I can gather this is the most autobiographical of the lot though and the first one he wrote.An antiwar book that shows how he was brutalised and in turn found moments of humanity in the horror Epi [...]

    After 100 pages read from this book I ve already said to myself that I DO not like this book, because it s to boring even though it s about WW2, which is my obsession But at some point, the main character, Sven, said that people think that war is someting wow, something romantic and they always expect great stories from it But the only thing that a war do is to destroy people and their humanity and minds It simply let them empty When I read that I realised that I was thinking the same way and I [...]

    It is a must read novel for as many people as possible, especially for the ones that did not participated in any war Its purpose is to spoil the heroic vision regarding wars and to show that there is nothing good in such an action Perhaps the human kind would avoid in the future such events if as many as possible people would read similar books In this context it makes no sense to discuss anything about style or literary value The book must have 5 star rating.My copy of this book is in Romanian. [...]

    There is much controversy on the Internet as to whether Sven Hassel s autobiographical books are true or fiction, whether he was what he claims to be and whether he exists at all or is a fictional identity created by someone else Well, it is obvious that the books cannot be taken at 100% face value However, taking into account that this, the first book was written 12 years before any of the others, and that it appears to cover his entire wartime experience, my impression to say that it is genuin [...]

    I have read this book about 4 times, at large time intervals, and it still has the same powerful impression on me I admire the story itself beacuse of it s cruelty to the reader, who is spared of nothing I think it s an amazing window through which we can see one small, really really small part of the suffering that went back way back during the World Wars

    O carte ce prezinta via a de co mar al unui soldat neam trecut prin lag re, dezert ri, explozii, prietenii i iubiri puternice A fost interesant s v d r zboiul i prin ochii unui soldat neam , nu doar din perspectiva prizonierilor evrei Dac i plac c r ile de r zboi, merit citit.

    I read everything by Sven Hassel when I was a teenager and, at the time, thought he was greatw, I am not so sure.The Legion of the Damned gives an overview of his time a soldier in the Second World War and goes right through from start to finish The problem that then kicks in is that, with me having read all his other stuff, he manages to omit a large number of comrades who feature endlessly in his other books.This leads me to believe that he was making a lot of it up and that his time spent fig [...]

    I am aware of the controversy that swirls around the author but if even half of this stuff is true and maybe only half is it is still mighty disturbing Despite brief interludes of fleeting happiness, the book is a relentless cascade of brutality Such atrocities had a stupefying effect on one For a long time I went about in a state of queer, dull resignation and was on the point of being infected by my companions belief that we were all doomed and that nothing mattered at all, since all men were [...]

    Trivial and shallow not recommended at all, unless you are a stereotypical 15 year old kid with no knowledge of WW2.

    Qu puede hacer un regimiento disciplinario contra sesenta o setenta millones de cotorras que no ven nada, porque no quieren verlo frase que resume el libro que describe las locuras vividas por unos soldados alemanes que no creen en el ideario de la raza superior y que acaban convirti ndose en una familia que trata de sobrevivir y donde de seis mil en 1941 tan solo sobreviven 3 Los protagonistas de ficci n se prometen escribir un libro para contar a las generaciones futuras las locuras de la guer [...]

    This book is a must to better understand the complexities of the war And World War II is unlike any other war in the history of humanity.Who is an enemy and who is a friend Who is right and who is wrong Sven Hassel shows that the line is so thin that at times it just can t be seen.

    Breve y entretenido, es un duro alegato contra la guerra y la brutalidad que provoca Partiendo de un relato m s o menos autobiogr fico el autor nos va narrando sus terribles experiencias en la II Guerra Mundial, tanto detr s de las l neas como en el frente de batalla en Rusia Todo el horror, toda la pesadilla que se llev por delante las vidas de millones de personas, militares y civiles, se nos expone aqu con el conocimiento que da haberlo vivido de primera mano.Y sin embargo no se hace pesado n [...]

    Mrs Mapp, on clocking me reading this, exclaimed What are you doing reading Sven Hassel You re not 14 years old.She was nearly right I was 13 when I read this.For a generation of people brought up in the 70s and 80s, Sven Hassel books were de rigour Up there with James Herbert I decided on a trip down memory lane, some 35 years later, to see how they stacked up.Amazing When I cannot remember a book read last year, the characters just lept off the page Porta was always my favourite and so it rema [...]

    Hassela m m r da Dost r da Takov Gener l SS a p r dal ch knih, kter jsem ji etla Mimochodem, nakladatelstv Baronet je vydalo v takov m zvl tn m po ad , e Legie proklet ch je ve v sledku v n prvn kniha cel s rie Ale abych byla up mn Legie proklet ch m v bec nezaujala Jsem zvykl na Hassel m ironick m p stup, na to, e se ob as zasm ji, i kdy se to p i ten v le n ho rom nu pova uje za nevhodn , ale v t to knize se mi zd , e autor vlastn je t po dn nev d l, co ps t Na rozd l od jin ch knih ze s rie t [...]

    The first chapters of this book, when Sven is in the concentration camp, are relentless and harrowing, and are reportedly based on the writer s own experiences.These beginning chapters get a full 5 stars from me, and a recommendation to absolutely everyone.So much time has passed now since World War II that we kind of forget just how much of an affront to humanity that these concentration camps were and still are.Sven and his fellow prisoners put through their paces, kept constantly on the move [...]

    Un doloroso ritratto biografico della Seconda Guerra Mondiale vissuta dal soldato Sven Hassel, assieme ai suoi compagni Magistrale narrazione dell inferno della guerra, evento che distrugge persone e cose, cuore e anima di tutti i popoli Preferisco non aggiungere altro, ma solo alcune frasi dello stesso autore sulla guerra Preferirei poter essere umano Preferirei poter dire di non nutrire nessun istinto sanguinario ma ancora oggi vedo rosso quando penso, o peggio incontro, coloro che incitano al [...]

    En realidad tampoco estuvo en casi ninguno de los escenarios que nos presenta, pero qu m s da G nero Novela.Lo que nos cuenta El Gefreiter Sven Hassel es condenado a quince a os de trabajos forzados por deserci n en una vista celebrada el ltimo a o de la Segunda Guerra Mundial Primero sufrir la dureza del Campo Disciplinario de Lengries , despu s tendr que desactivar bombas durante su estancia en el Campo de Fagen, volver a Lengries para trabajos forzados en sus minas y canteras y, finalmente, e [...]

    I d always avoided these books because the covers put me off, they always seem a bit Yay the SS Hence my surprise when the book was actually extremely condemnatory of the SS and the whole German regime at the time.So quite why the book designers decided to put Sven HaSSel emblazoned in bold on the cover I do not know The guy clearly hated the SS, in fact he recounts with relish the number of times on the Eastern Front that the German army and Russians would stop shooting at each other for a whil [...]

    This surprised me a little Having seen the lurid covers, I was expecting a Hassel book to be cartoon tales of battle and Jerry derring do Was pleasantly surprised to find a thoughtful, measured approach lurking beneath the whole artifice I was reminded in many ways of Spike Milligan s war volumes, with the whole idea of war dissected and viewed as hopeless, mundane and forlorn There was action and battle, but only as background, the vast majority of the novel deals with the sadness and madness [...]

    Sven Hassell wrote a series of mostly fictionalized WWII novels which we would describe as pulp fiction , from the point of view of cynical, fatalistic German soldiers trapped in the machinery of Hitler s war machine This was supposedly his most autobiographical book Regardless of the veracity of his writings which have been hotly contested entire series has sales in excess of 50 million , it can t be denied they are ultimately anti war books I find them a guilty good read

    A guilty pleasure my dad had these books on this shelf for years and I d peek at them, for some reason they seemed forbidden.They are a fun read, a kind of WW2 pulp fiction, all from the perspective of a German penal unit Wild, realistic most the time, and oddly poignant for such a tale.

    Sven Hassell s first book has a much autobiographical feel to it It pulls no punches, telling of life in the Wehrmacht s Penal regiments At times brutal, at times sensitive, even funny When there are masses of war stories about the winning side, this is an excellent book for redressing that balance.

    In each of his books Sven Hassel shows episode from World War II This is about fights in Russia He showed brutality of war with dark humour Great antiwar book.

    1st Sto scandagliando il fondo di ogni ricordo onde anobizzare ogni libro possibile, attingo alla vecchia passione liceale per l odissea di Sven Hassel attraverso l Europa Questo il primo di quattordici, gli altri compariranno se e quando mi ricorder qualcosa Questo l ho riletto Hassel cittadino danese fin coscritto per varie vicissitudini non esclusa la fame, nell esercito tedesco Sfamatosi di cibo ma saziatosi presto di farsi mandare ammazzato, diserta Mal gliene incoglie Finisce in una umana [...]

    No s por d nde comenzar, La legi n de los condenados, para no dejar la idea muy en el aire explicare brevemente y sin spoiler La historia narra la vida de un grupo de compa eros los cuales han sido ex presidiarios por delitos pol ticos y cuando son reasignados comienzan una amistad que durara por a os, juntos es su nico apoyo y buscan verle el lado bueno a la vida de un soldado en la guerra.Luego de mucho investigar sobre el autor y sus obras llegue a la conclusi n de que todos y cada uno de sus [...]

    Un razboi vazut din perspectiva bravului soldat care lupta chiar si atunci cand nu mai stie pentru ce lupta Narat la persoana 1, te poarta usor prin etapa invaziei nemtilor in taramul nimanui si dincolo de el, unde se desfasoara iadul, in inima Rusiei Ne arata latura atat de umana a razboiului si dramele cu care se confrunta un om al razboiului, cand de exemplu atat rusii cat si nemtii se inteleg sa arunce cateva grenade la ore fixe, cunoscute de tabara adversa, strict cat sa isi multumeasca sup [...]

    I hadn t read a Sven Hassel novel since my teenage years a while ago Though I didn t devour this one as I used to, it was enjoyable to be reacquainted with some of the characters that were so memorable from the books That said, this first novel in the series, is probably the most even handed and less comical in terms of the adventures they encounter in later books I will read another because of course, with any book we loved as a youngster, there is always a degree of nostalgia attached.

    Novela b lica ambientada en la segunda guerra mundial que nos narra la crueldad de la guerra desde el punto de vista de un soldado alem n, cansado ya de todo aquello Amistad, humor amargo, crueldad Todo se entrelaza arm nicamente para dar lugar a un libro de f cil lectura cuyos protagonistas no pasan desapercibidos, compartiendo todos ellos una idea antibelicista com n.Uno de los pocos libros que he vuelto a leer con el paso del tiempo y me sigue gustando tanto como el primer d a.

    Ez a k nyv olyan, mint a h bor maga Zaklatott, v gletekig elcsig zott s kil t stalan Nagyszer en megteremti azt a hangulatot, amit a fronton szolg l katon k rezhettek, thatja a k ts gbees s a k nyv minden oldal t Ez azonban nem jelenti azt, hogy tetszett is Hiteles, az igaz, de nem j Nem is nevezn m reg nyek, ink bb egy sszef gg stelen, napl szer m Tal n t bbet is ki lehetett volna ebb l hozni, mert a t mav laszt s s a hangulat partner lenne benne.

    E il primissimo libro di Argberg Non sembra in particolare un libro che attende un seguito, l autore parla di s quasi per la maggior parte del libro, solo dopo sono Fagen sono introdotti gli altri personaggi Lo stile scarno, molti episodi sono sconnessi, si citano parti differenti della sua storia in quegli anni E , tuttavia, l esordio di un grande maestro di guerra.

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