Blood Games

Blood Games #2020

Blood Games While Merit didn t choose to become a vampire or Sentinel of Cadogan House she vowed to fight for her House and its Master and she s managed to forge strong alliances with powerful supernaturals acr
  • Title: Blood Games
  • Author: Chloe Neill
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • While Merit didn t choose to become a vampire or Sentinel of Cadogan House, she vowed to fight for her House and its Master, and she s managed to forge strong alliances with powerful supernaturals across Chicago But even though Merit has had wild adventures, this may be her deadliest yetA killer is stalking Chicago, preying on humans and leaving his victims with magicaWhile Merit didn t choose to become a vampire or Sentinel of Cadogan House, she vowed to fight for her House and its Master, and she s managed to forge strong alliances with powerful supernaturals across Chicago But even though Merit has had wild adventures, this may be her deadliest yetA killer is stalking Chicago, preying on humans and leaving his victims with magical souvenirs The CPD hasn t been able to track the assailant, and as the body count rises, the city is running out of options Vampires and humans aren t on great terms, but murder makes for strange bedfellows Can Merit find the killer before she becomes a target
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    SpoilersNot impressed There was way too much focus on Merit, Ethan, and their silly feelings for one other So much so I couldn t even enjoy anything else, not that there was anything else particularly exciting going on.Random thoughts The plot was all over the place, there was a pointless villain of the week murder investigation that added nothing to the story The other arcs centered on Ethan s bid to rule the GP and Ethan s lame secret which was that he was a giant blood drinking murdering mans [...]

    Eh Re read 05.02.2018Not such a bad re read Probably because I didn t remember all that much about it Which is actually surprising Anyways, to the next re read Soon done.The characters Caroline Merit Mer Evelyn Merit becomes vampire at 27, but is 28 in years , Sentinel of the Cadogan House Ethan Liege Darth Sullivan Sullivan 394, though became a vampire at 30 , master of the Cadogan House dead, but is back from the dead Mallory Mal Delancey Carmichael 28 , Merit s bestfriend and a fourth class s [...]

    UGH One of my fav series of all time thanks for the Xmas present, Jenny 4.5 stars And so I m finally caught upI can t say I wasn t wanting a little Like, you know, a certain something that would have been abso freaking lutely adorablebut sadly I am still left waiting And that s okay, I supposebut I NEEDS IT And soon My fragile little heart can t take the teasing any lol Or maybe it can s pretty cute, really, how much Ethan loves and adores Merit I know I gush a lot about this series, but it tak [...]

    Blood Games is the tenth installment in Chloe Neill s urban fantasy series titled Chicagoland Vampires Each book in this series has a strong mystery element and although this one had a murder mystery to solve, it is focused on Ethan s future in the GP My favorite part in this book though was some confirmation on the direction of Merit and Ethan s relationship Whoop Whoop If anything, this story will keep readers motivated to continue the series My favorite quote I knew there were Web sites devo [...]

    I feel like this series has reached the Tobey Maguire Spiderman 3 period where it got really cheesy and there was product placement everywhere.Ethan has achieved Spidey status he has fangirls and there is even a version of Comicon in this where panties are sold with his face on them And of course, Merit is dumb about it and has no sense of humor Which makes it all the insufferable So we get LOTS of relationship angst in this one Secrets from Ethan, angst about Ethan s past hint shocker, he had [...]

    Ethan and Merit, Merit and Ethanat s all I really care about but unfortunately there s some other stuff thrown in Like Ethan waiting to see what comes next in his challenge for the GP and naturally some crazy is running around killing people and Merit has to step in and take care of business What else could you want Naked Ethan Oh yea, there s that too I m just going to get right to the pointI m all for drama from Darth Sullivan but really That did seem a bit trivial especially at this point in [...]

    The 10th book in the Chicagoland Vampires series and the author is still keeping me interested in the compelling and fresh urban fantasy world she has created.I enjoyed this book but there were a few things that just did not do it for me.The story opens with a murder of a human that may be linked to the vampires Soon becomes clear that there is a serial killer on the loose that likes using tarot cards as his signature Although this is one of the plots, nothing really happens until the end when t [...]

    Reviewed by Rabid Reads Review contains minor spoilers from previous books in this series There are two main plot threads in Chloe Neill s latest CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES installment, but in all honesty I only had eyes for one The Tarot murder mystery was interesting enough in itself I liked seeing Merit Mallory finally getting back on track, and I enjoyed deciphering the riddles left behind by the killer However, after the way WILD THINGS ended, my focus was entirely on Ethan s GP candidacy, and gi [...]

    Merit has some major daddy issues That can be the only reason she puts up with the bullshit that is Ethan Sullivan her very hotcold boyfriend I mean, seriously Girl, you need to get some dignity That s right, after all of the b.s Ethan telling her that he is going to propose, they are together forever, he would win her back after breaking up with her and after pushing her away when he was first resurrected he actually pulls the same crap again in this book He is being blackmailed again That s ri [...]

    Ethan s decision in the previous book, Wild Things, to challenge Darius for the GP council head has been weighing on Merit She knows his intentions of declaring his challenge are for the good of all vampires, but she cannot get the dangerous side effects out of her mind She knows she has to protect Ethan at all costs as his Sentinel, but also as his lover When a friendly charity event is visited by a gunman and strange murders begin popping up over Chicago, Merit has her plate full Add in Ethan [...]

    Blood Games4 StarsAs Cadogan House and it s Master, Ethan Sullivan, await the response of the Greenwich Presidium to his challenge for leadership, Merit has her hands full assisting the CPD on a case involving several murders staged to look like the work of vampires and other magical practitioners Can Merit stop the killer before he strikes closer to home There is a lot going on in this installment of the Chicagoland Vampires with three separate storylines Nevertheless, Neill manages to pull it [...]

    I didn t love the last book but with Ethan challenging to head the GP I figured this one might have some good stuff to work with Unfortunately I was disappointed So the Cadogan vamps realize something is wrong with Darius and decide to step in Takes one rescue mission and a bag of salt Much of the rest of the resolution is done off the page in the UK The big, bad challenge amongst the Masters is highly anticlimactic Some psychic stuff and then a chance for Ethan to show off his physical strength [...]

    4.5My first thoughts when I finished BLOOD GAMES was my how Merit has grown And that s a thought that has stayed with me after I ve fully digested the tenth book in the Chicagoland Vampire series As with the other books in the series, Merit and Ethan always have someone coming after them for one reason or another But in the past, Merit has had a hair trigger when it came to her emotions She was quick to jump to conclusions, fight or push Ethan away But in BLOOD GAMES, Merit shows just how much s [...]

    HO LEE SHIT I literally did not see a single thing in this book coming NOT ONE Can I just say,the first half of this series was great and well paced, but House Rules on wards is UHMAZING Damn Ethan is PERFECTION I mean whoa swoon, sigh, drool, weak knees, all of it Merit is amazing, I can t not love her and her appetite.I m just going to be awake for a while thinking about this

    In Ethan s and Merit s world nothing comes easy, not running Cadogan House, not trying to replace Darius on the GP Council, and certainly not their relationship, but they can have fun trying Darius steps down rather than accept Ethan s challenge but that doesn t mean Ethan ascends anywhere Instead, there are 3 challengers for Darius s spot so they are tested like old school vampires Ethan does his stoic vampire pose and Merit stomps around aggravated with his pride In other words, the usual, com [...]

    I m about to cry here After reading all the instalments in this series back to back, I ve finally come to the last published book This means I will now have to wait until March 2015 before I can get another Chicagoland Vampires shot Four whole months without Merit, Ethan and the rest of the Chicago sups This will be a very long winter indeed Anyway, back to Blood Games Well, we definitely have another winner here What can I say, this series never disappoints and it s one highly entertaining inst [...]

    There s something to be said about a series that s reliably good even after ten installments Chicagoland Vampires may not be my favorite urban fantasy ever, but it s certainly on my list of favorites And as other series disappoint me and the list gets shorter, Chloe Neill can be counted on to deliver That s not to say that the series didn t have its ups and downs There was a low point a few books back that s pretty much forgiven and forgotten The last few books have been excellent and the next f [...]

    This was me the entire time I was reading this book If you ve read any of the prior books you ve already read this one They re having problems with the GH.n yawn , Ethan s panties are all in a bunch while he s protecting the house.n yawn , Ethan has a secret he s keeping from Merit and he s full of angst.n yawn , Merit s unsure of their relationship and so, so worried about Ethan.n yawn , there s some powerful vampire woman from Ethan s past that he won t talk about.n yawn There was a side story [...]

    I can t believe I have to rate this 3 stars, but I must be honest.Here is the thing I don t know where this series is heading any It makes me sad because this is one of my favorite UF series and I LOVE these characters like they were my friends The first books all made sense, I believed everything was happening for a reason, but in the last books I felt lost I felt like the characters were dealing with things that had nothing to do with the actual plot and I suspect it s because the author wants [...]

    DAT COVER I m a little scared, though Why aren t there books planned This cannot possibly be the last book I refuse.There are at least three books coming, I can breath again.

    I m so impatient PLEASE I BEG YOU ON MY KNEES I know i m pathetic, but i don t give a crap about my dignity

    Book 10 of The Chicagoland Vampires has become my favorite of the series so far Merit and Ethan have a lot going on at Cadogan house In the last book we found out that Ethan is challenging Darius for the GP position and as expected that challenge isn t going to be easy Once again we see the struggle for both of them to compartmentalize their roles and their feelings Ethan only wants Merit to be safe and stop putting herself in danger, but she takes her role as Sentinel seriously and despite her [...]

    Well, this series has been up and down for me, but this book is most surely and upswing in enjoyment for me There are parts that are just downright funny Ethan in particular It has lots of Ethan and Merit development, some pretty good action scenes, and good doses of the supporting cast which I adore such as Catcher, Mallory, Margot Lindsey and Luc There was not enough JEFF But I understand he has his own novella, so I need to get on that This book has two storylines running throughout and both [...]

    4.5 STARSChicagoland Vampires is a guilty pleasure of mine ever since I binge read the first five volumes two years ago Since then, I ve been awaiting every following installment with the patience of a committed fangirl so, yes, hyperventilating, happy dances and crazy shouting every now and then were a part of my usual response Blood Games is no different I wanted the same kick ass addiction I ve been experiencing for the past nine books and that s exactly what I ve got Go ahead, I told him Go [...]

    Wow Just Wow Compete review coming once I can pull my thoughts together Bottom line Spectacular.Complete review here thesaucywenchesbookclubsp1 11 15 This book is absolute perfection My review linked above still says it all I am awed that after ten books they still keep getting better.

    I use the tools in my arsenal, Ethan said.If my boyfriend called me tool in his arsenal , I would kick his ass But it Merit is okay with that, then great for her It s also cool if she thinks that the way Ethan is treating her is okay It s her choice Whatever.Other than that, Blood Games has it all Murder investigation, GP trouble, Ethan being an ass, side characters not having enough space to show their full potential Just like every other Chicagoland Vampires book.Maybe if I read these books wh [...]

    Merit s grandfather has asked her and Jonah to investigate the murder of his friend s grandson The body was found in the park with two katanas stuck in the chest But on closer look, they find that the swords are replicas Did someone kill the human and set up the vampires to take the blame More bodies are found murdered in a way that points to the supernatural community Now the vamps have teamed up with the humans to find the killer who is stalking Chicago.The tenth book in the Chicagoland Vampir [...]

    Holy Moley TEN books I m optimistically adding this to my TR list Hopefully, Biting Cold is good and the series can make it to TEN frickin books.

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