A Blaze of Glory

A Blaze of Glory #2020

A Blaze of Glory An exciting read Jeff Shaara returns to the U S Civil War in this first book of a new trilogy This novel is meticulously researched and brings a vivid reality to the historical events depicted Library
  • Title: A Blaze of Glory
  • Author: Jeff Shaara
  • ISBN: 9780345527363
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • An exciting read Jeff Shaara returns to the U.S Civil War in this first book of a new trilogy This novel is meticulously researched and brings a vivid reality to the historical events depicted Library Journal NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERSpring 1862 The Confederate Army in the West teeters on the brink of collapse General Albert Sidney Johnston is force An exciting read Jeff Shaara returns to the U.S Civil War in this first book of a new trilogy This novel is meticulously researched and brings a vivid reality to the historical events depicted Library Journal NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERSpring 1862 The Confederate Army in the West teeters on the brink of collapse General Albert Sidney Johnston is forced to abandon the critical city of Nashville and rally his troops in defense of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad Hot on Johnston s trail are two of the Union s best generals Ulysses Grant and Don Carlos Buell If their combined forces can crush Johnston s army and capture the railroad, the war in the West likely will be over There s just one problem Johnston knows of the Union plans and is poised to launch an audacious surprise attack on Grant s encampment a small settlement in southwestern Tennessee anchored by a humble church named Shiloh Drawing on meticulous research, Jeff Shaara dramatizes the key decisions of the commanders on both sides of the conflict and brings to life the junior officers, conscripts, and enlisted men who gave their all for the cause With stunning immediacy, Shaara takes us inside the maelstrom of Shiloh as no novelist has before Brilliant riveting a work to be embraced BookreporterIncludes a preview of Jeff Shaara s next Civil War novel, A Chain of Thunder
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    Known for his epic novels of historical fiction, Jeff Shaara has further distanced himself from those within the genre by writing solely or, at least predominantly about war, through American eyes This novel, the first in a tetralogy on the Western Theatre of the US Civil War is no exception in its greatness Shaara chooses to focus the first novel on the Battle of Shiloh, to that point the bloodiest battle ever fought on US soil, in Spring, 1862 Shaara chooses wisely as he moves the focus west i [...]

    As I read from Shaara I can t help but appreciate how close he is getting to the story presentation skills of his father, Michael, in his great novel of the Battle of Gettysburg, The Killer Angels The formula is to present an account of major historical battles from a fictional perspective of the minds of a select set of commanders Since completing his father s intended trilogy on the major Civil War battles in the East, he s had a lot of practice in books about other American wars, portraying [...]

    This is another in a series of works by Jeff Shaara, whose father authored the well acclaimed work The Killer Angels a novel of the battle at Gettysburg Shaara has military historical novels on the American Civil War, World War II and so on The mode of operation is the same, between both pere and fils Several figures are selected to act as characters in their novels We see the particular battle or campaign through their eyes By, then, aggregating these individual views, we get an overall sense o [...]

    Come all you gallant soldiers, a story I will tellAbout the bloody battle on top of Shiloh s hillIt was an awful struggle it ll cause your heart to chillAll from the bloody battle on top of Shiloh s hill In 1974, Michael Shaara wrote an unparalleled novel about the Battle of Gettysburg, eschewing a traditional narrative and telling the story directly from the point of view of various generals and infantrymen who contended against one another amid Pennsylvania s rocky hills and woodlands The nove [...]

    My first experience with Jeff Shaara was an excellent one A Blaze of Glory was actually a book that lived up to its title My review is for the audiobook read by Paul Michael, a very long audiobook I must add 18 hours 23 minutes I m glad I listened to the book rather than reading it Miahael s reading was able to portray the various characters human qualities or lack thereof that probably would not have been apparant otherwise I am somewhat of a Civil War history junkie and the book, while fiction [...]

    A Blaze of Glory A Novel of the Battle of Shiloh begins the new Jeff Shaara trilogy focusing on events of the Civil War s Western Theater As fans of Shaara s The Last Full Measure and his father s The Killer Angels will attest, his return to the Civil War era is a welcome one I was particularly pleased to see that the new series begins with the Battle of Shiloh because of the number of hours I have spent walking that particular battlefield site over the years A Blaze of Glory leaves me with a be [...]

    To clarify this is a five star review It was erroneously entered as four stars at some point, and the system is resisting my effort to correct it FIVE stars Not four FIVE I am a longstanding fan of Jeff Shaara s I see people write criticism of his work that sometimes approaches hysteria, and frankly, I don t get it Like his Pulitzer winning father before him, Shaara uses a combination of extensive knowledge of the war a fertile imagination and considerable writing skill to turn America s most pi [...]

    Interesting novel about one of the most dreadful slaughters of the Civil War.Jeff Shaara successfully captures the futility and carnage of the Battle of Shiloh in his novel A Blaze of Glory With over 100,000 troops engaged and nearly 25,000 casualties about 13,000 Union and 10,000 Confederate , Shiloh was earliest of the major slaughters of the Civil War April 1862 with total casualties in this one battle that were said to exceed all of the casualties of the American War for Independence, War of [...]

    Good read Shaara use his tried and true template to tell the story of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War the bloodiest up to that point of the war.He starts the book with the Confederate abandonment of Nashville and the political pressure that put on Johnston.He mainly uses the Confederate Gen s Johnston, Bragg and Beauregard to tell the Rebel side of the story He mainly uses Gen s Grant and Prentiss and one fictional character, Pvt Bauer to tell the Union side His vividly describes t [...]

    This is a read long delayed When I was still a growing boy at home, I traveled to Shiloh during a Senior Trip with some high school teachers, my favorite, Mrs Helen Darby the leader I had endured her history classes, had little interest, until Shiloh That visit touched my heart and from that day forward I became interested in Civil War history, ultimately the history of our nation.This read is for you, Helen Darby You were the spark Blessings in heaven to you, my dear teacher.Jeff Shaara did a g [...]

    I just received the Advanced Uncorrected Proof from the First Reads drawing I am going to delve into this book tonight I love reading historical fiction and this is going to be my 1st book by Shaara I cannot wait to travel back to the Civil War and let his words put me into the lifes times of the Battle of Shiloh Will revise my review when I finish the book.

    Not Shaara s best book, although not bad for historical fiction The battle of Shiloh was as a very confusing affair, both as a soldier and as a writer Shaara correctly points out in the conclusion that very little was written about the battle after it was done, and most that was written was the Union officers fighting among themselves over where the blame and praise should lie It was very ambitious for Shaara to take this battle on.Where this books shines is where Shaara always shines he delves [...]

    I have read some of Jeff Shaara s Revolutionary War novels, which were quite good, so I was looking forward to reading this novel that takes place during the Civil War at the Battle of Shiloh After abandoning the city of Nashville, General Johnston and the Rebel troops are hunkered down in Tennessee Meanwhile General Grant and Buell are planning on combining their forces and crushing Johnston When Johnston gets wind of this, he sneak attacks Grant while he is still waiting for Buell This starts [...]

    UPDATED So as I laid in bed last night starting into a new book, my hubby turned on the television to watch a new History Channel show about the Hatfields and the McCoys Starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton That s right similar time frame, similar characters And, I was distracted from my awesome new book by the awesomeness, the vividness, the intensity of the show So, although I m leaving this on the abandoned shelf for now, I m only going to LOAN it out I want to try this one again perhaps wh [...]

    Shaara s account of the battle of Shiloh in the form of a historical novel does a great service by bringing to attention a battle the import and impact of which has been largely lost in the mists of history The fields of slaughter produced by that conflict 24,000 casualties out of 100,000 combatants are among the most horrific of the Civil War.Shaara continues with his style of tracing the movement of the battle through the eyes of a select set of characters on both sides, most historical, some [...]

    I have read every one of Jeff Shaara s historical fiction novels These are well researched and put the reader into the mind of both the leaders and the shmucks on the ground during the key events of the wars In A Blaze of Glory, Shaara begins a trilogy of books about the smaller battles of the Civil War, in this case the Battle of Shiloh I do appreciate that there is value in bringing the story of this part of the war to life as many tens of thousands of Americans died The difference in A Blaze [...]

    A Blaze of Glory is the first in a series of four so far novels about important U.S Civil War battles by Jeff Shaara If you haven t read any of Shaara s works, I highly encourage you to do so There is no finer writer of historical fiction when it comes to war.The focus of this novel is the Battle of Shiloh Shaara presents the perspective of this battle through various military officers and less important soldiers What s impressive of this novel and all Shaara s works , is that the battles are so [...]

    An enjoyable but somewhat unfocused novel about the battle of Shiloh Shaara focuses primarily on Albert Sydney Johnston and William Sherman and does a fine job portraying both men Nathan Bedford Forest makes an appearance but that seems gimmicky than anything, at least as a POV character Shaara also continues his trend of POV chapters from junior enlisted on both sides and it s a welcome change from a General centric narrative.The novel does a fine job setting up the two armies maneuvers leadin [...]

    I was pretty disappointed with this book I ve read Shaara s other nineteenth century historical novels, and his World War I novel as well, and found them all to be well written with pretty engaging characters This book just didn t grab me Of the point of view characters, Albert Johnston was the only compelling character, with Sherman and Grant being at least interesting But the two in the ranks characters were dry and forgettable The history behind Shiloh is, of course, interesting but if that s [...]

    This was a LOT of detail about a single Civil War battlee Battle of Shiloh When I was young, my family visited the site of this battle and I have never forgotten the special feeling that I felt theremilar to the feeling at Gettysburg It is unbelievable the huge number of people who gave their lives on both sides for a cause they felt so passionately about The single thing that impressed me the most about Jeff Shaara s account was that he did not portray one side or the other as the good guys or [...]

    You can t fault Shaara for innaccuracy in painting the history of the war and the personalities who fought it I understand Shiloh better now than ever before, and so my historical interest is gratified, and so I become an even greater bore at parties It would be unfair to carp that the dialogue sounds a bit modern Perhaps that was the author s conscious choice, given the impatience of many modern readers Even so, the book is a page turner, page after spellbinding page and all the interesting as [...]

    Excellent I never really understood about the battle of Shiloh that took place in southern Tennessee in April 1862 Fourteen thousand casualites Heartbreaking No one writes better explaining these battles than Jeff Shaara This is the first of what was supposed to be a trilogy but now has been extended to encompass four books that follow from Shiloh to Vicksburg, to Chickamauga Atlanta Savannah, and finally the the end of the fighting in North Carolina by Sherman and Joe Johnston Lee had already s [...]

    Very good historical novelisation of the battle of Shiloh Involves many of the key leaders of the battle as well as fictional characters This helps to give a good description of the battle How it unfolded and what it was like for the typical soldier as well I really enjoy Jeff Shaara s style of writing historical fiction It always tells of the event and presents it in a very enjoyable reading style.

    One of my favorite authors, Shaara focuses on the Civl War s Battle of Shiloh in this novel After reading so many of his books, the format is predictable and I didn t find the characters as engaging as past novels However, this was still an interesting read, particularly for fans of historical fiction.

    Excellent book After having walked the Shiloh battle field, this book brought the memories to life, through the eyes of those that were in the battle I found through Ancestry that Isham Harris,an active participant in this battle, is an ancestor I am going to continue to follow these armies in the second book in this trilogy.

    I liked this book, but did not love it It s not that the writing was sub par, it s just that the subject matter feels very done But if you are Civil War enthusiast, this would be a fine book for you.

    I don t usually like historical fiction, but when I do I like books written by Jeff Shaara As far as I can tell, Jeff has long since stepped out of his father s shadow and established himself as an accomplished writer Shaara is quick to point out that if you really want to learn about the Civil War, Shelby Foote remains one of the best sources.I m very much a civil war novice, but I did get the new Grant Ron Chernow biography this Christmas so I m looking forward to taking a deep dive soon Actua [...]

    As 1862 takes hold of the calendar, the Confederate forces are faring none too well in the Western Theater General Ulysses S Grant has led Union forces in successful assaults on Forts Henry and Donelson, the first two significant victories for the Union Confederate soldiers under the command of Albert Sidney Johnston flee the Forts and run deeper south, yielding the city of Nashville to the oncoming Union army Most of Tennessee is now in possession of the northern aggressors.As A BLAZE OF GLORY [...]

    This volume traces the events leading up to and including the battle at Shiloh Grant has brought his army South to the Tennessee River and established his base at Pittsburg Landing He is ordered by General Halleck to await the arrival of General Don Carlos Buell and his army of the Ohio Their objective is Cornith, Mississippi and the railroad junction located there The southern army, commanded by Albert Sidney Johnston, has fortified the city Johnston decides to advance on Grant s army and surpr [...]

    I read A Chain of Thunder 2013 , Jeff Shaara s novel of the siege of Vicksburg, and then worked back to Sharra s novel of last year A Blaze of Glory , 2012 , a historical novel of the Battle of Shiloh The two books form part of a projected trilogy of historical novels of the Civil War in the West The third volume, which will cover the War in Georgia and the Carolina s, including Sherman s March to the Sea, will be published next year Each of the three books commemorates the 150th anniversary of [...]

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