The Burning Time

The Burning Time #2020

The Burning Time A fantastic page turner Historical Novels Review Based on a true story of the first witchcraft trial in Ireland The Burning Time is the riveting tale of one extraordinary noblewoman Lady Alyce Kytel
  • Title: The Burning Time
  • Author: Robin Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781612193069
  • Page: 169
  • Format: ebook
  • A fantastic page turner Historical Novels Review Based on a true story of the first witchcraft trial in Ireland, The Burning Time is the riveting tale of one extraordinary noblewoman, Lady Alyce Kyteler and her fight for a country s soul When the Catholic Church brings the Inquisition to Ireland, Lady Alyce Kyteler refuses to grant them power over her lands or her p A fantastic page turner Historical Novels Review Based on a true story of the first witchcraft trial in Ireland, The Burning Time is the riveting tale of one extraordinary noblewoman, Lady Alyce Kyteler and her fight for a country s soul When the Catholic Church brings the Inquisition to Ireland, Lady Alyce Kyteler refuses to grant them power over her lands or her people, and refuses to stop the practice of The Old Religion Declared a dangerous heretic by the Pope s emissary, Lady Alyce determines to fight back Against the penalty of being burned at the stake, she risks all to protect her people, her faith, and her beloved Ireland.The Burning Time is a vivid account of an astonishing but little known historic figure and a gripping tale of bravery, treachery, guile, and redemption An award winning poet, novelist, journalist and editor, Robin Morgan has published over 20 books, including the now classic anthology Sisterhood is Powerful One of the founders of contemporary U.S feminism, she has been a leader in the international Women s Movement for over 30 years.A 2006 Book Sense Paperback Pick by the American Booksellers Association
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    if alfonso weren t such a douche, this book would have a review he was, he was being a total douche he said my reviews were pretentious because i used words he couldn t find in the dictionary, but then it turned out that the words in question were words i clearly had made up, like bookas or rarrr in other words the opposite of pretentious, like retartastic clearly another made up word do not go looking for it so after being sulky, i forgave him and then i wrote this for dana and greg, which may [...]

    This book receives 4 stars because of the fascinating woman, Alice Kyteler, whose story is told I wish I knew about the authenticity of the details of this story, but knowing that she was a historic character who was the first woman accused of witchcraft in Ireland made it all the interesting.I cannot give this book 5 stars, however, because the sections of this book in which the pagans practice rituals is so badly written It s obvious that the author went to a couple of modern Wiccan rituals [...]

    It has been quite a while since I have picked up a book that I could not put down again This was one So much that I finished it in three days and was left with a literary high at the end I picked it up at the bookstore and was instantly intrigued when I read that it covered a part of history rarely talked about, written about or taught After reading it, it proved to be a part of world history I had not heard much about And the story is one that is painfully beautiful.It is a story that should be [...]

    I don t know what to think of this book First, I was bored, then it got me, then I was lost, then it got me againen it got real good, and then I sat there going what I think all and all I just didn t get it I understand the history behind the story, but not the story Well, that sentence made as much sense as the book.

    I m not a big fan of historical fiction, but Robin Morgan s well researched novel about the Inquisition s arrival in Ireland fills a huge gap in our understanding of the clash between traditional spiritual beliefs and the capital C church Just as interesting are Morgan s notes at the end of the novel in which she clearly indicates how she gathered information and which bits were fictionalized She also includes facts about the surprising number of women and children executed in Europe as heretics [...]

    The Burning Time by Robin Morgan is a gripping tale of the age of Inquisition in Europe, set in the land of Ireland The basis of the book is a well known case of witchcraft in Ireland, based on Alyce Kyteler The real life of Alyce is one of which we know in real life as not one rich in detail, but the points that are missing, author Robin Morgan fills in great detail Morgan pulls on modern witchcraft and Wiccan rituals to create some spellbinding scenes in the book, and creates an eccentric hero [...]

    I ended up liking this book than I thought I would when I started It starts in such a way that I thought I would know exactly how it would end disclaimer, I didn t know anything about the true story behind this I thought to myself, it s clear who the bad guys are and who the good guys are, so I assumed it would follow the same plot lines that a lot of other similar books follow But it didn t, it really surprised me There were a few times that I skimmed, usually when I felt there was too much de [...]

    Lady Alyce Kyteler was a noblewoman living in Ireland at a time when the Christian church was enforcing a version of the Inquisition against those natives who still practiced the Old Religion paganwhat we would consider Wiccan in today s society She owned her own estate left to her by her father and was firm but fair with her workers This was a feudal period long before the time of workers rights and nobles were under no compulsion to treat their underlings with any compassion or respect They li [...]

    Author Robin Morgan is a well known international feminist In The Burning Time, her first work of fiction, she draws upon medieval court records to relate the life of Lady Alyce Kyteler, the unconventional mistress of Kyteler Manor near Kilkenny, Ireland During the 14th century, Christianity was accepted by the Irish, but many of them blended their new religion with aspects of the old pagan earth religious traditions The pope sent an emissary, Bishop Richard Ledrede, to Ireland with the mission [...]

    I got this e book from the library, knowing nothing about what the subject was I knew it was historical fiction but the main reason I got the book was because of the author, Robin Morgan Ms Morgan is one of the best known feminist writers, especially known for her ground breaking anthology, Sisterhood Is Powerful I still have my copy of this book as it really talks to what women felt in the 70 s She also wrote many wonderful essays and a complete series of mystery books, none of which I read I h [...]

    I enjoyed this book, and I recommend it to anyone interested in medieval history, Celtic lore, feminism, witch trials, and the Inquisition If you re not interested in these things, you might be after you read the book it s a quick, engaging read, a work of historical fiction There s a lot of interesting interplay between good and evil, men and women, the colonizer and the colonized, the Church and God, and so on It s an excellent book club book because it lends itself so well to discussion and c [...]

    A good read, but especially a reminder informer for what the Inquisition was really like, what it meant on a personal level Morgan is a long time feminist thinker writer, steeped in herbal knowledge and historical interests In the context of a good historical novel about 14th century Ireland that is NOT a bodice ripper , she pulls in threads many of us are familiar with but that are not usually in novels When was the last time a novel reminded me that a major cause of the plague in Europe was th [...]

    I initially didn t like this book because it starts out with such bland characters who seem to be no than mouth pieces for their respective stances on religion and its place in our lives that I almost put the book down The end of this book almost makes it entirely worth it, however, as all religions are in their own way redeemed and the real villain becomes those who do not see the humanity in all of their fellow men, regardless of belief, and of false belief that leads those to violence agains [...]

    An excellent read from Robin Morgan The Burning Time in the title refers to the time of the Inquisition in Medieval Ireland I absolutely loved the setting of the book and the clash between the traditional Craft and christianity The dialogue was crackling, the prose was beautiful and poetic, and most pleasingly the characters are all 3d, realistic and tangible The main character Alyce is an absolute delight she is a strong, intelligent and determined woman of the middle ages and yet is not portra [...]

    A zealous priest arrives in Lady Alyce Kytelier s country Alyce and her people who have followed the old ways for centuries refuse to convert The bishop declares her a dangerous heretic for a while she appears to be winning.This is her story and the story of her hand maid I really liked this book The reader cannot help but admire the bravery and courage of this woman.My book of month for January 2014

    Robin Morgan s novel The Burning Time may be about the Inquisition the guts of it we never learned in school but it s also frighteningly relevant today And it would make a hell of a movie JANE FONDA The Burning Time is typical of Robin Morgan s work beautifully written, passionate, always interesting It s also rich in splendid imagination a quality very rare in American fiction writers nowadays GRACE PALEY

    I don t read as much as I should Recently I started reading , as a committment to myself This book fed a hunger in me It gave me a new perspective on paganism It has also only given me reason to pursue a better understanding of the Catholic history This book made me want to research and investigate both catholicism and paganism This is an amazing piece of literature that every feminist would enjoy reading.

    I would have rated this 4d then the last few chapters just knocked the breath out of me The whole novel is well written and researched, which I LOVE , plus has a few moments of cheeky humor But the nuance and skill with with Morgan lays out the resolution of the story are just wonderful, and really put the whole book on a whole other level I was left with so many emotions, and a lot to think about Something I very much enjoy in a novel

    This is about the Inquisition and is based on a true story The Church is going after pagans in Ireland Their first victim is Alyce Kyteler and her circle and comes from the records of the time in Ireland The book begins in 1324 This would be a great book for a book club I couldn t put it down Jane Fonda said this book would make a great movie and it s frighteningly relevant today I couldn t agree .

    Don t Expect AccuracyI almost stopped reading early when it was stated Roman roads were in Ireland, a blatant inaccuracy Sure the book is fiction, but based on the story of Alice Kyteler, Ireland s first accused witch, I expect historical accuracy for simple facts I did however learn some interesting truths and the story line was good.

    This is one of the best books I have read in a long while Draws you in from the very beginning A fiction story, but it has a lot of facts from the witch trials, and is completely fascinating and absorbing It centers on strong educated intelligent females, and the way the world has reacted to such, from long ago, and I believe now still Fantastic.

    An absolutely beautifully written work of historical fiction Morgan s writing is infinitely quotable I cried than once and will surely pick this book up again and re read, something I almost never do Don t miss out by closing the book after Alyce s story ends Read it cover to cover because there is a well researched overview of the Inquisition after the novel concludes.

    I really really enjoyed this book it was a historical fiction, however used current pagan beliefs practices in order to show how the Wiccans worshiped and how they were misconstrued by the Papal Emissary in Ireland Excellent book

    Robin Morgan, a prolific feminist author did a wonderful job in her fictional portrayal of a woman who takes over the manor is independent, clever compassionate The herstorical details characters are really well done.

    Some parts were good, particularly the verbal battles between Alyce and the Bishop, but most of the book read like a sermon on how paganism is so wonderful Regardless of beliefs, I came for a novel.

    the best book everi learned that we lost a whole section of our creative right minded left handed thinkers in our worldr to be put back into our gene pool again.ame on those responsiblewhat a powerfull bookevery woman should read my husband loved it too

    The beginning seems a bit stereotypical strong, bright woman wins the day but ultimately I was glad a read this Characters became nuanced Raised my awareness of the extensiveness of witch hunts.

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