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Sherlock Bones 1 #2020

Sherlock Bones DEDUCTIVE DOG DETECTIVEWhen Takeru adopts his new pet he s in for a surprise the dog is none other than the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes the famous detective What s this Sherdog has decided th
  • Title: Sherlock Bones 1
  • Author: Yuma Ando Yuki Sato
  • ISBN: 9781612624440
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • DEDUCTIVE DOG DETECTIVEWhen Takeru adopts his new pet, he s in for a surprise the dog is none other than the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective What s , this Sherdog has decided that Takeru is the reincarnation of his long time assistant, Dr Watson Takeru may think Sherdog or he himself is crazy, but with no one else able to communicate withDEDUCTIVE DOG DETECTIVEWhen Takeru adopts his new pet, he s in for a surprise the dog is none other than the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective What s , this Sherdog has decided that Takeru is the reincarnation of his long time assistant, Dr Watson Takeru may think Sherdog or he himself is crazy, but with no one else able to communicate with Holmes, he s roped into becoming the canine s assistant all the same Using his exceptional sleuthing skills, Holmes uncovers clues to solve the trickiest crimes.
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      386 Yuma Ando Yuki Sato
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    3.5 5Takeru is so excited about the fact that he is about to adopt a dog But he has no idea what he s about to get into Turns out that he has adopted the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Bones And when he is chewing a pipe, he can talk to Takeru, who immediately is enlisted as his Watson The dynamic between them is pretty funny The art was a bit weird at times, sometimes it looked like a character was possessed by the way her eyes were drawn Really weird And I don t need a close up of S [...]

    I normally don t go in for series that look like they might be long running although a quick google search just now shows that this series was comprised of only 7 volumes , but the premise of this was so cute that I couldn t help but give it a quick peek About a few minutes in, I decided that I wanted to own this and its second volume The premise of this series is incredibly similar to Detective Conan, enough to where I m sure that some will probably disregard this entirely because they think it [...]

    Can you say cute I m on a Sherlock Holmes kick right now I m obsessed with the BBC show Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scottsquee I m reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes to gain an appreciation for the original And here I find a manga take off on the world s most famous consulting detective.Like most manga series, this is hilariously ridiculous But in a good way you get the feeling that the mangaka realizes the silliness of the series, whereas other series I ve read take themselves too se [...]

    With a title like that, you just gotta laugh when you see this book But, once you read some of this manga, you realize it s good and gets better Takeru adopts a dog, who turns out to be the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective The fact that Sherlock was a world famous detective is really repeated too much in this volume He names the dog Sherdog , and the fun begins With the help of Sherlock s pipe, Sherdog can communicate with Takeru, who he believes is the reicarnation of his [...]

    Untuk vol.1 7 tamat o Gambar 4 untuk gambar si Sherdock 5.5 bintang Aku gak bisa memungkiri kalo perhatianku sepanjang penyelidikan sering teralih karena keimutannya sosoknya waktu mengendus endus, atau waktu lagi berdiri doang gak ngapa ngapain itu terlihat menggemaskan Yang oke juga gambar ekpresi pelaku yang nyeremin Cerita kasus kasusnya penyelidikannya 3 4 bintangru imho tanpa serumit detektip Conan, misalnya serpis kipas angin 3 bintang bener bener gak dibutuhin hanya bikin masu [...]

    I needed to read something agreeably idiotic and Sherlock Bones the story of the great English detective reincarnated as a pipe smoking pup and solving crimes in a Japanese high school certainly qualified Done with panache and a reasonable amount of cleverness shame about the occasional TA.

    I saw this manga at a comic convention, and I just couldn t help myself It is not only adorable, but it also gives several little nods to the original source material which is gratifying for the rabid Sherlock fan like myself I would definitely pick it up for a bit of light reading or to help withdrawal symptoms from the BBC s Sherlock off season

    Cute idea but not for me lost interest halfway through and skimmed the rest Will not be continuing the series.

    Idea pieneksi koiraksi j lleensyntyneest Sherlock Holmesista, joka puhuu telepaattisesti omistajansa kanssa, jos vain saa oman vanhan piippunsa suuhunsa, on jo niin p hk , ett pakkohan t m oli lukea Yll tt v n murhaisa aloitusideaan n hden Ensimm isess osassa ratkaistiin liikennepako, yliajo, itsemurha ja murha ja sama tahti n emm jatkuu kakkosessa Huumoria revit n mm siit , ett englantilaisen herrasmiehen Sherlock koira ei pysty k ym n tarpeillaan kuin vessassa Ent voiko suloistakaan koiraa kun [...]

    The best graphic novel I ve ever read Cant wait to read all the other books If you love Sherlock Holmes and reading, then you should read it It s really good

    THIS IS SO CUTE I love Holmes, and I love inventive stories about Holmes And now Holmes is A DOGGY How Wicked is that The cases are fun, too.

    Stuff I Read Sherlock Bones Vol 1 ReviewSo this was a bit odd I suppose I knew that going in, but wow is this manga something of a strange mix of cute and disturbing It s dark, it s funny, and it s really kind of charming The story focuses on Takeru, a young boy in a family full of police officers, who loves dogs and who ends up taking home a rescue that might be much than he seems Because this new dog claims to be none other than the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes, which makes Takeru the rei [...]

    This is one of those series that, despite certain irritating qualities, you can t help but like.The story centers around Sherlock Holmes, reincarnated as a dog, and Watson, reincarnated as a Japanese guy Now, this may seem like a good manga for kids, but hold your horses I wouldn t give it to anyone that isn t at least in middle school.First up, violence The mysteries they solve together in volume one are a tad morbid There s a nasty car accident not so bad but the second one was murdering a bul [...]

    Sherlock Holmes is a dog The greatest detective the world has ever known has been reincarnated into a cute new form with floppy ears, and big, expressive eyes Little does this stop him though, for he is as keen as ever His only regret is this body which restricts him Thankfully, friendship has also survived the great divide, so it is up to Takeru, Watson reborn, to pick up the slack, especially since he is the only one that can understand him In general, Sherdog s cases have a very different set [...]

    3.5 5When I found out that this series was only seven volumes long, I jumped on board I d been feeling the need to read a manga mystery, and maybe that s just cause it s been so long since I watched Case Closed or Detective Conan Which means that, invariably, I will be comparing this to Case Closed But I just love that series, and it s one of the only manga mysteries I ve read watched.This sounded like a cute series, a new take on Sherlock Holmes And the artwork is very pretty, which is always a [...]

    Yuma Andon ja Yuki Saton Etsiv koira Sherdock Sangatsu Manga, 2013 on ensimm isen osansa perusteella ihan hyv tasoinen nuorille suunnattu sarjakuva, jossa lukiolaispoika Takeru ottaa suojiinsa koiranpennun, joka osoittautuu mestarietsiv Sherlock Holmesin inkarnaatioksi Yhdess kaksikko alkaa sitten selvitt rikoksia Ensimm isess osassa ratkotaan lukiolaispojan itsemurhaa, joka kuitenkin osoittautuu aidoksi veriteoksi S vy tuo mieleen Columbo tarinat kyse on enemm nkin siit , kuinka murhaaja saadaa [...]

    I saw this manga at the book store a week or two ago I was so excited when I got volume one from my library I love Sherlock Holmes and to have him reincarnated as a dog seemed like a really funny and idea to me I read this before I started my shift When Takeru Wajima, a Second Year at London Academy High School, adopts a pet at his shelter, he doesnt know its the reincarnation of the famous Sherlock Holmes Not to mention, the dog also believes him to be his famous assistant, John Watson While ge [...]

    I found this manga at the clendon library and as a fan of the show Sherlock it intrigued me I read the synopsis and I cracked up and was sold It s about this dog who is the reincarnation of the detective Sherlock and he is adopted by this guy Takeru who he is convinced is his side kick Watson These unlikely duo then find themselves solving crimes.This manga had me cracking up a lot of the time especially the characters emotions and how their relationship works doesn t work The crime itself was a [...]

    One of the most amazing things about Manga is its diversity From Romance to Horror and every other genre in between Sherlock Bones is an example of this variety In this manga the reincarnated Sherlock Holmes is in the form of a cute dog who is in the local dog shelter Young Takeru is at the shelter looking for a new pet and he discovers Sherlock The two have an instant connection and it happens that when the dog puts a pipe from England in his mouth he is able to telepathecially talk to his owne [...]

    Okay, don t ask me why I picked this up I m going to plead needing a piece of absurd fluff after all the recent drama in my life If Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson reborn respectively as a little dog and a Japanese teenager attending London Academy High School which has a Big Ben styled clock tower doesn t fit the description of absurd fluff , ain t nothin gonna do it The art is inconsistent in quality, and the stories are far convoluted than is necessary, but there is a charm to the characters t [...]

    So I read this volume for Japanese June, and I really enjoyed it.This is a really entertaining little first volume Basically, Sherlock Holmes is a corgi sort of and a teenaged boy, who turns out to be Watson, adopts him and takes him home Crimes ensue, the game is afoot and the dog can talk only when he has a pipe in his mouth As far as mangas go, this is pretty typical There are quite a few of the usual tropes in here but I still found it easy to read and I did enjoy it It s well put together a [...]

    I bought this as a joke with a bunch of friends Being simultaneously an extremely avid Holmesian, a HSC student running on very little sleep, and an enthusiastic lover of puns, the whole ordeal was unnecessarily hilarious.I did not expect that I would love it so much It s cute, funny, and the mystery was actually pretty compelling Plus, the art was pretty great It was VERY ridiculous in some parts, but I felt the author knew that and so it only added to its charm Will be looking out for second v [...]

    I m a sucker for anything Holmes inspired, so this was a series I just had to read This first volume is a lot of character introduction and establishes the feel of the series It s very cute and the mystery is pretty interesting I appreciate that it takes most of the volume for them to solve it Bottom line, if you are a fan of things like Detective Conan Case Closed then you will probably enjoy this as well.

    I only picked up this manga because when I read the back, I got a vibe that resembled my love for my favorite manga anime Case Closed Detective Conan Being the first volume, it sets up things nicely The idea of a reincarnation of Sherlocks Holmes stuck in a dog is pretty funny The mystery is interesting but then it gets kinda convoluted towards the end Also, we don t get a sense of the characters Excited to pick up the next volume.

    Cute, with some funny stuff Holmes, reincarnated as a lap dog, finds it horrifying that, as a dog, he needs to do his business outdoors , but the mystery is solved Colombo style We know the murderer from the outset, and Holmes and Takeru the new Watson and Holmes owner reveal how it was done as the story progresses I ll probably try the next volume to see if the mysteries become Sherlock Holmes and less Colombo Don t get me wrong, I like Colombobut Holmes has his own style.

    Enjoying the BBC series Sherlock can lead one down some strange paths Manga Sherdog with pipe My manga impressions I did love that sometimes the human characters looked like possessed demons, a female swim teacher is drawn as a tarty Baywatch swimsuit model, and that Sherdog oftened looked like a bunny Somewhere along the way bullying is addressed in here too The magic of manga Confusion of reading something backwards I have been officially indocturned

    Public library copy.This manga would appeal to young readers because its not especially interesting or sophisticated Unlike Case Closed this manga doesn t have a clever Sherlock Holmes hook unless the reader can appreciate a talking dog acting as such The art wasn t as grand as most manga, which is why I recommend this book solely for readers still reading Pok mon like material.

    Sherlock Holmes is reincarnated as a cute puppy and he s found his Watson Watson is a high school student His sister s is a detective and is the reincarnated Irene Adler.It sounds ridiculous but is full of potential It s funny because of the circumstances and pulls the reader in through sheer force of character As the original Sherlock stories do.

    I m very partial to Case Closed and Young Miss Holmes, which I find to be superior to this series so far I like the idea of Sherlock Holmes coming back as a dog, but the juvenile humor is just too much for me Will give it a few volumes to see if the mysteries are interesting.

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