The Autobiography of Ben Franklin

The Autobiography of Ben Franklin #2020

The Autobiography of Ben Franklin Benjamin Franklin s Autobiography is one of the most famous works in American literature He started it as a private collection of anecdotes for his son but soon it was transformed into a work of hist
  • Title: The Autobiography of Ben Franklin
  • Author: Benjamin Franklin
  • ISBN: 9781595479563
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Benjamin Franklin s Autobiography is one of the most famous works in American literature He started it as a private collection of anecdotes for his son, but soon it was transformed into a work of history This is a charming, self portrait of one of America s greatest forefathers.
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    ere will be sleeping enough in the grave Benjamin FranklinEven in death, I can t imagine Franklin resting There is always just too much to do, too many questions to ask, too many books to read, too much to explore My brother recommended this book to me about 30 years ago I m not sure why I never read it until now Part of it must be the feeling that Benjamin Franklin would always just be there He wasn t going anywhere He seems to permeate so much of what it means to be an American and is an essen [...]

    This is a curious little book As an autobiography it suffers from the fact that it leaves out nearly all of the most interesting parts of Franklin s life This is a bit like reading an autobiography of John Lennon that ends a few years before he meets Paul McCartney I m not saying there is no interest in what is here, but any sort of version of such a man s life that ends well short of the American Revolution is than a little heart breaking.There are very amusing parts of this particularly aroun [...]

    The charm and pleasure of this book, for me, is that it is not about the famous Benjamin Franklin, the inventor and one of the fathers of the American Revolution, but that it is about the young Franklin about his education and apprenticeship as a printer to his brother, about his love of books and his determination to improve his writing skills, about how he uprooted himself from his birthplace and family and moved to Philadelphia, and began a business there He meets rogues and swindlers, has un [...]

    Man oh man, that dude had some mad skills This book is written somewhat sloppily changing narrative styles throughout, carrying on from time to time, and not even finishing it but the content is truly amazing Why didn t I learn in school about how awesome Ben Franklin was In addition to his kite flying escapade, he invented a better type of wood burning furnace, and a better street lamp He created the first public university in America U Penn , helped create one of the first public hospitals, an [...]

    Dr Benjamin Franklin is the embodiment of Thomas Edison s Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration He came from a poor family His sensible father was of good character Dr Franklin was a deist What God has given man, he purposefully, methodically, and continually used to improve himself A self driven independent thinker, he endeavored to improve, not only mentally and financially, but morally He did it for his own sake, and the fruits became the glory of mankind Dr Franklin resolved to pract [...]

    In the summer of 1771, while he was living in a country home in England, Benjamin Franklin began an autobiography that he was destined to never finish He prepared an outline of a final section that he did not complete, but the four parts that he did finish represent one of the seminal documents of the enlightenment He was a statesman, an author, an inventor, a scientist, a printer, and the list goes on and on when describing Benjamin Franklin As an autobiographer he also demonstrated his genius [...]

    This is a wonderfully inspiring Read It s a small book packed with great insights into virtuous living His curiosity and observation of the world around him lead him to live an amazingly full life in which he accomplished much for the good of mankind All this combined with his wit and writing style make it enjoyable to read and truly encourages the reader towards self improvement I m actually reading it again right now It s great for new year s resolutions.

    I read this book as a teenager and was so captivated that I tried Franklin s scheme of cultivating the virtues, probably with only marginal success It was fun to reacquaint myself with the work Franklin first of all affirms that he would live his life over again unchanged, were he given the opportunity Compare this with Nietzsche s assertion that such would be repugnant to most men Thus one can see that Franklin was essentially a content and optimistic man This book is a candid and non florid ac [...]

    This was exciting, once I found out it really was his autobiography I couldn t believe it at 1st Turned out to be divided roughly into two parts, the 1st starting with his family history and younger years, and the second coming later after a break He was in his 80s, and his public had encouraged him to continue The 2nd part is a little slower but still informative The book is not very long, not a huge tome It stops all of a sudden, before the revolutionary years Maybe he just couldn t find the t [...]

    Benjamin Franklin s autobiography is perfect except for one thing, its only half finished Franklin was prevented from completing it, by becoming involved in the American Revolution.Later going as a diplomat to Paris, to get French help.Born in Boston in 1706, to Josiah Franklin and his wife Abiah A good student in his youth but the family lacked the money to send him to college His father was a candle maker and Benjamin after many false starts became an apprentice to his brother James in the pri [...]

    I have always been very skeptical of self help books I read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey on the recommendation of a friend Covey openly admitted that Benjamin Franklin s autobiography guided his ideas So, I decided to go right to the source.There is no better life book, and it is so effective because it does not seek to be a self help book This autobiography is really just a look into the life of a person who sought only improvement in his own person and engaged [...]

    Benjamin Franklin invented the American Fire Department, wood stoves, and the American system of government You would think, then, that he d invent some way of writing an autobiography that wasn t boring as hell But no Franklin loves his books, and he also loves self improvement the best parts of this are his bizarre charts where he rates himself on a 13 point scale of morality But despite all of his attention to rhetoric this book does not, in my opinion, rise to the occasion of chronicling wha [...]

    There is so much to learn from Benjamin Franklin and his autobiography and other writings Please read it yourself It is well worth your time I was inspired by his genius, curiosity in all subjects and in people.

    I really enjoyed this book far than I anticipated I ve read a lot about Benjamin Franklin but to read his story in his own words makes it really come to life He had a very down to earth writing style I know that some of the words would have been modernised a little at some point in the publication history but you still get a very 18th century style without it bogging down with a lot of needless filler.My problem with this book though is that there was quite a lot not included He writes about hi [...]

    After i read an article that Narendra modi got inspired of Benjamin Franklin,i started this book It is indeed a book worth reading Especially, Benjamin s way of life and his 13 moral point is good for everyone to follow.

    Because of the movie American Treasure and the plot sequence involving Benjamin Franklin s Silence Dogood letters a series of letters he published under a pseudonym at age 16 , my youngest son became interested in him and picked out a biography for me to read aloud at night That biography, written for kids, cites its main source as Ben Franklin s autobiography, so I figured it was high time I read that American classic.I ll admit it the old fashioned language of the original is daunting and some [...]

    Franklin s life was completely nuts And while his image has become little than a goofy caricature in our age, the times that he lived and worked in were fraught with bizarre religious strife, nascent colonial revolutionary sentiment, doomed military expeditions, and kooky scientific technological explorations.America is first and foremost, a WEIRD place Always has been Always will be And Ben Franklin, than any other founding figure, apothasizes and simultaneously transcends that weirdness on n [...]

    I just finished a biography and decided to reread his Autobiography, which I read in high school I loved it then What kind of boy did that make me A nerd A dork I prefer to say budding intellectual I remember myself thinking then about how I could be a better person Nothing wrong with a book that does that.

    Benjamin Franklin s lifetime commitment to personal development really inspired me I developed great respect and admiration for this prominent American historical figure.

    Benjamin Franklin as a person was a scientist, diplomat, legislator, inventor, and a proficient statesman In his eighty two years, he lived a very full life and accomplished many great achievements, probably his greatest triumph being that of discovering the phenomenon of electricity and how to control it Franklin was also a skilled politician and pretty much gained accomplishments in whatever he strove to do In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin has a very pompous attitude towards [...]

    People do not fall into the category of great by chance or triviality Ben Franklin worked to improve himself, his community, and the lives of those with whom he shared his existence He set an example of honesty, hard work, sobriety, fair dealing, and generosity that has been a light on the path of millions His example seems to me exactly what is needed today.Reading this book was a joy It s cool too to note the differences in writing style and spelling he used Just two examples musik and requir [...]

    This was a very interesting and informative book made up of letters from Benjamin Franklin to his son over the course of several decades I listened to it on audiobook which was neat because I sometimes felt like Franklin was sitting right next to me sharing stories of his life Given the personal letter style, I felt like he became a friend rather than just someone I was reading about Franklin shares what he learned from his long and active life not hesitating to admit where he made mistakes that [...]

    I liked this, and found it a surprising page turner.I really enjoyed the old fashioned language after getting used to it Normally, I resist using puffed up language and always try to find mundane equivalents for words I might naturally use or words that might be slightly precise So I thought it wd annoy me that Franklin s language was unnecessarily elevated and abstract But it didn t mess with me, I really enjoyed the diction and syntax, reminded me of reading _Cloud Atlas_, where a fiction aut [...]

    I have a love hate relationship with one of my book clubs I love to hate the books they choose And this one I was determined to hate Funny thing though, I can t hate this book In the age of self aggrandizing ghost written puff piece memoirs, this was refreshingly humble Which is ironic because Ben Franklin kind of seems full of himself Of course, it ends around 1757 when he was a merely middle aged and well before many of the historical juicy bits really happen The phrasing and vocabulary clearl [...]

    Advice from Old BenIf you want to know about the events of Ben Franklin s life, seek a different book That is not the primary focus of this book, and much of what old Ben details will probably seem tedious or trivial compared to the Revolution.which the book stops twenty years shy of.Autobiography deals with what the subject himself thinks important for others to know, and what Franklin pays a lot of time on in this book is advice For those looking for it, there is advice on how to persuade othe [...]

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