Passion of an Angel

Passion of an Angel #2020

Passion of an Angel A captivating mystical and erotic story about the life before Earth The first world was ideal the first humans were immortal everything was given to them to ensure a happy and endless future and li
  • Title: Passion of an Angel
  • Author: Suren Hakobyan Suren Fant
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A captivating, mystical and erotic story about the life before Earth The first world was ideal, the first humans were immortal, everything was given to them to ensure a happy and endless future and life seemed to be going perfect But there was a curious angel who changed the course of life.To begin with, angels hadn t any feelings, they were cold, emotionless creatures wA captivating, mystical and erotic story about the life before Earth The first world was ideal, the first humans were immortal, everything was given to them to ensure a happy and endless future and life seemed to be going perfect But there was a curious angel who changed the course of life.To begin with, angels hadn t any feelings, they were cold, emotionless creatures wandering around the new world and examining the surroundings But one of them learned to feel and to see the beauty of God s creation and for that life, even the angel is surely ready to leave even Heaven.
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      167 Suren Hakobyan Suren Fant
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    W O W This is my response to this story It is amazing, the idea of writing about the beginning of time, the garden Eden and the angel that changed everything is genius I absolutely loved it I am left with the desire to read from Suren Fant.

    3.5 rounded up for the lovely writing and for being different in the genre This is the first story about Eden in PR UF I ve ever read and I loved it and the little twist the author gave it rounded down due to too many editing errors In a 20 something page novella, the amount of errors I found just isn t reasonable.The book started out beautifully pretty words and descriptive prose The author painted a vivid picture of the moment of creation and I was sucked into his world from the first paragrap [...]

    This was an interesting short story I think it is safe to say, that almost every one should know the story of creation, regardless of what religion you practice, if any at all God creates Earth God creates man Man is lonely God creates woman Woman brings sin Man and woman are cast out of the Garden Simple enough, right Passion of an Angel offers a new perspective to this story of creation I think Suren Fant did a great job with creating a reason why Eve chose to eat that apple She knew it was a [...]

    4.0 to 4.5 StarsFirstlet me thank the author of this short story for being kind enough to send this to me to review Suren your writing is deep and thought provoking.I found this short story to be provocative and enjoyable I love reading books with Angels in them and all the ideas concerning good vs evil, and how Angels have fallen not only for their own pride, but for the love of a human It is another version of the proverbial Garden of Eden , or the beginning of mankind upon the earth, as expla [...]

    I have read so many novels about demons lately, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to read about angels I wasn t expecting angels in the Garden of Eden, or a new twist to an old tale about the dawn of time Still, the story offered up a fresh and interesting perspective, with vivid imagery and some unexpected turns.When the angels first observe the creation of the Garden of Eden they are intrigued, awestruck even And the impact starts off a series of events, creating the beginning of hum [...]

    Received copy in exchange for honest reviewReal rating 3.65This story is basically remake of the story of The Creations as told in the Bible in the chapter of Genesis It is focused on the man and all things made by God and how it all changed all because of one angel The story is very mature and a bit of angst in perspective It s a very good version, one whose point of view is not very popular and well known Taking on the side of Lucifer, the angel, it shows us a different kind of emotion or a hi [...]

    Favorite Lines His eyes, usually icy and devoid of emotion, cracked and then began to twinkle as the first tear rolled lazily from them It was his first real emotion, and the first thing his heart had ever felt You can t understand me You still can t feel the love Lucifer is a tricky angel I enjoyed this little story It was easy to get into and wonder what Lucifer would do next Michael true to form can t understand what Lucifer does what he does This author did fabulous I love angel books and th [...]

    Thank you Suren for this novel It s a new point of view about the creation of Eden, humans, angels It s presenting how Lucifer, the 1st of angels started having feelings for the new beautiful creature called woman How with feelings he can create as Father and he want , he belive that he can do a better work then God It seems that will be a very very interesting series, i will watch out for it

    I found this short story captivating I like the idea behind the story of creation, the angels, humans,The Garden of Eden and the Father to be very interesting and it made me have a completely different point of view on it I am curious to read stories from this author Thank you for writing it and sharing it.Looking forward to reading the next book of this new series.I definitely recommend it.

    This is a short story, a quick read It is an interesting take on Creation, Adam and Eve, and I especially liked the portrayal of Lucifer I was impressed with the fact that this story was originally written in another language and then translated into English It has a few errors, but very few I enjoyed it.I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

    I liked this short story a lot I m a big fan of Angels and I thought this was an interesting twist on the Adam and Eve legend.

    I want to thank the author for sending me this story to read and review He was very gracious to do so when I was suppose to only read the second in this series.I have mixed thoughts on the story.I think the twist of the creation story from Genesis was very good It adds this dimension of detail in the storytelling that the original does not have We are left to wonder and suppose in the original With this story, it creates a possible idea from that could be derived from the creation story When I s [...]

    This is essentially the exodus of Adam and Eve It just starts a little earlier in the timeline I ll confess that I don t gravitate toward religious stories at all But even if I did, I m still not sure I would think well of this one There is a lot that is assumedor rather, presumed For example, Eve and the Angel hide their actions from Adam However, two such innocent creatures wouldn t have even had the moral understanding necessary to perceive those same actions as anything but natural in the ci [...]

    The captivating and thoughtfully descriptive words brought me closer to what would slowly unfold to a story of lust both sexually and wanting than what God would offer the story of an angel that was never satisfied with what he had.The unique story of an angle that witnessed the beginnings of earth Somewhat clich wording at times, but still sent an enjoyable message A different portrayal of what most think an angel is.The characters are a bit difficult to relate to I felt a bit of a distance fr [...]

    I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review This review may contain spoilers.I m a bit torn about how to rate this short story I did like it quite a bit, but I m giving it three stars because I would have really liked to see this turned into a longer book parts of this felt like a summary and there was that I thought could have been explored.The concept of the story was quite an interesting one Angel romances are beginning to saturate the market nowadays and I f [...]

    Summary First Reactions Before social media Before cellphones and the thirteen colonies Before the sun rose and set on the British empire There was a garden, and an angel Passion of an Angel is the story about an Angel s obsession with creation Its short, sweet, and beautifully detailed Suren Fant did an amazing job with the writing of this story that had me screaming in the back of my car Despite knowing how it wold end He describes it as A Captivating, Mystical, and Erotic Story about Life Bef [...]

    I found Passion of an Angel to be a very interesting take on creation Since we all know the story, we all know pretty much what happens it s Suren take on those events that makes it interesting.My problem with the story was grammar and the flow of the story I felt the story was choppy and even though I know it s a short story I think some of the events need a few sentences to make the events flow Poor Adam who is actually the lead character in the Bible gets little play here This story focuses [...]

    3,5 starsThis book was an offer from the author in exchange for an honest review.It didn t ring a bell in me, perhaps because it is too small, I could read it in less than 2 hours I think there was not much time to get involved in the story.This book tells the story of an angel who watches the creation of Eden by God and think is the most beautiful thing he saw and from there he can have feelings for everything he sees Supposedly the angels did not feel emotions And are these feelings and emotio [...]

    I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review This is a rather serious story of love and loss, with a cautionary tale about the ripple affect of one s own decisions and actions Some parts of the story were slow and predictable, but mostly it was lovely and poetic The story has some flaws, at times it was hard to follow Eventually you figure out that the white angel is Lucifer before his name is mentioned Sometimes I found it hard to figure out who was a part of the co [...]

    We all know about the Garden of Eden and what Adam and Eve did to earn the wrath of God This is a short story that tells you about the time in the Garden of Eden, but there is a twist It is not your normal Adam meets Eve there is a snake and a tree It is a new perspective on the whole Garden of Eden and Lucifer Eve meets a white angel who you learn later on is Lucifer and they both have feelings for each other is this how Lucifer got into the humans heart Even though it was a good twist, I did f [...]

    I received an e copy of this book via the author Suren Fant, in exchange for an honest review.I have only given the book a 3 star rating as I felt it had only just got started when it ended which is a shame, as it could have been longer.The story made interesting reading about an age old tale of God and how the world was created Instead of being the traditional Bible version it was told from the view of an Angel A well written book that draws you into the storyline, it has good descriptions of t [...]

    Passion of an Angel is a short story that offers an erotic, alternate take on the creation of humans and their exile from the Garden of Eden.The author did a great job creating the story s visuals as well as painting the thought processes of one particular angel This angel did not accept things as they were, and his desire to know and do his own thing wrecked havoc on the blueprint God had for Adam and Eve.The erotic episode was beautifully conveyed and paced The drawback is that it ended all t [...]

    ok the story is good but it doesn t seem original Growing up in a Catholic house hold and going to Catholic school it seems like what I learned in 3 rd grade The only difference is that Lucifer wasn t blamed for Adam and Eve s wrong doing of eating the Apple it was of Eve made Adam bite the Apple and they were banned from the garden So just a bit of a twist to a old story which who really knows maybe angels did have something to do with it Lucifer was exiled for his bad rebellious behavior by h [...]

    First of all I want to thank Mr Suren for giving me the opportunity to read his work, and be a part of the story, I am truly honored The story was beyond outstanding I could feel, taste, smell, see, hear every word, every emotion, every scene.It was intense, never a dull moment We all know Adam and Eve, and by adding and involving angels as a twist, it was perfect The ending was insanely good Surprise, surprise Beyond perfect for a short story I want Sinful, very imaginative, creatively brillia [...]

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the Lovers of Paranormal Group on I did not find this story at all enjoyable It was basically a retelling of Adam and Eve with a slight twist The story is described as A captivating, mystical and erotic story about the life before Earth There was nothing mystical or erotic about this book I am not big into erotica so that was ok with me The love scenes were basically PG rated The story telling came across to me as very monotone and humdr [...]

    I didn t enjoy this as much as I had hoped At first I really liked the prose, and I thought the take on the story was refreshing, but after a few pages, I found it increasingly hard to ignore that this book is translated Normally I would admit room for this I have read plenty of translated books, and enjoyed them nonetheless but I feel this story suffers from its translation Particularly in regards to the flow of both prose and progression Were I capable of reading this story in its original lan [...]

    I receive this book in exchange for an honest review from the Lovers of Paranormal Group on The short story about Adam and Eve but magnified As this story unfolds it just doesn t talk about the first human but it mostly centers around the an Angel, Lucifer It s quiet interesting how this was written The plot and twist of the story made the usual Adam and Eve story dark and deep For a short story it does make an impact to the readers Just so different from what you re use to Nonetheless, it was a [...]

    First off, thank you Suren for sending me the story It was perfect to read on a quiet afternoon, and I enjoyed it.I loved this story It gives a whole new perspective and gives light to what could have happened, or what really happened This short story makes me wish it were longer, and I wanted to know and question about the story I thought it was creative, spinning the story of Adam and Eve, weaving Michael and Lucifer into the story Overall, I enjoyed this book than I thought, and I m glad Su [...]

    I was very surprised by this book, I am addicted to the paranormal genre, so angels books have been done and done This book however was a complete surprise and very refreshing I loved it To think the garden of Eden was invaded by angels And Eve Well Lucky girl This book read beautifully It was clear flowing and had no dull or boring spots I would recommend it to my friends for sure.

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