Superman: Action Comics, Vol. 2: Bulletproof

Superman: Action Comics, Vol. 2: Bulletproof #2020

Superman Action Comics Vol Bulletproof This new Action Comics hardcover features President Superman Nimrod the Hunter The Forgotten Superman and much Plus meet The Boy Who Stole Superman s Cape in a tale from Clark Kent s early days in
  • Title: Superman: Action Comics, Vol. 2: Bulletproof
  • Author: Grant Morrison Rags Morales Various
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This new Action Comics hardcover features President Superman, Nimrod the Hunter, The Forgotten Superman and much Plus meet The Boy Who Stole Superman s Cape, in a tale from Clark Kent s early days in Metropolis Collecting Action Comics 9 12, 0 Annual 1
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      408 Grant Morrison Rags Morales Various
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    This volume was straight up bizarre.First, we start out on Earth 23 with black President Superman, who is Calvin Ellis and not Clark Kent Just why Why are we suddenly on Earth 23 Why is Superman President What does this have to do with the future issues in this series Ok, so kind of random and pointless, but not an awful story idea.The middle issues aren t that bad either, but then Lois gets hurt and Superman takes her to a hospital.Um Ok.Great, but I don t think that s exactly sanitary or a ste [...]

    We re in the second volume and already an alternate universe story GAH This is DC s Achilles heel that and endle ly rebooting continuity It s an interesting story, Lois, a barbequed Clark Kent and Superman s Pal Jimmy Olsen end up meeting an African American Superman, who s alter ego is the President of the United States but what does it have to do with the main storyline In this volume, absolutely nothing I don t mind an occasional alternate universe storyline, as long as it s simple to follow [...]

    What the hell was this It s a choppy disorienting mess that has no cohesive storyline Or at least none that I could figure out.I m pissed I loved volume one And now this Maybe it will all tie together in volume three I ll read it, but it s going to the bottom of my TBR pile.

    Not sure what the hell I just read It was all over the place with an alternate universe story, tales of Superman s early days in Metropolis, and other even less interest things Since I know I actually like Superman, I m going to blame it on Morrison s style, which is getting and annoying to me And, yes, I know he only wrote half the issues collected here, but he gets the blame even so My advice stay the hell away from this unless you love Morrison.

    Another fantastic volume of Action Comics from Morrison The dude just gets Superman right, and always comes up with such fun and smart stories for the character I also was surprised by how much I enjoy Sholly Fisch s backup stories, they always read like a logical continuation of Morrison s work, and they never feel like a chore to read, which is an incredible achievement for backup stories Excellent stuff all around

    Pretty much liked the entirety of this book Morrison has some great ideas, but his stream of consciousness way of writing and proceeding from one issue to the next is vexing at times I still don t understand the purpose of the black Superman story it was interesting but disrupted the flow of things.I think the book would be better served by printing the backups after the main stories like in the monthly books They would make much sense that way.The new Captain Comet is very intriguing and I wou [...]

    I have always thought that Morrison is a no talent hack who believes that shock value equals a great story It doesn t, Grant Sorry, but even though you have occasional moments of brilliance, this collection did nothing to make me change my hack opinion of you I will stick through Vol 3 just so I can have closure and give you the chance to redeem yourself , but it s not looking good, buddy This volume was disjointed, and frankly, the inclusion of the Annual made it even less cohesive than Morriso [...]

    I was shocked by how much I liked the first volume of New 52 s Action Comics Because honestly, I don t really care for Superman But Morrison had been able to make the guy interesting, without straying too far from what I think of as the core of the character Alas, no such luck here Maybe I just fundamentally don t care for Superman, no matter what anyone does with him But there was at least one storyline here that I think would have irritated me with any character view spoiler Let s kill the Cla [...]

    So When DC wants to not only kill something, but also annihilate it s very soul, they give it to Grant Morrison, right Add Action Comics to the growing list of Morrison s victims I think I was able to tolerate this simply because of Morales artwork, which was a huge improvement from his disconnected illustrations in the first volume For the most part or I should say, when the text allows it there is some fluid, cohesive visual storytelling.It s the writing that evaporates any hope that I might h [...]

    A jumbled mess Grant Morrison is very hit or miss with me 80% of the latter in his books Rags Morales, however, has done a beautiful job with the artwork in his issues While there are some interesting ideas and hints of larger stories looming, the setting of Action Comics may be its undoing Action Comics is like Superman s early years in Metropolis, and is set 5 years before the Superman series in the New 52 So everything that is written in this series has to have some effect on current Superman [...]

    Not as triumphant as the previous volume, but not a total wash, either.As a compulsive buyer of Superman tshirts I was glad there was a subplot about ca hing in onSuperman tshirts The Elseworlds stuff with President Superman I could have lived without, but the glimpse at Mister Mxyzptlk related stuff was trippy, as was the Big Bad connected to Kal El s arrival on Earth.I would recommend it for Superfans, definitely.

    You know what I love When you write a long review and your computer eats it Ya SUPER.Speaking of SUPER MANGrant Morrison has a SUPER imagination I seriously love that his take on Supes isn t boring If people really hate this, go read a Dan Jurgens early mid 90s Superman book then come back and see how bad you think Grant isWhile I love all the ideas and all the potential, this is kinda jumping all over the place, which is a little frustrating, and I m never sure what s alternate world, future, p [...]

    Always spoilers ahead Is there a button I can check on here There should be a button I can check for all my spoiler filled reviews There are moments in this book that are great I feel like I say that every time Superman s fighting a bizarre but not Bizzaro version of himself sorta who has crazy mind control powers and is wrecking Metropolis, and a little girl with the same sort of mind control powers uses her humanity to save Superman and Lois both THAT was awesome Grant Morrison s creepy weirdn [...]

    I m glad I came here to see what others were saying bout this volume, because I don t get it either I thought I just didn t know how to read comics in general any, or just Morrison s idea of a story But the volume was not good If you are trying to introduce new readers to comics via the New 52, why throw in an alternate universe story in an early issue It s confusing I had to go online to understand what was going on The main story in this volume some neo sapien hunting others of his species, wh [...]

    After a dismal reboot with Action Comics Vol 1, Morrison disappoints with yet another lame collection of Superman stories He doesn t write them all, but its a very scattered collection, with not much focus.There are some good parts here and there, but the boring parts stop the good stuff from shining through I m talking about re inventing Kryptonite Man as K Man, who is the exact same guy, but this time he s a wife beater who is looking for his battered wife BORING The only good parts were the w [...]

    A little better than volume 1 I didn t take to Morrisons run on Action Comics the first time I read it month to month as it was published , and re reading it now, I feel the same way The highlights in this volume are superman reading an entire medical library in seconds and then performing surgery himself to save Lois which was crazy and cool and a classic silver age superman Lois save and the 0 Zero issue is very good Could Ben Oliver not have done and Rags Morales done less

    This was just a mess It was just a jumble of a mess This was not really a complete story but rather a bunch of issues thrown together that do not connect or make sense I really want to like Superman but they are making it very hard.

    Oof I adore Morrison s All Star Superman, and I enjoyed the first volume of his run on Action Comics But this is just bad The opening story sets the preachy, smug, insufferable tone it s all about how nobody remembers what Superman is REALLY about and how now he s used as a tool of consumerism and fascism and as a way to distract us sheeple from our dull obedient lives But don t worry The great and glorious Writer is here to teach all us Normals about Superman done right I admire Morrison for bi [...]

    It s hard to decide what s worse about this book Is it Calvin Ellis and his parallel universe black Superman and it s stereotyping and bad after school special feel Is it the deus ex machinas I just read every medical text ever written Is it Kal s insistence that the Justice League isn t serious about the mission because they won t go into other countries and risk war Here s a thought, Superman Maybe the King of Atlantis and the Princess of Themyscira know a smidge about international relations [...]

    This was some pretty typical New 52 Superman stuff A very hard to follow storyline with a very confusing plot Also the stories about the alternate universe Superman were so much interesting then the stories of our Superman, but those parts were snuck in in such a way that it made it difficult for me to figure out which reality I was in until a couple pages in There wasn t any overarching plot which would ve been fine if any of the stories had any sort of resolution It was pretty much like jumpi [...]

    Some Interesting ideas, and fun moments, mixed in with confusing as fuck plot and horrible side characters Everybody comes off over the top and corny, and the main enemy in this makes no sense Also, what the hell is happening half the time Why do we suddenly jump so many goddamn years ahead, then back to the start The art is great, but the story itself is a gigantic fucking mess.

    Another great volume, which was done great The villain was very interesting, had a great origin story which was integrated into superman s origin story Aside from that story, there was one issue from earth 23 where superman is African American, that was pretty cool

    Grant Morrison writes some excellent issues shame it s only half the book Lots of great Superman moments make this the best Superman book of the year so far Full review here

    In Superman Action Comics, Volume 2 Bulletproof, Clark is a superman, hard work in the office, responsible for people that who are going to be in danger.The main conflict occurs in an office where the superman aka Clark works there Clark can see the x ray on the people from his eyes Will superman save everyone that who s in the danger Overall, I really enjoyed the story in Superman Action Comics, Volume 2 Bulletproof because of they all my favorite characters of superheroes I would have enjoyed [...]

    On the surface, Action Comics Volume 2 Bulletproof is a mess It collects Action Comics issues 9 12, 0, and Action Comics Annual 1, but the stories are all over the place and the book itself does nothing to help the reader understand what is going on Apparently, some of the stories in this collection are one shots like issue 9, set on Earth 23 and others are back ups, but there is nothing in the book to let the reader know when one story ends and when another begins or when in the timeline they t [...]

    Does this volume follow volume one It really feels like it doesn t At the end of volume one Superman had found a new indestructible costume, and received the key to the city So why is that in this volume he is still wearing his t shirt and jeans, and people are acting like they don t believe in him as in not thinking he is real People talk about how incoherent Morrison s work can be and for me this volume was an example of that Though some of it may be the way the stories were presented Here is [...]

    I had high hopes for this series after reading the first volume Grant Morrison really delivered in that volume, but this is the weakest story that I have ever read that was written by him The story is very disjointed and jumps to different times which makes the story hard to follow at times I really expect much from Morrison I know lots of the other New 52 titles have suffered because of editorial interference and forced crossovers The were no crossovers here and the only thing that didn t real [...]

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