Jimmy #2020

Jimmy Rainbow Award winning author Luke Hartwell once again explores the relationship between gay and straight best friends in this sparse moving story Chris has been in love with his best friend Jimmy sin
  • Title: Jimmy
  • Author: Luke Hartwell
  • ISBN: 9781494245726
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rainbow Award winning author Luke Hartwell once again explores the relationship between gay and straight best friends in this sparse, moving story Chris has been in love with his best friend Jimmy since childhood While Chris is at college, Jimmy is sent to prison Now Jimmy is free once and the two meet again.
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      403 Luke Hartwell
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    4,5 stars Since recently I ve become a big fan of short novellas It is fascinating so see how authors manage or do not to create a whole world of emotions and feelings only within a few pages Well, figuratively in a few pages, but within a very short length Luke Hartwell did a great job I absolutely LOVE this story LOVE IT And now I want to read of this author.

    OK WHAT THE FUCK Wow Really WOW I need to look for wordsLOVED the writing The only snag it is too expensive for such a short book, and I can totally see readers rating it lower for that fact alone Shame actually.

    We FEEL THINK WISH HOPE TALK DObut we do not do all the above wholly aware, we are not always able to put a name to what we feel, or we are not always able to say how we feel or what we think and we do not always ask for what we wish.This little story is like that, bittersweet, bitter at the missed opportunities of the past and the sweet of the possibilities of the present At the same time it was what was built up in the past that has brought Jimmy and Topi to this present.Reading this I was lef [...]

    GAH Great hook Very similar contagion to Atom Heart John Beloved Hartwell writes from the seat of his intense emotions A full length version of this could have cultivated Hartwell another winner to rival his beloved masterpiece with this great fleshed story of characters.

    A piercing arrow to the heart, followed by a cube of sugar to the soul soothing away the pain of regret Then a glimpse of what may come to be for those courageous enough to seek Love is love.Love is gender blind.Love is without boundaries Poignantly evocative vignettes of innocent young love tested by hardship and separation The story felt so real it could be happening somewhere right now at this very moment A moving story of two childhood friends going through the trial of growing up There s re [...]

    I liked how the past and the present time stories were balanced, two scenes definitely stood out and moved me.I enjoyed the rest, but overall, I can t say Jimmy had a big impact on me.

    Almost all my friends who read this, loved it Thank you Lena for your recommendation but this one left me emotionally cold Cold and unnerved I didn t feel anything No, that s not true In the end I felt dislike and distrust towards Jimmy Topi, him I didn t know at all So, I cannot give this than two stars, tops This writer must not be for me.

    Okay, this was a very interesting short story It is an honest exploration of the relationship between two childhood friends, one gay and one straight who was in prison for 17 years The style was very different than what I m used to, but different I think the story menages very well to draw the reader in completely in just 30 pages 4.5 stars

    I stumbled across this little gem and what a huge diamond it turned out to be This short story was unique, different, intriguing, deep I could go on and on and on So much said in so few words Wow, just wow Gotta check out of Luke Hartwell s work now.

    Curious on Hartwell s writing, I had decided to start reading on his shorter work Jimmy I was glued on reading his short story from the moment Hartwell shared on the main characters Remarkable how a short story could get me to be hooked on the 2 guys and I found myself wanting Perhaps a bit too pricy for a short story but it was money well spent, in my opinion.

    now i m Just waiting for the next Luke Hartwell s bookis story was just amazing, so surprising as well I love it beyond word

    It was a really good short story and a very quick one Trying to read books depending on the season month just to shake things up and because it s pride month I read this and thought Hartwell did an amazing job in so few pages.

    Huh My friend Lena recommended this book to me We both share a big love for Todd Young s writing, so I value her opinion, a lot Jimmy , however, leaves me unsatisfied and confused behind.The writing style was actually pretty good But the story Huh I was wondering what this was all about the whole time It s not really romantic, though it tells a story of love It s not really hot, either, though there is some action going on It was rather uncomfortable reading about it.I m afraid that does not lea [...]

    This was the first piece I read by Hartwell and I knew I d discovered a very special author I read Atom Heart John Beloved next, the only other Hartwell work published at the time, and was blown away Then I ve read all the others as they came out I can t really tell you wish I love They re all brilliant in their own way, and mostly very different from one another I loved this little story when I first read it, and I ve read it many times since Just beautiful stuff.

    I actually just finished reading Hartwell s new novel, Nathan s Story, and was left craving , so decided to read this little jem again I think it may be my favorite short story There s something very Brokeback Mountain about it, and while I LOVE Brokeback, I think I like this story even All of Hartwell s books so far have been SOOOOO good

    This story left me with so saudade.Sorry, not accurate translation for saudade, the most beautiful and soulful Portuguese word.This song has saudade not only in its lyrics but it seeps through its musicyoutu XO9EZFfkv1w

    Kind of reminds me of Brokeback Mountain in the sense of how much character development the author was able to deliver in so few pages Short but sweet I loved it.

    I think this short story is one of the best or maybe the best work of Luke Hartwell Almost 20 years told within 30 pages Definitely a masterpiece It feels a bit like a Brokeback Mountain , but with a possibility of Happily Ever After.P.S And it is much better than Atom Heart John Beloved , because Nathan s Story was Meh.

    Too short, bittersweet yet somehow beautiful.The pace was nice and well written, will probably seek for from this author in future.

    A lot was covered, in just a few pagesnda sad, and a glimmer of hope.I liked it.

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