A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan #2020

A Simple Plan Two brothers and their friend stumble upon the wreckage of a plane the pilot is dead and his duffle bag contains four million dollars in cash In order to hide keep and share the fortune these ordin
  • Title: A Simple Plan
  • Author: Scott B. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780552141437
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two brothers and their friend stumble upon the wreckage of a plane the pilot is dead and his duffle bag contains four million dollars in cash In order to hide, keep, and share the fortune, these ordinary men all agree to a simple plan.
    A Simple Plan Jan , Directed by Sam Raimi With Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Bridget Fonda, Brent Briscoe When three blue collar acquaintances come across millions of dollars in lost cash they make a plan to keep their find from the authorities but find complications and mistrust weaving its way into their plan. A Simple Plan film A Simple Plan Rotten Tomatoes The materials of Sam Raimi s A Simple Plan are not unfamiliar, but rarely is a film this skillful at drawing us, step by step, into the consequences of criminal action Fairly simple and A Simple Plan Brent Briscoe, Bridget Fonda Oct , Simple Plan, A DVD Based on Scott Smith s bone chilling blockbuster novel, A Simple Pl an is a bit of a departure for horror film director Sam Raim i Instead of flying eyeballs and dancing corpses, A Simple Plan is a taught crime thriller in the vein of Joel Coen s Academy Award A Simple Plan Scott Smith Books Oct , A Simple Plan is about what happens to people when greed, selfishness and jealousy take over and how people rationalize their greed with words and thoughts that disguise it and make it into something that seems acceptable to them. A Simple Plan by Scott B Smith Aug , A simple plan is a simple story in which things go terribly wrong A good read and makes you wonder how normal people can be capable of committing serious crimes through greed, fear and in order to survive.
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      498 Scott B. Smith
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    If a poll were taken, I wonder how many of us could confirm that they had passed tests of honesty You know those little tests A twenty dollar bill found laying about somewhere and you know who left it there, A found wallet, fat with cash or a purse left sitting on a display table while you were shopping I remember finding a twenty dollar bill laying in the ditch, when I was just a kid Of course I gave it to my parents, not even fully aware yet of the real value of my find I m sure they kept it, [...]

    Hank and Jacob Mitchell and Jacob s friend Lloyd find a crashed plane in the woods The pilot is dead but he has a duffel bag with 4.4 million dollars in it The three men agree to sit on the money until they re sure no one is looking for it But can they keep their mouthes shut And what will happen when someone talks A Simple Plan is the story of three men in a difficult situation that quickly escalates into violence The underlying theme seems to be how one lie inevitably leads to one .The main ch [...]

    When it comes to Scott B Smith it s a good thing we got the quality because the quantity is on the low side with only The Ruins released since this one came out in 1993 Hank Mitchell is a regular guy living in rural Ohio with his pregnant wife Sarah and a steady job as an accountant at a feed store He isn t close to his brother Jacob who is a high school dropout that spends most of his time drunk when not scrounging out a living One of the few times they interact is their regular New Year s Eve [...]

    I find it hilarious whenever I see negative reviews for this book and almost all the time, the reason for the negativity is that the reviewer thought that the main characters were stupid and made dumb decisions If characters always made the right decisions or the smartest ones, there would be absolutely no drama and why the hell would anyone want to read about people who do all the right things I think this was a wonderful story about how all of us are capable of terrible things if circumstances [...]

    If you found four million dollars, what choices would you make Keep it , Return it What if there were two others with you when you found it and you were always the odd man out in your little group, yet were suddenly handed over the controls How would it change you Are you up to the responsibility One of the other two people is your brother, but he s weak and unreliable and the other is a gambler and a drunk Can you trust them If you keep the money, how far would you go not to give it up Would yo [...]

    I heard a story once about a Holocaust survivor who attended the trial at Nuremburg of the Nazi who commanded the camp in which he was a prisoner When the defendant was brought in, the Jewish man became hysterical and had to be dragged out of the courtroom People assumed that seeing the Nazi s face again had simply brought back memories too horrific for the man to bear He later explained that he d lost his composure because he saw, for the first time, that this Nazi was not some fire breathing m [...]

    Reading this novel is like watching a trainwreck taking place you know it s terrible, you know you shouldn t do it, but somehow you can t look away from it taking place its as if your eyes have been glued to the train and carriages, losing touch with the track, falling out, being squashed and destroyed, all with the incredibly loud and draining sound of screeching and bending metal You look at the solid, rectangular shapes being transformed into crushed masses of steel, thrown around like they w [...]

    I liked this book a lot It was very easy to identify with Hank, the protagonist of this story Imagine that you and your two siblings find a bag full of money in a plane that crashed that no one has yet discovered Would you keep it or not That is the gist of this story.Just think about how one simple lie in your life could spiral out of controlo lies and things MUCH worse than that, even That s exactly what happened here, It was very easy to take the next step with Hank, and then the next, and s [...]

    9 10Shit balls Was this a good read or what This is one of those books where you genuinely can t stop reading and need to find out what is going on and how things are going to end The best part about this book and the questions it poses are that its happening to regular folk who aren t all that dissimilar to yourself people you know How would you they react in that situation.If someone said to me, you can find 4m with some friends but all you have to do is wait to spend it I d sign up straightaw [...]

    I am selling this piece back to the used bookstore I got it from pronto SPOILERS I will cut right to it This is a book with an interesting idea, fascinating plot, but is ruined by characters who are loathesome, less sympathetic than any I have read in my life, and who do absolutely nothing believable And not only that but I don t believe that any of these crimes could be played out and go over without a hitch the way we are supposed to believe they did, so even from a technical standpoint I don [...]

    Scott Smith s books are, above all, methodical For all their chaos and violence, everything seems inevitable, everyone acts logically, and yet, without fail, things go terribly, terribly wrong It s impossible not to imagine yourself in his characters places, wondering if you would have made similar decisions, acted in a similar way, and still come to the same calamitous end His wildly entertaining second novel, The Ruins, placed its characters in an impossible situation that was articificial and [...]

    This book was probably THE most painful reading experience I have ever had I actually finished it because of my own stubbornness than anything I guess I would have to liken it to the first few weeks of American Idol where the whole point is to show you the people that are really bad I am just too sensitive for that I feel the pain and embarrasment they should be feeling but in some cases don t In the case of this book the pure idiocy that these characters go through after finding this money pai [...]

    Three golden rules when discovering a large amount of money in the wilderness,Keep your mouth shutKeep your mouth shutKeep your mouth shut.When will we ever learn Two brothers stumble upon 4.4 million in the smouldering wreck of a crashed plane But make one doomed mistake telling a wife of the discovery, this sets off a chain of events leading in only one direction, bad A Simple Plan is a novel that slowly but surely grips, it unfolds with an inevitable and doomed spiral of events, through murde [...]

    Well that was bleak.Hank, his brother and his brothers friend are walking in the woods when they come across a downed plane Inside is a corpse and 4 million dollars Now what would you do Take the money or report it to the police Tough decision.This novel is all about greed, tough decisions and how making one bad one can set the ball rolling, until complete chaos ensues, which is exactly what happens The novel is a slow burn up until a certain point and then it escalates and never looks back Its [...]

    The best thriller I know Scott Smith managed to create a nail bitingly tense thriller against a backdrop that feels totally ordinary and believable and at the same time bring in and describe moral dilemmas, actions and consequences in a way that that equals Joseph Heller Make sure to watch the very good film after reading the brilliant book This is for the translated book that I read the first time around, the text is really good and I would whole heartedly recommend this edition.

    Excellent escapism A man, his brother, and his friend discover a downed single engine plane in the woods outside of town The lone pilot is dead and in the back seat is 4 million dollars in cash.A roller coaster tale ensues as the three try to decide what to do with the money and events just snowball out of control Written in the 1st person, I felt like a co conspiritor with them.I wish I could find novels like this one It was so good I almost ate it.

    Actually I saw the movie I can see the movie after I ve read the book but not vice versa.Actually I should have never clicked read but once again I don t know how to get rid of it now Sorry embarassed emoticon

    Half a damn masterpiece Bleak and mournful, it plays like a tragedy than a thriller What makes the first half of the novel is so devastatingly good is its simplicity Smith comes across as a natural, plainspoken storyteller and the simple plan of the title makes for a tale of suspense grounded in character in which the tension mounts, relentlessly, to an almost unbearable level That same simplicity allows the story to achieve an almost mythic resonance, deepening into a timeless tale of human fo [...]

    Hank, his brother Jacob, and Jacob s best friend find the wreck of a small plane in the woods The pilot is dead Inside they find a bag of money 4.3 million dollars They devise a plan stash the money away for 6 months, if no one comes looking for it they ll split it up Simple Right away things start to go wrong Jacob and his friend Lou are not the brightest tools in the shed Hank starts off as the level headed one and tries to keep his accomplices in check but this gets harder and harder to do Ha [...]

    Hauntingly beautiful, a true tale of horror about being human Extremely well written and just excellent.

    4.5Wow Ripped through this audiobook in less than five days because the writing was high quality, the story was spectacular and the twists and turns kept me guessing Oh and the ending was just as perfect as the sum of its parts I am sure part of the reason I loved this so much is because I read it in the wake of a truly disappointing read also a thriller approved by the masses i.e NY Times Best Seller List The writing was bad, the plot was far fetched and contrived and the characters were depthl [...]

    A too simple story of crime and murder That s what I thought once I finished this book I predicted each and every move of our anti hero beforehand and was waiting for Scott Smith to catch up I don t generally try to anticipate anything consciously whenever I am reading fiction as it would suck the joy out of it But as it happened, I always knew precisely what was going to happen next The story was that predictable It seemed to me that Scott Smith had only one solution for the plight of his anti [...]

    I seen this movie several years ago when it originally released Like all movies a person likes if there was a book that the movie was based off of it is generally much better than the movie This book was no different It was full of moral decisions that one must live with upon making your choice one way or the other I found myself knowing where we were heading in the plot, and not just from remembering the movie You seemed to expect what was going to happen next, yet the book had that suspenseful [...]

    A simple story reallyree men find a butt load of money in a crashed plane They decide to keep it and form a simple plan One of the better reads Great story with awesome characters You get to see how a good guy slowly travels a path where one decision flows to another which ends up with him being crappy to the core I plan to watch the movie soon since it ends differently A must read

    Scott Smith really know how to propel a plot, while never losing sight of the human frailties at the heart of his story This is really really well done.

    I ve left novels over the years that bored me to tears This is the first one that left me feeling so bummed and negative that I couldn t wait to get away from it I even left this for awhile for a book that had two adults and a 12 yr old killed with a 5 yr old girl leaving bloody footprints going from corpse to corpse I liked The Ruins and I like this movie, but I didn t like the way this book made me feel.

    The review for this one will also come soon EDIT It s finally time for this review, which I thought I had written.After reading The Ruins and LOVING it it is, to this day, near the top of the best books I ve read , I was very eager to read this one, since Scott B Smith had already proven himself worthy in my eyes, and I think that those high expectations played a role in my finding the book erm, mediocre.It was honestly predictable You can tell by the very beginning that view spoiler the hillbil [...]

    I like this so far Sharp, well written and interesting I m only 10% in so I ll update when finished I like the idea of finding money and trying, morally, to decide what to do with it Currently I m of the mind take it and run as far and as fast as you can I have a feeling this novel might change my mindFinished Excellent You know those sort of boozy nights with mates when you discuss the bank robbery you d carry it out, how to get away with it no huh, I guess your mates aren t all ex army I digre [...]

    A SIMPLE PLAN is, in a nutshell, the best novel Stephen King never wrote The story picks up one of the oldest plots in western literature three men find a treasure, and very bad things begin to happen almost immediately Famous antecedents include Chaucer s Pardoner s Tale and THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, but Smith updates the story to the banal middle class Ohio of 1980 s, and in doing so thrillingly illuminates the evil things someone as ordinary as you or I might do in a certain situation [...]

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