Knotted #2020

Knotted When seventeen year old Olivia Davies receives a phone call from her estranged father in the middle of the night she s in for a huge shock Her father is getting married again and he wants her to be a
  • Title: Knotted
  • Author: Quenby Olson
  • ISBN: 9780989446006
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • When seventeen year old Olivia Davies receives a phone call from her estranged father in the middle of the night, she s in for a huge shock Her father is getting married again and he wants her to be at the wedding So over summer break, Olivia packs her bags and makes the trip back to England to meet her future stepmother But instead of the middle aged woman she expeWhen seventeen year old Olivia Davies receives a phone call from her estranged father in the middle of the night, she s in for a huge shock Her father is getting married again and he wants her to be at the wedding So over summer break, Olivia packs her bags and makes the trip back to England to meet her future stepmother But instead of the middle aged woman she expected, Olivia finds herself introduced to Emmy Balfour, a stunning blonde young enough to be her sister And if that wasn t enough, she also finds herself dealing with the disapproval of Emmy s older brother, Ian, a man for whom polite and respect seem to be four letter words With only three weeks until the wedding, Olivia struggles to stay afloat while navigating the treacherous waters of wedding planners, aristocracy, and bridesmaid s dresses not to mention the bridesmaids in the dresses But just when she thinks everything is finally settling down, a few well timed lies threaten to destroy her father s chance at happiness As a last resort, Olivia must work with Ian in an attempt to set things right, a partnership that forces her to decide if keeping him at a distance or disregarding her first impressions of him will cause her to step up and make a few changes in her own life.
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    You can all me biased until you pick it up and experience it for yourself but all I can think to describe Knotted is brain candy It styles a modern and quirky Pride and Prejudice with a Mr Darcy esque love interest and a look into the extremes of social class with a new flavor of self discovery and growing up thrown in.Knotted is one of those books that you only dislike because of the fact that you can t put it down and get the eight hours of sleep you were hoping for until you finish this chapt [...]

    I ve had this in my wheelhouse of to reads for a while and finally got around to it I found it rather enjoyable, shirking my duties once or twice to race to the end.Livi is an awkward almost 18 year old who spends most of her time in Pennsylvania with her mom, and some of her time across the pond in England with her father When a summer visit with her father coincides with a wedding, to a woman her father has never mentioned, who just happens to be a few years older than she is, Livi s sense of [...]

    I recieved a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.The story begins with a young girl that is undecided as to her future after high school graduation She is totally unsure what she wants to do with er life She recieves a call fro her father wanting her to travel to England to visit He breaks the news that he is getting remarried He also tells her the wedding is in 3 weeks Upon her arrival, she is shocked to find that the bride to be is only a few years older than herself Having com [...]

    Knotted is the perfect title for this superbly well written, modern story with shades of Pride Prejudice Seventeen year old Olivia s trip across the pond for her father s remarriage demonstrates that sometimes first, second, and even third impressions may not be what they seem.Confronted by her father s bubbly, beautiful, and YOUNG finance, Olivia is forced to examine her relationship to both Emmy and her father In the process, she ll have to contend with Emmy s refined family, who may not be wh [...]

    I received a copy of the is in exchange for my honest opinions I give this book 4 out of 5 stars This book was a cute and easy read It often made me giggle and wonder what would happen next The character, Olivia, is visiting her Dad in England for a few weeks in the summer and being there for his wedding a much younger woman I loved all of the characters in the book and loved the way the plot played out I enjoyed that this book was a good length, but was a light and easy read It didn t have my m [...]

    Knotted had me tied to my Kindle from the beginning I started the story, impressed by the author s writing style, development of the main character Olivia, and her back story As I read on, I was expecting a typical Cinderella story line, evil step mother and all I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong The characters and story line are not typical and yet extremely relatable.Without giving too much away, because I hate spoilers, I found the story of this young woman, visiting her father and his ne [...]

    This is a delightful debut, covering a topic we all have to face sooner or later major life change, including big and scary decisions that aren t in our control.I found Knotted to be a quick, funny read Olivia has a lot to give than she knows, and I really hope there will be a sequel My only complaint it would have been a smoother read without each Um and stutter written out, but let me emphasize that this does NOT make the story an unpleasant read at all.Read the book Support this author I wan [...]

    So I am probably a bit biased, but this was a really lovely read It begs to be read in one sitting, and just leaves you with a nice feeling afterwards Looking forward to seeing what comes next either for Olivia, or just from Quenby generally.

    I loved this book Olivia reminded me so much of myself with the sarcasm I had as a teen She is thrown into an unknown situation and handles it with poise as well as teenage awkwardness that made her character well rounded to me This was a great book and I recommend it.

    If you love Pride and Prejudice, you will enjoy reading this cute light YA book Knotted is a creative story with a few twists that will surprise you

    I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Sigh Swoon.Knotted contains a delightful story wrapped in every emotion you can imagine It s the ultimate feel good read, the kind you can put down with a smile on your face, and manages to be so without being superficial, which is quite a feat Several serious issues appear here, including divorce, parenting, family drama, and of course, pride and prejudice Ms Olson obviously drew a great deal of inspir [...]

    Funny, charming and delightfully witty, Quenby Olson delivers a winner with Knotted I m a huge fan of YA and because I m a fan, I ve also become picky maybe it s old age about the YA that I choose to read I d already read Olson s The Half Killed a wonderfully wicked paranormal novel and her romantic novella First Position, so I ll confess it I m a fan of author Quenby Olson, her writing style and Knotted didn t disappoint, keeping me entertained from the first page to the last Knotted takes the [...]

    This genre wasn t my normal reading fodder, but I really enjoyed it and thought it was exceptionally well written.As most romance books go, the love interest was pretty clear, and that it would also work out between the two characters was assumed So the book as a romance story delivers a good, solid, clean romance plot I really liked the plot twists thrown in throughout the story to keep the reader guessing as to who was manipulating what and I found that to be the most interesting plot device S [...]

    British born, American raised Olivia is on the cusp of 18, visiting her dad and her dad s barely older than her fiancee on the eve of their wedding in England There s a bit of a Pride and Prejudice theme, and a gloriously fun, no expenses barred, wedding A hint of a romance for Olivia and a rambunctious Dalmatian is also in the mix.There are some wonderfully humorous bits Immediately, I find myself in the middle of a war zone Silk Flowers Strings of decorative pearls Little lace doilies Crystal [...]

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.I can t tell you how much this book surprised me From the outset I had assumed the way the story would go once introduced to the step mother to be but the story did not pan out that way at all Olivia was a great character, an awkward 17 year old, finding it difficult to fit in anywhere and trying to maintain the relationship with her father The story itself was a page turner, within the first couple of chapters I was gripped The wedding and [...]

    A sweet coming of age storyThe story was set around 17 year old olivia s trip to England for her dads wedding The story is a little slow and Olivia is a bit negative but she is extremely bright and mature She works to overcome the judgemental attitudes of the bride s family and finds that sometimes you just need to let people in Overall a nice easy read with an interesting storyline.

    This was just so much fun to read Cute, sweet, funny, quirky little romance story Nice change of pace, just something totally different I really enjoyed reading this so much just absolutely loved it.

    This is super sweet story and i liked it a lot, i m not super happy with the end and i hope for another book if someone tell me that is a sequel out there then i m changing this into 5 stars

    Light cute This was a perfect light and easy read during a chaotic weekend It s charming and somewhat predictable, but in a sweet and earnest way.

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