A Wedding by Dawn

A Wedding by Dawn #2020

A Wedding by Dawn A hellion on the run Lady India Sinclair will stop at nothing to live life on her own terms even stealing a ship and fleeing to the Mediterranean At last on her own free to do as she pleases she is
  • Title: A Wedding by Dawn
  • Author: Alison DeLaine
  • ISBN: 9780373778683
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • A hellion on the run.Lady India Sinclair will stop at nothing to live life on her own terms even stealing a ship and fleeing to the Mediterranean At last on her own, free to do as she pleases, she is determined to chart her own course There s only one problemA gentleman determined to possess her.Nicholas Warre has made a deal To save his endangered estate, he will fiA hellion on the run.Lady India Sinclair will stop at nothing to live life on her own terms even stealing a ship and fleeing to the Mediterranean At last on her own, free to do as she pleases, she is determined to chart her own course There s only one problemA gentleman determined to possess her.Nicholas Warre has made a deal To save his endangered estate, he will find Lady India, marry her and bring her back to England at the behest of her father And with thousands at stake, he doesn t much care what the lady thinks of the idea But as the two engage in a contest of wills, the heat between them becomes undeniable and the wedding they each dread may lead to a love they can t live without.
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      443 Alison DeLaine
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    Setting Georgian era EuropeThe second book in author Alison DeLaine s high seas adventure romance will capture the reader once again, by giving us seafaring escapades with two headstrong characters who bring with them a battle of wills and sensuality and top nonstop action that keeps the pages flying A very powerful character driven story that will seize your imagination and emotions.In order to maintain her freedom, Lady India will do just about anything So she steals her friend Katherine Warr [...]

    I was totally uninterested in the book for the first half, it read like a sequel with references to characters and what happened to them.I didn t connect with the main characters and found myself lost a bit It was quite irritating, but I stuck to it.Then it started to change I found myself a bit hooked on the second part of the book And I didn t want to stop reading before finding out the ending.It was all very predictable though with too many tortured characters.This review is for a free ARC co [...]

    This book jumps right in to adventure from the start It is certainly unusual to have a Lady running away from home to become Captain of her own ship But the secrets Lady India carries around with her are horrible indeed Lady India s father will do anything to marry her off, and she will do anything to stop him Soon India and Nicholas travel across France, their desire for each other growing, but she still doesn t trust him India will soon discover Nicholas is hiding his own dark secret I really [...]

    This is the third Alison DeLaine story I ve read and she has quickly become a must read author Her books are set in the Georgian era, a bit earlier than my usual Regency fare and she really gives a vivid portrait of the period, with its descriptions of elaborate fashions as well as the primitive living and travel conditions aboard ship.But what really makes her stories stand out are the powerful and strong heroines she creates In a time when women were viewed as weak and inconsequential, Lady In [...]

    India was kind of annoying but I still enjoyed seeing a woman who refused to do what the men in her life wanted her to do Nicholas was an interesting character If you took him at face value, he seemed like a creep who would do anything to get the money that he needed but as the reader gets to know him, you get to see a whole new side of him The story reminds us all that we shouldn t make up our minds about someone until we ve walked a mile in their shoes India and Nicholas begin as enemies but t [...]

    I received an ARC via First Reads I can t wait to recieve it and will update my review when I read it I m so excited

    A Giveaway this is not my typical book of choice to read The first two thirds is very slow paced with many limited characters finally in the last third the pace picked up and I wanted to see how it ended.

    A pleasant surprise I was a bit wary going into this book because I ve previously read a book by this author that I really didn t like, but I decided to give it a chance And, I m glad I did A Wedding by Dawn was a lovely historical romance I really liked this book It wasn t perfect, but it was a wonderful read.India was a good heroine She was strong and determined to live life on her own terms Unfortunately, she was also very foolhardy, frustratingly stubborn, and frequently did things without r [...]

    A Wedding by Dawn is a captivating historical romantic adventure from author Alison DeLaine All of her life, Lady India Sinclair wished for one thing freedom from the conventions and constrictions of a world ruled and dominated by men A misfit and outcast within her own family, India had always known that she would never measure to society s expectations of a lady s proper behavior Her domineering father had been merciless in his attempts to break her will and force her into a suitable marriage [...]

    I felt like I had whiplash after reading this book, because both main characters seemed to change personality every other page Both seemed to go from zero to 60 in no time both were too dramatic to be believable, their actions inexplicable at times Although I liked the idea of someone like India, she was just too all over the map in the beginning and nigh cartoonish She became settled and mature at the end, but it was too late for me Nicholas didn t impress me much, either, I m afraid, even wit [...]

    This is a fairly standard romantic, fluffy novel I enjoyed it and it is a quick and easy read The characters are interesting enough to be believable and the tension between the main characters begins right from the first few pages and builds to the inevitable climax pun intended.Lady India Sinclair is a rebellious young woman who defies her father by refusing all the suitors he presents her and then steals a ship and escapes to the Mediterranean Her father sends a Nicholas Warre after her In exc [...]

    Let me just say that the book was pretty good read This is my first book by the author I liked the storyline but not so much the heroine Lady India She did not want marriage to any man her father threatened her with Her idea was to sail in her friend s ship with her maid in attendance with no one the wiser I don t think she had much up in her brain at the time India took quite a risk with her life in doing so Then eventually her intended arrived to take her back to England and he wasn t tanking [...]

    Long story short India has stolen a ship and sailed off to the Mediterranean with a motley crew of other escapees and rejects Her father, determined to get her married off, has made a devil s bargain with Nicholas Warre he ll bail out Nicholas s debt ridden estate if Nick will chase India down and force her to marry him I got a bit frustrated with this one because there were a few logical issues along the way view spoiler Why, for example, when left alone in a room with her hands bound in front, [...]

    Overall this book was alright, not an amazing romance but it could have been worse Going into this book, I was lost Characters, plot and even setting seemed to be missing as if it was a sequel If it is a sequel and I just didn t realize this, ignore that The main character India seemed like a whiny young girl and the other lead Nicholas seemed to be an unfeeling brute As the book went on you definitely warmed up to the characters but I was never a huge fan India s spirit did seem to be broken by [...]

    A historical romance set in France and England tells the rocky romance of Lady India and Nicholas Warre This one starts a bit slowly and takes a while to get into it, but it gets better toward the end India is running away from a forced marriage with Nicholas when he catches up to her Now, to get a priest to marry them so that he can save his land with funds from her father Neither recognizes the other cares as it is mostly a battle of wills throughout the novel Who has the stronger will Who wil [...]

    This was a giveaway that I won.I did like the book, it has what a typical historical romance should be But that was the thing it was a little typical However, you need to go into these kinds of books expecting that I wouldn t call it a corny romance, because I have read ones like that Though, there were a few roll your eyes parts.It did deliver on what is should Romance Romance novels to me, are like Chinese food, even the not so good ones are still good.Can t help it, I m a romance addict

    A beautifully written romance where the heroine is no simpering female rather a strong, independent feminist making the whole story much satisfying and relatable for romance lovers everywhere However, I always felt like the characters were on the edge of something, but never fulfilling it I guess I just needed a bit development in the love story I received this book for free in a First Reads giveaway in exchange for an honest rating review.

    MORE melenasreviews.wordpressThis is a first I have read from Alison DeLaine and have to say it was okay I did like India for her spunkiness and not caving in to Nicholas s seduction The chemistry was definitely there but feel it was like a whole chasing game throughout the book Seemed the whole cat and mouse game just went a little too far Sadly by the end of the chapter I was relieved they finally ended the chase for something between them.

    DeLaine s high seas adventure romance will win her loyal fans who will adore the seafaring escapades as much as the sensuality and battle of wills between her headstrong characters The nonstop action keeps the pages flying even as they singe readers with sexual tension The power of this character driven story will seize readers imaginations and emotions RT Book Reviews 4 1 2 stars

    I really enjoyed the book It was a little slow to start and could have used a little character building in the beginning of the book, but once I got into the book, it started to move right a long By the end of the book I could not put it down until I knew the ending Quite a lot of fun to read.

    A good standard, but really interesting novel I haven t read any of DeLaine s previous novels, but that s definitely on my list of things to do I liked how for the first part of the novel I wasn t sure whether they were going to kill each other or fall in love I also really liked the smooth writing style Solidly written with lots of spunk an interesting side story.

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