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How to Get Rich Making money is a knack a knack that can be acquired And if someone like me can become rich then so can you no matter what your present circumstances Here is how I did it and what I learned along th
  • Title: How to Get Rich
  • Author: Felix Dennis
  • ISBN: 9780091921668
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • Making money is a knack, a knack that can be acquired And if someone like me can become rich, then so can you no matter what your present circumstances Here is how I did it and what I learned along the way So writes Felix Dennis, who believes that almost anyone of reasonable intelligence can become rich, given sufficient motivation and application.How To Get Rich is Making money is a knack, a knack that can be acquired And if someone like me can become rich, then so can you no matter what your present circumstances Here is how I did it and what I learned along the way So writes Felix Dennis, who believes that almost anyone of reasonable intelligence can become rich, given sufficient motivation and application.How To Get Rich is a distillation of his business wisdom Primarily concerned with the step by step creation of wealth, it ruthlessly dissects the business failures and financial triumphs of a South London lad who became rich virtually by accident Part manual, part memoir, part primer, this book is a template for those who are willing to stare down failure and transform their lives.Canny, infuriating, cynical and generous by turns, How To Get Rich is an invaluable guide to the surprisingly simple art of collecting money which already has your name on it.
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      103 Felix Dennis
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    I don t have much interest in How to get rich books, in part because they are so often written by people who a overestimate the skill and underestimate the luck that brought them their own success or b made money writing books telling people how to get rich than they ever did at whatever business they were previously in I decided to give this one a try, however, since it was written by Felix Dennis, a man who had the foresight to purchase a major stake in the crack like news periodical The Week [...]

    Possibly one of the most important books I ve ever read, from the late founder of Dennis Publishing Estimated personal fortune 600 million A very brass tacks sometimes vulgar testimony on how he amassed his wealth.The following notes still omit tremendous info, so please read the book NOTES The term rich starts at a total asset value of 22 60 million This is also known as the lesser rich.You will never get rich if you 1 Are unwilling to fail, publicly and catastrophically2 Care what the neighbou [...]

    This is a book that I am going to pass straight on to my seventeen year old son, not because of its insights into business although it rings true on that account but because of its insights into human nature and into the world out there that he is going to have to negotiate in the coming years Like all sons, he won t listen to his Dad and no real reason why he should but he might listen to uncle Felix Why should he Because Felix Dennis is going to stop him wasting a lot of time believing that so [...]

    How to get richI listened to the audio version It had a British accent Fun to listen to I don t know if the narrator and the author was the same or not.It starts with personal characteristics necessary for getting rich Pig headed determination, stamina, boldness, self belief, persistence, and of course, execution.Then it shows you how to get capital, upsides and downsides of every method, errors entrepreneurs usually make, cash flow, how to negotiate, importance of ownership, delegation, incenti [...]

    While it sounds like one of those get rich quick books that often make it to the top of bestseller lists, How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis is the real thing.Dennis is a British multi millionaire AND poet The combination makes for intriguing reading.Most importantly, he doesn t cut corners or beat around the bush He tells the reader what it really takes And, for most people, the commitment, sacrifice and pure energy required to become rich will simply be too much.But, if you re interested in seein [...]

    An absolute must read.Do you really want to be rich Before you start this, ask yourself if there is a way to get what you want without getting rich You have to know what you want first though.Quotes Money is always welcome But no Very, very few authors become rich The odds against it are too steep Just how quickly can I become rich Quicker than you probably deserve, but slower than you would like Do I have to read your book from beginning to end No Dip in and out as you like Make notes Jot down [...]

    I first encountered this book through codewise founder Rob Gryn and his vlog Since he obviously got rich and recommended that book i was interested in it Then i found out that it was written by Felix Dennis who s net worth was around 750m in 2007 when he wrote it And he made a big chunk of his money in publishing He managed to become rich while in publishing In XXI century What an accomplishment Since he made his money himself he has something to back his claims Since most of the people of wealt [...]

    It takes the immortal words of C Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons to summarise this book Family, religion, friends these are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business Felix Dennis is an eccentric, a character, a legend in his own wine fueled lunchtime, and let s be thankful for it In terms of having a voice, this book is one of the most forceful, and enjoyable books I ve read for a long time Felix harangues you from almost every page So you want to be rich Okay First thin [...]

    Mary IannarinoMrs Smeenk AP Lang11 September 2017A Book Review on Felix Dennis s How to get RichHow to get Rich, a book published in 2006 by Felix Dennis, is a portrayal of not only the steps one must take to acquire wealth, but is also focused on the sacrifices made in order to be successful The realism of his writing is unlike any other book I have read on the process of becoming wealthy This is due to Dennis s many paradoxes and analogies, which are used to portray a rather pessimistic pictur [...]

    The title sounds like it was conceived by a snake oil salesman who wrote a self help book I almost skipped this one, but the good reviews got the better of me I m glad I read it, though I think a better name is Entrepreneur s Manifesto.This book is anything from a self help book Felix s advice often warns people of the perils entailed from the desire to be ostentatiously rich, and reiterates that reading this book will not make you any money.Rather, it is about a rich, retired media mogul tellin [...]

    I read this book some time ago and still have it as a permanent addition to my bookshelf I especially recall two points from the book that I want to share with other readers Dennis was broke and unemployed and ended up becoming a successful self made millionaire His book is the fascinating and hopeful story of how he did it, through TAKING ACTION, rather than just dreaming and talking.The other really useful thing is that he discusses how and why one passes through the stage of reckless hedonist [...]

    This is a really excellent book from a person that has achieved everything he claims He doesn t sell cheap advice or unrealistic expectations That s the most important thing.After Dennis acquired a lot of money through the magazine business only then was able to calmly focus on the love of his life, poetry And this is a lesson to all of us or to all those who read self development advice that just says do what you love and will make you rich Only a few people have the luck to have such a physica [...]

    A book that I read twice before starting my own business now valued at 180M It is a must read for anyone ever seriously considering starting their own business Looking back I can clearly see just how much I took away from Felix s story He helped me manage my expectations for becoming rich and I feel that without this book I wouldn t have come as far as I have Thank you, RIP.

    This is a fun book, quite readable, by a very funny man I will most likely not follow his path or patterns, as we are very different temperaments but he gives some really good advice on attaining and keeping wealth Through many lessons he had to learn himself.

    A must read book on entrepreneurial success stories for the knowledge worker or aspiring entrepreneur.

    Felix Dennis is a man undoubtedly who knows all about making money The book is brutally honest and has some very good insights necessary to get the right mind mindset in order to get rich The book is a part memoir and thats what I liked about it If you re looking for an instruction manual, you will be disappointed Knowledge and lessons are hidden in stories that he has to say, which are very entertaining and honest encounters He points out not only what he did right, but also the things that he [...]

    From Acknowledgments, how Felix comes to write this book I told him I thought it was bunkum Snake oil Just like every other so called self help book I ever stumbled away from at an airport bookstall What the world needs, I thundered, is an anti self help book A book that tells people how hard it is to be a great manager or a great anything About how hard it is to get rich Bugger the glib insights Felix Dennis is talking aboutMalcolm Gladwell sBlink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking here.Let [...]

    This was recommended to me in one of the email newsletters that I subscribe to, and wow I hated it I I thought this would have some good wisdom but Dennis rambles a lot His biggest takeaways are that you have to be persistent and never give up, and if you want to be a millionaire then make sure you own 100% of your company Dennis earned his first millions in the magazine publishing industry 40 years ago, so I didn t feel like many of his insights were applicable to present day success I m sure h [...]

    This book stood out for me because it s written by a person that actually made it Sure, no secret recipes are unveiled in this book there are none , but author s colourful personality entertains and shines through every couple of pages.Witty, practical and straight.Funniest advice never promote a CFO accountant to be a CEO On working as an employee Team spirit is for losers, financially speaking It s the glue that binds the losers together It s the methodology employers use to shackle useful emp [...]

    Brutally honest, humorous account of one man s experiences, observations, and opinions on the art of getting rich I carefully studied this book in order to glean every advice I could from the man who accumulated great fortune in the hundreds of millions of pounds This book has helped me tremendously and I hope to refer to it as the need arises in my own journey in getting Rich

    The best book I have ever read on the topic of getting rich Felix is the real man, everything in his book is straight up, cut to the chase honest, and moments plain rude but at the same time real If I had read it a few years back my life would have looked very different Wish I had read The Narrow Road after I had read this one 3

    Felix Dennis is dead He didn t make it to 70 He addresses how short life in his book It is so short in fact that reading this book after your 25th birthday or once married or a parent is probably a waste of time It is entertaining and the advice is accurate.

    Felix Dennis is honest to the core throughout this He s that honest it makes you question whether the lonely road of entrepreneurship is actually worth it Outstanding read and probably the best business book I ve read to date RIP Felix

    great advice excellent observations and truths difficult to read stylistically reason for the downgrading.

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