The String of Pearls

The String of Pearls #2020

The String of Pearls A distraught Johanna Oakley wanders the streets of London seeking news of the missing fiance Mark Ingestrie She is befriended by Colonel Jeffrey who is searching for his lost friend Thornhill last
  • Title: The String of Pearls
  • Author: Thomas Peckett Prest James Malcolm Rymer
  • ISBN: 9781481037600
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • A distraught Johanna Oakley wanders the streets of London seeking news of the missing fiance, Mark Ingestrie She is befriended by Colonel Jeffrey, who is searching for his lost friend, Thornhill, last seen in Sweeney Todd s Fleet Street barber shop Todd s apprentice, Tobias Ragg, is struggling to break free from his terrifying and sadistic master, while the barber himselA distraught Johanna Oakley wanders the streets of London seeking news of the missing fiance, Mark Ingestrie She is befriended by Colonel Jeffrey, who is searching for his lost friend, Thornhill, last seen in Sweeney Todd s Fleet Street barber shop Todd s apprentice, Tobias Ragg, is struggling to break free from his terrifying and sadistic master, while the barber himself is frantically trying to sell a string of pearls Meanwhile, just around the corner in Bell Yard, the enigmatic Jarvis Williams has landed himself a fine job making the most delicious pies in London, to Mrs Lovett s secret recipeOriginally published as a weekly serial in 1846 7, this chilling tale is available for the first time in book form.
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      494 Thomas Peckett Prest James Malcolm Rymer
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    Po tuju i vreme i na in nastanka romana,koji je postao kamen temeljac anra,zanemaruju i nezgrapnu narativnu liniju, etvorka.

    The String of Pearls is quite simply, pure reading pleasure, if a story about murders, enslavement, cannibalism, and a demented barber floats your boat In this case, it certainly floats mine The four stars I ve given it here indicate my RFQ, or reading fun quotient I have a wee bit about plot and Mrs Lovett s delicious pies atmy reading journal anyone who doesn t want to know ought to skip it and keep reading here Here s the thing I read this book primarily as an example of the penny dreadful as [...]

    Nonostante il genere a cui appartiene ed il tema macabro, il libro non si sofferma a tergiversare con sordidi dettagli, bens mantiene intatto il mistero in modo quasi pudico , con perfetta compostezza inglese, riuscendo comunque a renderci partecipi delle crudelt ed efferatezze tanto di quel periodo storico quanto di quest avventura Il non esporre esplicitamente il fattaccio, tranne che nelle ultimissime battute finali, ma lasciandolo intendere al lettore pagina dopo pagina, rappresenta una mann [...]

    I really wish the writing style were less verbose This would be a perfect if the pacing were better and 40% of this book were gone Having not seen any adaptation of this book, I went into it hoping for a sensational story and I definitely got that, but I think the musical will take advantage of the macabre premise.

    Contrary to the cover, this book is not the version of Sweeney Todd seen in the Tim Burton film or Stephen Sondheim stage musical This is actually The String of Pearls, an entirely different portrait of Todd There are many differences So, sorry to disappoint, but if you re looking to read that version, this isn t it However, I strongly suggest you read this book if you are a fan of Sweeney Todd The story is well written, and I loved the well rounded characters, especially Tobias Ragg If I hadn t [...]

    Sweeney Todd is a barber at Fleet Street in London He shaves his customers and polishes them off afterwards, in his own words Many an unsuspecting customer go in to get a shave to never come out again A few streets away from the barber shop is Mrs Lovett s Pie Shop where people throng in all hours of the day to eat the most delicious meat pies in all of London.Reading this story was quite thrilling even though I already know the story The writing is fantastic This is from the 1800s, so it s the [...]

    Two and a half stars Being a fan of the Sondheim production, I decided to read the original tale While it had a few moments of dark humor Sweeney being caught beating a child, turning to a customer and saying he was simply trying to teach the child that he should devote his few spare hours in reading the Bible as well as the general macabre plot Sweeney the barber kills his customers which are then made into pies and sold by Miss Lovett , this version of the plot was simply lacking First, there [...]

    2,5 5Sweeney Todd, un barbiere serial killer nella Londra del 700, un personaggio popolare e una leggenda metropolitana il cui mito trae forse origine da un fatto di cronaca nera realmente avvenuto Tra le versioni pi famose della storia vi questo romanzo, in originale The String of Pearls, scritto da pi autori e apparso prima a puntate nel 1846 47 e quindi rimaneggiato in volume nel 1850 Nel XX secolo della storia del barbiere assassino verr fatto un musical, e sar a quest ultimo pi che al roman [...]

    Tralasciando il fatto che ho scelto di leggere questo libro perch ho visto un pezzo del film di Johnny Depp e di conseguenza pensavo che la storia e il film fossero almeno simili e che per di pi c lui in copertina, questo libro non mi piaciuto Per meglio dire, in alcuni punti mi anche abbastanza piaciuto, ma poi in molti era di una noia mortale e non si arrivava mai al punto Per non mi piaciuto perch io sapevo gi dall inizio delle informazioni che qui sono il contenuto principale della storia e, [...]

    Sweeney Todd polishing off customers since 1846.I read The String of Pearls as part of my PhD research and it is therefore quite difficult to rate my personal enjoyment of the book Remember how books you had to read for school always felt like a chore Turns out, that niggling feeling never completely goes away, even if you love what you do Regardless, The String of Pearls was a pleasant surprise The story is a so called penny blood , sensational tales that were published in cheap newspapers and [...]

    To be clear I have never seen the movie versions of Sweeney Todd or the musical ones My review is based solely on the novel Sweeney Todd is one of those stories that everyone is familiar with, whether you have read it or not It has dripped its way down into the collective consciousness so that before ever opening the book you know that Sweeney Todd is a murderer and Mrs Lovett bakes human meat pies Just want to get that out of the way That being said, this book has a lot of technical flaws It is [...]

    In Victorian England, a customer steps into Sweeney Todd s barber shop and appears never to step back out Edited and standardized, this volume presents The String of Pearls, a 1846 7 penny dreadful which was the literary debut of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street Don t let the movie tie in cover fool you into thinking this is a film novelization or a quick and dirty imprint It s a classic text, and while it may aim to feed off the popularity of Burton s version of Sondheim s play, i [...]

    The movie this time was waaaaay better,watched it like seven times in a row _ the humanity concept imbodies in this none_human receiving too much love and care and transforming into an idol who holds love Care Simplicity Politeness A human of which you consider and re_think of yourself as a person The relationship between sweeney And his new family got me It s not easy to accept the idea of a totally stranger semi alien freak and new guy among a family Though they all spent so much effort to mak [...]

    I m cleansing my mind of the filth that I encountered yesterday with some blood This is the original story, which was first published in serial form under the title The String of Pearls Good subway book, especially with the Johnny Depp cover, which keeps people from talking to me Or maybe it s just that I look really excited by what I m reading.

    I find it incredibly hard to rate or review this book, because context on this one is so important Is the writing objectively subpar, slapdash and technically poor Absolutely.Is the narrative structure and plot a complete goddamned mess Hell yes Are the characters one dimensional, relatively uninteresting and unrelateable Utterly.It s melodrama It s sensationalism It s slapped together with no care to construction or credible storytelling It s shoddy, low brow entertainment to make a fast buck o [...]

    commeparenchantements.wordpreUn chef d oeuvre du XIXe si cle Je l ai lu dans le cours de l ann e mais je me suis dit que c tait le moment id al pour vous faire ma chronique car oui, elle s est faite attendre, encore pardon Alors pour commencer, sachez que ce n est PAS le film J ai d couvert cette histoire avec l adaptation de Tim Burton en 2007 au cin ma Et croyez le ou non, je me souviens encore de ce jour C est vraiment un film qui m a marqu Et quand je pense que ce film a d j 10 ans Le temps [...]

    This is the first penny dreadful I ve read, and it was definitely an experience There were chapters I enjoyed and chapters I didn t The premise of the story was better than the story itself a serial killer barber murders customers to supply Mrs Lovett with meat for her famous pies The String of Pearls is basically 1800s pulp fiction, and while I won t be reading it again, I would recommend it to those who want to read what lower class Brits read in 1847 It wasn t Charles Dickens.

    The demon barber of fleet street, Sweeney Todd An amazing barber who tries and escapes his past, but ends up going back to the past that he wanted to forget SPOILER ALERT everyone but, one person dies as the ending of the book Quite odd, but a good book and musical.

    Despite the highly sensational cover, which is taking advantage of the new movie and Johnny Depp s popularity, this book is from the Oxford University Press and it shows This is not the story from Sondheim s musical, but the original 18th Century romance in which Sweeney Todd first made his appearance True to form, Mack includes a fairly lengthy introduction discussing the history of Sweeney Todd, up to and including Sondheim and the new movie The text itself is also heavily annotated Most of th [...]

    I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you, Dover Publications Sweeney Todd is the quintessential penny dreadful lurid tales published serially for the newly literate classes in the mid 1800 s I know the Sondheim musical well and I had the images of Len Cariou and Angela Lansbury burnt into my brain, so at first it was hard to picture the characters as described by the authors Like the introduction to this new version says, we are now used to handsome, chari [...]

    Marvellous, just marvellous Thsi is my first meeting with a penny dreadful , and I have to say I really enjoyed it Plenty of atmosphere, creepy goings on and CANNABALISM What a brilliant cast of characters My favourite was Sweeney Todd of course I can appreciate Depp s translation of him now I have read the actual story he was taken from The only difference between this Todd and the film version one is that here, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street is quite literally demonic He hasn t an ounce of r [...]

    OK I think this book has tons of potential, however, I am having a hard time getting stuck in It is definitely getting interesting as I continue but I am having difficulty wading through the extremely verbose language like 10 pages of text to say that Joahanna is sad.but I am going to keep plodding along as I really do like the history behind the legend.UPDATE I finally finished it It did pick up a bit but I have to admit that skimming is of great importance when reading this story otherwise th [...]

    This book was simply alright I was pretty much apathetic towards it throughout After seeing the movie, I thought that the book would be a lot impressive and dramatic Of course, the book is infact The String of Pearls and is different to the film play I did find the scenes involving Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett to be intriguing and interesting but I wasn t particularly drawn in or excited by it I think that the story could have been a lot exciting or full of suspense I was disappointed that Todd [...]

    I was a little worried about the content of this story and began my reading in trepidation, but there was very little to turn my stomach until the very end.The movie is rated R but I would rate the book at a PG as far as gory detail goes The main character Sweeney Todd was evil yet comical at the same time The other characters in the book also had an element of comedy to them and were a bit laughable even in their earnestness The book was easy to read, entertaining, and compelling The cover of t [...]

    No clich is left unturned in this story, and I enjoyed any one of them Sweeney Todd is not famous in Italy, we know about him because of the Johnny Depp movie and I avoided it because I wanted to read the story first The connection with the pie shop is blatant and the revelation comes too late to be a real surprise Sometimes I felt like there were too many sub plot, especially in the madhouse Johanna is a nice girl, but the romance isn t relevant in the story.In my opinion the best parts are the [...]

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