This Book Just Ate My Dog!

This Book Just Ate My Dog! #2020

This Book Just Ate My Dog When her dog disappears into the gutter of the book Bella calls for help But when the helpers disappear too Bella realizes it will take than a tug on the leash to put things right Cleverly using the
  • Title: This Book Just Ate My Dog!
  • Author: Richard Byrne
  • ISBN: 9781627790710
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When her dog disappears into the gutter of the book, Bella calls for help But when the helpers disappear too, Bella realizes it will take than a tug on the leash to put things right Cleverly using the physicality of the book, This book just ate my dog is inventive, ingenious, and just pure kid friendly fun
    • [PDF] ☆ This Book Just Ate My Dog! | By ☆ Richard Byrne
      184 Richard Byrne
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      Posted by:Richard Byrne
      Published :2020-04-24T20:50:45+00:00

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    i first learned about this book through the review of someone who is now apparently known as jubilation lee with no exclamation point and her review is so amazing, there s no way i ll be able to do better which is both truth and outright shameless flattery to make me feel less guilty for totally stealing her picturese only thing i want to add to her review in my review is that while the whole where d that fourth wall go entreaty to the readers to save the day is cute and all, and is probably ver [...]

    C C C NGT n i m y m nghe, quy n n y si u c c c ng lu n.L m th n o di n t s n m t , m y m s th y c c c ng u ti n xu t hi n k di u gi a hai trang s ch ngh a en thui nha m y m , kh ng nh nh c i g gi a hai ch n u M y m ngh c s ch ch l ho t ng nh n th y c c a m t v i ba ng n tay th i Nh m to nghen Quy n n y h , c c b ph i ho t ng nguy n c nh tay v i c ng c c m nh y, y, c c c ng ti p theo l nh th M y m t ng t ng ra ch a Ch a V y h y nh n c nh m t con gi n u bay v o l n tay, m y m qu y nh l n ng ra sao [...]

    I I am kind of cross right now Why hasn t anybody informed me about this picture book, eh I need it pronto and I will gift my niece with a copy in November she s been receiving a book a month from me since she passed her first birthday A dog eating book that burps and throws up what it has swallowed, when you shake the copy in your hands sounds like exactly our thing.Edit after reading the copy bought for my niece I need my own hardcover to shake and enjoy That naughty book is awsome And its bur [...]

    Another excellent interactive book I love how the character is aware it s a book Lovely play on the crease in the middle of the book.

    Super cute I think kids would really get a kick out of everything disappearing into the book Also, DOG I love all of the dog books coming out lately.

    One of the titles in the Bella and Ben children s series and revolving around two young friends The focus is on Bella and her HUMONGOUS dog.My TakeOh, yes, lol It begins with Bella taking her dog for a stroll across the page But then oh, no the book ate Bella s dog And Byrne makes use of book construction to have some inventive fun.This is too cute for words, especially when Ben oh, no disappears in the search for her dog People keep disappearing, and Bella decides to take matters into her own h [...]

    Richard Byrnen This Book Just Ate My Dog Oxford University Press, 2014 on ihan hupaisa kuvakirja, jossa k nnet n nurinniskoin ajatus kouluteht vi sy v st lemmikist Bella tytt sen ulkoiluttama koira nimitt in katoaa yll tt en kirjan sivujen v liin, ja pian sinne p tyy yksi jos toinenkin hahmo Kirja jopa r yht isee sy ty n viimeisen uhrinsa Lukijalla on tarinassa oma roolinsa H nt kehotetaan ravistelemaan kirjaa t h n v liin kirjastonhoitajan paheksuva Hmph tilanteen ratkaisemiseksi.Nick Bromleyn [...]

    A picture book in the same vein as Press here or even There s a monster at the end of this book This book is gobbling up it s characters First Bella s dog, and then her friend Ben, then a dog rescue, and so on and so forth At last, Bella herself is eaten up, and she decides to do something about it Turn the page, and there s a note from Bella, asking you to please turn the book on it s side and shake Keep shaking A little One wiggle Ah At last, everyone is out A fun one on one read, or a small [...]

    I went shopping for a bunch of picture books this weekend and I got this book right away It s really cute, engaging, interactive, and hilarious I can t tell you what happens in the story because that all is what makes it interesting I think this would be absolutely good for morning meeting Kids would get excited and join the characters in the story.

    As a book designer, I absolutely loved this book The story is short and silly and without much substance, but the sheer joy or turning a book on end and shaking it hard to knock out a dog that got swallowed into the binding Priceless Prepare for giggles

    Personal Response I readThis Book Just Ate My Dog with my little sister The response I received from my six year old sister was laughing and pointing out the humor She loved how all the characters disappeared and how we had to interact with the book to make them reappear Books like these would encourage young readers to continue to read new books Plot SummaryA young girl, named Bella Bella was taking her dog on a walk across the book, when suddenly, her dog disappeared into the page Many people [...]

    First and second grades loved this book, but some Kindergarten students we very upset that the dog s legs were not in the right place at the end of the story and then he wouldn t be able to walk We reviewed the parts of a book and talked about the spine of the book We used the opportunity to discuss how books have a spine and a mouth and you should hold the book by the spine when you put it back on the shelf so it doesn t eat you up thanks to Stroud Library for that one We also used this book to [...]

    I like this book because it is an interactive book I like that it requires the reader to move the book around in order to read the words This style of writing printing upside down and to the side engages students and requires students to actively manipulate a book in a way most would frown on I ve seen students reading a book upside down many times, but here the student has to hold the book in a non conventional way in order to read the words As a first grade teacher I think this would be a grea [...]

    This is a fantastic book where Bella s dog gets eaten by the book itself First, the dog disappears, and then a number of other characters try to search for the dog, but they disappear along with it It is very clever and funny, and plays on the physical aspects of the book the characters are disappearing into the gutter I particularly enjoyed having to turn the book and give it a good old shake to get the characters out at the end An enjoyable read with an unusual interactive feel.

    Absolutely LOVED this book It entertained my nine month old, six year old, and 11 year old That s a score in this house I definitely recommend this book for primary age The author and illustrator did a fantastic job in keeping the reader listener engaged My six year old has requested we keep the borrowed library book That speaks volumes for her as she has said that about ONE other borrowed book Looks like I ll be searching for this Christmas gift

    Age Preschool KindergartenThe spine of the book keeps eating everything, so Bella finally decides to investigate I wish a few pages were added here to show the passage of time, but soon a letter appears flying out of the fold It asks the reader to physically turn the book and shake it out, and out tumble all the people that the book ate Simple and effective.

    This book is really cute A little girl is walking her dog, when the dog disappears inside the book Then her friend disappeared inside the book Then all the rescuers were eaten Finally she was eaten There is a plea to the reader to help Kids will laugh and begin shaking the book vigorously See if it helps The illustrations are awesome as well.

    I love this book, I find it hilarious I used this book on SBT2 for world book day and that children loved it They imagined what they thought would be in the crease of the book where all the people go.

    T kirjahan justiin s i miun koiran Aijett k ol huumoria t ynn t m kirja, muttei sill kaikkein tyypillisimm ll tavalla perustuu enemm n visuaalisuuteen k tekstiin Satavarma seuraava aikuisten satutunnin kirja

    Tuhma kirja sy Bellan koiran, ja paljon muutakin Lopuksi se sy Bellan BURP Eka ajatus jahdata kirjastossa n 20 kirkuvaa lasta LAPSIA SY V N KIRJAN KANSSA H h Satutunneista tulee niin hauskoja t n vuonna.

    Vallan mainio pikku kirja johon t rm sin valmistellessani kuvakirjoista pient kokonaisesityst Ekamin opiskelijoille Kirja on nimens mukainen ja kirjan t pirulainen tosiaan ottaa ja sy pikku tyt n koiran

    Things are disappearing into the crack within the pages Unfortunately for Bella that includes her dog friend Ben and various rescue vehicles She must forge the mysterious crack herself and enlists readers to help put things right.

    BRILLIANT use of the gutter made me laugh so hard I even tipped the book and shook the characters out of the gutter, because who can resist I told Ella and Benny they should be worried that this book will start eating cats next, but they remain unconcerned.

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