Abiogenesis #2020

Abiogenesis Reuel CO is tall dark and infinitely dangerous His is the face that launched a million flyers He is the first of his kind the first cyborg to go rogue the leader of all who d come after him an
  • Title: Abiogenesis
  • Author: Kaitlyn O'Connor
  • ISBN: 9781586087029
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reuel CO469 is tall, dark, and infinitely dangerous His is the face that launched a million flyers He is the first of his kind, the first cyborg to go rogue, the leader of all who d come after him, and the only rogue nobody has ever come close to catching From the moment Dalia first sets eyes on him, she knows she is lost She can no resist his dark allure than sheReuel CO469 is tall, dark, and infinitely dangerous His is the face that launched a million flyers He is the first of his kind, the first cyborg to go rogue, the leader of all who d come after him, and the only rogue nobody has ever come close to catching From the moment Dalia first sets eyes on him, she knows she is lost She can no resist his dark allure than she can cease to breathe
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    4 Cyborg Panty Melting Stars Reuel, Panty Melting Machine, Rouge Cyborg Badass, Leader of all Cyborgs I am not a machine This flesh feels This body desires This mind wants So, unless you want to discover what it is like to spread your legs for a cyborg, I would advise you to stop rubbing your very tantalizing little body against mine I might decide to fuck you until no human man will ever do for you again I fell in love with Reuel in The Awakening and couldn t wait to read his love story As I pr [...]

    This book was first published around 2005, and I first read it about that time I think this is the third time I ve read it I wasn t aware of at that time if it was around then , so keeping up with stuff isn t an exact science with me.This time I am reading the series in the new series order and all at once, not as they were being published.This book is serious than the first two There isn t much ditzy ruminating by the h There isn t much POV from the two Hs trying to figure out what in the hell [...]

    I do love this series, see my reviews for Cyborg and Cyborg Nation for the back story.This is actually the first story of this series I read it backwards and still loved it the story of Reuel and Dalia The Cyborgs are trying to create their own civilization and Dalia is now pregnant with the first Cyborg offspring The Cyborgs were bred with no feelings, and the Hunters were cyborgs given artificial memories to make them believe they were human When Dalia finds out she s really not human and has [...]

    2nd reading Love this book The cover makes you think this book is about a kick ass heroine in the jungle Actually, it s about betrayal and misunderstandings and learning and finding love Fantastic read even the 2nd time around Previous review 06 24 11 Terrible cover fantastic book I am and impressed by this author with every book I read This one has Dahlia, a cyborg hunter, waking from a medical eval with a med tech about to give her a shot She can tell he s nervous and when she grabs the need [...]

    I really wanted to like this book, as it was recommended to me, but I just couldn t quite bring myself to enjoy it The premise was interesting, although I wouldn t necessarily say original it felt very much like an X rated version of Blade Runner, with much poorer characterization and dialogue Where the book really lost me though was in its almost tacit condonement of rape While there was never a textbook definition of rape in the terms of unwelcome sexual conduct, it seems a thin veneer to hide [...]

    This is futuristic sci fi erotica, but it surprised me how entertaining I found it I say surprised me because yes the sex and language is graphic but the author did some world building Lots of internalized narrative from the characters as well which actually sorta brought the book down for me made the heroine feel wishy washy.But all in all a fun read

    3 1 2 stars A nice story from KO C This one explained a lot of the background of the cyborg world It was not one of her funny ones I felt it could have benefited from explanation and scenes to lead the reader to believe strongly in the developing feeling between the 3 protagonists It seemed like the scenes were there but they should have been longer and developed For example in the hold on the way to the cyborg planet there is a woman who everyone knows is crazy and the heroine, Dahlia, is c [...]

    Interesting Lacking depth, I think But it s also been a while since I ve read the other books in this series I would ve liked to see consistent character development Dalia goes from being very cyborg y to all of a sudden revealing she had a close friend, Pierce, then back to being extremely cyborg y, which honestly made no sense Reuel, who in my opinion was quite different in the previous book, became exactly like all the other easily angered, grudge holding cyborgs Pierce was a joy to read abo [...]

    I forgot that the reason I kept avoiding this was because it was a menage Bleh Anyway I had some real problems with this one Mostly continuity issues I was constantly thinking No, that s not right it directly contradicts something said in the previous chapter And that really draws me out of the story to leave me confused and annoyed.The story itself is slow You re treated to a lot of Dalia, who lacks even the tiniest bit of personality, trying to figure things out in her own head None of what sh [...]

    5.22.2014The science is nonexistent, so SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF Logic is oftimes absent as well, again, suspend, suspend, suspend Still liked it The inherent logic bombs would have destroyed a real AI s mind though XDBut, really, with school done for now, I m enjoying my round of mindless reading about cyborgs and aliens coming to mutilate our cattle and steal our women Wait there haven t any cattle mutilations YET10.12.14Yep, I dun like this one as much as the first one, even though it s suppose [...]

    Asl nda OK bile de il ya neyse Bu t r cyborg hikayelerini seviyorum, ancak bunu pek tatmink r bulamad m lk ba ta kickass bir kad n n hayatta kalma m cadelesi, sonras nda ise erkekle m cadelesi falan anlat l yor Hi olmad k yerde bit gibi biten 2 erke in ortaya kmas ise s t bat rd hani Bir de neymi ona da a km Ay haspam benim Kitab n ba ndaki karakterle sonundaki karakter, t m hepsi i in ge erli, son derece alakas z Kurgu zaten g zelden vasata do ru her kelime de seyir etti Hani sinir oldum Ba ka [...]

    2.5 5 3 stars B The cover is horrible and has nothing to do with the story Why do they do that Otherwise, this story was not noteworthy in any way.The writing was ok and the author was consistent than in Awakening, which made me scratch my head It reminded me very much of Laurann Dohner s Cyborg series but I liked Dohner s books Meh.

    Pretty good as a start to the series Cyborgs are damn hot Loved Reuel and Pierce and Dahlia was very kick ass The premise was interesting and drew a sad portrayal of a futuristic earth It seemed, though, that as soon as we got to the MFM part of the story, it was over I needed detailsbut I do plan to continue reading.

    Loved it Course, I m kind of biased as Kaitlyn O Connor is one of my favorite authors Sci fi, sexy, and very erotic with characters I genuinely enjoy.

    I FELT FUCKING CHEATED WHEN I FINISHED THIS IT S AN MFM BOOK WHICH I DIDNT SIGN UP FOR, I JUST WISH THE BLURB HELD A BIT OF HINT I ENJOYED IT AT FIRST BUT WHEN PIERCE CAME INTO THE PICTURE, IT JUST FEELS WRONG.OUR HERO is the first of his cyborg batch and the father of our heroine s baby He may be incorrigible and terribly arrogant and stubborn but oh so alluring in all his cyborg sexiness While he has plenty of flaws, because he is all too machine to comprehend softer emotions, it s nice to see [...]

    No estaba pensando leerlo hasta que lo vi y ten a que hacerlo No se, es raro, porque son como los primeros pasos de un mundo nuevo y eso algo que no hab a le do antes Un beb que apareci por arte de la ciencia, Rauel al principio me dio mucha bronca por como trataba a Daria, aunque ella le dec a que no entend a muchas cosas o sea ella crey toda su existencia ser humana, un d a resulta que es un cyborg y l quiere que ella ya caiga feliz Tiene un momento qu digerir, cyborg beb extra o que nadie sab [...]

    Wonderful Introduction for a futuristic world, I was so amazed by the characterization of Dalia, her strength, independence and her principles The love between Reuel and Dalia was sizzling, though Pierce was quickly introduced or inserted to quickly into the mix, I loved his humor and part in the story.The concept of the Cyber Evoluition Series is so original, its one of kind plot, especially the rule about a female taking uh two or four men at least for a family unit WOW That got me fanning the [...]

    I loved this book It was a little confusing at first but the world was a complicated world to build and I think the author did a great job at it I love how she was able to merge the two relationships into a very realistic workable threesome I normally avoid books that hint at threesomes or menage because I dislike reading about anal sex and also because I feel too jealous on behalf of the characters that are being forced to share It was great to have the characters feeling jealous instead of mys [...]

    You can never go wrong with the science fiction futuristic space romance Although there really isn t that much romancing here I liked that Ruel got his own story This Yoda like character was like a child in his own way A lot of internal scars that were the result of battles and what humans themselves I liked his development I liked that life somehow found a way to evolve further Even though they are areas that needed to be lets say eimprove on I looked the establishment of a governing system on [...]

    After coming to a conclusion, I give this book 4 stars I would have given it 3 stars, but the end of the book and the epilogue made me so stinkin happy I wanted Pierce, Reuele, and Dalia to be together when they were intimate This is the first book I have read when the couple has a menage relationship and doesnt have sex together meaning mostly m f m not m f with the occasional m f m It was quite a change I would have felt like I was cheating on one person or the other, even though Dalia spent e [...]

    Reuel CO469 is tall, dark, and infinitely dangerous His is the face that launched a million flyers He is the first of his kind, the first cyborg to go rogue, the leader of all who d come after him, and the only rogue nobody has ever come close to catching From the moment Dalia first sets eyes on him, she knows she is lost She can no resist his dark allure than she can cease to breatheShe s on the run Their out to kill her, the people she worked and fought for, but not anyShe s a rogue hunter wi [...]

    I was disapointed with this book The plot line was interesting in the Production Review and I was on a Sci Fi trip after reading Laurann Dohner Cyborg series which I Loved I thought why not try this I felt the plot line was there for the book but the writing and dialogue were lacking big time Its one of those books where you feel like you could have done a better job writing it I just wanted Not the length but better dialogue with the charchters and depth to the storyline especially since it s [...]

    I really enjoyed this scifi romance, first in the series Cyberevolution.As the name implies, the cyborgs are rebelling The bad guys are their creators, The Company Dahlia is a Rogue Hunter, until The Company tries to terminate her at a Med facility where she finds out she is pregnant, but has no clue how She is on the run and finally finds her way to the smugglers to get off world.Where she meets Reuel, leader of the Rebels, father of her baby, and the very cyborgs she has been trained to hunt.R [...]

    3.5 StarsA decent read I liked the subject I also liked that the author doesn t spend too many pages re stating the same things over and over and over, as some authors do e.g Christine Feehan Maybe I should have bumped it to four stars, just for that The first sex scene feels unnatural not in a good way Also, something about the end just didn t satisfy Maybe it would have been better with just a little fleshing out Other than that, I liked the book.

    Crappy cover But it is a good and interesting read The plot, setting, and characters were well thought out And for an Elloras Cave novel, the writing was pretty up there, it didn t sound strained or too ancient O connor didn t go overboard with her futuristic plot because, personally, it was pretty realistic Although, the internal monologue of the characters bored me sometimes but I get it In reality in real life situations, we ve all got internal monos going on.

    Abiogenesis is another great ride on the Cyberevolution train If you enjoy sci fi adventure erotica, I recommend this series beginning with book 1, The Awakening.

    This is the story of Reuel and Dalia Due to some circumstance, Dalia is forced to leave the company and joined Reuel The passion between them is sizzling, but Reuel is really a complicated man to deal with I really like Dalia s character, the resilience and her way to deal with circumstances The ending is surprising and gives a chance for the cyborg species Overall, I enjoyed this story.

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