Broken by Lies

Broken by Lies #2020

Broken by Lies I had no idea how much I would love Alex the day he walked into my life He changed everything The way I breathed The way I thought The way I loved He brought me back to life He gave me strength and a
  • Title: Broken by Lies
  • Author: Rebecca Shea
  • ISBN: 9780692354919
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • I had no idea how much I would love Alex the day he walked into my life He changed everything The way I breathed.The way I thought.The way I loved.He brought me back to life He gave me strength and a safe place to land And then he broke me Finding Emilia was a chance to do something good for once in my life I wanted to change She believed I was her savior.I achedI had no idea how much I would love Alex the day he walked into my life He changed everything The way I breathed.The way I thought.The way I loved.He brought me back to life He gave me strength and a safe place to land.And then he broke me.Finding Emilia was a chance to do something good for once in my life I wanted to change.She believed I was her savior.I ached to be.She found her way into my heart and claimed it as her safe place.I should be telling her the truth about me instead I break her with lies.This book is a New Adult Romance and contains mature subject matter It is not intended for those under 17 years of age.
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      117 Rebecca Shea
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    3.5 Lying StarsThis is my first time reading this author and I must say that I did enjoy her writing style I also liked that there is a few povs incorporated giving us the full scope into this suspenseful read After losing her mother, Emilia heads out to Phoenix, Arizona to find her father She s all alone with practically no money to her name and hoping the man she has never meet will offer some sort of assistance Emilia meets a hot and handsome stranger who offers her a place to stay till she c [...]

    3.5 STARSAfter she loses her mother in a tragic way, Emilia leaves Illinois for Arizona to search for her father she has never known The reunion doesn t goes as she planned Her father doesn t want to do anything with her She s lost, broken without any family or friends She meets Alex, a handsome man who wants to help her He offers her a place to live in his condo until she figures out what her next step is Alex doesn t have bad intentions He really wants to help her Something tells him she needs [...]

    Wow This was quite the roller coaster And what an ending When I finished the book, I stared mournfully at the page, my hands seemingly surgically attached to the sides of my Kindle, heart pounding lost in a sea of bewilderment How can it just end like that I knew it wasn t going to conclude I was counting down the remaining percentage on my Kindle with an increasing sense of doom we were going to be left hanging, twitching for the next instalment like a addict awaiting a fix Rebecca Shea you sur [...]

    I listened to this audiobook over the course of a few days during my commute While it was straightforward and easy to follow, it lacked the intensity and darkness that I would expect from a book in this sub genre For a Mafia story, the Hero was teddy bear than lion Alex was supposed to be this bad kingpin, but he seemed emotional and overly soft I didn t find his character to be very convincing in that regard.As for Emilia, she had to be incredibly naive However, given her backstory of being br [...]

    4 Stars Well this is a very plot driven story, suspenseful slow burn, yet uputtadownable as I just wanted to know what was happening next the I read So what s it about Emilia has been brought up in a trailer van in a poor area, not much of a rich lifestyle but she was rich in love by her mum Who gave up everything to take care of her Yet one day her mum got shot and so she s alone with no friends, not much money and know where to live So she gets on a bus and travels in the heat to a motel for [...]

    No rating Is it the book My mood The timing sighs I don t know But I know that I tried twice to read this book and couldn t get past 25% I don t like the heroine or hero The timing The instant everything I m not buying it I can t say third times the charm cause I m officially done My reading time is too valuable and precious to a full time mom, wife and working woman Moving on

    Broken by Lies Bound and Broken 1 by Rebecca Shea 4 stars but I m drawn to the danger attracted to the stranger Wow That was some journey, I think I have whip lash, my brain has been bounced around a bit and I cannot think straight, but what an ending One that I never saw coming The last 25% of this book is fast paced and action packed and leaves you catching your breath, a lot happens, there is a lot to digest and it has taken me a while to comprehend what I have read and being able to put them [...]

    Che squillino le trombe, signori spettatori Che inizi la commedia Che parli la penna di Rebecca Shea Oooh wowww ____ a costo di sembrare una pazza, probabile che sforner un wow a ogni rigo di questa recensione sopportatemi Quando decisi di preferire il primo romanzo della nuova duologia di questa autrice, che sapevo essere famosissima per la sua trilogia Unbreakble, volendo qualcosa dai toni pi cupi, non immaginavo certo di incontrare una scrittura cos coinvolgente e una storia cos appassionante [...]

    RECENSIONE COMPLETA QUI thereadingslove 2 Bugie che feriscono un libro delizioso, da leggere fino all ultima pagina e da assaporare Ci saranno colpi di scena che cambieranno totalmente le carte in tavola e che personalmente mi hanno spiazzata totalmente L autrice scrive benissimo, ha creato ambientazioni favolose e dei personaggi da amare Emilia e Alex sembrano opposti, ma solo all esterno Sono due cuori che si trovano Due anime che si incontrano Non mancano le scene hot che riscaldano l atmosfe [...]

    3.5 stars Devo ricredermi su Rebecca Shea, mai giudicare un autore solo da un libro La serie Bound and Broken stata una bella scoperta, piena di suspance e colpi di scena E sopratutto, piena di Alex Oh, Alex Emilia scappa dalla sua piccola citt dopo l apparente suicidio della madre, scappa in Arizona dove per caso incontra Alex che decide di aiutarla.Emilia non sa che Alex in realt Alejandro Estrada, capo del cartello, trafficante di droga, armi e anche esseri umani.La loro storia mi piaciuta ta [...]

    Review Surj Harvey 3.5 StarsFacebook facebook TheHopelessRTSU tsu HopelessRomanticsBlog thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bWhat do you get when you throw together a small town country girl brought up on the brink of poverty with a very sexy as sin, wealthy business man Well, you would hope it would be a rags to riches, match made in heaven, they fit so perfectly together kinda fairy tale Yeah well, that only happens in romance novels lol Kidding aside, the hopeless romantic in me was wishing this had [...]

    Wow Ok, so romantic suspense isn t my favorite Suspense of any kind really But I was totally enthralled with this story from the beginning The pace was perfect for me Enough angst with enough information to not make me go crazy with questions I so enjoyed these characters Emilia is such a strong girl who has endured than her share of heartache And Alex, my word, he is absolutely tortured on so many levels but he is so good despite it all I love him and the way he takes care of Emilia I had a fe [...]

    I ll be right back I m going to go take a breather You were the brightest star in my darkest moment Every wish, every dream, every hope I had that vanished was replaced with something better you What A Book.I could NOT put this book down I stayed up til almost 3am wanting to find out what happened next.Emilia and Alex were all sorts of CALIENTE It was one of those things where sparks and hot, sexual attraction flew from the very start It wasn t insta love It was like insta oh hey there They bal [...]

    3.5 Stars ARC Received in exchange for an honest review Oh the lies See the thing with lies is that the truth is always right around the corner ready to come out Broken By Lies is a pretty good story that included some added suspense which helped keep the story moving This is my first read from this author and will likely not be my last We meet Emilia who is down on her luck She has been left alone after the passing of her mother Emilia travels to Phoenix in hopes of connecting with her father a [...]

    Ana 4 stars After losing her mother, Emilia goes searching for her father and, although that turns out differently than she expected, her life will never be the same again By chance, she meets Alex and this is when the roller coaster ride begins This is a very quick moving story Everything about the storyline, the twists and turns, and even the romance moves at lightening speed That is, until it hits the end and a very big cliffhanger As always, Rebecca Shea s writing is wonderful Smooth and eng [...]

    4 4.5 starsAfter losing her mother, Emilia strikes off on her own in search of the father she has never known It takes her from Illinois to Arizona, but does not go as she hoped Fortunately for her she meets Alex Estrada and he takes pity on her and tries to help the lost girl alone in a new city He lives in luxury, is mysterious, but is kind and helpful to her But she has no idea what he does for a living or that danger surrounds him Everything about her is pure good, and for every moment I m w [...]

    Arrrggghhhh What an intriguing storyline and a huge cliffhanger that is now hanging in the air making me desperately want book 2

    3.5 I m intrigued to see where this one is going It had a decent plot but I would have liked details I needed of the lifestyle It was sort of grazed over.

    view spoiler Twins who look nothing a like So different she couldn t tell they were brothers fuck off hide spoiler Should you read this book br br br br br br br br

    5 amazing and gut wrenching starsI sit here in awe of Rebecca Shea s talent she has woven a complex ,thrilling and beautiful story.I am in agony because like many other reviewers I have to wait patiently for the next novel in the Series to find out if I will sigh in happiness or scream in agonyGod give me the strength In this novel we meet Emilia who has just lost her mother due to tragic circumstances ,having no other relatives she decides to go to Phoenix to locate her father who abandoned bot [...]

    Suspense, Suspense, Suspense Sweet gosh dam OMG A suspense story with a cliff hanger never pens to my desire need to read ASAP but gosh oh mighty I trademarked Rebecca Shea as one to one click ALWAYS, so when her upcoming release Broken by Lies came out a month early, I had a break in my schedule to pick it up and read fully knowing I might regret it Do I regret it Yes and No Blatantly speaking there is a cliffhanger, so if your not a fan of them don t pick it up I m unlike most can usually deal [...]

    this is one of the best books i have read this year it should be on TBR list LOVED LOVED AMELIA is raised in a trailer by her single mother in poverty abandoned by her father she never knew and her mother loved her yet suffered from depression and one day Emelia came home and her mother was dead She leaves for phoenix to find her father with very l ittle money only for him to slam the door on her and tell her never to return Emelia is lost and devastated she is back at her run down hotel when sh [...]

    5555 STARS REALLY I MEAN, REALLLLLYYYYY COME ON that s just tooooo mean The meanest Aside from my inconsolable emotions right now, I m having so mannnnnyyy theories in my head I hope Ms Shea is working fast for book2 saveAlex highlyrecommended

    5 Hot, Sexy, Suspenseful Stars Wow, what a book I adored Emilia, Alex and oh my, yep, LOVED Sam, hehehehe This story was full of twists and turns and for the sake of not giving anything away, I will keep this short Action packed, suspense filled roller coaster ride for sure and the characters, loved them On to the next book out today

    view spoiler I enjoyed reading the book, but i do not like love triangles I thought Emilia loved Alex, why would she go with sam WHY hide spoiler br

    I love Rebecca Shea s books, but unfortunately this one didn t work for me The instant attraction and some of the actions of the heroine just didn t hit the mark I will continue to read her books in the future.

    I really liked this book There s something about both Alex and Emilia that just make you want to root for them, no matter what The last part of the book moved so fast that I kept swiping my kindle begging the page to turn and give me Seriously, I need the next book Like, now

    Holy Shyte Speechless is not often used to describe mebut I have no other words Must buy this book, must read this book, you MUST So good So Darn Good

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