Zero Hour: Crisis in Time

Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #2020

Zero Hour Crisis in Time When all of his family and friends were killed by the attack of a super villain the once heroic Green Lantern went insane and became the immensely powerful Parallax Hoping to save his loved ones the
  • Title: Zero Hour: Crisis in Time
  • Author: Dan Jurgens Jerry Ordway Frank Fosco Ken Branch
  • ISBN: 9781563899928
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • When all of his family and friends were killed by the attack of a super villain, the once heroic Green Lantern went insane and became the immensely powerful Parallax Hoping to save his loved ones, the mad Hal Jordan decided to recreate the universe by unraveling time Now as realities and time lines converge, dinosaurs walk the Earth again, deceased heroes are resurrectedWhen all of his family and friends were killed by the attack of a super villain, the once heroic Green Lantern went insane and became the immensely powerful Parallax Hoping to save his loved ones, the mad Hal Jordan decided to recreate the universe by unraveling time Now as realities and time lines converge, dinosaurs walk the Earth again, deceased heroes are resurrected, and half the population has suddenly vanished With Parallax on the verge of success, Superman, Batman, Robin, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the rest of the world s heroes must find a way to stop their former comrade or cease to be as all existence ends.
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      477 Dan Jurgens Jerry Ordway Frank Fosco Ken Branch
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    It s time for another crisis This TPB edition collects Showcase 94 8 9 and Zero Hour Crisis in Time 4 0 No, it s not a mistake, this particular title ran from 4 in countdown way until 0.Creative Team Writer Illustrator Dan JurgensAdditional Illustrators Jerry Ordway Frank FoscoSPOILING COVERIn this era of social media where studios constantly bombard you with news about the incoming movies and TV episodes, where they clearly tell you who will appear and even key moments in the story, they ironic [...]

    It took DC five years to get around to this follow up to Crisis on Infinite Earths, trying to clean up the many loose ends left behind It isn t nearly as successful as Crisis was The story is frankly a bit of a mess, and the art is unquestionably a product of the 90s, especially with that horrible color palette I also had to laugh at the shameless advertising at the end of the trade Apparently, it was rushed to print in time to promote the Zero Month events that immediately followed the crossove [...]

    I don t know what was inside DC s mind when they published Zero Hour Crisis in Time They have cleaned the DC Universe during the 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths, so Crisis in Time either finished the 9 year old Crisis crossover, retconning some series and ending others or made its readers even confused with the aftermath new universe.There are many elements in Zero Hour which are similar to Infinite Crisis The good thing is that the former is less cluttered with characters It is easier to follow [...]

    This is an unusual read from the 90s, and a hard one to review because it s all over the place So I ll do my best.What is this A follow up to Crisis on Infinite Earths But I don t know why this was necessary Crisis was supposed to clean up the DC Universe And Zero Hour Crisis in Time seeks to clean up leftover bad vibes from Crisis What bad vibes I don t know Anti matter energy, or shock waves or something In the beginning we re introduced to Waverider, a Linear Man and protector of time and con [...]

    Bit of a tough act trying to follow up Crisis on Infinite Earths, but DC attempted that about a decade later Unfortunately, I feel the story lacks a great deal of time tension and suspense of Crisis and feels muddled at times It also had the enviable task of following up on huge arcs such as the Return of Superman, Knightfall, the Return of Barry Allen and the Fall of Hal Jordan Really a tough act, and this handles it in a so so fashion I recommend it to hard core fans but don t pay too much fo [...]

    Collects Zero Hour Crisis in Time issues 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0 the issues were produced in reverse order as the event is counting down to something , and Showcase 94 issues 8 9 Crisis on Infinite Earths came out in 1985, and it reshaped the DC Comics Universe Nine years later, in 1994, DC decided to clean up their continuity again but to a lesser extent than in the original Crisis with Zero Hour This is a time travel heavy story in which all the heroes have to team together to stop the total destruc [...]

    I am continuing my read, where available in TPB, of DC Comics various event series I remember when this originally came out writer Dan Jurgens said this was, in part, a response to everything the company had mucked up in its timeline since the Wolfman Perez Crisis series Give Jurgens credit in that he does a yeoman s job of trying to get the timeline back in a nice little row On top of that he does set events up for the continuing series that were spun out of these Some D list characters were in [...]

    Reprints Zero Hour 4 0 Earth finds itself being consumed by fissures in time and all of reality is threatened Zero Hour is kind of confusing at points Much like the original Crisis, the series is very dense and a lot seems to happen in a very short area Unlike many of the other series currently being written, this series is very independent of the tie ins that occurred during Zero Hour This is helpful in that it can be read as a stand alone, and I wish that both DC and Marvel would return to a f [...]

    This was an intriguing story To a degree it is quite enjoyable I really only have a couple of caveats One is that the reader does have to possess a certain degree of familiarity with the DC Universe to be able to make sense of the book Secondly when these stories were originally published they were contained in a mini series of the same title However a number of issues of DC s regular titles had stories that tied into the main story These are not included in this volume I suspect some of my conf [...]

    A huge anti climax of a series Everything I hated about what they did to Hal Jordan, combined with an attitude that they could follow up on Crisis on Infinite Earths in such a half baked manner together to produce an absolutely forgettable mini series At the time, I was beginning to think that DC didn t have a clue what to do with its marvelous universe

    Fun DC time travel shenanigans in high four color style Enjoyable, but suffers slightly from the density of background information you need to understand some of the sequences Recommended for comic book fans.

    Oh My God Okay, I knew this wasn t going to be good going into it, but I have a soft spot for 90s superheroes They were interesting times, for good and ill Zero Hour tries and fails to capture the feeling of Crisis on Infinite Earths, which is still DC s premier event crossover Dan Jurgens is one of the top artists in comics even today, and he is a solid sometimes great writer who was at the top of his game when this story came out Inker Jerry Ordway is a legend in his own right Unfortunately, t [...]

    This review is based on a re read I did recently Zero Hour is a pretty weak crossover event The story is an absolute mess if you don t read everything leading up to and surrounding it, and nothing really happens It was meant to clean up whatever was left from the first Crisis event, but ultimately all it did was kill off a bunch of cool characters and didn t really change the status quo That being said, this book has some of my favorite designs from that period, and in general the artwork is rea [...]

    Well, this was a big disappointment Recently I set out to read all the crisis in the DC universe starting with Crisis on Infinite Earths But where Wolfman and P rez s story was epic, thrilling and smart, Zero Hour is dull, boring and unimaginative Infinite Earths was not an easy read but everything made sense and you could relate to everyone s purpose Here I felt that some characters show up merely because they have to, they add nothing at all to the story and Jurgens seems to have sprinkled sci [...]

    You know after how terrible I had heard this was I actually enjoyed it a lot than I expected I mean it s not great but it s not terrible.The main downsides are that the story doesn t feel like it makes a shred of sense But on the other hand it s pretty well paced and not as overwhelming dense as Crisis on Infinite Earths It s a fairly easy and entertaining read for what it is.

    It is a really good story, at the beggining it is a little bit slow with the introduction of the plot and by the end it feels like it lacks of punch, however I recommend you to read it to have a whole view of the history of the DC Comics huge timeline.

    Admittedly I m of a Marvel fan than DC fan before the ubiquitous events of the late 90s and 00s , but I do enjoy it once in awhile when it makes sense and tells a good story Zero Hour, though, doesn t do either of them There is no characterization until the last three pages of the series, and even that is a little forced considering everything else that had gone on in the DC universe lately death of Superman, breaking of Batman, insanity of Hal Jordan and destruction of the Green Lantern Corps [...]

    I read this when it first came out It still falls right to pieces around issue 3, and by the time you hit issue 0 so much has happened off panel in the tie in issues that great chunks of the thing are downright confusing.Basic pitch for this the DC Comics Crisis On Infinite Earths essentially left all kinds of problems behind rendered here as chronal anomalies that needed to be cleaned up, so this event was mandated as a way of doing that basically, Hal Joprdan wipes out the universe from soup t [...]

    Like most 1990s event comics, Zero Hour isn t so much a story as it is a means to an end It was nothing than a way for DC to tidy up some of the inconsistencies they created for themselves by not thinking their previous Crisis through properly, with a story thrown on top of the mess for good measure And as such, whether looked at as a story or a Crisis , Zero Hour fails in every way to live up to its prequel, which both served a legitimate purpose and was quite fun to read at the same time.Wher [...]

    Interesting to re read I probably haven t looked back at this since 1994 when it came out, and it s very 90s long haired Superman, Batman without black in his suit, evil Hal Jordan it s easy to see what DC thought that they would fix by condensing their universe s timeline Many of these changes didn t stick, or set up the ground for changes like the endless re boots DC keeps doing but this story DOES have something unique in my crossover experience, a villain patsy Extant thinks he s the main b [...]

    I might be the odd one out here, cause I enjoyed this a lot Sure it has some issues, like adding random characters turning up into panels that weren t in the previous ones But I love Hal Jordan, even as a bad guy I guess To tell you the truth I think Hal was right in what he was trying to accomplish A universe without the loss of year s of battles, sounds good right Well maybe I m just a little loose in the head Anyway I would love to get a collected version of this story with all the crossover [...]

    A decent enough book but I understand why big DC fans aren t too happy with it I m not completely up on my Hal Jordan history so I don t know what exactly went down nor why it was so upsetting to so many fans The overall arc of the story was entertaining enough, another crisis of time in the universe Unfortunately it has become an overused trope in the DCU Look DC, either embrace the multiverse or finally put it to rest Either embrace all of these characters that so many folks love, or finally s [...]

    The first of what would turn out to be a chain of sequels to the original Crisis was one I very much liked when it first came out Reading it 20 years later, I realize how derivative it was Time is collapsing in on itself in ways similar to how the multiverse did in the original, and someone is manipulating the leftover energy from the crisis to reshape their world While not a bad story, it didn t really do much that was new, and except for the revamped JSA especially Starman and changes to Green [...]

    I m not so much a fan of DC s tendency in the Crisis series to build up a villain to be unstoppable adversary, only to have him nudged aside with ease by the genuine threat It s tedious and predictable at this point.The one redeeming element to Zero Hour is Green Arrow s bitterness, and his actions that close the series it s all that makes the crisis even a little bit real Otherwise, they might as well have finished things by saying, And things went on exactly as before Zero Hour just doesn t se [...]

    An ok attempt at trying to clean up some of the residual continuity odds and ends left over from the Crisis on Infinite Earths The big payoff for the story may have had of an impact on me if I hadn t previously known Hal Parallax was the true mastermind behind the whole thing and not Extrant I d really only recommend this to hardcore DC fans who may have missed it originally for whatever reason or are interested in all the Crisis events.

    Colourful and convoluted, Zero Hour tells of a cosmic crisis that reworked the DC Universe Although there are quite a few surprisingly moving moments in this miniseries, Zero Hour does not really work as a graphic novel to be enjoyed decades later If you aren t familiar with the state of the universe in 1994, much of what is shown and discussed will be meaningless to you While it is certainly essential reading for DC historians, the casual reader should avoid this book.

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