Железный Человек: Экстремис

Железный Человек: Экстремис #2020

  • Title: Железный Человек: Экстремис
  • Author: Warren Ellis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
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      327 Warren Ellis
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    Extremely good story This TPB edition collects the comic book issues 1 6 of Iron Man , along with a special cover to tie in with the first live action movie of Iron Man.Creative TeamWriter Warren EllisIllustrator Adi GranovREBOOTING IRON MAN I always wanted to be Test pilot for the future.Extremis is the kickin point where the creative team of Warren Ellis and Adi Granov defined the comic book character of Iron Man for a new generation Ellis smart writing updated the technological topics used i [...]

    Being a genius billionaire superhero isn t all fun and games apparently Sometimes there are people who want to question your ethics just because you ve got a past as an arms manufacturer, and then there s always the chance you ll get the ever loving crap kicked out of you when some bad guys get their hands on a new bio weapon.This is one of the best Iron Man stories I ve read It came out a few years before the first movie, and the films would use several of it s ideas and overall tone The third [...]

    4.5 starsSo why am I reviewing a comic book that came out years ago Well, there s this movie that came out a while ago about a guy in a metal suit You may not have heard about it, cause I don t think it did very well at the box office Ok Seriously.Because Warren Ellis Extremis is the plot that the new Iron Man 3 movie is loosely based on.For those of you who don t know, Ellis is considered almost god like to many comic book fans I ve been incredibly unfortunate when it comes to getting my hands [...]

    These six issues that comprise the opening story arc on Warren Ellis and Adi Granov s re launch of Iron Man became the bible for Jon Favreau s two Iron Man movies Ellis set out to re establish Tony Stark as the chief technologist of Marvel Comics twenty first century and do this without being too fantastic but also grounded in reality This is helped by the realistic computer generated art of Adi Granov.Incidentally, Granov also served as a designer of the Iron Man film, so much of the images her [...]

    Tony Stark has reached his technological limit on how to improve his suit.Meanwhile a man has been dosed with an experimental technology that works similarly to the super soldier serum Unfortunately this man is not a good man.Extremis is on the loose and it s devastatingly effective.It seems like everyone wants to make a new Captain America of sorts The goal is bigger, faster, stronger, and resilient than an ordinary man It seems as though Maya Hansen has done it In actuality her technological [...]

    A destructive new chemical compound called Extremis that gives the user superhuman powers is set loose onto a domestic terrorist with an agenda to bring down Washington Cue Tony Stark, flying in to save the day But even Iron Man isn t able to deal with this threat and must make a life altering choice We also get the Iron Man origin story here that was used in the Iron Man film with a few subtle tweaks I love Warren Ellis writing whether it s his weird, original material or mainstream projects l [...]

    After my visit to the U.S.A, I may have brought back a combined total of 12 or so newly purchased novels and graphic novels There was about a 50 50 split The reason was that of course there are so many comic book stores in America than Australia and they are such cool places and also because the Harvard Bookstore is also an amazing location Either way that was my weak attempt at a segue into mentioning that I did buy this Extremis graphic novel while overseas And it was completely worth it.If S [...]

    Tony Stark is called by his old friend Maya Hansen for help Her boss, Aldrich Killian, just committed suicide due to his purposeful release of a version of the super soldier serum known as Extremis A domestic terrorist, Mallen, has taken it and undergone a frightening transformation, going on a rampage and killing dozens Stark confronts Mallen as Iron Man and things do not go well, leaving Tony severely injured Realizing he has reached his limit with his current technology, Tony reprograms Extre [...]

    This is a story that redefines Iron Man for me for the 21st century I ve re read this story multiple times, and every time it gives me chills and makes me respect Tony Stark a little .Moreso, it makes me respect Ellis as a writer each time This is a very tight, compelling read that wastes no time on filler panels, just keeping us sprinting alongside the characters trying to keep up.Granov brings a very different technique to the visuals balanced precariously between hyper realistic and fluidly [...]

    Very impressed A perfect place for someone new to Iron Man or has only seen the movie to start It s thoughtful and interesting with extremely well drawn action scenes.Thank you to the one who recommended this to me

    This really wasn t what I was expecting The recent Iron man movies depict an entirely different character Robert Downy Jr s Tony Stark is cocky, annoying and a little repulsive The Iron man in here is cocky, introspective and completely compelling I m glad of it too because it meant the entire plot was character driven The character 4.5 5 Tony Stark knows exactly what he is he knows that his inventions have caused countless deaths Thankfully, he isn t in denial about the simple truth He sees him [...]

    I can totally see why Jon Favreau wanted to base the first and also the third Iron Man movie off of this book It s approached about as realistically as possible, with some fantastic, grounded character work for Tony Stark, and big, cool, tech centered leaps forward for Iron Man The Iron Man origin story in the first Iron Man is almost exactly the same as the one here, along with the same strong parallels to the War on Terror and our roles therein.Beyond the similarities to the films, this is jus [...]

    re reading Sept 2017 Just as good five years later _______Warren Ellis showcases the Iron Man character at his most interesting, as far as I am concerned Tony Stark is brilliant, handsome, wealthy, and thanks to the armor tougher than almost anyone But he has demons His fortune is based on weapons and death, and he has never gotten over his alcoholism Tony s at a low spot here His company wants him to step down from CEO and, like Bill Gates, be Chief Tech Officer And then an old friend of his ha [...]

    In this fantastic story that redefined both Iron Man and Tony Stark for a new generation of readers, Warren Ellis reboots Iron Man s origin story, destroys him, and rebuilds him even better, complete with a new set of powers This was the shot in the arm that the Iron Man franchise needed A dose of Extremis Anyone reading Warren Ellis work knows he s got a fetish for technology, so what better book to let him loose on than Iron Man The way he explains how the technology works, the ideas he comes [...]

    Extremis made its mark on the Iron Man movie Maybe not so much with the plot, but with the way the character of Tony Stark was handled, and with the updated version of his backstory Here, a white supremacist terrorist gets his hands on an attempt to make a new version of the super soldier formula and ends up with super strength and the ability to breathe fire The story moves very fast, and there s some very satisfying action I was a little disappointed that the terrorist s purpose and motives ar [...]

    I m on a Stark binge Don t judge me Rather, judge the horrible art in this series I almost put it down, I was so unimpressed with Adi Granov s work To the point though, this is the majority of the plot for Iron Man 3 Maya Hansen creates Extremis under Dr Aldrich Killian Terrorists steal the virus Mallen gets an upgrade Tony gets an ass kicking in the suit Tony gets an upgrade Maybe maybe that wasn t the best idea, Tony I feel like it ll come back to bite you in the ass Or brain I like some of El [...]

    This is the story the movie Iron Man 3 is based on I have to say up front that I really like the movie I m very fond of the Iron Man trilogy and The Avengers I m not a comic book graphic novel connoisseur or purist, and the movies differ from their source inspiration material The comic book version of Tony Stark is very serious and very self contained I prefer the movie version of the character as played by Robert Downey, Jr The serious elements are still there but underneath a layer of smart al [...]

    Cuando Fefu insiste, en general tiene raz n La calidad de cualquier c mic de superh roes depende directamente del talento de su autor, as que teniendo en cuenta la presencia de Ellis, el resultado no pod a ser malo Sobre el gui n, comienza con un llamativo intento de mea culpa por parte de Stark respecto de lo que su mega empresa ha facilitado con los a os, de las vidas que ha colaborado a eliminar, de las guerras en las que ha sido parte fundamental Comienza con mucha fuerza, poniendo todo sobr [...]

    A great re imagining of the old Iron Man I remember watching the original black and white tv series I don t know why the idea fell out of favour with me but Stark is interesting in the same way that Batman is a human possessed of the resources to do something about the problems they see in the world Stark has the added layer of being out in the open to a degree and using military money to fund his ventures, so there is that whole political dimension which isn t there with Batman I really want to [...]

    The artwork looks amazing and the story is to match Iron Man s origin is probably retold the millionth time, but it s especially graphic this time around The Iron Man suit is tough, but Starks opponent is tougher, so this looks like the start of a new phase in Stark s design.Tony Stark s use of the Iron Man armor is still a secret During an interview he is asked about his weapon designs and their use He didn t know about the illegal and accidental use of his designs That scene added a bit of hum [...]

    This was a good story It could have been great but turned out just good enough It is great introduction to the Iron Man story though and I can see the first Iron Man movie took a lot of inspiration from this What really made the story is the art The art is just real and life like and that kind made of things a lot interesting and the story itself is not very bad It speaks of the ever present inner conflict of Tony Stark whether he is a good hero or just a glorified arms dealer It is dealt good [...]

    Soy de los pocos en el mundo que le gusto Iron Man 3 , inspirada en este C mic Ahora s tengo que decir que es mal sima JAJAJAJAJAJA Esta historia tiene de todo Thriller, acci n, suspenso, psicolog a, terror, etc s per recomendada, al igual que hice yo, para empezar a leer al hombre de acero

    This is just as good as everyone says it is Ari Granov s art is a little dreary in places but that s about the only quibble I have Just an excellent Iron Man story from top to bottom.

    Iron Man Extremis When I saw this as one of Iron Man s most popular books, I immediately wanted to pick it up Why not I ve always liked the Golden Avenger, and anything considered a high note in his career was something I wanted on my shelf why was it so darn disappointing Extremis starts with dingy art and an almost gross attempt at photorealism It starts with a stoic, irritatingly blank Tony Stark that doesn t do much other than have an existential crisis or something Honestly I can t even ret [...]

    Despite being a comic book geek for over twenty years now, I ve never really gotten into any Iron Man book or read the character with and consistency at all I think I picked the right book to start with.It s been called a brilliant re imagining of the Iron Man character and is penned by one of my absolute favorite writers, Warren Ellis.Basically, a dose of a technologically enhanced version of the Super Soldier serum you know, the stuff that made Steve Rogers into Captain America has been admin [...]

    I m just going to summarize the plot So spoilers ahead Tony wakes up in his workshop to a phone call from his secretary scolding him for not doing the boss part of his job Later someone asks if he ll consider stepping down from head of Stark Industries and work solely as chief technologist, but he won t He can t look in the mirror at himself Then he meets with a documentary film maker who makes him face up to all the damage his weapons have done and continue to do The extremis virus that Maya Ha [...]

    Well, so much for my resolve to not fall for Tony Not that I had that much of resolve, really, and it s all Steve s fault anyway, but Well I liked this much than I expected to Of course, at this point I knew all I had to know about Extremis from fanfiction, but it was still a good read Here, Tony upgrades In a way that makes me want to slap him because it s really, really stupid and suicidal, but hey, it s been a while since I ve read a comic where I didn t feel that way at some point It was th [...]

    One of the best Iron Man stories The big threat in this story is Extremis, which is nanotechnology that reshapes the person it is injected into This story has heavily influenced the Iron Man movies, including upgrading Tony Stark s origin so that he was in Afghanistan, as opposed to Vietnam, when he was captured and built his first Iron Man suit, as well as confronting the morality of a superhero making his fortune manufacturing weapons It has also been rud that Iron Man 3 will be using elements [...]

    I m not really an avid comic reader and I bought this mainly because I ve been binging on too much Big Bang Theory and needed a Geek Fix So, when I do buy a comic book I like to make sure I m buying something worthwhile This did not disappoint.This set of comics was released before the Iron Man movie and so it was cool to see where they got some of the ideas for the suit I also tend to gravitate towards comics written by Warren Ellis There s something about his dialogue that is devoid of the che [...]

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