A Single Breath

A Single Breath #2020

A Single Breath The deeper the water the darker the secretsThere were so many times I thought about telling you the truth Eva What stopped me was always the same thingWhen Eva s husband Jackson tragically drowns s
  • Title: A Single Breath
  • Author: Lucy Clarke
  • ISBN: 9780007481361
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • The deeper the water, the darker the secretsThere were so many times I thought about telling you the truth, Eva What stopped me was always the same thingWhen Eva s husband Jackson tragically drowns, she longs to meet his estranged family The journey takes her to Jackson s brother s doorstep on a remote Tasmanian island In a single breath everything changes The memorThe deeper the water, the darker the secretsThere were so many times I thought about telling you the truth, Eva What stopped me was always the same thingWhen Eva s husband Jackson tragically drowns, she longs to meet his estranged family The journey takes her to Jackson s brother s doorstep on a remote Tasmanian island In a single breath everything changes The memories of the man she married start slipping through her fingers like sand as everything she ever knew and loved about him is thrown into question Now she s no longer sure whether it was Jackson she fell in love with or someone else entirely The truth is, it was all a lie
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    I received this book as a free giveaway through This book was a great read Clarke is a fascinating storyteller The plot may be a little overdone the my husband dies and I find out he has a secret life saga but Clarke adds a few extra twists and turns into this plot line that make the story highly loveable and highly readable The reader cheers for the heroine, Eva, throughout the course of the novel You immediately fall in love with Saul, and you go from hating Jackson, to sympathizing with him h [...]

    Lucy s first book The Sea Sisters was released last year and it completely blew me away Personally for me, it was actually one of the stand out books of last year, so I was eagerly anticipating her latest release A Single Breath.Eva is so in love with her husband Jackson, so when he dies in a tragic accident she is left devastated Needing closure and wanting to know about Jackson s life before he met her, Eva takes a journey to Tasmania to meet his estranged family But when she arrives, things [...]

    Oh my God, I absolutely adored this book I had it on my book shelves for a while at home, silly me thought it might be a bit average so avoided it with so many books to choose from Big mistake This was one of my BEST reads of 2014 Absolutely stunning novel from a very, very talented author I missed the boat and have not read The Sea Sisters, but I will now As I read this book I think I had sharp intakes of breath at least 10 times, a lot of OMG out loud going on and a little bit of holy crap, yo [...]

    Inhalt Abrupter kann das Schicksal kaum zuschlagen Als Eva nur wenige Monate nach der Hochzeit ihren Mann durch einen Unfall auf See verliert, erstarrt sie vor Schmerz Ihr gerade erst begonnenes Leben als gl ckliche Ehefrau soll schon zu Ende sein Eva f hlt sich v llig allein in ihrer Trauer und reist nach Tasmanien, um Trost bei Jacksons Angeh rigen zu finden Doch so bezaubernd die australische Insel ist, so abweisend verh lt sich Jacksons Familie Warum nur wollen sein Vater und sein Bruder par [...]

    There were many things I liked about this This was enjoyable I liked the way the author laid out the plot points to her story, which was nicely layered I also liked her descriptive strokes She wasn t wordy and refrained from rambling on tangents that didn t belong All pluses for me.My biggest hang up was the romance I loved the whole idea of it, but I just didn t buy it It didn t seem firmly linked to the reality I was given in the story And I will also say that it was entirely too predictable I [...]

    I won this book from I had never heard of Lucy Clarke Although the structure of the story was a bit predictable, it was a quick and fun read with good characters Without revealing anything, the ending works well It would make for a good beach read, and the setting of the story in Tasmania made me wang to travel to that part of the world I expect that might be looking to read Clarke s first book over the summer.

    Das Leben hat die Neigung, dich auf unerwartete Pfade zu f hren und dann schaust du dich pl tzlich um und fragst dich, wie, zum Teufel, du dort gelandet bist S 309Geschichte Umsetzung Der Sommer, in dem es zu schneien begann war mein erstes Buch von Lucy Clarke und gleich damit konnte sie mich berzeugen Man beobachtet zun chst wie Eva mit der Trauer und dem Verlust ihres Mannes umgeht, ehe sie beschlie t nach Tasmanien zu reisen Dort will sie endlich Jacksons Familie kennenlernen, um mit ihnen z [...]

    Eva und Jackson sind frisch verheiratet und total verliebt, als das Schicksal grausam zuschl gt Jackson geht zum Angeln und st rzt von den Klippen, die raue See gibt seine Leiche nicht wieder her.Gel hmt vor Trauer kann Eva nicht an seinen Tod glauben Sie reist nach Tasmanien, um seine Familie zu besuchen, die sie noch nicht kennt Vielleicht k nnen sie seinen Tod gemeinsam betrauern Doch ihre erste Begegnung mit Vater Dirk und Bruder Saul verl uft anders als geplant, sie wird nicht mit offen Arm [...]

    Thanks to The W6 Book Cafe for this bookOne of my first ever reviews was for Lucy Clarke s debut novel, The Sea Sisters I adored that book and bought numerous copies for family and friends It was one of my top reads of 2013 and I genuinely could not wait for her second novel When this popped up in a prize pack from The W6 Book Cafe, I snuck it to the top of my reading pile and retired to my bedroom with an air of Do Not Disturb about me Eva has lost her husband to a tragic drowning accident in E [...]

    Eva has only been married to Jackson for 8 months when he is tragically killed in a fishing accident Devastated, she decides to go to his homeland of Tasmania in Australia to visit his family who she has never met to connect with people who knew him and who could tell her about his early life on the island However, what she finds out shakes her to the core and makes her wonder just how much she actually knew about her husband I really enjoyed Lucy Clarke s debut novel, The Sea Sisters, and was s [...]

    Received this from Firstreads in exchange for a honest review Thank you Simon and Schuster Canada This is the most well written book I ve received in a giveaway Clarke s prose is mesmerizing, her descriptions are simple and striking, and her style pulls the reader in These subtle nuances are cherries on top of a wonderful story.Eva has been married to Jackson for 8 months when he died in a fishing accident Grieving, she moves to his home town to connect with her in laws, when she learns that her [...]

    I haven t read anything by this author before although I did buy her first book.This book has fab reviews to it and now I feel honoured to add mine I was gifted this book by Touchstone via Net Galley which I am so pleased about.Being made a widow early on in your marriage is traumatic enough without all the complications that arise from his death along the way.This book is a real page turner as there are hidden depths that keep you turning pages and reading so that gets revealed.If this poor w [...]

    A deliciously transporting and atmospheric book Eva arrives on the shoreline as her husband, Jackson, is being swept away into the sea Shattered by his loss and hungry for details about his upbringing and those who loved him, she travels to Tasmania Eva meets Jackson s brother and little by little, her picture of who she thought Jackson was and others recollections of him, collide The lies she s been told begin to unravel her entire marriage except who is lying And why There s a deep mystery ru [...]

    I enjoyed this author s first book, Swimming at Night So of course, I had to check out Mrs Clarke s next book She does not disappoint with her latest book Instantly, I fell for Eva, Jackson, and Saul Yes, even Jackson HIs and Eva s story as they intermingled into one another was memorizing I really loved how the author lended Jackson s voice by him narratoring his story and explaining why he lied like he did While I saw the ending coming, I was happy with it It ended on as strong a note as this [...]

    At what point do you know really know the person to whom you are married Is it when you re falling in love Is it when you are pronounced husband and wife Is it on your fifth anniversary Tenth Ever Eva and Jackson have been married for eight months and have been together for a few years when Jackson falls into a churning river while fishing, leaving Eva a bereft, grief stricken widow She cannot fathom how this happened, much less why All she knows is that she and Jackson were in love and now he s [...]

    You know those books that you tear through in mere hours, devouring each page and rabidly flipping to the next for Those books that you can t put down to eat, sleep or do anything else Those books that, when you do begrudgingly put them down stay in your thoughts while you try and unravel the plot A Single Breath is one of those books I only stopped reading to go to work and even that was a struggle Lucy Clarke s second novel absolutely blew me away and I m embarrassed that it sat on my shelf f [...]

    I read this book straight after reading Lucy Clarke s first excellent book, The Sea Sisters also called Swimming at Night and so it came as a bit of a disappointment following that You ll see that I haven t even marked this as crime mystery thriller as it doesn t really deserve a place on that shelf especially not compared to genius authors in this field like my favourite, Sophie Hannah although I ve held back from tagging it as chick lit because that would be harsh given that Lucy Clarke is a g [...]

    I was intrigued by this story which drew me into the mystery right from the beginning and kept me wondering to the final conclusion, which is shocking at yet totally believable It s a great reflection on what happens when a person begins to tell lies, how the first leads on to and until life is a complete mess The challenge in regard to truth telling, it s costs and the devastation which follows when the truth is skirted around or avoided, is prominent throughout the story, as its complexity g [...]

    I really enjoyed this book a lot Eva is happily married to her husband Jackson, but, suddenly, Jackson is swept away by a strong oceanic wave while fishing her husband is now dead, and now she must move forward with her life, alone Eva is finding it hard to grieve by herself, she wants to bond with other people who really knew and loved Jackson.Jackson has always been strangely silent about his past, and Eva has never met any of his relatives Her life takes an interesting twist when she flies to [...]

    Ich muss sagen, ich habe vorher nie wirklich viel ber das Buch geh rt Ich war nicht ganz sicher, was mich da erwarten w rde und das war wohl auch ganz gut so Die Geschichte nimmt eine andere Wendung als ich gedacht h tte Ich hab den hier auftauchenden Aspekt von Liebe so in der Form noch nicht in einem Buch gelesen und war positiv angetan Der Schreibstil der Autorin ist absolut mein Geschmack, nicht allzu ausschweifend aber doch detailliert genug Das wird wohl nicht mein letztes Buch von der Aut [...]

    I received this book as a gift and it s not a genre, that I typically read With that being said, I was actually quite drawn in and wanted to know Jackson s big secrets that were unearthed one by one Still just a so so for me, because I cannot stand romance novels or anything resembling a romance novel I think someone who enjoys them, will enjoy this book.

    What can I say I loved this story It was sad and beautiful at the same time Most of what I thought was going to happen actually did so there wasn t much of a surprise It was beautifully written I loved it

    Review originally posted to my blog pagetostagereviews 201Lucy Clarke s debut novel The Sea Sisters was one of my favourite reads of 2013 highly engrossing and filled with complicated family dynamics, exotic locations and a good dose of intrigue, it made for a perfect addition to my summer reading list It was also a memorable novel and one that I have been recommending extensively to my friends since So when I heard about Lucy s newest novel I couldn t get my hands on a copy quick enough Once t [...]

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