Game of Mirrors

Game of Mirrors #2020

Game of Mirrors Someone is toying with Italy s favorite detective in the eighteenth installment of the New York Times bestselling Inspector Montalbano Mystery series Andrea Camilleri s Inspector Montalbano novels hav
  • Title: Game of Mirrors
  • Author: Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli
  • ISBN: 9780143123774
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Someone is toying with Italy s favorite detective in the eighteenth installment of the New York Times bestselling Inspector Montalbano Mystery series Andrea Camilleri s Inspector Montalbano novels have become an international sensation, with fans eagerly awaiting each new installment In Game of Mirrors, Inspector Montalbano and his colleagues are stumped when two bombs exSomeone is toying with Italy s favorite detective in the eighteenth installment of the New York Times bestselling Inspector Montalbano Mystery series Andrea Camilleri s Inspector Montalbano novels have become an international sensation, with fans eagerly awaiting each new installment In Game of Mirrors, Inspector Montalbano and his colleagues are stumped when two bombs explode outside empty warehouses one of which is connected to a big time drug dealer Meanwhile, the alluring Liliana Lombardo is trying to seduce the Inspector over red wine and arancini Between pesky reporters, amorous trysts, and cocaine kingpins, Montalbano feels as if he s being manipulated on all fronts That is, until the inspector himself becomes the prime suspect in an unspeakably brutal crime.
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      436 Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli
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    An enjoyable, but lighthearted read When I finished, I was reminded of the Spenser series by Robert Parker Formulaic, but there was a decent mystery, and a focus on good meals Someone is working hard to misdirect Salvo Montalbano and his colleagues with anonymous tips How are a couple of warehouse bombings and a dead set of lovers related Of course, Montalbano has an attractive young woman to chase, his girlfriend Livia is away, but a bothersome nuisance nonetheless like the Commissioner , and C [...]

    Bomb explosions, anonymous telephone calls and letters, and a seductive neighbor all, like fun house mirrors, designed to throw the Vig ta police off the scent lead Sicilian police Commissario Salvatore Montalbano to realize that something dangerous is going on in his beloved city in Andrea Camilleri s 18th book in the Salvo Montalbano series But what At first, nothing in the case makes any sense Why bomb two empty warehouses Why vandalize Salvo s neighbor s car And does the Sinagra crime family [...]

    Having read a few of these Montalbano protagonist from the Sicilian series before, I have to say this one was the best so far The game of mirrors being played between Montalbano and his next door neighbor, Liliana Lombardo, beyond the larger working case of mysterious assault is a top notch quality dance The nuance, the implication, the locale feel every detail becomes mirrored reflections from either side of the lane the houses share and their occupants Amidst the steamy, witty and nearly in ev [...]

    This is one of the crime series that although it seldom strays into new territory never seems dull Every time I read one of the Montablano series I feel like I am in the company of an old friend Eager to hear of the latest great meals eaten, how the mutual acquaintances are faring and yes of course be reassuringly led through a Sicilian mystery Deeply satisfying if you are a fan.

    This is the 18th installment in Camilleri s Montalbano series, and from day one I ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every book That hasn t changed, although it does seem to me that Camilleri has taken a serious direction this time around Salvo is still Salvo though, still eating at Enzo s trattoria, still taking time to meditate on his rock, and still getting in trouble with the ladies while Livia isn t around This time it s his new neighbor, the knock out Signora Liliana Lombardo As usual, Montal [...]

    m a latecomer to this series, but am loving it My next step is to go back and read the earlier ones I ve been an enthusiastic reader of Donna Leon s Inspector Brunetti series Although Brunetti and Montalbano are as different as they can be Brunetti is a married northerner with two children who has the disdain that Italians from the north have for those from the south Montalbano is a Sicilian through and through His girlfriend is from Genoa They squabble a lot, and he is often unfaithful , they a [...]

    Para muchos, nuestra introducci n al Inspector Montalbano tuvo lugar en la televisi n y, no a trav s de las novelas de Andrea Camilleri donde surgi.El inspector Montalbano, un hombre pr ximo a la cincuentena, dirige la jefatura de la polic a de una ciudad imaginaria Vigata, situada en Sicilia.Las novelas de Camilleri, convertidas en episodios de la serie El Inspector Montalbano , privilegian la deducci n antes que la acci n As , a partir de la ocurrencia de un crimen, el espectador y o lector, g [...]

    An exquisite read from Andrea Camilleri one of my favourite authors This book is interchangable with the TV series Inspector Montalbano as the novel is closely followed in that script However there is nuance and humour in the written word and it represents everything I like about this author.The Inspector is at a difficult age and when he comes to the aid of a new neighbour,both nubile and stunningly beautiful, a friendship developes that if he is not too careful could ruin his career, not to m [...]

    What makes the Inspector Montalbano novels so enjoyable is the quirky nature not only of the characters but the plots which are filled with a craftiness matching that of the protagonist And it is no less obvious in this 18th novel than in the preceding ones in this long running series It is filled with seemingly unrelated events that only Salvo Montalbano can unravel It all begins when two bombs explode in front of unoccupied warehouses, causing little damage Perhaps the bombs were meant to be a [...]

    GAME OF MIRRORS 2011 Andrea Camilleri .This is the umpty umpth volume in the author s series featuring Inspector Montalbano of the Sicilian police force It is a marvelous series, but should be approached from the early on stories This gives you the opportunity to size up Montalbano and his crew of police henchmen Jumping in at this point would be counterproductive since you would be left wondering what all was going on Once into the series, however, you will be atip for the next installment Mont [...]

    Parties unknown are setting off bombs outside of empty warehouses for unknown reasons Montalbano has a voluptuous new neighbor who seems determined to seduce him The neighbor s husband is a mostly absent computer salesman who may or may not be involved in something shady, anonymous letters suggesting several kinds of mischief are being sent to a variety of citizens, prosecutors and the malevolent reporter Pippo Ragonese, and two rival drug gangs are perhaps beginning a turf war.It s enough to ma [...]

    Pretty standard Montalbano the good commissario frets about his advancing age, and his relationship with his insufferable long distance girlfriend Fazio shows himself to be increasingly indispensable maybe he ll get his own spin off series, when Montalbano is put out to pasture, a la Sergeant Lewis , Augello is led around by his penis, and Catarella is his usual, bungling spastic self And speaking of being led around by the penis, once again Salvu finds himself being vamped by a duplicitous femm [...]

    Hace un par de entregas de esta serie que se nota que me estoy cansando de ella A favor de este libro que nos hemos librado de las inmaduras peleas entre Montalbano y Livia En cuanto a la trama, Camilleri es especialista en retorcer y retorcer de tal forma que tan solo su protagonista tenga las soluciones.

    Unfortunately these stories are getting all very samey, Montalbano feels old, falls for the beautiful girls who, directly or indirectly, is involved with the latest case, and has never ending arguments with is girlfriend Sometime the actual crime is a bit interesting than other, as is the case here, this is why I gave the book 3 stars.

    a fairly light dish in the montalba feast of crime and detection books of camilleri s, but still lots of whiskey drank, squid ink eaten, cigs smoked, crabs pestered, meetings with the cmishner, eerie deaths and crimes, etc perhaps the 17th or so inspector montalbano mystery series now in english a star missing for the recipes that are missing.

    Once again Inspector Montalbano solves a Sicilian murder while dealing with bureaucrats, worrying about his memory lapses and eating wonderful things such as Adelina s arancini rice balls Library patron Penelope feasted on Game of Mirrors by Andrea Camilleri and found it a well crafted enjoyable read like all the others in his Inspector Montalbano series.

    solo tre stelle a quest ultima indagine di Montalbanoe non perch non sia all altezza delle altre, semplicemente perch forse non riesce pi a sorprendermi troppo e patisco una certa ripetizione delle trameh chioss

    Andrea Camilleri keeps getting better in his writing I ve seen this on TV and they follow the book really well I get a kick out of Montalbano 1 2.

    Game of Mirrors is Andrea Camilleri s 18th episode in the Inspector Montalbano series Like any good series, the quality of the writing and the characterization of the protagonist must be consistent Both are achieved here Also like any long successful series, the appeal of the books will vary to the audience as one book will be great and the next will be good For me, Game of Mirrors was a mountaintop and not a valley in this long running series Reminiscent of Christie and Queen, the plot was a bi [...]

    Ah the great Montalbano, lover of justice and seafood And always the target of gorgeous young women For a man closing in on 60, worrying about his age, he does alright Camilleri writes dream sequences into many of the novels in this series, and I tell you, they are always great He also contrasts Sicilian vernacular with Italian to great end Who knew The little Notes section at the end of every book is especially helpful explaining idioms and references to history.Game of Mirrors takes place, as [...]

    18 in the Inspector Montalbano series A really delicious web of mirror images intended to confuse or clarify a complex case of murders for Salvo, Fazio, and Mimi to untangle Salvo is still distressed by the thought of aging Regardless, he comes through in splendid fashion I think it would be difficult for them not to figure out the intricacies of the cases which present themselves These books are like bon bons or palette cleansers particularly welcome if you ve read a less than good book

    This book is part of the Inspector Montalbano series of detective novels, however it stands well on it s own and it isn t necessary to have read any of the other books from the series An easy read with beautiful food and scenery descriptions of Italy The mystery plot was decent but the resolution seemed rushed at the end of the book This was partially made up for in Montalbano s wit which was one of the highlights of the book.

    Coinvolgente sin dalle prime pagine, piuttosto ben strutturato e con una buon equilibrio tra la vita personale del commissario e la parte dedicata al giallo Molto contenta dell apparizione breve di Livia che personalmente non sopporto, sar un segno oppure stata messa da parte solo perch in questo romanzo c un altra donna che scuote il commissario

    Inspector Montalbano investigates the explosion of two bombs outside empty warehouses A great read except that once again he wastes a lot of time in telephone spats with Livia An extra star for Montalbano s sheer brilliance It is hard to create such an exceptionally shrewd character because it take an exceptionally intelligent author.

    Another outing with Inspector Montalbano The story opens with bombs and the Inspector has his usual issues with a pretty woman who distracts him from his case I ve decided it s not a good idea to read any of these books to close together The plot similarities become too noticeable.

    these ARE addicting one becomes rather perversely fond of all the characters, odd traits and all Montalban is getting older Livia is, at least in this book, a footnote character Mimi his usual self BUT all the red herrings and extra characters are fun and local color a delight.

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