Emerald Eyes

Emerald Eyes #2020

Emerald Eyes After years of fighting the pressure of becoming a neurosurgeon and continuing her family s famous legacy Katherine Slav s father has had enough of her partying He cuts her off financially leaving K
  • Title: Emerald Eyes
  • Author: N. Michaels
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  • Page: 213
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  • After years of fighting the pressure of becoming a neurosurgeon and continuing her family s famous legacy, Katherine Slav s father has had enough of her partying He cuts her off financially, leaving Katherine to fend for herself.Finding a job is a priority Finding Eric Miller is a bonus a bonus that quickly proves to be impossible to resist How can she have the only mAfter years of fighting the pressure of becoming a neurosurgeon and continuing her family s famous legacy, Katherine Slav s father has had enough of her partying He cuts her off financially, leaving Katherine to fend for herself.Finding a job is a priority Finding Eric Miller is a bonus a bonus that quickly proves to be impossible to resist How can she have the only man who denies her every step of the way How can she seduce her boss without losing her job Struggling to ward off feelings that go beyond professional, Eric tries to keep Katherine at arm s length, but the he s around her, the weaker his resistance becomes.Discovering Eric s secret and baring her own, she fights for her newfound love with everything she s got, but will it be enough to banish the darkness in Eric s life Is having Eric Miller all she thought it would be Will Katherine be enough
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    4 Stars BUY LINKS US UKWith Emerald Eyes, author N Michaels has created an intense, fast paced, wonderful and heartbreaking debut novel and a smashing start to a new contemporary romance series that I would highly recommend giving a try To be honest, it took a little time for me to get into the story but once I passed the 20% mark the story kept me glued to the pages until the very end.Katherine Slavsky has been primed her entire life to follow into the footsteps of het successful father and bec [...]

    ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review 4 Kitten Stars Emerald Eyes is the debut book of Ms N Michaels This book focus on a young naive adult, Katherine Slav and her journey of finding love in the least place she expected to As she navigates her way through the real world, her insecurities, jealousy, and doubts begins to creep in and soon she must learn if love is worth the fight They say the beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, [...]

    Ok so where do I start Katherine and Eric Destined lovers to be Fall in love at work, strained relationship Oy this book was great all the way until THE EFFING END Really No seriously are you trying to make me go on a shopping spree because I broke all my crap.First off Katherine is a very strong heroine, not the wimpy, spineless woman Not the oh gosh, I dropped my hanky please pick it up for me so I can see your ass when you bend over Ahhh nooooo Katusha is strong, hell bent on being independen [...]

    I would first like to start off with by saying this is my very first review I am a reader not a writer So be nice, lol This is a book I bumped up on my list to read I had been hearing ALOT of great things I am so very glad I did Katherine the lead lady was someone at first I didn t think I would like Conceited, materialistic, party girlbut the new determined Katherine was refreshing I loved her Meet Eric, the sexy, bossy boss I fell in love Some might disagree, but he is so sexy, how can you not [...]

    Overall a decent story I am a fast reader and if I see errors in dialogue, spelling, or grammar it is not good Usually I don t write a review complaining about errors but there were far too many It needs a lot of polishing The base of Katherine and Eric with regard to their relationship was a little unreal for me She thought she would sleep with the boss to keep her job I get she was conceited in every way, but to walk into work and have him drop at her feet was a little to much for me I felt ba [...]

    4.5 Stars The story is about a spoiled brat heroine who likes to party, shop she was given an ultimatum to choose either she become a neurosurgeon just like her father or to be cut off, and she chose the latter.She started working for Eric Miller who is trying to avoid getting tangled with her First chapter 5 stars It was a very interesting start, though I just read how the 1st book is gonna end I don t know why I ve decided to read this and the sad part It s a friggin trilogy Lucky those reader [...]

    Emerald Eyes by N Michaels was a drama filled read There is so much going on here You just have to read it My little review will barely scratch the surface There are so many layers to this story It is told through Katherine s POV She is a very confident individual She has full faith in her ability to get what she wants and is unafraid to use her good looks and charm to get what she needs I found her confidence amusing and refreshing, but I don t know if I always believed it She s seemed to be a [...]

    High praise to the author This book made me feel so many range of emotions I was happy, sad, aroused, pissed, elated, jealous, in love and most towards the end has me feeling vengeful This story takes us into the mind of a reformed party girl socialite who wants to be than her good looks and her daddy s money She s given a great job opportunity too bad it s with a very hot, wealthy and off the charts sexy CEO boss man Unfortunately, for her, her Boss often turns cold just as he is hot.What can [...]

    Following in the footsteps of Fifty Shades, Emerald Eyes has a hot, controlled, unattainable CEO who looks great in a suit Katherine has defied her neurosurgeon father for the last time, and he cuts her off She has to find a job, and she lands an executive assistant position for Mr Eric Miller Katherine has always had it easy, especially with men So when Mr Miller sends mixed signals even in their shared suite at a conference in Miami her confidence is shaken The push pull of their early relatio [...]

    4.5 stars Wow, did not see that one coming This is N Michaels debut book and it is a great, sexy, escapist romance I had this book on my TBR list forever and is getting a re release after being its original release in 2013 I could not put this book down once I started and it is a very good twist on the office romance theme.Katherine is not your run of the mill heroine because she grew up in a very privileged family and never had to work She lives in a gorgeous apartment in NYC and Her father is [...]

    This is a great debut novel from a new author Katherine is a rich American Russian girl living in NYC trying to make a name for herself on her own terms She ends up becoming the executive assistant to Eric They have an odd relationship at first because he wants to stay away from her and keep things professional however he keeps throwing hints her way Eventually enough is enough and they try for I can t say much else about the story line without giving too much away This story reminded me a lot [...]

    I friggin detest, despise, hate frigging cliffhangers and this is one, nothing is resolved and my heart beats frantically in my chest trying to figure out what is Going to happen next I cannot take it I don t even know of the next book is out her so after this I will be searching and maybe even stalking the author, Now with my mild rant I will say i thoroughly enjoyed the book It was like predator versus prey but only the prey was also stalking the predator Eric miller is yum on a stick and the [...]

    We ve been playing this teasing, flirting game, which I can play till tomorrow but for some reason I don t want to play, not now not with him Katya Self confident Katya Katherine Slav , who knows that she is beautiful,irresistible, but to seduce her new boss,Eric Miller, will be this enough Great story,4.5 stars

    4.5 stars for Emerald Eyes Omg I can t wait for the second book in this series I need it yesterday, seriously This book was a great surprise for me I honestly wasn t sure if I would like it based in the synopsis, and guess what I loved it A few editing issues, all very minor, here and there But overall, wow

    I loved this book, good old billionaire romance, I think that I ll never get sick of those.Everything was great BUT fucking helll why cliffhanger I can t wait to read

    If you like your fictional men to be young, successful Alpha CEO s, then please allow me to introduce you to Eric Miller I risk a quick glance in Mr Miller s direction and find him standing in front of his floor to ceiling window He s looking down at the busy streets of Midtown I can only see his strong profile but from what I can tell, he s deep in thought His strong arms are crossed over his chest and his back is tense Worry flutters in my chest, and I feel the sudden urge to go to him and com [...]

    This book was great Fun, intense, hot, and filled with anticipation.Katherine has been cut off Her father gave her an ultimatum quit partying and continue the family line of neurosurgery or be cut off Katherine chose cut off Having never worked a day in her life and now having no unlimited funds, she sets off to find a job and find herself She wants to be her own person Can t fault a girl for that, right Thanks to some help from her cousin, Julia, she lands a job as an executive assistant.Queue [...]

    This was N Michaels debut book and altogether it was a pretty good one There was some very hot sex scenes in it and I had a hard time putting it down once I started reading it There was quite a few grammar errors in it that made it a little difficult to read at some points but other than that it was really good Katherine Slav grew up spoiled and not having to work for anything Her father was a very well known neurosurgeon and wanted his daughter to fall in his footsteps and become one also Kathe [...]

    I ll start by saying that I unexpectedly really loved this book I saw it on for.99 The plot seemed interesting, so I thoughtwhy not Well, I m glad I did because it s a great readminiscent of 50 shades, but different an unanticipated and breathtakingly good way.That being said I understand that this is a self pub, and I m usually not a grammar Nazi, but this book is substantially riddled with glaring grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors that interfere with the flow of the story I recommend re [...]

    Really liked this first book in the trilogy and first book by the author The beginning gave me a poor impression of the heroine and her aggressive confident pursuit of her boss put me off at first Fortunately, the character is so likable and you realize she s a strong, loving, independent woman determined to make it on her own I think I spent time trying to figure out how she prepared a presentation for him on her first day within a few hours Impressive Eric is a mystery and you turn every page [...]

    I just Finished Emerald Eyes.I absolutely loved this book The moment I started to read it I just couldn t put it down.I immediately loved Katherine, she was determined to follow her future on her own terms and along the way she found love in the arms of her demanding boss Mr Eric Miller sigh Oh Mr Miller you just make my heart speed up uncontrollablyartccessfulhandsome and sure of himself, but not enough to resist the charmingelegant and witty Katherine Their love story blossomed in a very hot a [...]

    At first, I couldn t decided if I was going to be able to get into this book or not, but I kept reading and I m glad I did Katherine and Eric are hot, hot, HOT fans self Katherine is beautiful, a stunner, really, and the woman knows what she wants I thought her confidence was going to annoy me, but really, it s what eventually won me over and prompted me to keep reading It was refreshing she was no wilted flower and it was great to see a woman go after what she wants And Eric, hmm yes, yes, he i [...]

    Wow I really loved this book Katherine seemed like a rich spoiled brat at first But I really admired her for standing up to her father and getting a job She changed a lot really quickly I quickly began to really like and admire her Eric is so freaking hot I wanted to strangle him at first when he kept leading her on them pushing her away Once he finally gave it he blew me away Good Lord that man knows how to please a woman So hot Oh Eliza how I hate her She s so deceitful They finally confess th [...]

    I enjoyed some things about this book The chemistry sizzled, but the whole premise that Katherine was running away from becoming a brain surgeon was too much Was she smart enough, patient enough, determined enough Not sure about that I didn t like her at first She turned over a new admirable leaf by trying to make it on her own in the world, almost Eric, the boss, hot and cold, untouchable and then unshakable I liked the weird relationship between Eric and Eliza, and the secrets that unfolded th [...]

    Great book Just my kind of read This is N Michael s first book and a great effort There s a lot that I like about Katherine I think she s likable and the kind of friend you want by your side She has spunk, but she s emotional What I loved most about her is that while she was jealous over Eliza, she did not let that break her stride and she did not show it There s a lot to admire about Eric Miller He s a strong alpha, but so far he s not over the top Great read, highly recommend, and I m not sure [...]

    I love how sexual this book was I found it was alot like Fifty shades of grey But I really didn t like Katherine I hated how she knew she was hot and she used her hotness to make men do whatever she wanted I hate girls that do that to men But I really enjoyed the ending, I was really upset for her, but I just feel as though she is selfish And Eric WOW maybe christian grey s secret biological brother

    Great bookI heard so many great things about this book and I had to read it I love office romance so this was right up my alley Katherine is a young strong woman I liked her right off the bat, Eric well somehow I knew he d have issues there s so much pull with these two characters it was hard to put it down I just had to see what was next but the ending REALLY omg can t wait for the next book.

    I hope you enjoy reading my book Thank you all for reading and for your amazing support If you re interested in the music that is mentioned in the story, you can find the playlist on my website.nmichaelsauthor playliHere is the link to the Visual Journal of Emerald Eyes pinterest nmichaelsaut

    What a gem I was on a hunt for a good trilogy book and I landed on Emerald Eyes I liked how it started between Katherine and Eric The tension was really there Now I m excited with the second book Who would think that this is just a debut novel 5 awesome stars for you N Michaels

    A good story with some good characters I like Eric and Katherine but admittedly I would like Eric to be a little stronger Really liked the inner dialogue of Katherine though, an unexpected funny twist in the book Interested to see where book 2 goes

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